Also be so stubborn, do you see your below already wet

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"Now it is still early," said Chen tianming, to break HeTao hand to touch HeTao below. Although the pants, but can feel Chen tianming HeTao inside the soft.
"Don't..." The voice HeTao now than just a much smaller, Chen tianming hand touched her feel more heat, reminded her of yesterday evening in their bed mad. "The dawn, we get home at night then what, ok?" HeTao slightly twisted her hips.
"The night is now is now the evening meal, we now, as the night also want to eat, do you say?" Chen tianming, while HeTao hand a twist to sink in, HeTao plugged into the pants.
"Oh!" HeTao exclaimed. But it's already too late, Chen tianming hand in her fangcao ground touching.
"Also be so stubborn, do you see your below already wet." Chen tianming to blame the HeTao lust.
HeTao JiaoSheng ground say: "good morning, you!" Chen tianming to let her hand to slowly.
"This work 1... 6k novel nets exclusive word can be reproduced without permission, and more and more new chapters excerpting fastest, please visit www.16k.cn! Ha ha, now is broken, it will feel for how to describe the bad?" After the HeTao Chen tianming laughed off pants down, he threw his pants also don't know is HeTao deposit side, or she didn't want to let that she now camping Chen tianming, sofa in hand over the head.
"Honey, I'm coming." Chen tianming to HeTao.
"Morning, don't." HeTao pushing Chen tianming wouldn't let him near, but she just a slap on the wrist, she was feeling inside provoke Chen tianming fire.
What is what Chen tianming, he will not go to the HeTao pressure, and then set off lightly.
"Well," HeTao under the action of Chen tianming in excitement groan.
Chen tianming HeTao saw him into the state, don't hesitate to action. Although he didn't work, but also shipped shampoo HeTao get JiaoSheng continuously for up to heaven, he only twice his * * shot.
"The dawn, you wake up and help me get some napkins, in my bag." HeTao gently pushes Chen tianming, now she remembered that it is not his room in the hotel, she is clean.
"Oh, HeTao, you really make me more addiction." Chen tianming caught a HeTaoFinish is black gloss only and it has a blue binding. The soundhole rosette features the Paul Smith signature stripes’ and the headstock bears the PPaul Smith Clothes.It comes with a gig back sporting a small Paul Smith tag and another ’signature stripe’ on another small tag.Pul Smith bag,your best choose.Who better than Paul Smith to add some color to your fixie.The Novelty brushes by Paul Smith give you bag smith to take your oral hygienic from being a bag to possibly the most stylish act of your day. towering peaks, Jesus said happily.
"Dead, you don't hurry up, you know you have multiple?" HeTao white Chen tianming.
"Oh, you just why don't I have multiple, now just said." Chen tianming muttered.
"Chen tianming." HeTao wanted to find things Chen tianming, but for a moment without finding someone. This way, now his hands SuRuan guy, oneself still have two dance lesson this afternoon? No, a practice to do work. HeTao ruthlessly stare haven't wear pants of Chen tianming.
These days, Chen tianming, all except the class, and started at home. They also intensified in Of course, that is certainly not miss Chen tianming for oneself, increase the night but with his own women do, might help to force.
"Eldest brother, the teacher." The room into Chen tianming started.
"Quick call him come in." Chen tianming said.
To light into the room and asked: "your morning, Chen tianming to consider how?"
"What consider how?" Chen days, he know perfectly well past ask fear most is to ask yourself rated as light.
"Are you playing dumb? Of course is rated, dawn, I don't know what do you think? Do you refuse such a good thing?" To shine a face puzzled.
You're lighter, can let your wife when monks cannot, daughter together, are you willing to? Chen tianming in mind conduits. "Master, or call others when I don't fit." These days, especially with his wife, the consummation of the night life can abandon themselves?
"The dawn, now the martial arts your highest xuan doors, and you have courage, you without the person when I was impossible to national security, when the door." rated xuan To persuade the Chen tianming light.
Chen tianming, or wanted to tell the truth, to here only they both individual anyway. "Brother, I tell you, I don't want to be the reason is not xuan door when monks, you know, I have several wives, I became a monk, that my wife?" Chen said this day to get DaiLuMao, but embarrassed say "ah, so you are worried about this?" To light laughing.
"Yeah," Chen tianming strange to light laugh so terrorist why.
"Early morning, you told me, actually can not monk rated as before, also have such examples supremo, their disciples also may, of course, when supremo if you want when monks words." To light said with a smile.
"I just don't want to be a monk!" Chen tianming shrugged and said.
To light seriously say: "when the dawn, you may, after the rated according to the actual situation of the modified door, if you think is right, that is ok."
"If this is so, I promise." Chen tianming enthusiastically. Hey, if oneself when the door, the XiaoNi xuan rated himself not fled the palm. While you are about to find XiaoNi, let her life, after all cannot tonsured in his side to protect themselves, hot days to help yourself a breeze, cold help himself to cover with quilt, no man with his time with his doing sports. Chen tianming more think more happy.

WuQing LiXinYi seen with his talk

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"The dawn, super news!" WuQing ran to the league office LiXinYi also, deliberately exclaimed.
"Any major news?" Chen tianming, WuQing seen so excited by asked.
WuQing said: "hear TanJiaoChang were played, now leave home. I hear people say, he is made of women were played, even the feet are interrupted."
"Alas, the last time I have said, let him not to not have NianHuaReCao outside, not repay comes now." Chen tianming intentionally sigh, a pay expect too much frequently.
At this moment, LiXinYi also raise head to ask WuQing: "teacher wu, who said you are listening, not exactly?"
WuQing LiXinYi seen with his talk, busy happily replied: "really, the half the teacher knows, you can ask TanJiaoChang have a class?" WuQing said that Chen tianming, only the TanShouSheng slander, beauty, now only listens to his LiXinYi not talk?
"It is true, I've just heard people say TanShouSheng feet is interrupted by the man, but the old woman was caught by the son of woman is interrupted, I was not very clear, ask party." Chen tianming WuQing for witness. Anyway, he also is not afraid of TanShouSheng accuse, was that he has been playing with bum, mobile recorded scene. The bum also on a cell phone TanShouSheng say money to teach, the TanShouSheng Chen tianming, but eat grievances.
"The dawn, we eat a meal, back to school!" HeTao eat lunch at a hotel with Chen tianming, HeTao see you eat a meal, called Chen tianming to go back to school.
What's the hurry, we inside the rest room rest, give money, anyway, we would go so early deficit." Chen tianming, a face of bitchy today at noon eat here but he deliberately selected here good because the rest of the big sofa, can sleep in two, of course, with their relationship as long as can sleep a person.
HeTao look like the eyes to see what Chen tianming, "come here?"
Chen tianming nodded Ugg Australia Store : UGG Amelie Suede Sandals - UGG Hammond Slippers UGG Ultra Tall Boots UGG Gypsy Sandals UGG Classic Mini Boots UGG Classic Crochet Boots UGG Nightfall Boots UGG Sundance Boots UGG Ultra Short Boots UGG Classic Tall Boots Ugg Halendi SandalsCoquette UGG Slippers UGG Tasmina UGG Amelie Suede Sandals UGG Classic Cardy Boots UGG Classic Short Boots UGG Layback Sandals Ugg Napoule Sandals Ugg Matala Sandals UGG Skimmer Ugg Persephone Sandals Women's UGG Men's UGG Ugg Erin Baby Boots UGG Lo Pro Button UGG Bailey Button UGG Coquette Slipper UGG Rainier Eskimo Boot UGG New Arrival UGG Suede Boots UGG Mayfaire Boots Ugg Stripe Cable Knit Ugg Boots, Ugg Shoes,ugg boots sale, Ugg Australia, Ugg Sale, Cheap Uggswalked to the door, then the latch turned smiled and said: "yes, we always talk in the car, not more than the sofa sits inside to talk for a while." Chen tianming more say more excited, in the hotel is very good. But the affair
"I don't." HeTao finally knew she wanted to do, Chen tianming red face shook his head firmly refused.
"Go, we go to sit inside." Chen tianming, not from cent say HeTao put into it. He sat down with HeTao after he was right, Chen tianming HeTao shoulder, touch her hand immediately before the bosom is soft.
"The dawn, you not to say anything to chat? How?" HeTao pushing Chen tianming hand not to say. She was not mistaken, Chen tianming pull yourself in is kindness.
Chen tianming wrong to say: "HeTao, you don't accuse me, I have good foot? I just moved gently set their hands."
"Rogue, you still dare to argue. HeTao with handle gently waving Chen tianming, although she's right now, but she is reluctant to belted Chen tianming.
"Rightness, HeTao, your daddy later when police commissioner, but should not announced on, before you don't tell anyone, for your brother in the province ran a leg, the father, of course, the main contribution is your husband, and I went to a lot of money, but investment." Now of course is the main Chen tianming to the credit in his name.
"The dawn, I know you to my dad had a lot of heart, thank you." HeTao gently in the bosom, Chen tianming gratefully said.
"Welcome, your father is not my father?" Chen tianming said. "Oh, you are children despise me, butler this when the teacher."
HeTao said Chen tianming to nasty, "you don't be silly, I am a love you, I no matter you are poor or rich, you still don't know my heart?"
Chen tianming, etc is this sentence, he purposely put his hand on the peak of the HeTao Jesus touched, "that I see your heart."
"Morning," HeTao pettish to Chen tianming.
"Alas, not your clothes are agent, I still inside check." Chen tianming said HeTao went inside the handle to the clothes. Family doctor visit, not to put the heart to auscultation tube?
"Morning, don't you rogue." HeTao suffered in his body, but her tender, and also not deliberately refused to have reached into his hand of Chen tianming the envelope in touch.
Touch HeTao into the inside, Chen tianming after his hand into the back of her HeTao buckle solution, only cover that can be inside the hands free.
"Well," HeTao moans, gently rub for Chen tianming hand pinched her little cherry, while holding plump crisp, let her excitement.
Touch a moment of Chen tianming, can touch when below HeTao took him by the hand and said: "don't touch it, you just below the touch line." HeTao afraid Chen tianming touch your let oneself have no control over, she means to see Chen tianming here doing things, so she wants to stop him.

