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??? È ???'??????? è ????? é ?????????????-??? è ???????? è? ???-??? è ?????????????? è?? è ???¤???'?\???\?????-?¤???? buy gold in wow

????????¨??????????? ... ??????? ... ‰?? ????? ... ?????¤???\?'??????? ... ?????????? è ???????\??????? ... ¨????\?????????° é ???????????????????-????±?????????????? ‰ ?????'? è? 'è??? ... ±????????? è? ... ?????\??????????¤?? ‰ ?????????'??? è ???'?????????????????? ??\????????????±????????????????????????????????????? è ???????°??????????????-? ... ??????? è'??????????????? ????

????????-????·? è?? è ?°?????-?¤??????????? ??? ... ?????¤? è ????????????°???°????????????????????? è ???§?????????????????????? è?? è ????????????? ‰ ????? ??????? è ?????????°???\?±??? è ?????????§'??? S ??§??? é? \\???????¨?¤??????? è ?·?¤???????????°±??????????????? ??? è ??????????°?????? è ?????????§??°'? ... ???-???????? ??????? è ????????????????? è ????? é ??????????????? ‰?? ?? è? ¤ è ???????? è ????? è ???¤? é ?????????¤?????????????

???????????'??\?? ... ?????¤???????? ... ‰ é?? é ?±?????????????????§??????? ?§??? é??? ‰ ???????????????? è §? è ??????????-??? è § ‰?? - è ???·±???????????-??????? ‰ ??????¤??? è ????????????? §????????????????????-??? è ·????????????\\?????\??·???????? ... ¨? ¤ ± è °?????????? é? \?-è ?????? ‰? è ????? è? ... ??§??? è-??????????????·?????°± è ????? è ???????? è ?????????¤?? ‰??? \°?? · é ?\??????¤? é? \?? ‰ è ????? è?? è?? è ???????????????°±??????????¤§????? ???? è §'???

??????? ... ?????¤??¤??????°?¤§?-? è? ·? ??????????'????¤??\?-?????????? é? \???°???????????????????????-?????????

??????? ? ¨? ... ?????¤? è ?????? ‰???? è ???????°?????????????????? ????????'??\???'??? è?? è §?????-? è ????? é ??????????°????°'??'??-? ???¤-??°??? è ???????°??±? ...? è? ... ?????? è? ¨ è ???????-??? ?????¤?????????????¤§?????????

????????? è???? ??? ‰ è?? è ??????????? é?? é ?\???????\????????????????????? é??? ... ¨????\§ é ????????????????????????????'????????°?-? è ????? è ???°±?????°?????????????'????????\?????? è ????????????????????????????? è ????????????? ?????????? è ??????????????

??????? ... ?????¤????? ??????°\??? é ????? è ??????¤?????????? è ??????????????????°??? ? è? ¤?? ...??? è ???·±??§?????? è ????? é ????????????????? è ?????????????????????????? é ??????? ... ??????????????? ??? è? ¤ è ????-??? è ???????'?????????????????????

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????????-????-?? ‰ ??\¤? é ????????????????§????¤§ é ????????????? ‰ ????????? ????????°?-???? è ?????? ‰???? é ?????????? ‰??? é ??????? ? é ??????????\?? è? ¤ è ?\é ?????? ‰ \??????\??????????°????????- è ???????? è ????????

?????? ? ... ?????¤???§??? è???? ... ??????????????? è ??????????? è? ? è ????·????????????????????'????????????????????? < br>
????????·??· é-????????'???? é ????? é ??????????? ?????-???? ‰???? è ????? è? ... ?????±???????§'??? S?? § é? \... ?????????? é ????- è ???±????

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???????????°??·??·??? è ????· è ?????? ... ?????¤????? ???? ... ????????? é ????????? ‰ ??¤????????????? é ???????? ?????????????????????


????? ?????°\'????????-??? ... é ????????????????\?¤????????\???????????????? é ???????? è ?????????\?'????°?? ... ???????????°\???? ... ¨ é ????? é ?\? è ?????????? ‰ é ????????????????? è ?????????-???? é??? ???¤???-??°??'?????? é ????????????????¤????\??? è ????-???????????°??? è ????? é ?????????°±???????? ????????????'?\br>
????????? è'????????????? è ??????????°?'\???????????? é ??????????? è?? è ???°\??-??????'???????????? è ???????? è ????? è ???????? è??? ????????????????? è ???·±?????\??·????\\????????? è'???????????????? è ????'??? è ?·??????

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??????? ????? è ??????????? è ???????-?????? è ???????\è °?????? ‰ ???????????????

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????????? è'??????'????????? è ????????????¤? é ???¤?? ???? ‰ ??§????????§?????'???????????? è ???????? é ????? è ???????????

??????????'??'??'?????????? è???? ? è ????°?????????????°±??-? ... ¨?¤????????\... ‰ ????????'?????? è?? è ???§??????? é ???????-?????'?°\????????????

?????????????¤§ è???? ‰? ¤ § é ??????? ? è ???????? é ?????????°?????????? è ???°±????????? é??? ????? è ????? è ?????????????±?? ... ?????? è ????????????§? ????'???????

????????? é??? ‰? è?? è ????·????§??? ??'??????????????????? è ?·?????????????????? è'???? é ?\????????- é ???????????????????????????????' é ??????? ?? ° \?????

????????? è'?????????? è?? é ?\??? è ·???????????????-??????

????????? è ??????? ?? ¤? é ???°????????? ‰ ??-???????????' è ?°??? è ?·??????? ???-?????'???? è?? è ????????

??????????? ‰ è?? è?? ?? ‰ ????????? è ???·±????????????????????' é-??????? è? ¨ è?? è ????? è?? é ????? è ????? è?? è?? é ????? é ?\?????? ‰ \

??????????????° é ??????????? è ????????????°±?? ???????????????? è ??????????·?????°?-???' è ????-???? ????? è ????-??? é ?\
????????? è'??????' é ?\? è?? è ?'???????????' è ?????????????? è §???°?'???? é??? ?? è?? é ... ?????'???????

????????? è ??????'?? ‰? é? \??????????\??¤??????????????????'???? ‰ ???¨?????'??\?? é ????·?????' è ???\????\? è ??????¤§?°??§????????? ‰ ??????? ... ?????'???????
< br >????????? è'???? è?? è ???????\??? é ???????-??? è ???????? è?? é ?????????????????????? ¨???????¤§?????? é?? é??? ‰ ???°????????????????-????? ??????????????

????????? è ???????°?? ‰ ?????-??? ??????????????? è ??????§???? è ????¤????????? é ??????? ? é-?????'? è ?????????°± è ?????????????? è §??????? è? \????¨??? è ?·??????

A powerful force in the encounter

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
World of Warcraft, the strength of bad, can not win the case, the best choice is not afraid of death as the first bull tried, but to escape. This is not a shame, to save his life can continue to enjoy life! Continue to contribute their efforts for the Empire! This is the correct idea, knowing defeat would also like to die, it is not called brave, but foolish. Therefore, not only does not prohibit escape the Empire, but also encouraged to escape, run away a lot! \softly on Jessica said: \\\\\people, that is the warrior spirit of the insult, it is the empire's infidelity, we never allow that to happen! Even if the glory was killed in battle, they have to defend the city's safety, we understand? \\>
Jacobs continued: \Normal acceleration spell breaks, the sudden assassin skills, channeling the beast hunter ... ... \use of a skill, but also the most basic spiritual escape - light-weight operation. Do not think that is the lowest level of basic skills skills, in fact, the flexibility to use the words Is to trench warfare to mobile warfare, are light and other spirits Dunshu surgery as effective as, or even have to be very much more. Let me teach you the following light-weight technique to use spiritual power ... ... \, and the World of Warcraft says Farewell. often see some of the war before the post by a channeling is ten meters, tens of meters, and less also seven or eight meters, such as an arrow, the speed to faster than World of Warcraft many, even flying on the roof or Shucha Shang, and the legendary Feiyanzoubi same, and to the Earth, it is estimated a number of track record can be broken at any time. Murong Tian has always been very envious of, if the body can then flexible, then, in addition to his life more than a guarantee buy eve isk, will be a lot easier to do many things, but also extremely pull the wind, can be said that murder, arson, robbery, extortion, theft of jade flowers essential skills.

according Jacob said, the basic operation principle of light-weight, is that the spiritual power from the moment the outbreak of foot, resulting in a powerful thrust, accompanied by the most appropriate jumps, you can minimize air resistance body development, to sudden purposes. this principle with the jet is similar to instantaneous burst of psychic power, which is the most important point, and jumps, body development and maintenance of balance are used as a secondary. (fiction)

Every war is a spiritual force the release of staff who will be the thing, but to prompt explosion is not so easy, and with their feet Moreover, a person's feet, after all, no hands to use so flexible, the release of spiritual power will therefore be obstacles. Murong Tian tried all day, still not caught the main points of him than usual can be said that there is no difference. So what after school he would find on the Jacob, asked the matter, the difficulties encountered Department asked the instructor, is to cultivate the good habit of the Mu Rongtian.

