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Fashion Womens Clothing

13/3/2018 - Skater dresses and evening dresses for beautiful and slim girls

If you are blessed with a slim figure, you can wear a number of great dresses. A huge variety of designs are available for you at websites like FashionMia, or www.fashionmia.com. But there are some dresses, which are meant only for girls with slim dresses, and you should surely try them out once in your life.
There are a number of girls out there, who always look for best fashion, without wearing dresses, which are very complex or complicated. For such persons, or girls, skater dresses is something, which they can go for, as they are dresses, which can help the girls show off their beautiful figure to others. The skater dresses do not come with very complex designs, as it will ruin the looks of such kind of dresses. At the time of purchase skater dresses, you should keep some common things in mind, which can help you take the decisions in a better way.
Purchasing skater dresses judiciously
Skater dresses are special variety of dresses, which are, in many ways different from other dresses. You will not look very odd, if you wear other kind of dresses, having a greater size than your body. But in case of skater dresses, it is all about looking beautiful and bragging your figure. In such cases, it is very important that you choose the dresses judiciously, such that you do not regret. At the time of purchasing skater dresses, you should always go for dresses, having the same measurements, not one less, not one more. Proper fitting is the key of looking beautiful, wearing skater dresses. As skater dresses do not come with a lot of fabric design, you can get great clothes at pocket friendly budgets.
Importance of evening dresses

Having fashionable dresses in your wardrobe is very important, and for that, you can visit multiple fashion websites like Fashionmia. But it is equally important to keep some evening dresses in your wardrobe, such that you can wear them after spending multiple hours in your workplace. The only thing, which you should look for, in an evening dress is that, it should provide maximum comfort to you. It is better to go for loose and light weight evening dresses, such that you can get 100% comfort, wearing them. On websites like Fashionmia and others, you can get beautiful evening dresses, where a few can also be great for wearing to local stores or other local places. All the advantages of evening clothes, make them a must in all female wardrobes.

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5/3/2018 - Getting the best women’s coats and trench coats at best prices

In the winter season, it is always good to find some sweaters, or other clothes for yourself. The women’s coats can also perform the same task, and they are also stylish in nature. On various websites, available nowadays, like www.fashionmia.com or FashionMia, you can find the best women’s coats and trench coats for yourself.

Sweaters are always available in the market at various prices. The best part about sweaters is that, they are available with a variety of designs, and they are completely made from wool. In case of sweaters, it can provide a decent level of protection, if you’re living in a cold area. But coats are not made from wool, and are made from some different kind are materials, which can provide accurate protection against cold. Keeping that in mind, on FashionMia, and other stores, you should always go for some womens coats, for the upcoming winter season. Coats are not only helpful for women, but they are also equally helpful for men.

Stylish Lapel With Pockets Plain Trench-Coats

The normal coats

In most of the cases, the coats, which you can find for women are made from single colors, especially black, deep brown, deep green, or something, which has a deep color. The reason behind the availability of women’s coats with dark colors is that, it can easily absorb a lot of heat, which can provide a lot of protection against cold. But that doesn’t mean, if you find a light colored women’s coat, you should completely ignore it. There are a number of beautiful women’s coats, which are available in light colors. But the problem with women’s coats is that, they do not come with designs, as it is very difficult to do fabric prints on coats, which are designed to give protection against cold.

Lapel Plain Roll-Up Sleeve Trench Coat

The trench coats

But if you’re looking for trench coats, you can always go for them, and the advantages of trench coats is that, you can find them with a variety of designs, which you will like. As far as the availability of designs for trench coats is concerned, it is literally unlimited. As you know that, in case of tops, you can find a huge variety of designs, the same goes for trench coats, which you purchase from online stores like www.fashionmia.com. If you’re looking for some new kind of trench coats, which are trendy in the market, you should always search for them, from online retail stores, as they always renew the stocks regularly.

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26/2/2018 - The best maxi dresses and women’s shift dresses for various occasions

Maxi dresses and shift dresses are always highly desirable among women, as it gives them a graceful look. They are available in a number of designs, and you should choose the most appropriate design for the occasion you’re wearing it. On online stores like FashionMia, or www.fashionmia.com, you can find some great Maxi dresses and shift dresses.

Today, there are girls who visit a number of occasions apart from going to the offices or workplaces. For the same reason, they also need a variety of dresses, which can be worn to all the occasions. As far as maxi dresses or shift dresses are concerned, they are specially meant for visiting parties, or other occasions. There are some long maxi dresses, which can be worn in the house, as well, in order to get some comfort. But if you want to wear it outside, you should always try to go to some occasion to wear it. The maxi dresses, which you can find from online stores like FashionMia are not meant for visiting offices, or other places.