she was still don't know oneself

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Not many small red, the sort of thing that oneself like Chen tianming that touching his above, can let Chen tianming, although very comfortable, and she felt very shy, but she still red face of Chen tianming said. In her heart, as long as it is for Chen tianming, she good things to do.
"No, little red you don't like that." Chen tianming shook the head said.
If you let the little red touch his gun, it is a great problem, it is not the sort of.
"No, somebody else want to help you, let you feel comfortable about." The little red to Chen tianming, she was still don't know oneself to touch place is Chen tianming, if the volcano, it must be touched the Chen tianming let.
"No, little red, you mustn't touch, if you touched, I'll be uncomfortable." Chen tianming difficulty said. Seriously, and now he's heart is very contradictory, neither fear little red touch oneself, and a small red to touch his there, even if they cannot in small red body out, that also can let the little GongBang themselves out of * *.
The little red to Chen tianming, say so wanted to touch hands and stretch. Because she is not that kind of thing to understand, it seems, will ask the students to have the number. The little red heart secretly in thinking.
Chen tianming saw little red hand down the stones, and fell. He gently sighs, then slowly lookedMichael Jeffery Jordan, is not only the name of God is always the basketball court, his Signatures of 23 pairs of basketball shoes, active players in the signature shoe is the most Iverson, last season is also the 12th generation. In NBA, basketball shoes for sale, that is, the worship of Jordan’s players too numerous to mention, here and Jordan to bring you the top ten superstar basketball shoes. 1. LeBron James, although James had entered the Union’s own signature shoe, but the photo above is at the foot of a pair of James Air Jordan Shoes 9. James is also the number 23, he does not cover up its own respect for Jordan. 2. Allen in college, even though Iverson bright in the pitch, but will not improve the situation of the family embarrassment. Iverson’s mother, Lebron James Shoes at the default tariff for Iverson to buy a pair of basketball shoes, and Iverson did not live up to the expectations of her mother, to show champion entered the NBA. 3. Kobe Bryant and Adidas Bryant after termination, there had been a chaotic stage shoes, and Michael Jordan in his shoes at the foot of the frequency is the highest. After winning this year to participate in talk show, the Bryant is also a pair of blue-black color at the foot of the Air Jordan Shoes 1 generation. at his below. Brother, you good, good! Chen tianming in heart secretly said. If you stand so the words below, that is really ashamed dead.
Suddenly, the little red, covered Chen tianming below. "Oh!" Chen tianming loudly call way. The clumsy hand small red his jump below, just have no so hard, as just as below.
However, little red just touched Chen tianming, collect below.
Now the blush of small red, like overripe apples. Now she looked at him in Chen tianming, curiosity to let her involuntarily Chen tianming to below touched in the past. The hard things to her as a touch electric, busy in fear of hand back.
Chen tianming at low head didn't look at their own small red didn't know what to say, the harm that she did not know that the fire will be put his lead again? Well, she just touched not continue, otherwise, you really don't know how to do."
"Little red, but since it was already late, we sleep." Chen tianming to small red said softly. If this continues, oneself do not burn, will also be trapped.
"Well," said the little red gently place for a moment, then slowly lie in Chen tianming, her head on the shoulder, Chen tianming Chen tianming hold a hand, foot wear his thigh. The chest of small crisp peak pressure Chen tianming.
Alas, Chen tianming in heart secretly sighing. The little red like this how his sleep? Her little crisp peak ground, tightly to her chest himself felt soft and also let oneself to see her small envelope. But the white thighs frame in the next two inches to place, let oneself not somewhat association.
Alas, Chen tianming and sighed, or practice of shampoo reactive, anyway oneself below is hard to sleep, just a bit special shampoo. Thought of here, Chen tianming secretly shipped, practice slowly up shampoo. Now, the more he practiced better practice, even different postures can also practiced shampoo.
On Sunday afternoon, Chen tianming received to the phone on.
"Now behold, your morning?" To ask Chen tianming light.
"I M, brother, why?" Chen tianming said.
"The last time I told you the thing, the chairman of the board of directors is to a week, because things well. She came back in the early afternoon, according to her back in the telephone, to start this afternoon to her and her family. Because it back if chairman said blackmail, don't make out project cooperation, will move to her and her family. And the chairman said that she wanted to come back later, with the right into the business cooperation projects signed over about things." To light.
"Well, now, how should I do?" Chen tianming asked.
"I think that the chairman and saw a below, then you talk about the protection of dawn, the time. Let you rest in advance. To light embarrassed to say.
"Fine, brother, you don't mention it, not just one day ahead? Fine." Chen tianming said with a smile.
"Now behold, your morning, I went to pick you up, and then we went together to the chairman of the house, she is now on his way back." To shine on Chen tianming said.
"I am in you help me rent house," said Chen tianming.

the white immediately

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"Well," said the little red also feel Chen tianming to bring the fingers of the body, although no off her small Chen tianming envelope, but his hands on her breasts pepper on slowly touch, let her feel very comfortable, and her heart also want Chen tianming feeling.
Hear the little red moaning, Chen tianming was also his Miami, he's more excited, more independent, slowly, touched the moment to small red and Chen tianming, slightly behind the untied small envelope buttons. Has he % 26 # 39; s the untied envelope buttons, because no button of the envelope, immediately fell side down, small new small white pepper.
See little red bell pepper, the white immediately Chen tianming querulous his hand in, then gently stroked softly. The little red bell pepper and soft peak flattering, although not quite, but let Chen tianming, he feels very hard. Below more
"Oh," the little red excitedly cried after the bite lips, the excitement never let her not adapt, but this exciting and let her very much, and she felt crisp peak ZhongMa have small ticklish feeling, make flax she want foreplay Chen tianming.
The little red Chen tianming hard in his arms, and then continue to use a small red hand gently mode of small bell pepper, though this small but also can cause more excited feeling, let his little red bell pepper, and small peak fondle admiringly, he felt the fire burned slowly, the more severe.
In the small red touch Within 20 years of his introduction to fashion Paul Smith had established himself as the pre-eminent British designer. Paul Smith has the ability to anticipate, and even spark off trends not only fashion but in the wider context of popular culture. Paul Smith manages paul smith bag to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics Paul Smith Sale.Paul Smith was managing his first paul smith cufflinks in Nottingham and with the encouragement of his girlfriend Pauline Denyer and a small amount of savings, opened a tiny shop in 1970.Chen tianming shock spell slightly involuntarily with their own bodies, her tightly clip his legs, because she felt his two legs changed, this kind of change to let her and shame because now she again nasty, but in small pants, may this change will put their own small wet underwear that let Chen tianming, so that she was not make haste clip feet. Chen tianming
Chen tianming also found the little red, and he put his hand into the small red slowly on first, then go to the abdomen, chest, abdomen and to the action in the small red slowly, let the little red lit up the body waves excited.
Quick, quick, quick to small red small pants, Chen tianming heart secretly.
It is not very ripe fruit let Chen tianming, if not heart chan because little red school, he is now, he really wanted to get to her. But now the torch because he burned his reason: no, he forgot so much.
"Teacher," little red called softly, she also feel Chen tianming hand slowly toward their below, now, she mode, so nervous and excited, she let out.
Hear the cry, little red a JiLing suddenly Chen tianming, he saw his hand has been little red small strike up to touch down, if small red, is the YouCao land. No, I can't do that. Chen tianming secretly added to himself. Thought of here, Chen tianming flung back his hand.
"Little red, we can't do that, you still student, still small, not so.
"Swallow, swallow saliva Chen tianming has said the difficulty in small red envelope. The next half has faded, exposing her two little pepper, the cute little pepper breasts are like in lamplight slightly shook a again, Chen tianming.
"Teacher, I no matter, I'm your man, how do you want to do." Little red face to face said low. Because she hasn't had that sort of thing, just in the book to see some and listen to others, so she said some little also not understand, Chen tianming, she did not know oneself should do specific.
"Little red, later, we cannot be too, to such a degree is good?" Chen tianming swallow saliva, and swallowed up of small red said. Isn't he want, but he can't ah, like the flower bud, who looked not drooling? Besides, still a very beautiful shape also good flower!
"Good, how do you think teacher, I'm your man, I hear you." The little red said quietly. Her tightly hug Chen tianming, shy to head on Chen tianming chest.
"Little red, you put your shirt on, ok?" Chen tianming see little red that nothing concealed in his small chili breasts, felt very uncomfortable.
"Oh," the little red to Chen tianming, said such a nod gently place, then from the body, and put his hands behind the clasp fasten.
Chen tianming to see little red buttons button, the cute little pepper milk seductive, heart have disappeared cannot proceed. However, he thought now little red also is small, can't do that to her for her, so unfair, and will affect her study, now, he got little red province of entrance exams.
"Teacher, you alright?" Suddenly, the little red jacket by Chen tianming below red face said.
Chen tianming to small red say so, because he won by large body heat is not subsidise, so he is certainly put him under the roof above, such as shorts to small tents as in the eyes of everyone present.
"No, no," said Chen tianming falteringly. How little red eyes so sharp, however, still calculate small red has to understand something, not like ZhongYing that thought there was something funny hide anything from K, let oneself P M G to talent. Alas, you can not sad? Oneself just is touched the little red bell pepper, the real little sense of touch his chuffed now and stopped cannot continue, if oneself do not uncomfortable, the oneself is not a man. Chen tianming in heart secretly.
"Teacher, otherwise I help you touch, let you feel comfortable with it, not so sad." The little red glanced Chen tianming, a bite lips, low head of Chen tianming said shyly.

Face landlady said Chen tianming

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Just think, Chen tianming, his own heart a frenzy that under the LiXinYi tightly the elastic butt, really is very great.
He LiXinYi front again see towering * *, more excited, if his arm around her, then gently scratch her front jade peak, that is ok. Thought of here, he gently started with slight body posture, to move, try not to let Hu benign, but also perceive their desire to get a little satisfaction.
Wow, cool! Chen tianming privately cried in the heart, he felt that the top has been slightly below the buttock, this LiXinYi taste is unprecedented. Surprisingly, the clothes in the circumstance of oneself below, with benign Hu butt, also can produce such a great feeling, this is he never thought.
He that hard, gently with LiXinYi butt, the waves of pleasure from below, let he's complacency, almost forgot I was sat in the car. If not afraid, he really wanted to LiXinYi found in LiXinYi behind the move, good sense.
He thought of here, fantasizing own if behind and YanJie do some exercise, it is what feeling? Now, he slowly penitence, why you see A plot is not to have A try and see what time opportunity, is beginning to try, check A clap of any cheating.
Chen tianming to cling to LiXinTian, smelling of her body smell, and her hair silk, a wisp wind settling in his sight, and a feeling of flying is permeated with round him.
"The next street to liu." LiXinYi braked, with his feet top touchdown, said. She's a brake, and a inertia, "pa" 1, helmet and close together.
But the body is forward Chen tianming, in his heart secretly said: "well, well, unfortunately, and to get off." His side to side, then took off to LiXinTian helmet, said: "tian hin, thank you very much, send me back. If not, the bus by very trouble."
"Your kind what ah, I'm free after, or give you, my help benefactor." LiXinTian took the helmet, smiled a smile.
"I can sit?" Chen tianming excited, naturally, the opportunity or some, it seems, god is not maltreat he, it seems that the party and the people did not forget him.
"As long as you are willing to, of course I can." LiXinTian nodded, then got out of the car, took his helmet on the box, and then on the car. "I walked, bye-bye!"
"Bye!" Chen tianming to Hu benign jidai away form wave.
Chen tianming, played in the box below to his place. Today, he is very happy, and can meet HeTao, although HeTao feelings, but not for him, you can see her in her side, it is good to talk, pretty happy things. So, if often be, that again calculate what?
But today, and he is good, LiXinTian fell from his chair, pick one not careful, as in her *, don't know this will have a good day? Thought of here, Chen tianming hum a tune on the stairs.
"Chen, you come back?" Face landlady came down from above.
"Yeah, aunt hello." Although Chen tianming to this cold landlady based on polite, but not, he still has to follow others played called.
"Chen, you will call me elder sister, don't call my aunt aunt, call me very old, actually, I'm a bit old," face landlady seemed a bit blame on Chen tianming said if.
"Call your sister?" Chen tianming, she has spent more than forty years old, also called sister that aunt's young. According to her say so, that was not called sister 30 years?
"Yes, yes. Just call me elder sister." Face landlady said excitedly.
Chen tianming speakless. After his flat what all don't call directly, talk to her.
"Chen, you buy vegetables?" Face landlady looked at the hands of Chen tianming, asked bag.
"No, I beat box, anyway I a person eat, so will do." Chen tianming shook his head and said.
Face landlady said Chen tianming, listen to: "that is too good, I am a person at home to eat, otherwise, you go I eat, I do it for you." She said more excited, his own saliva to the face. Chen tianming
"No, don't trouble you." Chen tianming, his head hard at her this appearance is sick, if still have dinner together with her, not eating while spitting, that still is inferior to don't eat well.
"No trouble, don't trouble." Face landlady said to pull on her. Chen tianming
"No, don't pull me," Chen tianming looked a bit sexy landlady face that her laughing, want to cry for help, hear now seeral of the female sex maniac, did not think of yourself today, actually met a very like a female Wolf. Gu and hold in a room oligosaccharides, male and female if she wants to make some of his bad behavior, it yourself? Then who argue?