listening to the words of Murong Tian, Jacob laughed: \not highly skilled, but not able to bear fruit in three days. For starters, you usually have in two months, had just had more significant progress. \\\But only the former is the most basic to the sudden, not including continuous maneuvers, sliding, back buy eve isk, quickly changed to other senior extension phase. \\Before changing to the best light-weight technique does not use half-baked to fight, because they can not change to it, opponents see through your maneuvers direction, sit back and wait, it is very dangerous, you know buy eve isk, you can in the air at this time linear slide, you can not get away. \Of course, the premise is bad fast remote attacks hit World of Warcraft, otherwise straight forward there are still dangerous. \I could give up part of the leap from training to practice the other. \phase of the minimum requirements. \\Oh, I see, is a college dual meet after three months, right? Oh, there is a strong upward mobility is a good thing, but we have step by step, otherwise, they would become aggressive, you know it? \\Well, so be it, let me teach you the art of a practice associated with high light-weight operation, and then later I was originally going to teach students, because they still practice the art of light, learn something this complex did not Dayong. But I see you very hard, practicing the art is not mature, and familiarize yourself with the stuff, the future will be much faster to learn. \Alchemy and a little bit similar, the difference is not absorbed, but the quick release. Let the Spirit Healer Road, the major force gathered in the body, acceleration, and then released from the foot of the fierce, you can have a strong stretch out.

the whole guidance process took two kamikaze, the college despite the high fees, but the tutors are not a competent degree of doubt. Jacob in the pointing process also surprised by the low-level, the students of this spiritual force for the comprehend even run very high, essentially one-click It stretches thousands of miles around, and even some more advanced. In fact Murong Tian on the meridians, acupuncture points and the knowledge buy eve isk, Ling Road, was originally set in the human body with the energy of Great operation. kamikaze off the mainland than the higher a countless number of people, of course, easy to understand and accept.

the end, Jacob patted Mu Rongtian the shoulder and said: \people, perhaps because of the low quality of some of the body was only assigned to low-level classes. But you also do not be discouraged, practice the art of magic has been broken to some extent the quality of natural constraints, work hard, you will be successful. \for students to practice various skills, you can also use trees, rocks to try to attack their own power. The trial field is too small, easy to accidentally injure others.

Zhaoliaoyichu uninhabited side, Mu Rongtian stop and, in the brain after-school class will be taught by Jacob study everything several times, until that will not forget, he began to try full catalytic spiritual power. Murong Tian spiritual power flow in the next little bit of speed up the reading ability speed ä ¼-ä º º åŽŸæœ ¬ ä »¥ ä ¸ º æ ... • å ® ¹ å ¤ ©, such as boisterous horse galloping, and not many have reached the leg, when Mu Rongtian action and Jacob taught slightly different path to his left foot from the foot yin, enough with the effort by Sanyang release out.

earthquake prosperous and soles of the feet, I feel just like a bomb exploded in the body in general, Mu Rongtian straight forward found himself flying in the past, caught off guard, he scared dancing, great wah-wah called, of course, the body will also review development just to balance all of the maintenance and other things left behind.

\\flash twinkle, little star, twinkle little star.

*** (fiction)

It stretches thousands of miles around

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Warcraft mountains, there is a fundamental Green Windy City.

Green Windy City the edge of reason in the land of the empire, but also gathered from so many of people, but also grown into the major forces of the Empire are fought each phase, but also to attract so many rivers and lakes on strong everywhere, and so many refining pharmacists, the fundamental reason is that stretches thousands of miles of Warcraft mountains.

easy-sky line at a time when the three, this one is special just walking in the mountains leading to the mountain on the World of Warcraft.

to see the direction is the direction of the mountains of Warcraft.

\, look at this coming and going of people, suddenly and faults is made.

\mountains to the treasures of Warcraft, perhaps not many people do? \However, unknown drug is different, he and his father to walk more than ten years in the rivers and lakes ä ¼-ä º º åŽŸæœ ¬ ä »¥ ä ¸ º æ ... • å ® ¹ å ¤ ©, nature is the Windy City Ruleiguaner the young.

financial dead man, dead birds for food, which is to remain constant in law, who also can not be changed either.

so after listening to the questioning of forest wood, medicine is served as a nameless narrator.

\also explain it for himself instant wow gold, naturally pleased, however, that under his curious mind, it out of hand. If the moment is

more, if never an end the same.

However, it is clear to see this jungle, a green Youde instant wow gold, drug nameless feeling very comfortable, it was very much dedicated for this remark, my mind explain it little guy.

\get down how much? \

\wood forest is present exclaimed.

\This world has always been to not have any people found it cheaper. \Seventy ages of fast with the old man is to go to the mountains of Warcraft expert.

\The mountains of Warcraft, the actively look for a treasure hunt. \

\There'd some money Today was the last one this semester, you return it is this! \no less than fifty.

to know in this world, while the world sufficiently large, but enough of the population is the same way, but in all this world, but also not a very suitable place for human habitation, but covered with large large in the jungle, and there is thousands of World of Warcraft aspect is the strong number of rivers and lakes also are afraid to set foot in more than half a step, is when it comes to resources, in all this world, but still very rich instant wow gold, but when it comes to being resources for human use, but not many, most places are already strong for that to really occupied.

is, in this world, except for those really large peak forces outside the top to the strong, who's hand on top, is not how abundant, is a gold coin on top in some places , but it is stable enough to let some of the civilian population to live a half a year, and that is, a three-family population, there is a three or four gold, would be able to survive a year of stability.

the front of the old man, even a shot is given forty gold coins, for the average person, really have to say that outer space is a windfall.

, of course, for these money, easy drugs into the sky and the two nameless, but who are no major care, but also they are not much of temptation.

However, for the three of them now for some promised money for the journey, are going to do among the mountains of Warcraft 'wild man', as far as the three of them now know how an awkward method, based on to force the three of them at this time to fall relative, who is also their identity to see it!

can imagine the force of a person down, it was no reason to send you a pile of gold coins, then your heart out.

saying goes: \for how land will be important.

is, at this time for this old man 5 ways solve WoW overcrowding, easily the sky so it is also a good impression of their hearts soaring.

looked at the bags of coins, wood forest at this time the eyes are really straight, he still think the two young master to go to Warcraft, it is because no money would want to go to Magic Savage Beast mountain range to do it! Now suddenly there are all kind to the elderly is to have no reason to send them a bag of money instant wow gold, that is, they are now is money.

he wanted to come, since they are rich now, that is, they no longer have to break the terrible mountains of Warcraft.

However, he Shenshouqujie in time, it is easy to open the sky.

saidbuy final fantasy xi gils

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February 15 buy final fantasy xi gils, chairman and CEO Jun Zhu ninth city in the 2006 fourth quarter earnings conference call with analysts buy final fantasy xi gils buy everquest2 plat, said with a wild talentfast warhammer gold, \China launched.
Ninetowns hope that through the new piece of information on line, to re-restore the loss of \expeditionary \months.
World of Warcraft developer Blizzard on January 16, 2007 release in North America and Europe buy final fantasy xi gils, \World of Warcraft \the expansion of the operation can rely on operationsbuy everquest2 plat, there will be a lot of loss of old players from the new play \number of players in China of 350 million. The players in North America and Europe Yao designed to kill \final fantasy xi gil, respectively 200 million and 1.5 million.
\seven language versions. \

buy everquest2 plat

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Latest World of Warcraft stop | | QQ 1095620797 with a wild talentfast warhammer gold
[color = red] QQ: 1095620797 [/ color] [img]

the maximum number of features: 1000 people
stability: 3 - 4 days, the system will not be dropped
members: members of the system can perfect for different levels of membership with different permissions!
Points System: Points can be equipped with weapons in the gemstone gold exchange of experience which allows you to have a zone attribute the points system!
unreal Equipment: You can add a one-time equipment, which can also be sold in the gem disappeared off the assembly line equipment, allows you to experience the fun of Super
Business Level: game violence rate price member price points all the settings and equipment prices modification is the result of expert analysis!
siege system: world's first siege of Warcraft version of the trade unions have to kill animal Union siege warfare race war!
honor system: special honor under siege the city can successfully copy to City honors wear special equipment!
kill activities: Alliance and Horde can kill between recording points records show kill
repair skills: Skills fix to percent 95.
a real supporting the latest DEV219 full finished version, so any one of AI is not English, AI of the localization process goes well beyond the extent of GF.
Second, to join and further improve the processing system crash can rely on operationsbuy everquest2 plat, the real person under the circumstances when the local database protection.
Third, formally joined the defense retreated when the machines switch during the game most players do not like to see is that he just spent a lot of effort hit the equipment, the results of the server suddenly crashes, and then gone on-line equipment. This feature has been formally completed.
four, officially joined the fault tolerance mechanism, this feature can greatly improve the efficiency of the controller, and makes stability is improved accordingly.
five buy everquest2 plat Yao designed to kill \final fantasy xi gil, joined the automatic rolling bulletin board system. < br> VI control system and added monthly VIP VIP points card control system buy everquest2 plat, added the most comprehensive scoring system, you can use points such as the use of G coins to buy things the same way and auction.
seven, adding the most advanced of an online pop-up window type the answer system.
eight, all of the skills taught by teachers all the repair skills.
nine buy everquest2 plat, the complete re-adjust the burst rate of biological data burst rate of data items and props, and burst rates of data theft and stripping, error was no longer available.
ten, all the copies outside the domain of strange brushes, brush strange name, location and the burst rate of all the fake goods MF.
XI resurrection.cheap ffxi gils, repair, and finished the task know. fully join the mission acceptance of the NPC, or else some tasks will be interrupted.
details contact our customer service!!! Lingjie mm Yangyang qq1095620797

we have the latest version of imitation weapons and easy task
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Korea snowy version of the essence of the open area SP2
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1.95 Business Edition
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Yao designed to kill final fantasy xi gil

