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Latest Fashion Trends

Designer Gemstone Jewellery Collection at Mirraw

14:16, 23/6/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

We at Mirraw have effectively sold loose gemstones for more than six years now, and one if the things that we are constantly asked by clients is whether we can give instant jewelry and additionally settings and semi-mounts. Along these lines, we are enchanted to declare that we are putting forth one of a kind jewelry that is molded from our free natural gemstones and composed and made in-house. We have been working intimately with our in-house proficient jewelry originator to make new and energizing hued gemstone jewelry items. Every bit of Mirraw jewelry is composed from masterful motivation and creative ability. The originator first watches the gemstones and makes preparatory portrayals around the pearls, to record the thought and plan the configuration, before the valuable metals and natural shaded gemstones are made into an individual wearable item. Since these items are produced using natural gemstones, every single thing is stand-out.


Mirraw jewelry incorporates prepared to-wear hued gemstone necklace and pendants. These are not basic, mass-delivered bits of jewelry, but rather are complicatedly intended for the specific gemstones that they show, so they check the gemstone properties, hues, shapes and styles that are appropriate. For instance, extravagant formed gemstone cabochons require a little creative energy with regards to the setting, and octagonal faceted stones might be compared with a setting that components streaming, bended lines. Besides, the physical parts of every outline are considered, to guarantee wear capacity and toughness. Numerous Mirraw jewelry pendants make utilization of appealing hued accent stones or novel millgrain plans that decorate the hued gemstones with dazzling subtle element. While we pride ourselves on our gemstones, we are likewise ready to create top notch completed valuable metal.

Likewise on offer are rings, which commonly include a focal gemstone with classy accents, for example, corresponding shaded gemstones or valuable metal points of interest. We outline rings for gemstone cabochons and faceted jewels by coordinating shapes and settings. Clients can browse a broad stock of valuable and semi-valuable gemstone rings for any event, from engagements and commemorations to easygoing wear and mixed drink rings. Mirraw hued gemstone rings are built to universal standard ring sizes, so it is anything but difficult to arrange the ideal fit for your finger size. Not at all like numerous other standard jewelry plans, we start with a gemstone, instead of a setting, and let the stones guide us.


We persistently develop our jewelry accumulation, including hoops, armlets and different things to our stock. Some energizing, new prepared to-wear items produced using high-virtue, privately sourced Thai silver and gold are accessible. Presently you can possess a one of a kind bit of gemstone jewelry that you won't find in your neighborhood jewelry store, made with natural gemstones and at a small amount of the value that a nearby diamond setter would charge. A wide decision of shaded gemstones and plans will permit you to choose the style that best suits you. We let the gemstones themselves rouse us and lead us on an adventure of aesthetic and specialized skill, to bring you Mirraw jewelry.

Top 10 Style Tips for Salwar Kameez

08:40, 23/3/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Is it true that you are confronting one of those days where in you need to give your most loved combine of pants a miss rather wish to wear ethnic clothing? Proceed. We demonstrate you 10 rich methods for wearing a conventional salwar kameez at work. Quit being exhausting. Conventional troupe looks tasteful and sleek at whatever point worn it needs trial artfulness and sprinkle of imagination that can make it resemble a number. With great gathering accessible everywhere, buy salwar kameez online and put forth a flawless expression at work. Brilliant hues, blend n-coordinate frill and complexity examples ought to do the trap.

1. Group it up: Improvize!

It is not important to dependably wear salwar kameez the way it is worn. You can unquestionably make your own design waves. Wear it with a dash of impromptu creation. Collaborate a straightforward straight kurta with palazzo pants and feel the difference. Here you can discover more approaches to style kurta with different clothing types. Mold specialists declare that "stockings are everyday method for wearing of a salwar kameez and must be dropped on occasion offering approach to new experimentation." As it's been said wear your style on your sleeves. Attempt different and exceptional styles. Matching difference and striking hues works best for an ethnic wear that too at work.

2 . Nail it with Classic Angarakha

Try not to go everyday. Have a go at something extraordinary and different. Feel sovereignty in your style with this particular type of salwar kameez. Angarakhas are ideal for the individuals who are hoping to conceal their purported frail ranges, for example, substantial hips and waist. The blend of a V neck outline with covering example of an angarakha lays much accentuation on the kameez than the issue regions. Make an effort not to wear it if you are overwhelming from the bust, as the layers will give an appearance of heavier bust than they really are. Most appropriate for woman with hour glass body shape and petite structure, as the additional layers complements your body shape.