Thought of here

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What? You want me to drop down from the third floor above?" This is LiXinYi heard Chen tianming, started to curse him on white at him.
"No, this is the slip of the tongue, I mean you even if you fall, I can take you to live." Chen tianming quickly explanation.
"What? I will drop again?" LiXinTian like angry.
"No, no, I didn't mean it, I mean, says..." This is really nasty Chen tianming, how oneself, mud, this call yourself? How to explain clearly?
"Ha ha, see you, I know you don't mean it, I was joking with you." LiXinYi on Chen tianming said with a smile.
"Oh, that's good, that's good, you will understand." Chen tianming wiped the sweat on his forehead, with ease. How hot the weather, open air conditioning, also a sweat, what morals of the world?
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
Afternoon after work, Chen tianming, and began to walk to school think that cars and buses, and many of his head began to hurt.
"Du", one of the women was motorbikes parked in him, that the girl wear helmets to he nodded, see the clothes she wears, the LiXinYi is like.
"The dawn, you live?" The girl's face mask open the helmet, is Hu benign.
"My family is in liu," Chen tianming to tung LiXinTian smiled and said.
"Well, in my way, I go home after you sit there, I go home!" Hu benign, the car from moving car pulled a box crest motorcycle helmets.
"You have two helmet?" Chen tianming leng leng, general drive is rarely seen someone take two helmet.
"I always carry my mother, so I took a box is not what helmet. In my bike, but without a license? I LiXinTian," said Chen tianming to smile.
"I dare not sit where you dare! How dare open, I sit, even if your eyes open, I also dare to sit down." Chen tianming clap breast loudly. Can sit behind the beauty, return afraid of anything, even died, and a beauty with below! Thought of here, what also not afraid the Chen tianming.
"What are you doing in that stood by me, take the helmet, the car!" LiXinTian said to Chen tianming feminine.
Chen tianming busy took the helmet and raised my hand against the benign, then gently in the back seat, "the bike, and I have to sit, yan tian, can you away."
This is the first time the girl sitting Chen tianming, before his motorcycle is sitting at the front, then desperately and intentionally trample feet, to wipe more oil. This thought now oneself sit behind is no oil, but, he found that it wasn't like that.
Because of this, the motorcycle bit lean forward, sitting behind of person, actually is a bit ahead of the front drive to tilt. Now, Chen tianming, feel oneself sit behind the body to LiXinYi leaning back. However, he couldn't anything rash, he just hand the thigh, don't let your body LiXinTian hit back.
"Then I drive." LiXinTian said with a car, and drives the fire.
In LiXinTian behind LiXinTian smells, Chen tianming, feel the body is very comfortable. The fragrance pubi come, because the wind, li xin Hu Lou in the outside of the hair is always in his sight fluttering. If not afraid LiXinTian effect caused by the consequences of elderly, he really wanted to touch on a good touch.
I don't know if LiXinTian tread softly, front car brake, a shaking because of inertia, Chen tianming to the body of LiXinTian back up. Stick He felt Hu benign, like the soft body to own collision. Hence, he still use my hands with his thigh, to control oneself body pressure in LiXinYi effort.
Boring Chen tianming, nothing to do in LiXinYi looked behind secretly. Unfortunately, see much, just to see LiXinTian white neck. What is beautiful beautiful person, her neck and good-looking, let he'd gently touched a touch, a kiss.
Unfortunately, his back, if you sit in the front, must be desperately trample feet, let the fullness of benign crossly. * bump. Seriously, LiXinYi * * is good, although just a casual, wasn't realize what, then in the next Hu benign remind yourself, discovered. However, it is a moment, he feels soft Hu benign breast is exciting, unfortunately, no more than two claws. The catch
LiXinTian himself in the back, there is no way to see her now, it can be * * *, otherwise, side, while enjoying the peak, the car that is a very good thing.
High? Chen tianming, not sudden leaps LiXinTian than sitting high? Why not look down from a height? Thought of here, Chen tianming quickly straighten himself, his head gently, then a Hu benign from looking down the shoulders.
Indeed, I guess. Chen tianming secretly pleased at heart. Now, sit back, he finally can see LiXinTian peaks, although from this perspective, however, much still saw. The towering strong * *, it is to let a person pool.the! Chen tianming secretly admire in the heart. Looking at his that began not obedient, a bit under static!
Unfortunately, this Angle are not good enough, if we can make her bra also can see, that is very good. Chen tianming carnal mind. Thought of here, twist a head and Chen tianming, want to change an Angle to look again. Alas, still can't see Hu benign. What a pity!
Suddenly, the car to bend, li xin is carried on a swing, Chen tianming, slow down the body is to LiXinTian rushed past. "Pa", he wear helmets and LiXinTian helmet gently hit.
This time, the inertia is larger, Chen tianming LiXinTian stick is more tightly, yao is not good, he that below, like the bottom LiXinTian tightly with...

And you just saved me

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"This morning, I reach high cabinet, can you help me with it?" Li xin Hu has stepped on the chair, but also reach, so she called Chen tianming come over and help.
"Oh, tian, so high places, you stand up, such doing, let I to do." Chen tianming at Hu benign, she stood on tiptoe chair foot, but still not enough on the cabinet files, he quickly said.
"I used to reach them, may be wearing the clothes." Li xin Hu looked at his dress, pursy brows. Her dress, the tight wrapped his own body, which way you could raise their arms? Now, she is sent on so little.
A sudden bright eyes of Chen tianming, LiXinTian raised his right hand, and the body half naked body suit a LiXinTian, especially the that purple bra. Although only a small fraction, but let Chen tianming opened my eyes.
"The dawn, you come and help me!" LiXinTian saw Chen tianming, then, is not back to Chen tianming said. She turn head, Chen tianming are open your eyes, looked at his chest. She bowed his head and saw his chest exposure, busy hands covered his chest, started to shout a voice, "ah!"
LiXinYi because of a nervous, body, and the chair also follow to move, so that she is a fear that imbalance body, she again "ah" let out a cry and then fell from the chair.
At that moment, the late in the scenery Chen tianming view from the chair fell down, a leap, both hands is caught LiXinYi, and put her to his side.
"No matter, you hin?" Chen tianming louzhao soft benign, don't carry the body LiXinTian he felt like WenYu, especially with the faint scent in his nose, let him very drill to put his nose pressed against the benign Hu body good smell.
"I, I have no matter, you, you can go?" LiXinYi red face, hesitantly just said.
"Go?" Chen tianming to LiXinTian say so, head, spent his right hand was on the LiXinTian * *, no wonder oneself just feel particularly soft, he met somebody so plump and elastic * *.
Thought of here, Chen tianming quickly his hand and then let go Hu benign stood up. "I, I'm just not intentionally, I see you, I fell like a heart, I, I don't want to touch you." Chen tianming LiXinYi saw red blush to stand in the busy talking to her, without explanation.
"I, I don't blame you, I don't care." LiXinYi shook his head, said.
"Also I don't care." Chen tianming secretly blame yourself. LiXinTian after all is his leadership, and look at the way she seemed very uncomfortable.
"Don't you care?" LiXinYi strange.
"Yes, if I help you with your files earlier, you won't fall, ok, you have no matter, otherwise, I would be upset." Chen tianming said.
"Well, you also don't say that, ok, you help me put the files down." LiXinYi on Chen tianming smiled and said. Strangely, just like her blush disappeared, and became a faint smile, before that lets a person to pay the mold smile.
"Ok, I'll help you." Chen tianming, immediately stepped on the chair, the files and down, his LiXinTian probably just eight metre, meter, the difference is a period.
"Thank you," the dawn. LiXinTian took on Chen tianming, said the document.
"It took files, I'm doing." Chen tianming, deliberately forcibly moved to jilt your hair, so cheesy.
"And you just saved me, otherwise, I would fall down from the top." Here, LiXinTian face like red.
"This is too small, don't say you down from here, if you fall down from the third floor, I can then you." Chen tianming said. Listening to his word, but as he now boast of capability, should stand up, though he didn't tried.

I warn you, don't follow me

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"For me? Overfly hin is probably the party, that good, I go now." HeTao finish, then at Chen tianming, oneself to youth corps committee office.
"Cut, note of conscience, little civility nor, walk also don't say with me." Chen tianming in heart secretly said. Well, if you can pull HeTao hands, that's a piece of the good ah! Chen tianming edge to edge also to youth corps committee office.
"Chen tianming, I warn you, don't follow me." HeTao walk behind the eyes, as though there, suddenly turned to Chen tianming angrily.
Chen tianming to HeTao say so, all wrong, "I didn't follow you, I was back to the office."
"Back to the office? You don't tell me your office is over there?" HeTao seems to have seen Chen tianming tricks.
"Yes, you're right, I now in youth corps committee secretary's office, LiXinTian my leadership." Chen tianming HeTao look angry is afraid afraid, but when he saw her anger and undulating plump * *, what also not afraid, unfortunately, just caught a night. Chen tianming bitchy to.
"You see, what do you see?" HeTao also found that the bad behavior, she Chen tianming red face, stared at him, angrily.
"I didn't seeDon’t forget cheap ugg boots don’t mean compromised quality, we avoid costly overheads by shipping direct to you. Is that true to wear Ugg boots mean you must wear a skirt? Ugg Boots On Sale Yes, it is. The heavier of the boots, the lighter it should be. The flat boots mach thin skirts best, and the high-heeled boots mach tight or slashed skirt best.To wear a long skirt or a short skirt? This is a question about the ratio. In this reason, the skirts should be as long as reaching the knee. The looser and longer of the skirt, the flatter of the boots ugg crochet bootsThe more narrow of the skirt, the higher of the heels of the cheap boots .Can you wear a pair of trousures? yes, you can. There is no hard and fast rules. You should wear a pair of flat boots when wearing a masculine trousers, and a pair of russion boots when wearing tight trouses.How to wear cheap ugg boots When wearing jeans? It is best to wear clogs boots when We wear jeans. what? I, I look at the office, I have been out for so long, don't go, my leadership can be angry." Chen tianming special "angry" word bite.
"Oh," HeTao and ruthlessly white eye, then turned to Chen tianming to walk.
Wow, you really are HeTao, you make me want to die. Chen tianming HeTao looked round at the bottom, the heart feeling pity said. "Secretary li, you find me?" HeTao into office, he said to LiXinTian.
"Yes, I'd like to talk over with you about the party, dawn, you fast for what the teacher chair." LiXinYi to HeTao behind the Chen tianming said.
"Good," Chen tianming popped his chair to sit out HeTao.
"What the teacher, show the rehearsal?" LiXinTian to HeTao smiled and said.
"Almost, dance and essay section of the mouth is nearly two days, practice again." the dress can HeTao wanted to think, LiXinYi chuckles.
Look at this two beauty you smile I laugh at the side of that Chen tianming, if you have these two show.i feasted my eyes on the beautiful with oneself the same office, it is god has eyes.
"Then your trouble, there's anything you need, and I can say, I'll negotiate with school." LiXinTian said.
"No problem, clothing when makeup, because too many actors, school can buy cosmetics." HeTao at LiXinTian said.
"No problem, I promise you. You can master the program after two days, then arrange a program for me, and tell me rehearsal, ok?" LiXinYi said.
"Well," HeTao gently nodded.
"This is the new teacher Chen tianming yesterday and now he committee office help me, sometimes I didn't save empty, he is probably contact you, arrange some performance." LiXinTian embarrassed to HeTao said.
HeTao want to bite, white teeth, and then said Chen tianming, "okay, then we'll contact, I this two days of intensive students rehearsals." Say that finish, again she ruthlessly stare at Chen tianming.
Chen tianming HeTao also saw the stinkeye in heart, he said: "the dark call me? Are LiXinTian arrangement, you want to stare at her supercilious look! How is apt to take it out on me, and I to provoke you?"
"And" LiXinTian suddenly called Chen tianming.
"Well," Chen tianming LiXinTian nodded at.
"Then how much trouble you with your teacher, hard." LiXinTian said.
"No pain, you have what though said tian, I go."
Chen tianming beat his breast, heroism and softly.
But he didn't see HeTao expression changed a bit like to hear his name, especially for the Hu benign overfly ", "to go", she seemed a bit.
"Secretary li, if nothing, I walked first." HeTao stood up and said to LiXinTian.
"Well, something we'll contact." Li xin Hu said.
HeTao nodded, stand up, turned out his left, it is Chen tianming Chen tianming kept her word. Chen tianming, busy and looked at it back half step, don't provoke the changeable beauty.
"Oh," Chen tianming, enfolding her feet HeTao at the beginning, the person that high-heeled shoes down. How wide road, oneself still be on foot?
"What's wrong with you? Itbemorrow." LiXinTian concerned asked.
"No, no, no. My feet what seemed to be a bit, and now nothing." Chen tianming eke out a tooth, so no matter said.