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As early as 2007 final fantasy xi gil, \the world \I hit the moving target the most accurate, it may be old and pass on to me, particularly good grasp of the amount in advance, about where to go at him, and a little bit forward, shot gave shoot. But in the United States , the internet will always be delayed, affecting my marksmanship. So set aside a moment. \The first time is turn on the computer, hang up the game. and then also in the eyes of others worthless game equipment, armor, ah, ah, what a dagger, come to show off. I have not at this point. \World of Warcraft's dwarves
Yao designed to kill \, and often with the \stomach. The sport seems to me that there are at least two advantages: First, the waist can be well protected, and second resurrection.cheap ffxi gils, his super-powerful notebook up and running, really Nuanwei hh \Yao Ming to play cut from lying to blame but unambiguous, killing two foul language on the rise had to come. dwarves in World of Warcraft, there are two small block header and the dwarf race, but why have players like them short and the role of fat from the name of a tall want to qualify for pointsffxi gil, such as: l Yao r, or l r. Yao Ming did not I met these guys high, Yao thieves see a kill once. \Yao Jing Xian ID of Warcraft Forum World of Warcraft fans
fact, many Yao Ming in WoW it is interested in devoting their thoughts to find a Yao Ming of Warcraft ID. Recently, in a domestic forum, someone posted the exposure Yao and his World of Warcraft where the server ID, causing widespread concern.
this post was a chat in the chat in World of Warcraft was pointed out that Yao Ming's ID is \a district server Troll Rogue anti Saario, Association for the rally where the eternal present. adding to the \\Black Temple seamounts parts, weapons, arms holding a sign, it is estimated at 3.0, right turn to play the assassination of talent. No BUFF has 2249 attack power, and training is the gold herbs and professional skills training. The role of a named \Hammer of the server well-known thieves, \WOWARMORY information can be found to establish an arena team Yao Ming, the team name is \10 games, 3 wins 7 losses, personal rating is only 1404, less than the default value of 1500, which led directly to his teammates now have to leave the clan. Today he is the only one of the clan. This means that this Troopers do not have competition. As the title of World of Warcraft Arena reward end of the fourth quarter, the Yao, the Arena this season is meaningless.
what led him to the game results so bad?
4 4 top equipment
First of all, Yao Ming in the United States did not have much time to play the game, Yao said the outside world is a game otaku is to say the contrary, Yao Ming hit total this season in the Arena 10 games. in accordance with the calculation of 3 minutes a game, he only spent 30 minutes on in the arena. play Arena Otaku without talent and character, it is difficult to mess with \, this can be very sure that Yao Ming to focus on basketball final fantasy xi gil, did not seriously contest the game.
Secondly, Yao Ming in the United States, and his server is located in Shanghai, Shanghai, and if the United States through a proxy, the network speed at most 300ping. a good player if you want to succeed, the need for the perfect PC configuration, Yao can do this, but the speed he is no method to deal with money, after all, thousands of miles away in China and the United States, net Speed can not solve, you get on the game is a little white. stood behind the barrel of what the time opponents, a group of opponents has long been dried to death. So the problem has restricted the speed Yao's ability to play PVP.
third, We take a look at Yao Ming's with points, which is a very poor shadow Bumin thieves with sharp points, this point there are several small areas with unreasonable distribution if, in fact, became a moving target in PVP, mercy.
Finally, We take a look at Yao Ming's equipment. as a tribe of thieves, Yao has been 4T6 equipment, but his toughness and equipment arena is not, in honor of the battlefield a few brush loaded and no updates. now walk in Orgrimmar the main city, no 4 4 thieves ensemble really a shame ah.
\is a rookie just getting started. Of course, we also propose to elevate its own Yao Ming's image in the game. Here are some suggestions.
1 recommendation Yao Ming playing basketball, so that domestic players Leveling. China is now professional on behalf of the practice very much, a lot of good Leveling charges are reasonable, and will soon be able to strengthen up your equipment to.
2 simply buy a top-level equipment directly to the account, which Yao Ming is not much money to spend. play the game What is not is to cool, hard out of a hard opponents despise thieves everywhere, it is better to buy a top-level thieves directly, two orange knife everywhere showing off Illidan, but also match your status in basketball.
Yao, riding the United States for Christmas, and quickly brush honor it!
Yao Warcraft Notes
1,07 earthquake in Taiwan damaged undersea cables, Yao is almost Rom internal server, honor bound to fall, even if other recovery, as he connected from the United States domestic, speed is also a turtle speed, probably often ambush, gouge out the distance, he was depressed;
2, Yao's numbers were stolen 2 times, restoring more than 1 times, and now The number is also training up a trumpet. estimated recovery time to 0 9C has not yet introduced the action, so it looks like Yao Ming in the 9C has no preferential treatment, or never even went to see Yao Ming relations back hh
3, 2 Pizuo Qi Yao Ming, a dinosaur, a wolf, this article seems to be in the hash number;
4, Yao attack like crazy, nothing like Yao Ming mentioned in the text wondering, \;, \broadcast costume martial arts melodrama. immediately clear title all the people despiseeverquest2 gold, that is a subtlety in the martial arts drama, male and female dressed in costumes, swords complete. look content, completely subverted the traditional martial arts drama gives the impression of: the film is neither suspended WIA flying lens, there is no battle each scene, one an ordinary man on stage, mouthful of dialects and modern vocabulary. Yao Ming like to watch this.
\have I, now what other people said I was a superstar, I wanted them Guo Furong said his father, others are heroes, the heroes of his heroes is the Giant Man final fantasy xi gil, now I hear the word star, wanted to up this. \』sequel. This long giant leap in juvenile』 『7 years in installments. The story is about the Monkey King (of course not our deification of the Monkey King) and his son, and that seven people can meet the wishes of the Pearl, the reader lead from the village to the city, lead to the alien from the planet, and from now lead into the future. According to \Pearl has attracted numerous fans.
Yao Ming Dikembe Mutombo as the Monkey King of the master that the turtle fairy: \Oogway super old, no one knows how old he was, and is also the uncle like this; the third, the turtle fairy does not look old, loved to joke all right, and the uncle was like this. \\CCTV to take this book and the wonderful performance in the Lecture Room race setMMORPG, among the ranks of celebrity culture. and previous work on three different tasting, easy transit of the Three Kingdoms with a lot of modern words, such as Zhuge Liang, he said he said to sing the card empty city Pull OK, Cao Cao is very cute, Guan Yu should be around when the love of God hh of the Three Kingdoms, and easy transit around a lot of controversy, but controversy kept alive the \has played three games, \justifiably. sometimes look at three books, but also very interesting. \

all the people despiseeverquest2 gold

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This is the beginning of the semester did not know one reason or another to play World of Warcraft up I'll try \\The \AHeverquest2 platinum, although not before playing their online games, but do not love to spend money to play online games. Perhaps he is very empty right now.
Although he new to this costly but have been attracted to the game everquest2 gold, play online games for the first time such a shock with a wild talentcheap eve isk, like the task complex. And his long history of myth. I do not like a lot of players playing online games just killed a field and equipment are attracted. I like the background of the game, the history of the origin of the various characters.
I like the dead, although he is the symbol of the dark 2007-03-07 | [turn] \-01-03 | \wow buy gold, all the people despise, but also terrified. but I like him because He was sad everquest2 gold, very lonely, quietly doing their own thing. I now choose the souls of the race as my virtual world.
fact, when the race began to choose one that they are hesitant, do not know which choice. Yes ah, the last chose the dead, why do we have to choose a character and their own race about it. may be your fate everquest2 gold Buy WOW Gold, perhaps seeing his own lonely and more like the look.
hope I can find in World of Warcraft their own piece of the sky, doing the things he never did experience the charm of an ancient legend.

