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Posted in DESIGN

Designed bags by me

Probably you heard about shoppingbags, the simple beige cotton bags. I absolutely love them, because they're so handy and you can put a lot of stuff in it.


I thought I could buy some, but I why don't make them by myself? First you have to make some designs. Just search for pictures on the internet, or make them by yourself.

An other way to design your shoppingbag is to draw your design with textile paint.


I am gonna make my designs soon, but first I have to collect all the items I need. So in a while you see the result!



14:38 - 28/6/2014 - comments {0} - post comment

My name is Emma Meijer, I am 16 years old. On this blog you can read about me, fashion, design, musthaves and a lot more things. I hope you will like it!
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