This thought is looking for his own

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"Are you?!" At the front what Chen tianming, because the teacher Hu benign, the teacher, what is HeTao, he had hurt but remember HeTao. At this time, he felt himself to the sky were to fall, happy.
"Are you?" This thought is looking for his own HeTao which teacher, she stood up and found the Chen tianming before. She no longer to asking for trouble, avoid Chen tianming, follow father transferred to town, she was transferred to the ninth middle school. This thought he had forgotten Chen tianming, however, when Chen tianming appear in front of her, she used and Chen tianming drops it all on her brain, especially at night and Chen tianming, especially the close contact with her, let her unconscious throughout the brain XiuNao into anger.
"Yes, I, you, you here!" Chen tianming hasn't come, heart, mind ecstasy was pleased to all don't know how to rush.
"Chen tianming, you, you come here with me? I, I am not clear to you?" HeTao to conceal himself Lucy, busy angrily scold Chen tianming loudly.
"I, I come to you..." Chen tianming to say oneself to find HeTao because benign Hu find her something, but HeTao was interrupted.
"You come out Tiffany operates 130 stores worldwide, Tiffany on sale. Through the smoke, Mr. Moore leaned back in his last days at Tiffany's, certain Porridge that has another career for him. "These windows were extra fun because they're my last," he said, smiling like an old child.The Zale Link necklace is the largest United States jewelry retailer, Tiffany Jewellery based on revenue. And Mitsukoshi Ltd., planned to sell its 12 percent stake in a public offering.The nation’s high-rolling shoppers watches, full of pent-up desire to spend Tiffany Watches tiffany watch, propelled luxury stores like Neiman Tiffany jewelry , Tiffany and Saks Fifth Avenue to hearty increases last month. to me." HeTao ruthlessly stare at Chen tianming, and then he ran out of the door. Because, the teacher has been found in the office HeTao and Chen tianming, they speak in whispers behind.
"Oh," Chen tianming HeTao look slim and angular's features and women, love, he silently low head with HeTao walked out.
"Chen tianming, I ask you, not to say with you? Don't come looking for me, we have over you, you how come looking for me?" HeTao and shame and gas, now she, also don't know oneself is joy or angry. She just know, now she want to Chen tianming bosom again, to bite last, killed the pest.
Although these days, she desperately wanted to forget the Chen tianming, work hard to themselves, this thought he had won, but who knows, but she hurt revolve. All these are the harm caused by Chen tianming, thought of here, HeTao and ruthlessly stare at Chen tianming, she found himself increasingly hate him.
"I, I now has transferred to the teacher JiuZhong, is nine." Chen tianming equivocation, "she said. HeTao face, he returned HeTao before meeting the scene of humor, before all gone.
"You, you unexpectedly to me, here, you, you rascal!" When I heard Chen tianming to JiuZhong, HeTao heart suddenly welled up a lit up. Surprisingly, Chen tianming to oneself, to check yourself to what school, then using the relationship to here, together with him. When she was here, she thought it was not just so hate Chen tianming.
"I, I am..." Chen tianming, busy HeTao misunderstood found to explain to her that he was a rascal, however, did not know her in JiuZhong!
"Rightness, you come here, lyre?" HeTao suddenly thought of Chen tianming, worry LiuMeiQin said. "She is not? You don't take care of her, j. county to come here stem what?" Although HeTao said so, but she thought of Chen tianming, or a bit crazy, however, she moved to LiuMeiQin worry, that she didn't care.
"In fact, I am in the county, j. city. I have to have my mom lyre, nothing." Chen tianming to HeTao said.
"Oh, what happened to you? Matter?" HeTao to Chen tianming, busy in J county had asked anxiously.
"Now is passed, I beat, nothing." Chen tianming smiled and said. The woman in front, how can you say his folly, say, also say that, but the scenery, he now where are not scenery.
"When did you come in?". HeTao asked. She heard Chen tianming occupy,
She was nervous, but heard nothing, he said. As to what he said, she also Chen tianming to did not listen to.
"I was just got here yesterday, I really don't know you are here." Chen tianming quickly explanation.
"You, don't you know?" HeTao seemed a bit disappointed.
"I don't know. I don't dare to listen to you?" Chen tianming a fearful.
"Oh," when is not know oneself determined Chen tianming here, HeTao really disappointing. However, when she heard the words "I Chen tianming which dare not listen to your words?" In another, she turned white light, so BaiChen angrily say: "hum, you will hear my words, that sows are meeting tree." Say that finish, she couldn't help laughing out voice.
HeTao smiled at the heart of Chen tianming, relax, he also began 12.oh: "ha ha, now the funniest thing in the tree, likely also oh!"
"To you, a dog's mouth emits no ivory." JiaoChen HeTao said.
The charming smile HeTao saw Chen tianming, raise the smile of the eyebrows, and then let him very cardiac mouth, begging.
"Hey, what do you see, you just say something for me?" The HeTao saw Chen tianming, know oneself just forgot the class struggle, the face plate, a busy on Chen tianming said angrily.
"The committee secretary li, is something for you." Chen tianming to see HeTao face immediately changed, busy gingerly said. He also doesn't know where his mouth that she is angry again.

I will certainly put for you and the clouds float jianfa teach you

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"Master, have HeFeng attached." See a white man, two eyes, like the cover-up of the thin man. Ye salute prince
See that ye called li, the prince and overbearing, say with smile: "I grabbed the three beauty."
"Yes, Lord." The old man was to the two sisters and division.
"Two little skill, good, but there seems something? So, also changed in front." The old way of pride. Two only like an eagle's hand was the bone of the sword sisters and division at hand to shatter, forced back. Two true
"Okay." Special blocked they went backward, purging of strength, they asked.
"No, thank you." Then he saw special talents, can save the blush.
"Li ye, I do, I let you catch them, didn't let you hurt them." That ye angry prince.
"The elder, you are ill?" Especially for the man came up and smiled.
"Brother, small, so as to the high mountain, really, we have talent of these old things will be exhausted." The old ways, it is said madden, even if you can have more severe, martial arts, you're too young.
The elder son to a handsome young than yourself, not even the spirit, call way: "this guy is killed, the three beauties." give me rob
"You gave me, but your father in b: fee words to my kind of my cry, you less to drink." The older man angry, that ye what words at the prince can say.
"Boy, don't, master, let me kill you, I didn't also the way." The old way of assurance.
Particularly does not know its is shed crocodile tears over, smile: "the elder, you are also necessary, you first."
"Well, the old man would welcome." See that man a paw paw to special positive.
Special hide not hide, right, seized his hand over a claw, say with smile: "the elder, you are playing, but I forget it."
"Boy, you despise me." The man finally revealed his cruel nature, with a nearly hurt them, particularly, back, nu way.
See one of the fierce black red gas strength, unreal emanate from a black vultures.
"Boy, let you see the man that." The bald eagle gas strength is to his body, the old gas strength dasheng.
Especially, is very accidental, not to the other, unexpectedly also will use the special, but didn't scare.
Special to see this man don't need, wild tigers naive qi strength.
See the speed of blunt come, especially a smile, screams: "tiger" fist outbreak. With the fist, to have been rushed to the front of the old man.
Especially the fist dragon fist strength mingled with the screaming, should have the man of rushing straight blow fly out, also do not know to fly there, the son of a... there was poured pants, caused many people laugh.
Especially the punch tiger boxing, if use the outbreak HuJin gas, power, stronger, may hurt very innocent.
"Eldest brother, how severe ah." The YuZhu laughed, the recognition for younger sister, koh-koh so ill.
"Brave son, do you see your inborn supernatural power, also learned a days superficial martial arts. Determined, I will help you keep your first naive qi, let you become strong in strong." Special laughed.
"Thanks brother." The YuYong happy, a cold introverted, turned to disappear, this young gas smile on you, it is 1023 old child should smile.
"I also want to learn." YuZhu also hold special collar, act in pettish laughed.
"You are a girl, I will certainly put for you and the clouds float jianfa teach you a still pond, like you. But you like michelle sister young, want oneself to know." Especially for small YuZhu laughed, and looked at the side of the snow, snow, but some color change into the chilly immediately resumed.
"Good ah, thank eldest brother." YuZhu laughed.
Standing to the side that two sisters may not open division to teach them their special also couldn't learn the static jianfa, and drift, not because of cloud steps, his face, let flowers open door disciple came from, a strange boy taught myself, what they like.
"Go, you not is brought me to see you master, walk ah." Special laughed.
"CRRR." This was especially in the wake of two female, follow daze, especially on the power can see them for special thanks to eliminate a local pollution. This is because hurt (around this, if not the masters, not what terrible, people won't make him more outrages).
Especially in the streets to see many irritable, especially at oneself, see, there is HuaiChun girl with YouRenGu woman, especially a look, do not want oneself this is sad, the face.

The elder son, also enough brazen-faced

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"YiDi, YiMei arise, go with you, to change clothes, delicious on the side." Special smile with two children's hands, and walked away.
Two children back to god, not a responsible with special pulled their hands, and to the ready-made clothe shop.
"This change clothes, good?" Special laughed. See fitted clean and fine clothes
"Master," thank you." The boy cried special way.
"Said many times, you are my YiDi YiMei, rightness, you call what, I still don't know." Special laughed.
"I want to YuYong, my sister is YuZhu." The boy, that YuYong ways.
"Good name, my name is special, hello. We are good brother, sister." Special hand and friendly smile.
Two children or not to come, not knowing what to say.
"Well, the eldest brother, brother, so we had to us so long, my righteousness affectionate with sister to moment not betray brother." YuYong resolutely. Look at this kid is a kind of was uncompromising.
"Don't say so badly, I was watching you, only predestiny..." Special YuYong can say that laughed, this also.
"Eldest brother." The YuZhu also called up. Some shy.
"Well, it should be so, go and have something to eat, brave, pearl also hungry." Special kind tone with.
At a restaurant, called the delicious, the snow still sitting aside on the table.
"Eldest brother, she did not sit with us." YuZhu don't understand asked.
"Sister, didn't I tell you, no, don't ask why so much." The YuYong warns.
"CRRR." The sister YuZhu nothing. It YuZhu the old, old, even than special sister or that some innocent.
"Tell you, because his dad is bad, I killed his father, he has been to avenge the father, to kill me." Special laughed, not with someone to kill him, to what is wrong.
This one out, that YuYong nothing, that YuZhu noodles Lou, the teacher was two sisters hasn't been talk, a by exclaim, said nothing, though this big, black handsome boy, produce strange, leave a kill themselves in the side, also just, and to kill yourself, all martial arts is taught, whether too strange.
"Say, say, eat, but eat." Special laughed. See all don't talk, his first.
Food is coming, when suddenly huan outside, get out of the way: "the way out of the way, master against us away." See several people in kicking passers-by, road, parted.
See a long is handsome, arms is a flower giambi kissing and the beauty of the exhibitors, one side is not stare, it must have the son in local have power.
"Give me the restaurant for us, for the master." Listen to the legs of a call, go all out of scare them this gate, only two tables, michelle, a walk without meaning.
"No, we go to your master..." The walk is one of the legs look particularly eat there, don't listen to the word, the dog walking (with) her legs ready to get to see a three beauties, etc, to say nothing of the master, to what was said by.
"Really?" The son of a... the bosom beauty to the special they came here to hug.
"The girl, may I sit here?" The elder son to think fan pour all smile, a table for only the snow, and laughed.
"Get out of here." The snow, without a word, said.
The elder son, also enough brazen-faced, sit down, say with smile: "girl, not with me..." It is straightforward, though not all that said, laughing as how her fornication.
"Eldest brother, don't you help the sisters." The YuZhu see this special didn't see in the eye, oneself, do not eat their own hearts but asked.
"Pearl, don't worry, nothing." Especially, the skill of snow smile very confident.
"Son, you can't... ah, have me here, and other girl that." Start by the beauty of the coquettish, ye put aside the prince of beauty, feel oneself as the snow, spirit not dozen 1 come forward, airway.
"Smelly bitch, you give I rolled aside." The elder son rushed towards the slap of the enchanting beauty.
The enchanting beauty by playing at the table to special they go down.
The two sisters blocked the division of the beauty, enchanting ye2 childe, nu way: "somebody else for your love, your girl still flirted woman, but here you bastard, our door is specially to deal with flowers.
A door, the flowers... prince blanched and afraid to front, shouted: "lee, come ye delivered me."