Apocalypse Legends - On one play to turn p-l2 aden

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time charges to be fair does not-cheap wow account

pure magic attacks; mainly Warlock

spiritual power spiritual power play defense. What kind of job in this play are present, but mostly Jiashi and rangers

in entertainment \From now on the card point of view l2 adena, as long as the flow of spiritual power to fight a few more shops Earth Shield and the last card l2 adena, playing purely physical attacks or no problem. However l2 adena, pure magic attacks against the warlock, and for now has no good way but luck.

fun \

on the fun \

fact Blizzard creating wealth to sell $ 2,-cheap eq pla, my personal opinion, entertainment l2 adena, \After the second one is almost directly ....

fun \

966 web games portal

fun \Background drawn from the ancient Chinese game myths \. The magnificent scene, rich adventure events, improve the professional system, rich props, spell system, acquisition, skills, and the World of Warcraft can match.

purely physical attack than those who die quickly; mainly soldiers

Ranger would have had a sly attack damage waiver Apocalypse Legends - On one play to tu-gold for wo, may be the spiritual power flow is now playing much, so basically did not use the tactics.

So it will for profit, and this-everquest platinu

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ring with the network a few months ago a number of scientific methods of exposure, online a hot industry terms. Not only experts have called online players look forward to
\So it will for profit everquest platinum, and this is the user suspected of \So the \

items from the game point card access to and use of point of view, the \both to each other's needs. In other words, through non-rechargeable users online recharge time for the accumulation of the user's point card spending everquest platinum, and the game will be the price of goods by the internal market.

This is a reasonable balance between users and non-recharge recharge the user's methods Entertainment -buy cheap aoc gold, but this is not a true green building approach online games everquest platinum, but only a better way they operate.

green online games the error

balance recharge non-rechargeable Yonghe user and strength, so that each user has grown, whether the opportunity to recharge, so willing to spend time users and users willing to invest to enjoy a fair game. This is the expected number of online users, but also a number of game companies to create green online games ideas. But when it realized when online users really think this is a green online games it? In fact, this is just to create green online games on the road to a trap.

the exact value of green online games is fair, but what is fair? A lot of time and money to pay a richly rewarding indeed fair, but fairness in the network game is not in there. In reality the imbalance between people is obvious, but in the game, the user does not want to see a clear imbalance between people, hoping to get a fully relax and enjoy the game world. To pay more for a small portion of people who get extremely special place, this is the key to damage the environment green online games.

time charges to be fair does not mean

the reality of the imbalance between people into the online world is props mall DOTA 6.67c game basics papers IT.com.c-wow buy gol, this is for some users unbalanced view of the reasons for online games. But in fact the game is balanced and does not matter whether the selling props.

time charges did not sell the game to prop a say? \other virtual goods. Although these transactions are not officially recognized, but has been working for. And said before the \

But the \a player capable of becoming a lone hero. Should be proportional to effort and reward, but this proportion should have a limit.

Conclusion: How to create a genuine green online games

In summary, the conclusion is to create green online games operators in the game when the operation is taking Reform of the line, even at the lower ARPU and improve PCU and ACU. Can not say that game companies do not work hard, but there are evasive suspect.

is to promote the user to continue the pursuit of stronger driving force for the game, but this does not mean that there must be more qualitative changes in the \encountered on the battlefield in four hands, fists face the situation. Each user is a relatively easy to achieve the standards, so basically at the same level of most users is a green online games should have. In the player's input, although the return is not high, but from the \

Another point is that the rich game content, which is in the most recent \Although the version is always stuck in Kil times everquest platinum, but thanks to the \trumpet players to experience more fun.

short Dorm army of Warcraft -, to create green online games, to create a fair gaming, you need to reduce the level of differentiation within the game, create a status of each user have the same game world.

No obligation guess -cheap everquest plat

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so gradually exposed, but added tempt the appetite of players. However cheap everquest plat, most people are in shock wow.9you.com is the official website Talk about the MMORPG game, the most admired of race fans - Wizard, players can not help but fascinating, is a product that is similar to the Western magical masterpiece wow? In addition to analysis of its background music, the rhythm soothing and powerful people feel quite stirring Hanbok -age of conan gold, a slight wind wow. And the shape of two characters from the exposure point of view cheap everquest plat, a lot like wow man race cheap everquest plat, and the other a bit like wow the orcs.

long tour since the beginning from the April Fool's Day post, so
2 \Before long tour over the \Long tour of the \The \

3 is purely speculation cheap everquest plat, based on the WOW players forced to contact the huge number, a long trip this is the official name Conclusion: How t-http://warcraft.wowgoldstudio.co, most likely way is purely a speculation, but its subject is no doubt Western Magic class. Another task of the official may be named on the NPC and may also copy the WOW.

World of Warcraft Trading door nude-buy eq platinu

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Another event is indecent

90 after the girl friends on the Internet has been the focus of their arguments and their audacity individuality, some people may have other purposes to be famous at all costs to hurt their own entertainment with the public. The sound leaves an Art Institute of British girls buy eq platinum, I think the reason why such indecent incident broke, not only because of World of Warcraft trading it No obligation guess -wow cheap gold, perhaps deeper hidden behind her larger \people understand.

broke the news buy eq platinum, according to insiders Entertainment -cheap guild wars gold, Ye Yin Ying Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Institute of Technology buy eq platinum, Art girls buy eq platinum World of Warcraft Trad-http://www.cheapwowgolds.co, Zhejiang, and fond of Warcraft game. The deal also broke the door because of its frequent use of some self-timer users of Warcraft indecent pictures to see the game in order to reach the trade game items No other purposes.

qq Alumni door, is the British voice leaves room for the three indecent qq bed according aroused the concern of netizens. The leaves are more sound claim to the British alumni who said they were in school during the school's male students did their unusual relationship. Ever since, the \

[Diablo 3] The sale will be donated -cheap wow gol

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Blizzard Bashiok: not into other things cheap wow gold Race can not be ignored - Goblin-aoc gold, even if letting go of things Warcraft cheap wow gold Classic game -cheap everquest 2 platinum, Collector's Edition does not have to use something else to replace it.

player: He is said not to put the props of Warcraft cheap wow gold Red Alert Warcraft Star homes-lineage2 adena, and Diablo into other related things.

a player in the \however revealed that Blizzard community manager will have a greater chance to get \The following is the original translation.

Players: \useful.

Blizzard Bashiok: refer to \

Razer snake Naga Lava Vatican Behind the aion kin

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aion kina

Razer snake Naga Lava Vatican mouse Behind the Scenes Special Edition

gold in wow

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gold in wow fees paid to serve no more than NINE times

According to reports, this new battle network system will upgrade the existing version of battle network system, and includes \to operate a series of value-added services buy wow gold, such as the upcoming pay to serve and so on.

the current system is the new war net commissioning of the final cheapest wow gold, while serving the country is also in progress World of Warcraft full-service maintenance work to best serve the state to meet the payment and other value-added services.

new battle network system

paid national service to serve the players awaited news now, there has been some new development, according to the official news that NetEase will be the fastest World of Warcraft operations teams battle the next Zhou Kaiqi new network system.

the most concern for the majority of players to serve the fee paid, the official source the latest news shows, pay the cost to serve is still not completely sure, but basically do not pay higher than the previous period to serve NINETOWNS costs.

cheap wow gold

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Please note that the above configuration is only recommended minimum configuration Blizzard, if you want to have a better gaming experience, then, more powerful hardware support is essential. In the alpha version of a large disaster, Blizzard has added to the volume effect of light effects and HDR support.

in simple ways, it is the source of the light and obstacles in the space near the diffuse scattering effects, it is another name Sun Shaft-& mdash ; the \

What is HDR:

Alienware M series is currently on the market the most luxurious gaming notebook computers, help you to easily experience the effects of various cutting-edge with a DX11 game. Alienware professional game as a top computer brand, has been committed to providing the most professional gamers worldwide, the highest quality gaming equipment support services. Interested friends can call Dell Toll Free 400-884-5121; 800-858-0888, you can get the most efficient, authoritative and comprehensive product information support.

What is the volume of light:

2. dark place can be very dark;

the world's most popular online game \on-line. With the launch of World of Warcraft Cataclysm, many PC gamers have been called in the ow, and when the big disaster formally launched, the gorgeous topography and spell effects, in turn impact on everyone's computer configuration, the saying goes, \Progress is the driving source of the hardware \Windows XP 64bit (SP2), Windows Vista 32bit (SP1), Windows Vista 64bit (SP1)

Now, high-performance CPU contains support DX11 DX11 graphics card system, DX11 experience can bring to constitute \So where to have such a powerful computer systems do, we look locked in a series of gaming notebooks Alienware M body, Alienware M series was divided into three, namely, Alienware M11x, Alienware M15x and Alienware M17x, they have adopted a strong Intel Core i7 processor, equipped with the latest DX11's Windows7 system that supports dual independent DX11 graphics system, the highest 8G of memory, all this is for the \

• Broadband Network

open DirectX 11 rendering path cheap wow gold, a large disaster can see a very clear image quality changes, especially the reflection surface and the magma projection effects, characters, and the sky also have a new effect. Let us look at the picture quality on the DX9 and DX11 in the end what is the difference.

