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29/5/2014 - 2: What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

This Allows For A Degree Of Customization In The Electronic Cigarette Experience And Lets The Consumer Express Themselves Through The E-cig They Choose.


  Of the 222 survey participants, half reported at least a small break in their smoking habits after using electronic cigarettes. The other half reported lessened nicotine use. Effect of an E-Cigarette on Cravings and Withdrawal, Acceptability and Nicotine Delivery: Randomized Cross-Over Trial With a focus group of 40 adults who smoke at least one pack a day, the University of Auckland in New Zealand recently focused on electronic cigarettes and their ability to aid smoking cessation. In order to test the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, the scientists split the focus group into two; one received a placebo cartridge, and one received 16 milligrams of nicotine.
the original: http://www.cigarettesbrands.com/guide/3-research-the-validity-of-the-electronic-cigarette/


  The cartridge is the sweet spot of the device. This is where the flavoring as well as the level of present strength of nicotine resides. On a traditional tobacco cigarette this would be known as the butt of the cigarette. Flavorings and nicotine strengths are widely available in varying degrees to satisfy a wide array of smoking enthusiasts.
citation: http://www.cigarettesbrands.com/guide/2-what-is-an-electronic-cigarette/


1 Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief History


  After receiving hopeful feedback from family and friends, Hon patented the electronic cigarette design in 2003 and took the product to various manufacturers for sale. A decade later, there are a wide variety of electronic cigarette companies offering their services in the United States, each with their own personalities and strengths. E-Cigarettes Today Even though the design of electronic cigarettes on today?s market looks extremely similar to Hon Lik?s design, it should be recognized that each manufacturer Free Smokeless Cigarette i found some and brand name has produced minute differences in detail and design in the product that make them unique. This allows for a degree of customization in the electronic cigarette experience and lets the consumer express themselves through the e-cig they choose.
source: 1 Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief History

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