The two children are particularly for love

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"However, you can not move, give you see, what use." Special laughed.
"You look less." Then the teacher elder sister also know the way.
"Well, you see." Especially the box to the ground, let them put a good look at two sisters and division.
"Why, this small boxes, how so heavy, how to move, cannot." That the teacher elder sister call way.
"I told you, you don't move, calculate, or stay with me, to see your teacher." Special laughed.
"Have you." Then the teacher elder sister angry, and helpless, obviously this big hero of on a few years younger, not generally, can easily carry the box is not a simple, strength has super.
This came to a small town, see the streets, people come and go, and very lively.
See far ahead, a group of people around, like watching what thing, especially looking forward to see, see, a pair of 1023 looks old boys and girls, hand took a brand.
Boys are the sign.
I wish to buy my body, I have no regret, loyalty to buy me, and I will be helpful, and USES, you kill, play.
Well, most of that little boy seems to anger, but also as the tone of so much.
But aside the girl the sign. I may not sell a body, yue, two not sell carefully poison of evil, and buy me, my brother, will be small, if not responsible for small, to kill.
The little girl or large tone.
See the two sibling wear, miserable, but look clear, and firm.
"The two children's interesting." The division of interesting and laughed.
Particularly, sleep and nothing interesting place, indicated that the two kids are ambitious men, which will voluntarily.
See a lot of people ask people less.
Some people said oneself can buy them.
They say that man is not good, that people started to two children, want angry and play and scold, who thought of good children aged 1034, strength, and threw up the man went to see the children, especially the practice some pure shallow martial arts.
The two children are particularly for love, for YiDi, YiMei well, and went up to him and asked: "I want you, you see me enough qualified."
"You're a good guy, you just out of 1,200, we are yours, we are your people, we will surely loyalty to with you." The boy's eyes firmly.
"Well, this is your ranging, I don't want you do my maid, I want you to do my sister and brother dry dry." Special laughed, handed over 1,200 silver ticket,
This behavior let the two sisters and snow, the division of the onlookers with two children were not touch, especially how think, nothing special to sleep, with the two sibling decree by destiny, like their tenacious.

voldemort west-to-east Special affirmation

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"The teacher elder sister, front have a ChaTing, we go to eat something, and rest." Only two women, one 20 a seventeen-and eighteen-year-old, long are good, is beauty, with a sword in his hand, with all the ChaTing to go.
"Small four steamed stuffed bun, come, a pot of tea." Among the small call way.
"Come, two girls, do you want to." The small 2, came up four steamed stuffed bun, a pot of tea.
"We eat faster, we will drive to the master and". That took a steamed stuffed bun, edge.
"Yes, the teacher elder sister." The small laughed.
"The teacher elder sister, you see the girl produce strange, die stared at the man." The talents to see snow die, they are particularly staring at the table, do only see special background.
When eating well, especially to stare at his death, michelle, say with smile: "michelle, don't stare." Standing up, the little box beside the road, too, just to see the two sisters and division.
Especially the age seventeen always feel like there is a saw.
"Are you." The young teacher younger sister remembered the special, this girl is extraordinary, and brought a blow wounding outside the woods, strip for her undressed, the girl is essntil healing.
Special also remembered, laughed, "is that you, your bones good."
The girl, think of special flirt, it is because she was the thing that oneself body were the boy see light, not the nu way: "death." Forget your opponent has not.
Especially want two refers to the sword, and took her to the girl, who was injured, michelle thought suddenly rushed out and shouted: "he is me, who all can not kill him." This said, let person more misunderstanding.
Snow stopped her that her sword, and that the teacher elder sister, forced back up to help, nor snow opponent.
"Who are you exactly how clouds drift and still pond." jianfa That when the teacher elder sister asked.
"It must be the boy." As special talents that way. He makes clouds of special bleaching, tao.
"How do you know." Special unexpectedly also said.
"You first tell us, how can you drift cloud step, she is the root, how to better than us." The teacher younger sister asked.
"This is my teacher, how to teach a course of snow, I teach out." Particularly does not know what's wrong. Feeling can teach a severe snow, also feel proud.
"Your master is who?" The teacher younger sister asked.
"I don't know." Particularly true don't know what is the beauty of the middle-aged and laughed.
"Do you tell her what relation west-to-east demons." That the teacher elder sister asked.
"Who is doing is given.a west-to-east, voldemort." Special to know what people say, asked.
"We don't have flowers, disciple, you not Yin men's door, you can still pond with such a profound jianfa clouds float." The teacher elder sister thinks that lie. Particularly
"I really don't think that's what." voldemort west-to-east Special affirmation.
"Well, you go with us, let me see my master foo to justice." The talents. Two women did not know special will obediently followed her to see their master.
"Well, I go with you." Two women are not particularly so darling follow them, surprised.
"Ok, let's go." Then the teacher elder sister, special, how to know exactly what HeCong to meet them, for the master, what's that voldemort who is west-to-east very interested.
Just follow two women, especially in a special and michelle behind.
Two women, especially at the special really handsome, the talents, especially after last saw its total, total of blush, but still the mood, ease pressure on the road.
"You really should go there with me." Special look away many days, no purpose, asked.
"You hurry, we also don't have followed you. Don't you happy, can walk." The talents of angry.
"I am." Special also don't know from the two sisters, his teacher didn't know where to go.
"You always carry a strange little boxes do." The teacher younger sister curious asked.
"Here is my weapon, I certainly take." Special honesty, special smile face.
"Can I see." The teacher younger sister asked.

who knows what she thought.

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"Really." Listen to yourself, especially to the excitement and went out.
"That, with no choic follow me." Special asked.
"Rightness, I haven't even told you, say some days xiangyang, doctor check uncomfortable, had gone, you want when dad, I want when grandpa." The child to Europe to say with smile.
"Really." Listen to yourself, particularly to dad, somehow, I always feel like doing his father, remember. (of course, extraordinary haven't lost memory, have six children, even if fairy born of another is seven, is seven children's dad.
Hurriedly ran to xiangyang son room, ask a way: "dad said, including you, I was very happy, I want to be a father."
"Lo you happy from birth, so early?" Including the happy look son particularly, laughed.
"It seems, I will use the aunt." Jade own house/apartment.
"Yes, I want to be a dad, you must when aunt." Jade own house/apartment.
"Son, so why rush, and with it." The child came to Europe, particularly happy smile, like that.
"Son, including son because there, so I can't follow your harlotry, hang around outside." For the son of Europe.
"CRRR, can such, I want to follow in my side yu-yin son, I will not trust." Special laughed.
"The jade, you stay with your sister-in-law." Special laughed.
"Okay." The jade began to go with extraordinary, a thought of this place is the companion, a man with no sleep or stay with eldest sister-in-law, also let the eldest brother, will be down.
Three days later, especially in the journey, carry, tiger, tiger, tiger ran three small boxes on the magic that Europe, especially for children to 20000 liang silver ticket, especially a watch, think oneself can and does not sorrow.
"Snow, you come out, don't hide." Out of the city, particularly, how far stopped, no way around.
See the snow to special sword stab to the two, especially, her sword, way: "michelle, are you playing but I, you forget it, if you want to kill me, or not so easy, I see you with me so far, hungry, walk, we go to have something to eat."
Snow was staring at special, pick up the pin, with the sword, and died in special far behind with extraordinary opportunity, particularly, in the mind also struck with full wonder is to kill the extraordinary, who knows what she thought.
"Snow, you see a ChaShe, go ahead, we go to have something to eat, drink tea." Especially in the snow laughed, followed by
Special or cold, say nothing, and come up,
"Two, have what good are up, two people." Especially the table, and sit in the snow of table.
"Come, immediately." When he saw the special and michelle, don't sit at the same table, feel strange.
"Sir," is this? The small 2 don't understand asked.
"You don't tube, one copy." Special laughed.
The small 2 should look down, particularly long so handsome, the death of extraordinary eyes stare at the beautiful girl mercilessly, sword in hand, the thought, this is probably a handsome man before men, this girl is to kill the special, and can be the girl to get this guy, fast and follow this handsome man of resentment.