• multi-button mouse, the proposed device has a scroll wheel

Alienware gaming laptop is running big disaster and enjoy DX11 effects:

3. light and dark are the details of the Ministry of obvious.

addition to the \: Bad Company \gaming experience, really Alienware in hand, all the games, such as clouds.

want to get \M17x gaming notebook. Alienware M17X addition Aggressive appearance give people the feeling, the internal hardware configuration is also very tough, Alienware M17x with Intel Core i7 920XM quad-core processor and PM55 chipset motherboard, comes standard with a 4GB DDRIII memory, loaded ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 X2 graphics card independent, and also uses ATI's CrossFire technology, but also equipped with a Seagate 500GB 7200RPM SATA-II hard drive aion kinah, DVD burner, and 802.1 b / g / n wireless card. In addition, pre-loaded with the Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Home Premium Edition operating system.

What is the DirectX 11:

have had driving experience of a friend must have known looked out from the tunnel and the moment passed through the tunnel of light experience dramatic changes in what is, HDR is the intensity of this change, and distinguish between light simulation, simply speaking, HDR can be summarized in three words:

1. bright place can be very bright;

DirectX 11 is significantly enhanced version of DirectX 10's. Bringing DirectX 11 Tessellation (subdivision surface technology embedded demolition), Multi-Threading (multi threading), DirectCompute (general purpose computing), Shader Model 5.0 (5.0 rendering engine), and Texture Compression (texture compression) five important characteristics of provide users with a better visual. Win7 directly provide DirectX 11, while the Vista driver package can be upgraded to support DirectX 11.0.

as an online game \too much, but Blizzard is still an escalation of the

• Support DirectX sound card or built-in audio device

thanks to two ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870 graphics card crossfire strong performance, so Alienware M17x In 3DMark Vantage (Entry model) test score of 29,113 in the final points, including the results of up to 43,924 points GPU (64bit system to test cheap eq platinum, scores than the 32bit system, nearly 15% increase), and its greatest strength is still on good support for DirectX 11 specification. PCMark Vantage software is more focused on the application of multi-function testing machine, Alienware M17x's final test score of 7977 points total. Particular video game and entertainment aspects of the score up to 7400 points or more, which is even more reflected in the high-end Alienware M17x gaming dominance in this area.

called Oh my godhttp://www.wowgoldstudio.com

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Wonderful! Melee! Ministry of Culture and Press and Publication Administration of Warcraft battleground
just entered the corporate sector today, but see colleagues uniformly luminous eyes at the computer monitor, saliva Zhi Tang, thinking is not good, is it A stream is a new sign? Suddenly a colleague jump directly call: response! version of the Department to respond again! really good guy man!
I hastened to open the computer, did not rush to switch input methods under the Baidu input banshu, so With the following diagram:
one, smoke filled the air, 113 Incident, the Ministry of Culture launched the war with the Press and Publication Administration curtain
fuse: November 3, 2009 the morning of the People's Republic of China General Administration of Press and Publication in the official website Notice
Keywords: termination of Press and Publication Administration, \World of Warcraft \including suspension of their Internet access service.
reasons are: General Administration of Press and Publication had vital interests to protect the players, allowing NetEase companies in the World of Warcraft at the same time to modify inappropriate content from July 30 to conduct an internal effect of the test, not during the registration fees and provide a new account, but Netease company without the consent of Press and Publication Administration under the September 19 offer account registration without charge and has been operating a de facto public service.
Second, the tit for tat, the official response to the Ministry of Culture of Warcraft version of the Department for approval to terminate the fighting is ultra vires
off: November 3, 2009 Ministry of Culture, quickly opened the afternoon news \Man, you exceed your authority.
Li Xiong Secretary cultural market, the Ministry of Culture, said at the meeting, the Department recently released version of the termination of NetEase \. \, the objective is also caused in the community with a network of products for approval by the two departments. To solve this problem, the State Council issued a special Commission Office in the relevant documents. in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Culture is the online games department.
Third, the struggle to heat up, Press and Publication Administration respond to punishment http://www.wowgoldstudio.com, \Keywords: Costa Rica I did not ultra vires.
Press and Publication Administration, Office of the Central that the Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Press and Publication Administration, \comprehensive law enforcement part of the stripes to explain http://eq-plat.wowgoldstudio.com, in provisions, \\> As you see the news has been spectators unfamiliar words, the provisions of confused confused, what is \deputy director with the management?
called Oh my god, a military can not have two to put aside who should control the headaches online games, we for the time being foolish to make a few doubts:
doubt one: < br> If, as the Press and Publication Administration said, Netease September 17 will be in violation of the provisions of Press and Publication Administration of the law, why did until the November 3 announcement to stop? for \ days did not result from a clear, but suddenly announced termination audit, work is suspected of neglect and very angry.
doubt II:
bear the brunt of World of Warcraft as the agency Netease, its answer is knowledge, refused to response, but the Ministry of Culture was the first to stand up, immediately hold a public press briefing pointed out that the Press and Publication unauthorized signature.
doubt c:
the need for government departments according to law enforcement grounds, black and white, Press and Publication Department of the relevant provisions of law that NetEase, the Ministry of Culture said the current \version?
doubt four:
say not wash your dirty linen in public, why the parties can not privately resolved, can the Government sector is popular online http://wow.wowgoldstudio.com/, online pinpointing. Does not take into account the domestic public and even the idea of foreign spectators who? departments up the gap so large?
doubt five:
such a farce, set as a consumer in the vital interests of players and where?
later related:
terminated by the General Administration of Press and Publication \than the previous day's closing price of $ 38.62 drop of 7.7%.
design lines:
NetEase: I'm really very hurt, very hurt, very hurt.
NINE: I love the people, not my wife, from their eyes, that we can not.
Players: Men Kuba Kuba Kuba is not a crime
AION Fantasy Westward Journey, players play with a player on a World of Warcraft players: < br> \World of Warcraft players are your family, business tycoon brother is now playing. \

why should we change itwow buy gold

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Guidelines on the collapse of Stormpike
- Drek'Thar the
recorded a lot of tactics in this guide strategic knowledge. Has always rely on extensive knowledge of the soldier's combat experience to act. This book will become Alterac battlefield guide to the valley.
first chapter - the frontline troops with the Stormpike
collapse is very similar to peeling an onion. you have to zone layers of onion skin in addition, to get the onions tender heart.
mainly by Ray Union Sentinel spear patrol and property of the composition of the front-line camp, Captain control. Once the front-line attack wow buy gold, Ba Linda. Stone Hulse captain will lead the front-line camp to strengthen defense. attack the front-line camp, to collapse the captain.
s Chapter II - Twin Towers
no mistake then: Fan Daer. Stormpike is a cunning enemy, he is by no means a fool. break the front, you also need to break the second line of defense. that is in control of Danba Darfur outside the Stormpike Stormpike patrol guards and the stone oven and ice-wing twin towers. soldiers, be careful, towers above the heavily guarded, Fan Daer elite commanders stationed here. Once you break through army defense line, make sure the tower commanders have been killed in the hh. This will be the second step of the collapse of Stormpike.
Chapter III - onion four commanders
Stormpike Commander of the third layer consists of four components. Fan Daer nothing is an imitation of our defense structure fills the Frostwolf. Of course, he will not admit it's hh Look, I digress.
four guardian Badr commanders responsible for directing all Stormpike soldiers. killed them, Stormpike soldiers will be defeated by.
next will be left in the last layer of Rights.
Chapter IV - Dan Bada barracks
no doubt you have noticed the defensive layout of the Stormpike is a powerful force to prevent the destruction of the entire army. Yes, this is our own military structure, I will not change their defensive layout. They imitate our layout, why should we change it?
I say is? Oh, yes http://wow.wowgoldstudio.com/, Danba Darfur camp (in Danba Darnay) stationed there Fan Daer Stormpike most trusted elite defender. destroyed the twin towers wowgoldstore.com, the eradication of those who seek to reinforce the army Fan Daer.
this point, only the onion tender heart: alone, defenseless Fan Daer. Stormpike. In killing him, we must follow Army regulations required that he surrendered. when you see him, please I remember that hh and then kill him.

