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Fall Wedding Theme

Have A Beach Wedding

Posted in Unspecified

Usually beach wedding will be held in the spring or autumn. We need to pay attention to the weather around the wedding date. If the beach wind is too high, we can choose a nice screen to keep out the see wind. In the meantime we need to avoid the strong sunlight time quantum.

Holding a romantic beach wedding is definitely many brides' wishes since they were children. Blue sky, azure blue sea winter, floating cloud and clean-white sandbeach, no need other decorations, it is already full of romance and eternity.
For brides, it is better to choose light wedding dress. When sea wind coming, the dress will be graceful and elegant.
To match with such beautiful sea background, we still need prepare the tableware, food and stage, the main color tone should be blue which bring audience the feeling of simple, elegance as well as freshness.

Costume for wedding beach
For guest costume, you should let guests know that the wedding will be held on the beach so as to guide them with proper dress. Therefore it is necessary to write beach wedding on the invitation card.
For bride's dress, wearing a long and tier upon tier wedding dress will be too official and not matching to the fresh beach wedding style. It's better to wear simple design, light and lively wedding dress. To avoid sweating, choose a light, thin and good breathable fabric is very important, such as, organdie organdy, chiffon, and crepe. Remember not to use silk fabric, because it is very thick, and unfit to the outdoor beach wedding.
As for shoes, high-heeled shoes are not suitable for beach. Walking on the beach with bare foot, or choose a nice flat shoe can be OK.

Beach wedding layout
Sea, of course is the splendid scenery, therefore other furnishings should be focus on the blue color. Other color should be matching with white or yellow. For example, we can use light blue chiffon to wrap the pure white chairs, and use same quality and color fabric to make the canopy. The corner of the wedding site should be wrapped with exquisite light yarn. Flowers arch in the beach, white rose and small silver bells will bring the romantic atmosphere.

After you read the brief introduction for the wedding, do you have interests in holding a beach wedding?

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Gothic Wedding Gowns for Brides

Posted in Unspecified

If you are searching for some altnative ideas with great courage to personalize your big day, Gothic wedding dress will fit for your needs. Plus, these bridal gowns are not just unusual, but they are also very meaningful for fans of gothic fashion.

Gothic style wedding dresses are always made of dark colors like wine red, purple and black as the main color choices. Choosing a gothic wedding dress is not difficult. Many brands have puched out great gothic style dresses for bride. And a lot of stores also offered different kinds of gothic wedding gowns. These dresses are for bold and confident brides to be to showcase their unique fashion taste. Here are edgy Gothic wedding dresses in trend for you.

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pantone colors for fall wedding

Posted in Unspecified

Pantone's colors for fall 2013 wedding inspiration

gray bridesmaid dresses

The deep greens, coffee-colored carafe, and dark turbulent gray provide the perfect balance and backdrop for the more intense colors and all of them are wonderful for a fall wedding! Gray bridesmaid dresses is really a perfect choice for fall and winter wedding, thay will match well with the surrounding and never steal the beaty of the bride. You may can't find a gray bridesmaid dress, but you can find a similar bride dress in ChicDress.co.uk.

fall brides dress

fall wedding

organza-sweetheart-ball-gown-wedding-dress-with-ruffles-skirt-wcd-0010.jpg" "organza-sweetheart-ball-gown-wedding-dress-with-ruffles-skir


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A Charming Rustic Fall Wedding in a Barn

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Melissa and John are the two protagonist of a charming rustic fall wedding in a barn. After six years of losing touch, they fell in love and get married in the fall. Actually, having a wedding at a barn is a idea of the bride Melissa. She is really fond of its rustic charm. So, they finally chose the beautiful Michigan wedding venue, The Good Tymes Barn, for their gorgeous rustic fall wedding.

the bride and groom


Due to it was the fall season, the bride decided to held a fall theme wedding. They picked wild flowers in fall colors to decorate their fall wedding. They also added nearly all of the bright fall colors to their charming rustic wedding.
Good Tymes Barn

fall colored flowers and decors


At the same time, the groom John's favorite color was blue so we picked some blue flowers to collocate with fall colored flowers. The collocation was really a strong visual contrast.