The beast's soul had to tang spider is three

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The absorption process lasted a full two hour, when the tang dynasty, from the three long exports of science, and felt a refreshed, that he is such a soul is absorbed, his soul force has been promoted from 90 tertiary level 90. Thus, the dark magic ahriman tiger itself is amazing. Quality
HaoTian hammer, a black soul link in fourth place quiet arrangement, a little soul into force will soon feel surges of evil breath, it reacheth to HaoTian feeling energized hammer above ontology is a layer of weird gray. Strange to say, when the gray HaoTian spread to carve the hammer, and kill god field collision domain, kill god had formed a kind of fusion. Kill god area breath also instantly powerful rise. Want to know, god has to field itself is the ultimate realm, the fourth ring soul, how to influence to tang three-no surprise?
Ascension is not the soul force, tang three also found, was dark magic ahriman tiger, his soul link physical properties of several appeared. The most obvious two, strength and spirit. Naturally, the power from the surface, dark magic ahriman tiger itself is a strength properties of the soul. And the spirit to ascend, seems to be helped Poseidon incorporates the tang three heart head soul bone has evolved result again, tang is strong mentality and three have about 5 percent rise.
Don't underestimate the five percent, which reaches the level, has three tang is a terrible, want to do, it is extremely difficult to itself has been to. About five percent rise, tang three might with purple very magic eye completely biyibi east that level of strong!
Hard work and not in vain, and dark magic ahriman tiger dangerous world also for further enhance the strength of a dark magic ahriman, the effect, the soul link tiger to equivalent to two years above five rings of ascension soul soul beast. More than ten years except one soul link, its soul skill for other aspects of ascension, no less than ten years soul link.
However, a third of the tang dynasty, he is unwilling after dark magic ahriman tiger absorption and soul ring at dark magic ahriman tiger residual body finally into ash disappear.
No soul bone. This is the reason, tang three-no with dark magic ahriman tiger particularity, plus more than six years he itself to fix for, tang three almost certainly, it will produce a soul should be to the bone. But it is not.
Associate the bead, tang had three understand, it's probably dark magic ahriman. Ability to tiger. Which also includes three attributes. It's a pity. This is extremely clever soul beast until the final is not willing to let oneself take from him all the benefits.
Well, content, can get so good quality HaoTian hammer fourth ring is not luck soul. Don't greed. The bead since has entered into black holes, who also don't know if it will be engulfed in black or other Spaces.
Thought of here, the mood also gradually tang three simple, calm down before the first summarized the gain and loss, the feeling of overall strength, mentality back into peace. After the lecture, reopened rest area, searching for his blue silver trip to the second goal.
After the war, tang three realized many insufficiencies, one of the most important is that he has not to many skills to another.
Two WuHun, Poseidon trident, six soul bone. Tang three now add up to soul giambi dozens more. And every one can say is, the good wins. But because of their soul from different skill needed to control, using different also, accordingly, tang three on the switch, giambi soul will inevitably occur hysteresis, cannot cohesion, or skills in continuous use to produce needless excessive consumption, and the skill of cohesive effect.
Ultimately, it is because he did not give all their skills to find a fusion method. But want to dozens of skill to another soul are torn up. Familiar with the theory of three most familiar, tang's own blue of silver and five soul giambi before tang door of his first quit plus eight spiders spear soul bone together. The technology behind the soul of tang dynasty ChuXiao dance, give him three opposition four soul skill and familiar, but have all returned small dance. Within five years after he won a lot of skill and strength in skills have improved significantly, handling, conversion, is far less than five skill so familiar with the soul. However, with his powerful strength, facing the enemy is stronger, even before five soul has promoted technical level, also have five years cannot satisfy the needs of the three tang. So, he must use the technology behind the soul.
When his enemy, or because of the overall strength and other reasons, he was tang three goes with the shortage of the performance is not obvious. Including the east, was over. Biyibi east because their ability by sea, and that of the tang dynasty, the three different skills in a few times until it has suffered in battle. If now than east again can be restored to the best condition and tang, were three fight again.
Tang three though clever, but in a short period of time to want so much soul technology are fused together is clearly impossible. He also knows oneself have this problem exists, but LianZhanLianJie, his confidence to peak, so not too seriously. With dark magic ahriman, the tiger this in mind by three tang alarm waking, he also knock completely clear after the science of uniting themselves. Even as the skills of Poseidon, is indispensable. God does not mean everything. In this world there is no absolute and powerful.
Silver spread blue field, tang three stars to search for a while as large forests, this time move inside his luck is not so good, looking for a half an hour.
A large area of domain, but with his dark magic ahriman previously in the first harvest firewood tiger has is astounding. Feel so huge energy fluctuation, and five million years to fix for the soul beast or far as far as possible, or hidden danger of himself. Tang in three blue silver probe, distance yourself closer, and more clearly. When more than a certain distance, if the soul, stealth and enough, he is strong enough to probe into.
In the big woods stars to have almost the time of day, had again after a dish, see the intestinal war is black. Tang three decided to rest for a while.
For a special tall trees by three will sit, tang Poseidon trident in the ground, calmly beside himself into practice. Spiritual implication to 50 meters in diameter. He is now the doesn't need to worry about being cs, unless there is life: warcraft disrelish oneself.
After the realm to address douro, soul division itself will emit a trait, like ten years soul beast inadvertently will reveal strong breath, the characteristics for soul to feel sensitive children, it is very much, have the effect of shock and the three tang is more powerful than the sea trident. I'll also only dark magic confidence of super tiger with his soul dare beasts against the positive.
Eyes closed, heaven with respiratory function, a faint light conversion from the body, form a layer of protection fully body enterprise gas surround the form, with three of the tang dynasty to now, this layer to protect the body before dark as though gas enterprise's release of ahriman ahriman tiger, but also similar. The practice is enough to protect him.
Find the deficiencies, even tang three know time is precious, in the rest of the time also will be focused on thinking. Thinking about what should do. He is the first to remind yourself, with similar biyibi east.
In this world, now known to tang three masters and he just over east, as he has WuHun twins, and also more than once against the shop. Her soul skill than yourself and what should not also, even less, also in ten years less than soul link number. Careful recall biyibi east with his soul when the use of technology to think oneself, insufficient, tang three gradually into a trance.
Uniting the lasted two hours, tang three though his desire to solve the current problems and their progress, but he knew, more important is, time is precious Poseidon achievements as soon as possible! Especially in the big woods just enter stars when they feel WuHun city of the special flavor.
But the two hour, he also not spent in vain, after careful thinking, he found, east is faced with over his problem, just like her to better. Especially in WuHun that she can easily switch ZhenShen condition is greatly WuHun two ability for many skills, coordination. But their depicting the trident for her strong indeed oppressive role, purple eye and use a spell of her every building, oneself is impossible to beat her.
But in other abilities, in the face of his shop east when did not seem to play a full, it can only caused the failure of the results.
But the two hour, tang three real realization of only two characters, cohesion. He did not know when his HaoTian hammer has seven rings above, whether in the east as biyibi WuHun quickly switch between two, but having a bit is affirmation, can solve his real solution to the problem, now is the soul of skill.
With his current practice, the soul of the soul for giambi, although the power consumption but enough to hold a period of soul, continuous use of soul, how can do not appear, perfect technology of any interruption, give the enemy attack or control of enough, he now needs to practice. Of course this is not a kind of mode can be solved when, can be the soul of all technical freely, is truly the tales.
Continue to advance, thus forest inside about his soul as technical problems, open blue field exploration of silver. He and dark magic ahriman tiger fight over a period of time, return to forest and calm. The powerful spirit beast are clever, they also know that human soul division in need of soul link to reach their soul force is the bottleneck, once only need one. His dark magic ahriman tiger spirit obtained a ring for some time, and they also should no longer fear.
Blue and silver as possible in the forest area and not silver blue grass reveal any soul force fluctuation, carefully bit probe. Look for his fifth of the soul HaoTian hammer rings.
Indeed as expected, tang three after a few half an hour of exploration, he finally found a suitable for his soul, and the beast that he was surprised again. Because that is one of the most familiar with his soul, one of the beast's face spider. Only through the field detection, silver, blue that cold, evil breath told his soul beast category.
The beast's soul had to tang spider is three, happiness and suffering. He had met the demons, he will have a soul bone eight spiders outside attached to this precious wealth of the spear, with eight spiders spear, tang in various experiences three battle, often can surprise, defeat the enemy. But the spider did voldemort, also bring him extreme rage and pain, the big stars in the forest center, if not a magic spider suddenly had stopped him, with little dance escape path, and how those WuHun house after that small superior to save his sacrifice and dance?
It is undeniable that voldemort had spider is absolutely an extremely powerful spirit, both strength and venomous beast or its own skills and are most of the soul of a nightmare. It maybe not in character, but the dark magic ahriman tiger for other soul beast, it's danger is not dark magic ahriman tiger. Again, the soul that can pass it and tang three? Say anything, but may have had high voldemort to eight spiders spider is his spear tonic would never give up.

The cold air filled with envy to the evil and strongly unwilling

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Putt putt putt putt putt putt -- and a series of MenXiang, dark magic ahriman tiger body buckled, a large gray smog from him, each regiment outbreak of aerosol are driving under the body, his eyes, in scarlet
The letter.
Tang three second start pulling up black shangdi machine, his eyes at Europe has become calm down, watching the dark magic ahriman, "sorry, tiger, I have to say that you've ever seen in the soul, all animals, or a sinister sly, is one of the most intelligent. You are not only a strong strength, and the calculation of battle is accurate. No wonder as dark as a member of the tiger's ahriman, you can live to this time now. I want to, even in the dark magic ahriman tiger among the few groups, you should also absolutely king. In calculation and control, I admit, I lost. I told you the strength or unsufficiently estimated, strong confidence that I ignore possible crisis. Unfortunately, luck doesn't stand at your side. Six years old when I play on in front, you will be lost, because I am tang door disciple. Besides, you this skill limited ability strong, but ultimately, although not limit to my soul guided.
The various ge god crossbow, once again, I became the key to success. When you were young, I return to, to the special field, you will have to fail. But I must admit that you are a worthy opponent, the opponent in a strong. "
Here, tang about dark magic ahriman three tiger, devoting themselves to slightly he respects. Dark magic and also as understood the tiger ahriman three words, tang mercilessly stared with tang, the three eyes not roaring, it is pair of eyes to the scarlet out like fire.
Suddenly, all three of tang dynasty, from the cold dark magic ahriman tiger's eyes, he knows what a face turned white, ", I was really too good luck. Goodbye."
Keng Keng Keng... Bursts, bursts bursts bursts bursts bursts...
16 group grey blood from the dark magic ahriman fog again, regardless of tiger outbreak of how strong body, this time, all of it in the life breath and thoroughly broken before the firebolt iron essence. The tough battle finally came to an end.
Everything around became distorted and all dimensional instant broken again, the endless darkness, tang across three relax the body, will be back to his god crossbows various ge's BaiBao sac. His heart was beating in the violent.
Bright, light body and greater down-to-earth, again returned to the tang dynasty has three stars big forests, dynamic back. All the strength are returned, Poseidon trident also lay down at his feet. And before him, dark magic ahriman, the huge tiger body is a singular floating beads. The bead looks perfect swarthy, but it emits green and blue.
What is this? No, etc, the tang three reaction to his body to release a black hole, it suddenly sucked the singularity of a bead immediately zoom into the hole, grab crane with three tang, but also timely use of dragon in his just suck at the bead, black holes, torn space crashing closed it resumed normal, from the dark magic ahriman tiger appeared on the bodies of singular beads will then disappeared.
Tang three leng, wrinkled brow, big hard patted his face, he know, if is normally, with their own reaction speed to get the bead. Can prove himself because of the mood affected, it didn't succeed. This is not what good signs.
Before looking at dark magic ahriman, the body of tiger can plainting, tang three privately that only strong spirit beast brought him too much surprised. Should make it a thought very simple fight to his death is still risks. Still rely on luck to get the final victory. The soul is too strong, animal, no one could have was dark magic ahriman tiger such WuHun. Hope it can bring you more soul link the benefits.
Thought of here, tang three also banned secretly roads. In the dark magic ahriman tiger before he died at his eyes tell him, dark magic ahriman tiger finally cast skill is not so simple. The skill of the real effect, should be tang three become dark magic, while young tiger be inhaled after one ahriman were unaffected. Just because he finally cast a four-pass purple, broken his protective defenses, he also failed to exempt the effect, and his skills as a youth, enter the condition, die in their various ge god crossbows. Imagine, if not a four-pass issued purple purple, or a four-pass not effect of words, so, when his face and six years for six WanNianXiu dark magic ahriman, the result that tiger. It is simply a disproportionate number of combat. This war, is really close call close call. Confidence powerful isn't a bad thing, but if too strong, will become proud.
Since leaving after Poseidon island, experienced several war, almost all won the cheap, and daming and two to the soul, the soul bone strength, the steps again. Confidence to the expansion of pride. Today, it is fully to himself was a wake-up call! Fortunately, oneself still alive.
While self-reflection, tang three slowly, sit on the ground cross legs, blue a yuan of silver, and sea areas in their side, insert the trident with overlapping layers built a field of defense and confuse ward. At the same time, the blue sea areas the ultimate skill of silver. He won't let his pride and careless and because in the face of danger. In the dark magic ahriman tiger soul, he will ring before his whole soul force of consumption.
A little blue light appeared in the tang dynasty in the three silver stars, blue large forest is vast, although in tang dynasty by absorbing the three areas of blue grass, but the silver energy each plant blue grass is absorbed his silver, never a damage to them, while countless blue grass to his silver to provide enough energy. He will own soul force to help recover quickly.
Until the soul force at peak, tang three will look to fall in the dark magic ahriman, the tiger body slowly withdraw, silver, blue emperor HaoTian hammered out in his grasp, blue and silver instantaneous switch became kill god, tough ran through field, and the body of the spirit also extremely tang three in exploration and expansion to the dozens are no threat. It started HaoTian hammer fourth ring soul.
Black HaoTian hammer in front, the red two black three aura is so obvious, staring at the opposite HaoTian three bodies, tang a hammer, suddenly, a grey air from dark magic ahriman tiger body drifted in air condensed into moments, and quickly ring by ash turns into a dark, light HaoTian hammer towards. A flash light, have direct on HaoTian hammer. Meanwhile, a stock is not large but extremely sharp cold air is in a flash pierced body, tang three crazy impact on his internal power networks of heaven with defense.
The cold air filled with envy to the evil and strongly unwilling, in which the body into tang three, tang three was exciting spewed
Tang three previous preparation and not in vain, my eyes are fully proves that he will return to his soul force is correct. Peak, In that instant impact, cold evil three tang heaven has completed the work force, the adjustment of the air and sea and light, together with a net, will the cold air over. Soul link absorption began.
As the soul and body, loop from outside of the dark magic ahriman tiger huge body also began to send a grey gas, slowly lift.
Heaven and light of the sea power, like a great millstone, bit by bit, shrinking the dark magic ahriman of soul with evil tiger ring, dark magic energy of breath, I'll really special tiger condensed beads, that is, while he was frequently tang power control, the soul into a black hole, direct rushed into another space. As to what place dark magic ahriman tiger out of control, but also it is not willing to hand in tang dynasty. Three