Yescheap wow gold

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5, 三英战吕布
into the Lich King Dong Chang'an City, the Yue Naoyue not decent, out of everyone unhappy. But Dong Zhuo best players together, there is a son of Lu Bu DK aid, a moment he did not dare to offend , we are only willing to turn inside the bubbles in the stomach.
once, Paladins with Dong Zhuo Yuan Shao from the mouth than weapons because, when Dong Zhuo said: \! thy sword, as I'm not bad? \the.
Cao Cao saw a lot of hunters was singled out trees, want to make shaman Zhengkou Qi, Dong Zhuo would also like to try it singled out and found about DK Riboud not leave, I feel one person is singled out two BOSS difficult, then gave up, went back to Association built Chenliu hiring. Cao Cao side look to recruit people to go out side to switch the official website and found out now global DOWN Association Ke Suen is not a lot, FD Kel'Thuzad Association seems to have no, Alsace should Mozambique Ersu Gardner more powerful, but Lu Bu and powerful than Arthas, that alone would be difficult to get their own, they convened a meeting the leadership of the major guilds, ready to organize a copy of the elite group of Chang'an wasteland. a little while, kick in the eighteen Association troops, everybody tied in the Luoyang slag to facilitate land reclamation Chang.
that the leadership of eighteen Association are: Nanyang Institute of Yuan Shu, Han Fu Jizhou Association, Association of Hole Yuzhou Zhou, Yanzhou Association Liu Dai, Hanoi owned High Council, Wang Kuang, Zhang Miao Chenliu Association, ita Association Qiao Mao, Sanyo Association Yuan Yi, the phase of economic Bao Xin North Association, the North Sea Jung Society, the Society Chao Guangling , Xuzhou Institute of Tao Qian, Xiliang Association Maarten, Peking Institute of Zan, the Association Shangdang Zhang Yang, Wu Cheng Hou Changsha Institute of Sun Jian, Yuan Shao Qi Xiang Hou Bohai Association.
as in Dong Zhuo Yuan Shao blink of an eye invincible plus furnace slag, so everyone elected him as the chief and his brother, Yuan Shu Master is responsible for logistics, for everyone to supply all types of land reclamation goods, in addition to water, bread and grain, but what is very blue and very red, ah, grindstone ah, ah Mongoose Pharmacy, Master of the oil ah, are responsible for the procurement of Yuan Shu, Yuan Shu said sum so it made.
had a good discussion of the Association of the Changsha Institute of Sun Jian to lead the charge, a copy of the first key test copy of Xi'an - Si Shui-related difficulties, and who knows the North Association of Bao Ji first to enter a copy of the letter, the result is the main spot Tanke Bao Zhong seconds, and then flutter mission is gorgeous, even the first BOSS has not been lost Hua Xiong.
better than Sun Jian Bao Xin, over the first stage. Sun Jian was a hunter, even put the first two arrows, all by Hua Xiong MISS, when the Sun Jian is very sorry, I thought the last time I want to ring like a CALL away Aiguleiya . But they did a Huaxiong Li carved him something more regret, Hua Xiong yelled: \black \Wow look at Mao Zu Hua Xiong sent before, and be seconds. was footing chaos, suspended animation suspended animation, interference of the interference, stone hearth furnace, but also groups rushed.
Yuan Shao had news shocked the next day, I thought even the first small BOSS are so strong, how to fight back can be, so again we called up a meeting, asked: \Today the Sun sets and defeated Hua Xiong: setbacks move your spirit, whom do nothing? \with anti-war Pan Feng, Hua Xiong can tank. \Wen Chou spared! have one in this, why fear Hua Xiong! \If re-date, it is Guan Yu. Yuan Shao was delighted, saying: \br> After the original sworn garden escape, Liu Guan three really share bliss, when in trouble with, ate together, and buy equipment and buy a horse, Liu Bei and Guan Yu and the two will not make money quickly put the beast Zhang Fei of money to run out, of which Liu Bei, Zhang Fei Jiajia occasionally for blood, and Guan Yu fresh intestine and large, excellent appetite, it will grab roasted quail to eat with Zhang Fei. Then they set the rules, Guan Yu must FARM The ten lines to break a piece of cloth to come back for dinner. Guan Yu came back to the beginning of a table can only see bones and morning dew Jiuwan quail, then Guan Yu of the technology getting better and better, cloth finish the home and saw the wine or the morning dew warm temperature.
run out of money because of Zhang Fei, Liu Bei Association failed to build, which is sub-Zan's RAID Association in Peking when the little captain, saw the Chinese male is able to second tank, I thought , Guan Yu this guy eat so many grilled quail, blood should be very thick, resistant to a moment, he's an elite group as if the main tank, we may follow the dipping, so snap kick kicked out of the queue to Guan Yu. < br> Yuan Shao happy, Cao specifically a bowl of morning dew still warm wine to Guan Yu, Guan Yu said: \a copy.
copy of a look inside the far Hua Xiong, another soldier came in, so he began a period of lines: \enemy, but it is my comrade in arms. hh game --.\up, and Chinese ambitions to, I do not how you start that game up on the. thought halo Guan Yu has been completed, the Dragon Yanyue Dao Hua Xiong special effects to create a 5,000 point hit effect.
Hua Xiong, a return to normal immediately cried: \character to play to the extreme, Qing Longdao knife the effect, not a few of the Chinese male to DOWN, Guan Yu to see the body light, they subconsciously shift plus right, get a \happy, think this thing is estimated to change the good equipment. who knows his head back up the side of a cross-account, the task reward was \: \customs, labor relations, and Chang Fu copy just like the three black and one black and two and three black like), and the next BOSS, Lu Bu is DK.
Riboud saw that a crowd came, shouting \. you are persistent, is not it? you want these mortals the power to compete with me - then you pay the price. \Yue, Mu Shun, and Wu Anguo, followed to set its sight on Zan.
Zhang Fei, Lu Bu a look - wearing a purple beam trigeminal Golden Delicious, Red Jin Nishikawa body hanging flowers gowns, wearing the first comic to swallow Animal mask armor, waist Le Lion Man with a exquisitely; bow portable, handheld Hua Ji, sit down and cries of the wind Red Horse: it really is \I have to strike first, then \Lu Bu is already the original DK, and Zhang Fei, the scope of a ring into the dirty, brush straight DOT, after more than fifty high-level treatment of stone aggregate, radishes, red water price to eat. Guan Yu is also a look not good charge forward, Zhang fooling uphold it: \\DOT also did not hit me how? \Guang Shan cheat healing, a look at two brothers out of the blood is not normal, the heart that I still rely on them after mixing it, you can can not just hang up, then waving the sword of male and female double-stranded - Oh no, single strand, Also behind the back of a wave - also went up.
Zhang thought, done, healing will only deceive the rookie has come, this is not under the Bi Lvbu a little bit of difference.
cried Guan Yu: \\: \is healing rejuvenation, but also a Light Healing Wave, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu was finally back up with blood.
see Lu Bu Cao Cao's down a little bit of blood out, very excited as he tossed the tail, scratching the side of cattle lice , Xie said: \how important for the whole RAID, he was able to smile at you in front of him the BOSS? Zhang Fei! ten seconds later, what he would face?
