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Once Mind Shifted, Problems Solved - Posted at 04:01 on 26/9/2010 by fainche
Living in a world filled with a colossal amount of information, we are inclined to lose control at what we should listen to. As a matter of fact, we seem to be deprived of the choices of what we prefer to hear.
From the moment I get up, the radio broadcasts a march that is new only to freshmen, yet has remained changeless for years; the television utters loudly in an invariable news-broadcasting tone while its viewers keep quiet and motionless at a table; and the senior women in the neighborhood always delight in their own conversations on anecdote that has not been updated for a week or so. What is worse, a little girl’s cry has abruptly inserted into this morning symphony, resulting in my earlier awake-up than ever before.
Strangely while rationally, I have managed to control my anger at those annoying sounds, or to be exactly, noises. When Napoleon’s dreadful loneliness in a deserted island flashes through my mind, I even feel grateful for being disturbed. Switching my attitude towards those noises, I have been rewarded with inner peace and outward vitality. To make up my sleep, I just need to turn off my light and go to bed twenty minutes earlier, which guarantees enthusiasm for me in the next day.
As for what I prefer to listen to, what I need to do is put on my MP3 player.
Problems will never remain obstacles to living a happy life as long as we shift our minds accordingly.
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