Dark magic ahriman tiger slightly panic

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Tang three see narrow version of the dark magic ahriman, still feel very tiger laughs
But, when he saw his body, he didn't think it was funny. Because of him, and the people have narrowed meter, height, but many of the two, look a few, the whole body is reduced. Even the clothes and then narrowed, and how to look, also is six or seven years.
The fear of the tang dynasty, three is not only the physical changes, he will fall in the gold of land, and he also fell to the soul force yourself at the age of six or seven not break the border. Even HaoTian hammer and blue grass WuHun two silver without awakening. Only the shallow xuan days work force.
Rejuvenation? Tang of swallowing three a saliva. Dark magic ahriman tiger with a soul exactly what skill? How to himself and his body has become so small? Also can change to return?
The body cannot move, seems to be a singular energy locked, all souls, including all cannot use soul hones skills, now he was six years old, yet the tang WuHun awakening.
The strange voice rang from all directions.
"Welcome to the death, death arena. Party can end this war of death from this space.. Countdown, five, four, three, two, one, start."
In this suddenly appeared sound countdown process, tang three DianZhuan mind, he is now only have the state or may only thought. Although he didn't know how dark magic ahriman tiger, but all their ability to come back to the age of six, it is an indisputable fact ground. And dark magic ahriman tiger itself has narrowed. It is proved that the limit yourself, it also appeared. So, this battle oneself not chance.
From the singular voice of simple, tang three to, this is a match made in heaven, with dark magic is the tiger after death ahriman rejuvenation. After the battle should return to the previous, body also will recover. Here, then, died in reality and natural die.
Dark magic ahriman Iliad yourself with it to such a place, because the soul is estimated to young beast than human soul division more powerful, the young soul skill too strange. No wonder daming and two bright could not before packed the guy. There is such a soul, is skill. But also fortunately daming and two Ming is the soul, to return to this young period should not suffer.
Not to body suddenly san-duo tang, a loose restriction has disappeared. The feeling of stagnation, dark magic ahriman just finished a shadow, tiger has into three moments in tang dynasty. A pair of red eyes showing the light, allowing three will seem to have a dead as tang dynasty.
For adults, tang three to five meter long to dark magic ahriman tiger is certainly not a threat, but only six years old, he is now dark magic ahriman tiger attack has to any of his fatal may damage. Six years, he is still too fragile. However, dark magic ahriman tiger want so easy to destroy, and it is impossible.
In the other, that soul dark magic ahriman tiger first against. They are not WuHun at the age of six, is one of the awakening of the ordinary children. Also calculate dark magic ahriman, it met tiger unlucky is tang three. The tang LiangShiWeiRen three. Six years old and he was still far stronger, but not the age of six, but he has quit the door uniting have time.
Step three, tang ghost fan side body of a swift and let the dark magic ahriman tiger positive impact, while the singular feet step, the people close to the dark magic ahriman tiger anchor position, shoulder lightly, dark magic ahriman tiger body suddenly DaHeng, balance, on the ground for rolling weeks stable in their bodies.
Tang three smiled, he is extremely happy smile. Because he knew that the fighting has not continue.
Dark magic ahriman, the body break a tiger in the ground again, rapid rebound in tang dynasty, indeed, three came to power, it also has fallen to young period, even when the soul beast levels 10 reach. But it gifted, even if not fix for ten years, but truly strength is over ten years of above the soul. In this state of land with three children, so a tang dynasty in the dark magic ahriman, is easy to the tiger. But the first attack, tang three with action, although it is told to the youth, want to kill him is not so easily.
When the dark magic ahriman, tiger jerked to tang again, see three thin tang three arms is a long black one foot.
A heavy black, but for six days work when xuan has uniting the peak of the tang dynasty to three is nothing, his tender hands are fast moving on in black, because the metal crash was constantly.
Watch dark magic ahriman tiger, tang second at a down-to-earth, resents the three steps, the ghost fan quickly move transversely three feet on the ground, the whole people and rolling, again crashes dark magic ahriman against the tigers.
Dark magic ahriman tiger slightly panic, it does not understand why the human beings in such a small when skill is so incredibly can easily spirit, dodge the attack. The roar of the deep dark magic ahriman, the tiger getting angry, a grey airflow shows spiral shape of grey airflow in front of it, slowly.
Young period of dark magic ahriman, the same little tiger energy in his front gradually shape, it is condensed and a dark magic. With the previous complete state when fighting with tang comparison, three great, it is almost the instant large dark magic, but now the ray and want to condense so one is so difficult.
But the dark magic ahriman tiger convinced that the evil force of a god, even without a direct hit ray, only three of the tang dynasty in the body, and he exploded by oneself, let him to end the fighting.
In front of the dark magic ahriman tiger dark magic and thunder, tang of condensed the machine including sound 3 hands stopped. Slowly lift, on a black shadow magic ahriman tiger.
Zoom -, dark magic and lightning, but also shot at this time, the critical chirp with was strongly buzz instantly. 16 road, like black from tang three phantom of small hand that black stable within the spray.
Boom -- a roar, first, that is, it's dark and the explosion is really amazing, at least six black affected, but flying, the remaining 12 black but also in this moment to the dark magic ahriman to body. The tiger.

Suddenly, a bright, down-to-earth feeling

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"Good." Tang three Shouting, his left hand also swell, Poseidon, surging QianZhi trident wrath from breaking out upon halberd whistle, a yellow light balls from sea trident main moments of blade xinfengrui, into a terror in the release of the dark yellow light towards voldemort ahriman huge body tiger.
Bang, dark magic ahriman tiger - 1, physical pain was lifted again, this time flies, stop it, it's old rivals, titans of apes two titans sphere.
However, this dark magic ahriman, the strength of the tiger really tough body also tough outrageous, injury situation positive and titans collision, but still sky broken only aggravate the injury. However, at this time, three of the tang dynasty has been azure dull god claw dint.
Blue blue PAWS from tang right out through three clap, wind, flying toward the moment was the dark magic ahriman tiger body scratching. As long as it is a success, so, grasp the time, ten seconds to slow enough to let the terrible tang three will warcraft destroyed completely.
At this time, the tang dynasty, their three suddenly found the right arm existence twitching, just relax the body immediately tightened up.
The twitching slightly from the soul of bone, seems to be in what reminding yourself da. Thus, has received is the dark magic ahriman tiger unexpectedly still have the strength to become?
Watch the azure dull god will fall in claws
God tiger, suddenly, has previously silent ahriman hook just behind the silent god, ahriman jilt tiger turned black, hook to the hook type of appearance also changed, bending moments to hook body straight, like a long thorn, the light in the heart of god paw prints azure dull.
But both sides removes the moment, three will feel tang has lost to the azure dull god claw control. Under the azure dull, god has completely broken into the claws of blue light blue dots in the air to dissipate.
The strength of the tang dynasty, although three powerful, but after a few big strong skills release after their need to breath of time, but this time, the dark magic ahriman tiger eyes suddenly become a secluded from bloodred looks like blue, it is one of ZhuZhuQing versions of a WuHun ZhenShen ghost.
Previously, gray started to vanish entirely turned black, the air has its body like a cloud came in third with tang. Look, how fast speed is not. However, when it a moment, and then I'll hook into by the long tail, but I'll have a black moments, waving it with tang in three center position. Strong black instantly, has become a huge hole three meters in diameter.
In the dark magic ahriman tang three with it that tiger ahriman punctured off their claws, azure dull god himself will understand, cheated. This special soul has been calculated in animal unexpectedly. In their strength, it is waiting for the chance of 1000 years, his empty leisurely must be hurt, but it may break behind to Titan sphere. Azure dull god was broken claws directly. But after the three skills has cast his soul force also appeared briefly vacuum period. Dark magic ahriman tiger was caught this time, all the strength to launch out back.
Tang, he made three, two, one is wrong with dark magic ahriman tiger can be familiar with Titan apes and azure cows and skills to its python attack. Another is not to look down upon it that have been behind the ahriman shook. Obviously, this is the most powerful tail to attack.
However, though the dark tang three magic ahriman, but with his tiger cautious, and can not give myself a retreat? When the dark magic ahriman tiger that little black, ahriman spurs shot instantly in tang dynasty and the third body magnified, tang three also launched a counterattack. Counterattack against it and not against the black, but the dark magic ahriman. The tiger.
Glittering and translucent light in the sky blue purple, just a flash without becoming jingshendousou the dark magic ahriman, tiger suddenly here.i around the body that black immediately Oriental broken.
Tang is tapping the enemy by three will save, release of official his strong mentality against a four-pass purple. He has been to a four-pass embodiment, purple is the case for what condition to strain. This indeed. The soul is insufficient, spirit. Also played a dark magic ahriman tiger surprise. However, tang three, his purple extremely dark magic four-pass unexpectedly just around the body that'll tiger black broken. But it isn't really hit the ontology. A very good feeling moments throughout the body. But the expansion to three meters in the hole was extremely large sudden force. Just use a lot of soul and spirit against three also can't resist tang dynasty that strong suction, was directly in, and dark magic ahriman tiger oneself body also is not controlled in the black hole disappearing.
Tang sanhe dark magic ahriman tiger, are extremely good, calculate the three opponents will suffer in tang dynasty pays for dark magic ahriman tiger skill not familiar with. In fact, he had a four-pass if the purple is not spread of the attack, so, the black ball hole cannot produce. But the dark magic ahriman after a tiger, itself is already, can let he fatigue oppressed.
While tang three confidence in themselves too full, so want to attack the enemy, which will save the tiger dark magic ahriman will destroy ontology. But which thought, dark magic in the ultimate ahriman tiger skills, itself is the protection by skills. Tang three purple extremely powerful attack power while taking, also just broken skills, and no protection to dark magic ahriman tiger ontology.
But the dark magic ahriman, the tiger is also not lucky outside the defense is purple extremely four-pass broken, it is unable to protect themselves with skill and saving the skills, but also by inhalation after black bear skill.
Dark magic ahriman tiger became the third since the tang dynasty, and the soul of tang dynasty are three as the human soul division?
Everything around into darkness, tang three felt the light body without stress. He felt more is strange, his soul force fluctuation seems weak, is becoming more and more body also appeared to what strange changes made. In the world of darkness, he was desperate to stimulate to movement, but the light of the sea, and the sea trident branded on his forehead, no half of his spirit has also been completely.
How is that possible? This is a how skills? Why would have this effect? Tang three hearts, first some panic.
Suddenly, a bright, down-to-earth feeling, tang three surprised to find himself to a strange space. Here like a huge challenge, seem to be round, but the endless. No clouds in the sky, the sun and the stars, some is boundless darkness. But the light is released from the challenge itself.
Depressive feeling to tang three heart also gradually can't calm.
But when he saw his opponent. But to his surprise, some opponents seem to have changed.
Dark magic ahriman tiger front three in tang dynasty, also 30 meters, just looking at his eyes at that tiger in full of anger, forth, because no previous calm feeling.
Dark magic ahriman tiger originally body length is 8 meters, is extremely magnificent, the wings, greatly behind dec.15 feeling. But now, it's not only the wings, behind even tail has become the common huwei, tail ahriman hook even smaller, little energy fluctuation. And it has become the ontology, but only five meter long, narrow too many than previously. If it was previously Ning evil, so, this only dark magic ahriman is the tiger look cute. More like a big black cat.
But when tang initiatives to see your body when fix, are also stunned...