fall flowers astable decors

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A Yellow La Jolla Wedding in Fall

Posted in Unspecified

Bright color is one of the most obvious features of weddings in fall for fall is also a brilliant season with a lot of bright colored things. One of the typical colors in fall is undoubtedly yellow except for orange. Thus, yellow color theme is suitable for fall weddings. A real yellow La Jolla wedding in fall is really gorgeous.


bride and groom

Both the bride and groom had something yellow of entire attire, such as yellow groom boutonniere and yellow dotted bridal bouquet. Meanwhile, the wedding venue was full of yellow decors, especially the aisle covered with yellow petals.


yellow wedding decors

A lot of creative and fancy yellow decors were arranged everywhere around the wedding venue, including those hanging on the trees and chairs as well as yellow table decors.

yellow table decors

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Hold a Leave Themed Fall Wedding

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Fall is a quite beautiful time for wedding of a year. It is really a fortunate season after a long hot summer and with plenty of rich colors. Gorgeous natural foliage and temperate weather make for great fall weddings. If you are thinking about planning a wedding in the fall, there are so many gorgeous opportunities and backdrops to take advantage of multiple bright colors such as orange and red. So why not hold a leave themed fall wedding?

colorful leave in fal

Fall provides many opportunities for different wedding themes and are most often accomplished through decorations and small accents. The typical one is the colorful leave in fall.

Direct your wedding guests with a colorful arrow made of fall leaves
Incorporate unexpected plants like wheat and ornamental vegetables into your bouquets.

wheat and ornamental vegetables bouquets

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Typical Colored Natural Elements in a Fall Theme Wedding

Posted in Unspecified

With beautiful colored flowers and foliage as well as comfortable and pleasant weather, fall is absolutely the perfect time to get married. In addition to the spring, fall is the season that people can feel the changing nature with a gorgeous changes of color. Apply various natural elements with typical colors of fall to a fall theme wedding will be much memorable.


Typical Colored Natural Elements in a Fall Theme Wedding

A natural choice of colors in fall are oranges and reds, the typical colors of fall. Besides, golds, browns and yellows will also work as well.



colored leaves

Use the colored leaves that have fallen from the trees to decorate the aisle and the red carpet.

 red leaves decorate tables

Use the red leaves that have fallen from the trees to decorate their tables.



colored wedding flowers

colored wedding bouquets

Gorgeous colored wedding bouquets.


The typical fall season crops are pumpkins which can make a fun accent to your reception.

Pumpkin shaped wedding cakes

Real or fake pumpkins as decors

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Inspired Wedding Color Palette of Lemon, Tangerine and Grapefruit

Posted in Unspecified

Wedding Color Palette of Lemon, Tangerine and Grapefruit

Fresh lemonade, sliced grapefruit and tangerines create a bright, fresh palette thatíll really pop. The best part is that these colors can be dressed up or down. No matter you like pink, yellow or orange, you will have many choices in styles and matericals, but for fall, Lace and Satin maybe the best choice for bride and your maids. If you like these two dresses below, just click them to see the details...

Scoop Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

Strapless Satin Short Bridesmaid Dress

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Romantic Outdoor Fall Wedding

Posted in Unspecified

The wedding was held during autumn in Bowral, located in the Southern highlands of NSW and is a popular location for destination weddings.

outdoor fall wedding reception 01

outdoor fall wedding reception 02

outdoor fall wedding reception 03

outdoor fall wedding reception 04

outdoor fall wedding reception 05

Romantic Outdoor Fall Wedding

The day carried on, the sun dipped lower. When late afternoon hit, we knew we had to take full advantage of the light that was left. This was our chance to fulfill their vision, and we knew we didn't have long. In fact we had no more than 15 minutes of natural sunlight. Those final 15 minutes topped of the day. Perfect Autumn light, perfect setting and lovely people to be sharing such an amazing day with. -- http://www.oncewed.com/


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Perfect Flowers Color for Fall Wedding

Posted in Unspecified

fall wedding venue

fall wedding bouquets

fall wedding flowers decor

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fall wedding love
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