halo! blessing! trial! Liu Bei meritorious, and Liu Bei meritorious it! Paladin do not give any chance of the Scourge. great Paladin, Paladin he inherited the glorious tradition! Alsace (Cao Cao muttered, as if not a good thing), Riboud (by, killing is his , Cao Cao continued muttering), Rivendell (seems to have transferred when the DK, Cao Cao would like, how so like when the Paladin DK), Uther (I found one on the path of the Paladin, and Cao Cao wiped a sweat .) Uther! Uther at this moment their souls. Liu Bei was a man who represents the server's long tradition of knights. In this moment, he is not a man in combat, he is not a man! \> At the same time, Dong Zhuo Hulao shut excited: \> Lu Bu strike it off is difficult under, he looked near Liu Bei, how can not understand, this guy took two swords, should be a thief, ah, how they brush open ring and blessing, and the trial and St. light, are, is actually a knight? However, the knight can not take the two swords, ah, Riboud grew more and more do not understand, is a halberd against Liu Bei, Liu Bei a panic, the invincible used, Guan Yu and Lu Bu is a front Ji, Liu Bei is a panic, the Guan Yu to interfere. Riboud know that sooner or later, and then crushed to the ground dead, then slid ground, into the invincible state, back into the Hulao off.
\, belongs to Zhang Fei Yi De, Guan Yu Kung are belong to Liu Bei Liu Xuande, are Cao Cao Mengde, is the beginning of Yuan Shao Yuan, belongs to all who love pioneers! may regret Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu in the second half to play more the case of two individuals, he played too conservative, too calm, he lost his courage to face the paladin a long tradition, he did not dash out of style, he finally suffer. They go home, they do not return to the distant Chang, They, they, them, I rely on, I rely on, I rely on, they withdraw, and we did not DOWN out of a! \(all black hands feeling ran high, anger, saying: We are the prefect, not a manipulator! I immediately corrected: Yes, too dark hands.) is too dark in the Association under the leadership of the hand are finally out Dongzhuo Jun DOWN group.
Romance of Warcraft, we did not end, by saying WOW chapter is the first mezzo-soprano:
since the Union and fought off the fabric, to resist the invasion of Dong Zhuojun group, the time has passed, uh, not young, and now, The thunder of war drums sounded again hh
today to talk about the war drums sounded a mm cooking wine before Running out of words of Cao Cao and Liu Bei Hero
get together after the DK Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei go to their home Xuchang. One day cheap wow gold, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei to the field to practice bow proficiency, Liu Bei to stay inside the flowers in the home vegetable garden series shoes, this time, Xu Chu and Zhang Liao brought home a dozen people to Liu Bei, Cao Cao said the point of the whole plum wine and morning dew, please eat Liu Bei.
met with Liu Bei, Cao Cao asked you why it, Liu Bei said I do flowers Code shoes, greeting for a while, Cao Cao: \My Chef mm clip pot Guo Jia is not, water trail, the soldiers were thirsty ah ah thief's amazing, it also is not critical, a blue MANA can all consuming career is over, my heart birth to a meter, so that All are running the front to plug Shaman Mana Spring Totem, the formation of a grove, I Jubian virtual point, and said l What we saw, heard in front of Sergeant Merlin r, mouth saliva all students, from a thirst. today Seeing Mei, not without reward. and the value of cooking wine is cooked, it is a kiosk will be invited sympathizing. \I thought Knight Shaman Please eat, eight did not a good thing, I have to play the fool, he said: \;
Cao Cao, said: \Yuan Shu Huainan Association Necromancer, master-made water made food, foot soldiers prepared food can be a hero? \said: \but unfortunately the body is always invincible plus slag mm, see a small profit to forget life like playing skeleton FARM mm play, non-heroes.
Liu Bei asked: \Master Han Sui dwarf all other generation how about? \, said: \: \a variety of blessings and trials, is the league leader ah, the world is a hero candidate, of course, the leaders of the two camps have to be professional. \;
Cao Cao, said: \;
Liu Bei thought, I usually RAID all the way through the water in the chat, to say more to go, in the end this is NOT true to Cao Cao praised it? asked Cao Cao.
Cao Cao very deep breath, effort to lift the beef neck, his back muttered moo said: \Association to Xuzhou, Xuzhou Institute of Hand Tao Qian was too dark for personal reasons not because World of Warcraft, and also more appreciated by Liu Bei http://eq-plat.wowgoldstudio.com, Liu Bei as president to improve. Liu said: \, not when the real equipment. \RAID a few days too long, I have burned two CPU, and you improperly President, can I see my bankruptcy fails? \br> Tao Qian replied: \prepared to continue a few false modesty, and who knows after Tao Qian Liu no longer speak to enhance the people are gone. originally Dianka exhausted, so Liu Bei very pleased when the president of the Society of Xuzhou.
We know that Liu Bei great eloquence, typing fast, RAID often secretive when chatting with Mei-Mei Kau. This time when the RAID LEADER, is soliciting honest beauty, not long after they lied to two wives, and ran the church office Stormwind the procedures.
Before long, Yuan Shu, Liu Bei and Cao Cao provoke open war, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei to take care of the Association of Xuzhou, but the morning dew drinking too much wine, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu by DK attack, to Liu Bei's two wives to engage in lost, a man as a deserter himself.
was to blame Guan Yu Zhang Fei: \POSE, so take care of their ears, then released crying technique, Liu cried and said: \of the five daggers, making potential would commit suicide, heart, said Liu Bei, you're a fighter, and would not self-immolation, WOW are not legendary, the soldiers will be brutal collision, you can hit the wall of suicide, you pig nose plug green onions, and pretend like, ah, Zhang Fei grabbed the hand of living, said: \off, Encore continued? no sibling, then even if there is equipment, I can not wear ah, no brothers, then how I am a man under the copy of the play equipment? Park three of us sworn to escape, not for the same students, I hope the same die! \He firmly remember the words of Liu Bei, his wife is the soul, and bind, it has become mad over five hurdles, the sweet, Mi Lady escorted to the two hands of Liu Bei, Guan Yu was later whether to encroach Gan, Mi expressed doubt that the two women, apparently they have not played WOW, bind the soul stuff, how others can be equipped with it?
the time Cao Cao exclaimed: \version is an update to what is not, you see the edge of Crow Bar, just out of G near a thousand, the maximum time Chaodao thousand G, now it, AH G Price hundred years. by the wind, just out more Niua, only soldiers could get, now, hunters also took all the equipment is connected over a year or crystal, ah, the twenty-first century, what is most important? talent! as long as the hands of someone new copy came out, our first DOWN off, what equipment do not, let alone women, sympathizing with this knowledge, is quite amazing. Also, I heard you still sacred gift, a wonderful ah, now willing to wash the sacred gift Knights become less and less, are learning Yuan Shao, like discipline, what's the use? under stress is a copy of a clear division of labor, the output of the output, plus blood plus blood, Knight Well, milk is benevolent enough ah. Liu Shijun willing to wash the sacred, really worthy of the world is the hero. \Cao Cao then asked: \Shaman lightning like surgery, until the next rain will do, but also is like a Mana Tide Totem, in front of you said, a lot of totem plug l2 adena, as if, like Merlin, but the shaman line to heaven, than non-Knight also. you always uproot ox hair, than my waist also duffle, you are old fart, there is thunder and lightning of Granville, gave birth to Lanshe of the gas. Just now you should not have said, I know what mine ah fight the sky , I thought that you put a lightning operation. \by Ray to cover news, adaptable letter as a god. \river flows and a new, adequate milk T3 sets, and think back, and Cao Cao's Qingmeizhujiu Hero, could not help but from the emotion, then transfer to send a \, speckled depleted hero.
order of the trial turned empty.
wasteland by the brothers, with several repair red.
gray hair fishing Qiao islet on the river, used to look at armor assault.
pot of morning Lu Happy Encounter.
updated many times, FARM program in the water.