3 . Keep it classy with Cotton Anarkali

Anarkali is a well known and maybe the most loved pick for a woman for a rich gathering wear. All things considered, there is an unpretentious and every day wear variant of the same known to be cotton anarkali. Enhance the best anarkali suits and let the flare in them do the talking. They empower you with much style, comfort and don't give you an affected look. The fortunate thing about them is that they work for practically every body sort. By and by, there are sure rules from the administer book to be taken after, to abstain from being a form fiasco.

- If you are beat substantial, don't go for an adornment secured bodice. In reality, go for a darker shading on top and rather spare every one of the embellishments for the lower some portion of the clothing.

- If you are a pear formed body women, decide on flare. As they will naturally disguise your issue region, hip. Try not to try too hard. As anything in overabundance is terrible and ruins the look!

- If you have a petite and thin body shape, the length of an anarkali must be considered. As a lot of flare and endless appearance will truth be told, make them look shorter than they really are.

4 . Be work prepared with a Short Kurta

Short kurta are impeccable and simple to wear. For the individuals who have a hourglass figure and don't know what to wear? Straightforward. Short Kurta is your answer. This one is your bankable clothing. Group it up with an extraordinary match of exemplary pants, or palazzo. It is an easy win to shroud those cushy layers also. Got a tummy? Haul a short kurta out of your closet and hit it to work, with certainty to overcome the world!

5 . Go Sharara

Yes, you read it right! These are a much needed development yet jazzy wear for the individuals who need to break the tedium of dress circle. Sharara as a result of its well known plan has a considerable measure flare work doing the business. It looks awesome on those with great tallness. Along these lines, each one of those tall women out there, take the tallness in your walk, and wear sharara. Generally observed at wedding like event, now you can shop simple and agreeable texture also. Lamentably, not best for short tallness women. But if you are one of those women, who live by the mantra just reckless disposition then this one will add another page to your design journal!

Keep it inconspicuous for work and settle on pastel hues, as you don't wish to wind up resembling a Christmas tree at work !

6 . Break the principles with topsy-turvy

Kurta is a hot pattern and making tremendous waves in design circuit. The interesting attribute of this uneven plan is that the unusual outline gives you a contemporary and additionally agreeable and ethnic look. Most appropriate for working women, these can just be matched up with a slouchy churidar or sharp palazzo pants. Be a head turner with never-seen uneven plans and be a masterpiece at work. Who says obsessive workers bomb hopelessly at Fashion! Attempt new styles and feel the change.

7 . Straight kurta

A basic straight kurta is an absolute necessity have form staple in each woman's closet. It works best as work clothing. Agreeable yet advanced it permits to feature your style with much polish. Women of any age begin to look all starry eyed at this one specifically. Try different dupattas and lower with these kurta. Be aware of the hues and textures that you pick and you are prepared to WORK IT !

8 . Style it up with a coat

Coat suits are exceptionally smooth and trendy. Wear a coat with a pinched in hold up to have sufficient chest or just go solo. A portion of the suits accompany a coat that are separable and can without much of a stretch be worn either with different clothing types, for example, long shirt and shirt.

They look amazingly classy when collaborated with complimentary sterling silver jhumka. Is it true that you are a coat fixates people? But don't have any desire to trickle sweat wearing one in blistering warmth, don't stress. There is plenty of summer well-disposed coats accessible online, pick a flexible pick that will run with everything that you wear.

9 . Look gender ambiguous with sherwani suit

These are perfect pick for a gender ambiguous interest. The high neckline in this suit makes it a whine free and additionally rich pick for work. Different texture empowers you to pick this one for gathering wear as well as to work. Ideal for women with athletic bodies and gives a statuesque goddess.

10. Full length Salwar Kameez

Nothing beats a salwar kameez twosome. Wearing it to work won't give you a day comfort but additionally free development. A portion of the suits even confine your portability. But this one generally figures out how to take wearer's pleasure and spectators envy. Wear it with elan and demonstrate your feminity in style.

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