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fashion jewelry

dodecagon Malibu fashion jewelry

15:18, 3/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Familiar with the the Mingshi fashion jewelry (Baume & Mercier) Riviera series, and certainly not its consistent dodecagon shape unique case design unfamiliar. Brand this year to continue its classic charm, the launch of the magnificent style RivieraXXL fine jewelry fashion jewelry hopping.

Malibu fashion jewelry Riviera Series, Dumb pink crocodile leather strap style, pink tone-based second hand disk match the pink mother of pearl dial, platinum bezel inlaid with beautiful pink gemstones.   Cartier Christmas boutique gorgeous six nobles fashion jewelry brands unlimited Ambilight Tiffany's 2007 Christmas gift a national treasure 200 years REUGE hand-octave the Jer oboam wine is the most expensive of the century, Victoria's Secret diamond bra exposure to the world's most legendary and expensive luxury yacht brand jewelry world, Noah's Ark 07 autumn and winter gucci bag prerelease look at France 24 kt gold pieces top vodka, the world's most expensive underwear value 160,000 worth seven million Red Charm diamond


Malibu costume jewelry Riviera Series, Black crocodile leather strap styles tend to pragmatic and elegant, platinum diamond bezel screws tighten the four inlaid diamonds   the world's first toilet shape residential buildings completed in 2007 the world's four most expensive luxury German church beat Leaning Tower of Pisa into the world's most exposure inventory .. the year's top luxury UK's top ten famous ghost house Blair mansion value of over 4.5 million installed anti .. Nicholas Cecilia baby throw 50 million .. British real estate speculators 500 million acquisition of Ruian Hao.


Malibu fashion jewelry Riviera Series, The dial above the large minute display panel, the central has a matte sapphire crystal mirror, the window of the twelve o'clock position to jump. The dial below, compared with white mother of pearl second hand set, elegant and fashionable.   For reservations series features the classic, the dodecagon bezel two-to four inlaid diamond screw tightened four hundred total weight of 9.5 cards, diamond in the case inlaid platinum manufacturing. This series with DuboisDepraz14400 model self-winding mechanical movement, hour operation of time-hopping ways, costume mother of pearl and semi-transparent sapphire crystal dial, unique fashion flavor. The accountant SabineRochat has revealed that the inspiration of the fashion jewelry, the jump of the the creation RivieraXXL fine jewelry is derived from her great interest in building areas.   Like most American men and women models 2007 top ten luxury cars in the history of the most luxurious Rolls Royce of COUP .. England top luxury Jaguar XJL .. the world heads of state car big PK Diamond Bach 62 identity symbol of Bentley new car Continental GTC for sale 358 .. the world's ten coolest roadster.

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fashion jewelry


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dodecagon Malibu fashion jewelry


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