the shadow of Medivh.Wow Gold

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1. Conjure Water Conjure Food and inventors: Ronin.
As the alliance against the Burning Legion's expeditionary force commander, the birds do not lay eggs in the plains of hell fire, how to solve the problem of food and drink will be the first issue, early Ronin noticed that, when he sent out the spies return to stand in the Southwest of that large number of reptiles, the Ronin was overjoyed, and immediately led coalition troops killed a large number of hungry in the past, of course, a group of soldiers starved to death in the tragic way, So far you can go to the southwest in the way that the alliance starved souls, stop moaning hungry hungry ah. However, Ronin arrived there, found Kargath has been there six stack sets up a bonfire Although Ronin on Kargath hated, but he destroyed allies such things usually do not. because more and more soldiers die of hunger, and Ronin decided to face the wall ten years, but three days later he was out of customs Every morning after the ...
time, Ronin will stand under the tower in Honor Hold, screaming: \, teams of female soldiers were carrying Union neat bread and water, his face filled with a happy smile into the cafeteria, many armed with knife and fork, like hungry wolves like men staring at their breasts, ready to be swept away . from sunrise to sun set, Ronin has been rub rub ah, ah, the magic from the magic muffin mountain spring water Wow Gold, Ronin skills by leaps and bounds, and finally realized the Master the ultimate esoteric: Magic snack, spread the news , all the Union soldiers and cried: \commander, chef since he was converted after the record plummeted League team battles, so he cries from the heart: \We have affordable Blessing of Wisdom! \However, he left a hand, he believes that the ultimate esoteric, the hearts of mankind through the experience needed to master, he put a spell Cheats spread to every corner of the planet, so, the Master in the history of the arrival of the darkest periods: the \, pull a table! \the test, so every morning, Ronning led the congregation in the league all the bacteria Master Male Female dry lined up in front of: \the head! So, he is not a person in the rub, not a man! this moment, water and ice magic spell croissants soul fit, to create a magical masterpiece delicious snack!
2. Great Basin (commonly known as: Yan violent patients), inventor: the shadow of Medivh.
stature every 10 sectarianism wretched and touching on the human form of bio-old male boss for some that take liberties with the Opera House balcony, the first time they are shouting : \matter has been before his eyes, ah Akira Akira, the shadow of Medivh anger, and he began rubbing, piece tilting began his lengthy speech, has let the wretched people of 10 headache, as the shadow of Medivh the same, that 10 people did not care what it says, but why would he want that for so long? In the time it is not finished, Medivh's shadow, could not: \seconds, but why do you go on, all 60 seconds, and I wait any longer! \echoed: \\, even some who have waited for the Master can not even 1.5 seconds, but also put forward a large basin set any gas, the more change out the weaker, really Turn of the Screw, ah, everyone knows, is the essence of the Master sing ah sing, in the singing, let rivals up in smoke . \HIV-continent has given endless disaster, he also bribed the BLZ-house design staff, because he clearly felt that a person can not sing to deal with a large basin to prevent him from opening the portal and the Black Dragon, Bronze dragon hybrids attack, the contract is as follows: To enter the KLZ (Note: Medivh's former home) was Medivh's signature jersey, you must first enter the Caverns of the dragon to help him withstand the 18 hybrid wave attack, of course, BLZ not will suffer, he must rely on Medivh to increase the visibility of his ticket sales, so, BLZ added a pre-terms: To help Medivh withstand wave attack of 18 hybrid dragon, you must be at least patronize BLZ s three amusement parks: Maze, cellars and prisons. Dalaran in decline consortium will not miss his former director of the water, so the terms on which they add in front of a pre-terms: To patronize BLZ s three amusement parks: Maze, cellars and prisons, must be at least two locations visited Dalaran Medivh's former home wine cellar ......< br> 4. Polymorph: sheep, pigs and turtles, inventors: I do not want to disclose.
This will be the Master of the most important magic! But obviously too naive, so Dalaran always disdain to use Grand Master, it will not say the name of the inventor, however, As has the most potential Dalaran mage Kel'Thuzad to say: \When Kel'Thuzad help but sigh and said: \The rub, do not know how long to rub, the guests finally leave, I do another thing, I say \Then open the capital cities should be required of the portal. At that time copies and JJC is so far away, like Dalaran as far in the practice. When I learned the Transfiguration after all not the same, carrying Kel'Thuzad beginning major advance copy, into a copy of the captain exclaimed excitedly: \br> 5. refrigerator (commonly known as: Ice Block), inventor: Lich King.
BLZ announced when all the FS can learn refrigerator, almost all non-ice have cried, excitedly spread the news, but as The inventor of the Lich King does not think so: \time, met a beautiful female mage, that moment, his soul was shaking, his determination, she is the love of his life, however, in exchange for some time, she was dead, the Lich King distraught He mastered the frost she taught him magic, do not die trying to create a coffin to hold the ice broken her beautiful body, but he was wrong, and he was frozen in the moment shouted: \give their own use! \skills into the Master Manual. Lich King Arthas found, against the Master of the King of the Hill skills manual says, \King replied: \first seen that, squatting outside the railway subway Fort gear that dwarf peeping female passenger, he can continuously refrigerator, but that was before things BLZ caught. \so ah. \He pointed to the Lich King, \Most, like me is a stick on the planet, so the same world people do not spray, ah, I was a small service area M FS days high, thanks to you two years ago here, and wish you all soon end of the stick life.
6. flash, inventor: Maiev. Shadow Song.
fifteen thousand years ago, an egg or Illidan. a storm, he relied on the old 哥玛法面奥Dark Elf boss is a long-term good and decent in the Black Sea coast along the molested girl, do not know how it reached the ears of the Warden Maiev, just as the HIV-continent the most beautiful old woman, how can these junior rampant So he brought a bag of knives on the Ben Black Sea coast away. One day, an egg as usual http://www.docoin.com/cheap.everquest_2.2.aspx, off the coast of the black marching his split step, suddenly attracted by a beautiful figure, look at sections stature is coming, \Mature? great! \dimensional one, Qiqiaoshengyan: \Germany bathed in soft moonlight, Weiyi arms in an egg, an egg and said with deep feeling: \Tyrande gentle hand pointing lower lip in an egg, \Although an egg on Tyrande devotedly attached, but he remains determined to dedicate themselves to the Moon. However, in the night since he blind, he's eager to tell the full anger Tyrande the news, he saw Tyrande is said his decision against Malfurion, Malfurion strange smile and said: \He pushed to the brink of collapse. Now, this old thing was the old woman even hook up again, an egg BIU of a mana burning the past, been Maiev easily escape, followed by a green light from an egg crotch passing, but fortunately, an egg quick reaction, he suddenly flew overhead, three white, an egg drop out of a da back of the head cold sweat, \\on the brow, Batui to recover. nowhere to walk a very insignificant eggs, each time will be next to his thigh Flying drifting ...... Maiev unparalleled pursuit on its own technology, can always find a wherever he goes whoring egg capsules, but always catch him, and she Heart of a meter, why not jump, but by learning what the dead blind split step out, Maiev went ahead, jump practice day and night . Finally, one day after she was some distance sprint, a jump, a full 8 yards, \, a thigh lift of eggs, the pace can not help but messy, Maiev immediately near to a jump, three crisp Daoguang fly flat out, \In the back of the head, \One of the realm, so to get a new name, called Flash (Note: WAR3 in the Chinese translation for the flash is actually a means), an egg is also trained to dodge 70%. They later tracked a planet. here The briquettes Legion Lord of adults sitting in Brokeback Mountain Behold the cliff with his sweetheart in chatting. an egg crotch felt the wind, quickly flash to the man and the woman side, that Little Lover \sickle the green, said: \word, his eyes sent out a light, a strange turn, life and the two knives robbed in the past, a side roll, \messy hair, split step to continue marching. there Maiev not Shazhu car http://eq-plat.wowgoldstudio.com, was an egg to the playing, and yelled out: \You do not frame! \Otherwise, like the blind man is dead kill the landlord, the former lord is dead in the hands of the landlord, but also because I heard no gray stickers affixed to see. \\surprise, given the major adult leaders issued a ultimatum, asking them to make sure the end of three hours to arrive in the beta the other camp, the main city of Ironforge and Orgrimmar. As the first HIV-continent's most beautiful girls in the line of natural, Miss Jaina , but she was quite unhappy, \it began a large-scale storms. A war of a Tau man first to be poured, and he immediately points to the top of AH shouted: \!, \M B, \; Diaopai! Diaopai, get me ......\towels whirlwind rushed over to the open sprint, \Yam said not to know better to casually said one, \down one.
Jaina found herself exactly is this group of powerful storms brought BL shower, she discovered that updated versions of Warcraft, \mm changed the sun, talent did not add! yo, out of a 41-point talent. \Brush the Austrian point of 40/21 ice good talent out of the piercing and strengthen the storm, in order to succeed in her dirty laundry, she asked them to use a storm to cool cool, has quietly moved into the top circle of storm to the bath edge of the crowd.
\A man fighting back angrily then take a look around, \screams the voice, ears. Troll C was laughing FS frozen male orc thief male B, \epigenetic wind, \storm out of you, go to hell rub! \6666 ah me, second I have more. \> Male War Tau A: \resurrection out shaken shouted: \too, I saw a column of water powered shot from between her legs, I have to lie. \A:
thieves undead female D:
8. the water element, the inventor: Antonidas.
since their other half in five hundred years ago, hung up after Antonidas has been pinning its hopes on the Jaina their students who, alas, Xiao Nizi chosen to run card your mother staged a new base in mainland China, \Loyalty to himself so many days in Las sea, until one day, he whim, \, can not help but swallow of water, \\This side of call day and night \When he finished, the two are at war, this divided into Dalaran two factions, one supporting the elderly fall in love, by the old FS composition, one group against the FS composition of the younger, of course, opponents have a reservations: the same age who do not oppose free love.
make unremitting efforts, Antonidas finally created China's first HIV-powered upright liquid, which was born the first thing that sprayed Antonidas face, Anthony Das \As always this free distribution Antonidas fresh water, so residents in the South China Sea, has set a very high prestige, so he can not embarrassed to enter the South China Sea, so, his courage, he roared out: \really stopped, \Antonidas heard people come, have come up with pot Bozi lined up in the town, but found more Antonidas behind a valet, so very polite, without any intent to that Da Water said: \! Hello! \The guy who scored that people carrying things, the big Antonidas embarrassed and immediately said: \sent back to the neck a group Kul Tiras.
stared at da water, silly children Antonidas still furious with an evil thought arises spontaneously: \.. \!
three years later, it powered the water did not grow, which makes his revenge plan dragged on, \Remember, if not successful, I'll just labeled as mud! \room, and then release it! \\very wet fart very strong and will Antonidas Zhenfei fell to the ground, bleeding Antonidas tin, froth at the mouth, depressed and eventually ......< br> Transfer from: NGA
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Warcraft Night tactical communication articles - the choice of hero hero choice
such tactics are generally the first choice of a hero demon hunter http://dils.wowgoldstudio.com, demon hunter as the most suitable to contain live opponents. Compared Rye, Demon Hunter is mainly ordinary attack on their own, rather than skills, so that the harassment of the devil hunter can continue much longer.
the second best option is to Najia hero banshee, no one will watch you climb instead, you develop technology. In the early demon hunter constant harassment, the opponent's forces are expanding step by step. The first time employment Najia banshee, you can have a stronger defense capabilities half a minute ahead of time and harassment of capacity.
Najia skills Banshee Frostbolt slowing effect, at a strength disadvantage in the case of strong to kill opponents with the Demon Hunter hero opponent to return to the city, for their technology to win valuable time. Interim banshee demon hunter and deer with Najia , the double gear is easy to kill opponents of anemia units. so slowly consumes the opponent's strength, until the completion of their home technology, Claw Druid forming, the victory is not far.
need to use the Claw Druid Note that a small detail. If there are 5 druid wowgoldstore.com, 3 variable bears, two unchanged. time to see what the fighting was concentrated only attack has no blood, no release bird deformation give youth, and then cast skills Bear form has changed. as fine in the shop to buy to save token, little bear to send the blood back to base cheap wow gold, which can save a lot of bears.

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