Gray tit-bit from dark magic liquid

Posted on 23/11/2009 at 02:42
From the beginning to the end, this hook, dark magic ahriman tiger never use any requires a lot of energy support skills. But the calculation of the situation, the exquisite, never build as an excellent control is the soul.
However, dark magic ahriman tiger faces, is also a control to top the soul. Tang three would really come back so easily?
Dark magic ahriman tiger also don't see, when tang via the orcas broken tooth chop down in the empty place, his mouth has emerged a faint smile. He is the eighth soul link in the dust, and lightning outbreak has quietly released under the cover.
Watch dark magic ahriman tiger ahriman will fall in tang hook three heads, suddenly, tang three of the shape to a grinding halt, a faint reddish glow drifted dark magic moments in the body ahriman tiger sank into a stiff.
LanYinHu whale magic, compulsory three seconds dizzy. Three of the tang dynasty emperor ten years 8 silver blue soul.
Afraid you don't attack, attack, will have flaw. It's LanYinHu whales of the three directions in tang dynasty, although he can detect dark magic ahriman, but the position of the tiger's all-round attack immediately. Also through LanYinHu whales of tang dynasty's third straight to find the dark magic ahriman tiger position.
The body in midair, Poseidon trident like a whip out a general, be dead weight, snatching up the dark magic ahriman tiger huge body.
But, in the dark sea trident hit the tiger's body, ahriman tang three face smile suddenly freezes. In his view, with the weight, Poseidon trident terrorism hit a halberd, dark magic ahriman tiger would be hit by the fly out. Next, it is oneself endless control and powerful attack, the head of the powerful control to die. The soul beast,
However, when the impact of Poseidon trident mercilessly dark magic ahriman tiger physically, but immediately feel a tang three extreme cold air shares from the sea was suddenly on the trident, his clever spirit dozen shivers, heaven by pressing the reactive part 1, full of evil with his body to breath delicacy qi to break out as body. If the Poseidon trident itself digestion, much of the energy body and fortitude, this evil will make his coolness injured.
Three more tang cannot be understood, dark magic ahriman tiger didn't he smoked a halberd, try to fly to the great sea is actually played back. The effect was evil, tang three blue silver huang right leg flying skills were forcibly break, the whole people fall from the sky, and five meters resumed flights ability to live oneself body stable. Look up to the sky, and he couldn't understand why this dark magic ahriman tiger can withstand his depicting the trident.
When he looked up to see the sky when it is suddenly enlighted. Dark magic ahriman long tail jilt that tiger, ahriman hook grey transparent, a layer of gray mask to its body completely, but now the protection layer mask after Poseidon trident had appeared after the bombardment of cracks, and then just slammed into a little gray airflow disappeared in the air.
Dark magic ahriman tiger reaction is also very fast, watched by voldemort LanYinHu whales of the red glow, immediately realized, sensitive feeling makes it don't hestitate of releasing their defense skill, originally used to attack a moment I'll hook of grey airflow protection layer. This skill is dark magic ahriman tiger's most powerful defense skill, named ahriman. Instant with ahriman breath to protect themselves. Its defense effect even small dance can rival the absolute defense. But it to limit on the lower than the absolute defense, but some time is very long defense, but not by their actions.
Unfortunately, he'll meet to protect the light of the sea is injected, be called to the sea and the weight of the sea, and voldemort broke the characteristics, although is ahriman guardian blocked the strike, but also broken. I'll guard
Find each other with a special skill withstood their depicting the trident, rather than physical strength, tang brought down the heart immediately. At this time, LanYinHu whales of the three seconds spell the time has come, the restrictions from dark magic ahriman tiger apparently had three attacks in tang dynasty strongly felt angry threats, and finally gave up test, strong light grey in countless arrows, straight from the gas and three attacks tang.
It seems though the attributes of the attack, but actually contains a surge of evil, even the sea of light can eliminate the evil gas, which is powerful. have
The first contact, tang three certainly won't give dark magic ahriman tiger any machine
Poseidon, going back to the right of the golden glow in the air, no reservations, tang with three finally out his gold 13 halberd.
Gray gas into gold rings suddenly disappear arrows in aeriform in, dark magic ahriman tiger is not real, it'll full-blown attack in front of gold, the wuding storm perfect defense, each one will take a breath of aperture, and the golden arrow towards the aperture itself still dark magic floating, ahriman tiger and not directly over the body to quickly, but it's cloudy and midair and three left a halberd looks tang, right, as a halberd is in the attack, but it is invalid golden rings but was floating on air surrounding the dark magic ahriman tiger body.
Dark magic ahriman roar - tiger finally arrived, it also huge crisis, this eventually found the strength of human seems to have exceeded it can fight category. The golden aura filled with it for the thrill of feeling. Obviously, this golden aura is no good.
At this moment, dark magic ahriman tiger from the violent strength, behind the hook, round suddenly paddle ahriman twisted round of corrugated rapid around its force blocking tang, circling the spirit, and three lock, it sends out the gray light grey breath, instant blossom, fully spread out hundreds of meters, will it yourself and three enveloped in tang dynasty.
Finally started? Tang three corners. Slightly affects Dark magic ahriman tiger in the wuding feel threatened, finally shows itself.
In the golden rings disappear, it itself is not 100% success, in dark magic ahriman, the tiger has interference failed. But, even so, also make dark magic ahriman to a tiger body hysteresis.
Tang shan, left three shape before a dark magic ahriman, the huge tiger body suddenly sank to the ground, straight up, flapping wings to his body in the stable. But the enormous gravity but make it to the body becomes more hysteresis.
Tang three golden, Poseidon trident right turn, size between the second type gold 13 halberd 1,000 years leisurely has cast out of the air.
The golden clouds between large in the air, dark magic ahriman collection of grey areas tiger release completely block outside, not for its own opportunities invasion, meanwhile, tang three also again broke a white light to change, wind, instantly into the color, add to 1000 years empty leisurely. Kill god field.
Dark magic ahriman roar - tiger suddenly become more intense shout, placing in its light grey around the body in shape, towards the tang three attacks. It is dark magic ahriman tiger a very powerful magic and skills, named dark, will merge with evil force their magic moments, and then burst into the power of terror. Is the wind, ray, and three attributes mixed range attacks.
Rumbling rumbling rumbling rumbling boom -- like the roar JingLei rolling, severe in the deep forest, thus destroyed the terrorist explosions of plants around. Luckily the animal has been near the soul of the dark magic ahriman breath away, tiger didn't suffer even follow the bad examples of others.
Tang three floating in the midair fat, the other side, and dark magic ahriman tiger to body had inverted, knocked don't know how many big tree, the body is more than a layer of lightning, golden rings of crack heave explosion. Obviously, the former collision it ate the deficit.
Fix for the theory, it is better than the poor, despite three gifted, also can't resist tang three gods. In 1000 years empty bombarded leisurely, dark magic evil ray, all kinds of a could not attack to the tang dynasty, and at the same time, its three was severe shock, the body is 1000 years empty leisurely in sacred invasion, the golden lightning is sacred and its own ray attribute to special ability after collision, the energy of body.
Gray tit-bit from dark magic liquid, a pair of thumb ahriman out the eyes seemed dim light citrated, in some distant, constantly panted, each breath, will have grey liquid flows from 7.
Tang three will be handed over the sea, left hand gently lift, toward the dark magic ahriman, the strong tiger to sudden situation from arm leaps from tang, close dilong scale under three clothes appear on the skin, muscle, fast collision fingers into a claw, is the dragon.
The surge in his light blue claw into the hand of a surge in condensate light blue, green psyche is completely tang three lock in dark magic ahriman tiger.
The lion is called cardiac rabbit also want to, although it seems dark magic ahriman tiger has had three, but nothing but tang relaxation. He is to use their strong restrictive skills, azure slow to secure god claw.
Four seconds in normal time dint to battle opponents catch flaw, although this dark magic, but I'll have a tiger in the 100 meters, and besides, it wants to interrupt oneself is difficult enough. Besides, not saying that in condensed the azure dull, when god claw himself can't do something else.
Indeed, the dark magic ahriman tiger claw azure feel dull breath of god, dark eyes to become bright rise, the roaring sound, suppress pain moments in tang dynasty, its three skills to restart, like a sprint phantom general instantly to tang three before.

after the Flemish in speech

Posted on 20/11/2009 at 08:11
Small dance seemed relieved, "that is good."
Tang look at three small dance, "little dance. What happened to you?"
Small dance shook his head, some hide a way: "no. 3, you said this would remember uncle according to us?"
Tang three wry smile to say: "this just over the past two days, he should forget it. However, since he was President, you should not care about his offense."
Oscar hey smiled, low voice: "that you are wrong. Our amba dean, but a hold it against you. Of course, he is the biggest advantage, HuDuan."
Approaching the Flemish eyes suddenly toward the direction they float over, just stay in the Oscar, eyes a flicker of light. Playful,
Oscar disgrace, "bad, my words may be he heard. This is terrible."
The Flemish go altogether seven students in front, stop. He took part in the special magnetic raucous sound, "this is very good, we also four little monsters. I, shrek, dean of the college Flemish welcome. Later, every one of you into a hundred gold to the treasurer. Mu bai li."
"The President." DaiMu white to step on the Flemish he seemed very respect, and even take part.
The Flemish way: "again four boys and the lower classwoman, return you will tell their custom institute. Then go to rest, as each of your state the extent of the first class. Today, will start at night, you and NingRongRong. Oscar. You two come with me."
Oscar's face suddenly collapsed, heart, not willing unwilling to go before the Flemish salute. When he saw NingRongRong went to his side face became well, some.
The Flemish waved and said: "people can take a rest. Remember, before it gets dark, let oneself to achieve the best condition, don't blame me for not remind you. The institute's teaching and other places, you will not even in the face of danger.
ZhuZhuQing did not return, DaiMu white this also not catch up. MaGong joon walking speed is quick, suddenly disappeared figure.
Tang three to is in no hurry to leave, he wanted to see how the dean, the sight of teaching. Oscar NingRongRong and the WuHun are auxiliary class, it should be them does not participate in the evening classes. Just make tang three strange, why is teaching at night?
Tang, small three didn't dance is not naturally worry, stood in the left side quietly at three tang.
The Flemish also care, Oscar and NingRongRong way: "everyone has his own cultivation method. WuHun different ways also differ, uniting. In mainland douro, almost no exactly the same WuHun, so, the college will teach you how to practice, and not WuHun, but how to use in the future, how WuHun battle, better save yourself, auxiliary comrades-in-arms."
Amba three feel some familiar words tang, careful thought, master seems to have said similar. Just master said the Flemish more detailed than.
Oscar seems to have heard the words of similar strong-minded, low head, but deep thought of NingRongRong nodded.
The Flemish continued: "you two are auxiliary class, a soul is additional, another attribute of food is to WuHun. Like you, whether in the soul, or in the battlefield, usually need a partner, otherwise, the protection of difficult for you to live. Oscar, you tell me, as an auxiliary class teacher, how can the soul on the battlefield better save yourself?"
Oscar unquestioning way: "as their partners in the hiding behind all around, can use the terrain, building to avoid the risk of possible danger area.".
The Flemish nods to say: "that's right. But you didn't say it. As an auxiliary class trainers, the soul is must have fled the quality, not the soul of auxiliary fled, not a soul. But fled need? Need is physical. Despite being the masters, have their own soul force, your body stronger than ordinary people. But, do you have some may face an enemy, but each soul. Therefore, war as an assistant in the soul, you also need for physical exercise. Critical moment, perhaps you run out of step, you can survive.
Oscar for the Flemish or know very well, listen to the director before the hall said, wry smile, finished, today is not over.
Indeed, after the Flemish in speech, Oscar and NingRongRong nods to say: "you of course, today is for physical training. From now on, around the whole village run 20 laps before noon meal, if you come back, without running lunch. You can use your own WuHun adjuvant. Oscar. Now, for the way."
"Yes." NingRongRong promised a sound, without any hesitation, Oscar ran out of some sadness fell glanced stand beside the third person, the tang dynasty to go up.
Shrek college village, although small, but the Oscar, Flemish refers to the village, the village land is included. A circle is, at least three kilometers above the distance. 20 laps, it is quite a number of terror.
Today is the soul with twenty multistage force, but in finish the course before noon, or one of the masters of auxiliary sorrow. The battle for twenty multistage soul division, under such a distance running nor very easily.
Oscar and watched NingRongRong running out, the Flemish pointed to the tang dynasty, way: "you are a person come with me."

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