V-Neck Floral Printed Midi Shift Dress

The design of the dresses

As far as the designs of maxi dresses are concerned, there are some, which you can wear. If you go for hangout with your friends, such kind of dresses also come with a jacket, which can provide you some protection if you’re going for a bonfire in the winter season. In most of the cases, such kind of maxi dresses are womens shift dresses come with some common textures, which are also found in other kind of dresses. If you are having a little higher budget, you can also get some better textures, but that is not anything uncommon or unseen to many people. If you are a fashion freak, and you are planning to visit some party, you should choose something different.

Round Neck Color Block Pocket Shift Dress

Maxi dresses for parties

Almost all girls out there are fond of the pink color, and you can always go for pink colored shift dresses, available from www.fashionmia.com, and your friends will definitely appreciate the color. Sleeveless maxi dresses will look like gowns, and you will evidently look like a queen, if you wear such kind of dresses. But the choice of dress plays an important role, when you are choosing maxi dresses or shift dresses. Wearing a maxi dress with a certain kind of design to the wrong occasion will not lead to any kind of appreciation. Apart from pink color, you can also go for the red or dark brown colors, as they are also something new among the most fashionable girls.

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22/2/2018 - How to Style Ruffled Tops

Ruffled tops have been around this season and are still enjoying limelight. They look extremely hot when they are off-shoulders. So, if you are looking forward to buy some cheap blouses for your wardrobe then pick a ruffled one and we will tell you how to fashion it so you can look pretty. Here is how you can style a ruffled top in different ways.

Spring Summer Mesh Women Round Neck Patchwork Plain Puff Sleeve Long Sleeve Blouses

Try a pleated pastel coloured midi with a short off shoulder ruffled top. This is a very charming look and you can wear a pair of sleek high heeled sandals with this. To accessories wear a slender chain with a very small pendant. Leave your hair open for a charismatic look.

A pair of white pants and a pastel shaded top with ruffles around the neckline is also a beautiful look. You can add layers of beaded necklace with this ensemble. For footwear try something in contrast such as a pair of animal print ballerinas. A leather handbag is what will go with this look.

Autumn Spring Polyester Women Collarless Flounce Plain Puff Sleeve Long Sleeve Blouses

For a more casual look when you are going out with your friends you can wear a ruffled crop top with a pair of torn jeans. Platform loafers or sneakers are what you need to slip on to make the look more comfortable. You can take a cross-body sling and even accessories with a necklace.

Try on a high-waist jeans shorts with a short and cute ruffled top. A statement finger ring and a pair of clashing earring is what you need for this look. Sneakers or loafers will match this look.

Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Plain Raglan Sleeve Long Sleeve Hoodies

Loose ruffled top with bell-sleeves will give you a pretty bohemian look. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or a loose skirt. Tie-up sandals will look perfect on you with this look. Accessorize with metal jewellery especially a chunky necklace or bangles.

You can also try wearing a pencil skirt with a ruffled top tucked in for a professional look. If you want you can use a short jacket over it or leave it just the way it is. A pair of pencil heels is what you need to look pretty.

Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Plain Long Sleeve Hoodies

You can also try a sheer ruffled top with a pair of jeans. An over-all black is the look that you should try.

If you are looking forward to add beautiful clothing to your wardrobe such as these ruffled tops then you should look up Fashionmia. It is an online website where you can find almost everything – from cute hoodies to classy dresses, Fashionmia is a hub of beautiful clothes.

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11/2/2018 - Purchasing the cheapest plus size dresses, with great quality

When you go online and search for dresses, you always try to find out some, which are available at cheap prices. This is the instinct of all the online shoppers, and for that purpose, you should visit fashionmia or www.fashionmia.com and other similar stores. You can find a huge category of dresses, specially handpicked for you.

Plus size girls are considered to be the new definition of cuteness nowadays. Keeping that in mind, you should always try to find out some cheap plus size dresses, if you are having a chubby body. The best part about online stores like FashionMia is that, you can always get the best products at the cheapest possible prices. But there are some other stores, where you can get cheap prices, but the products are also very cheap. You should always be careful from such kind of stores, such that you do not regret purchasing the dresses. There are some points, which you should definitely remember.

Round Neck Decorative Lace Bell Sleeve Plus Size Shift Dress

Thinking properly

The first and the most important thing, which you should remember is that, you are going to purchase a dress for wearing it, for a pretty good amount of time. Though fashion trends change on a regular basis, but you should not purchase a dress thinking that you will wear it only once in your life. Keeping that in mind, you should always go for dresses, wearing which you will look beautiful and cute. On websites like www.fashionmia.com, you can find a few of the products available at cheap prices, and the reason behind that is, they are not purchased by anybody. You should find the most appropriate color for your dress, such that you look very beautiful.

Round Neck Decorative Lace Bell Sleeve Plus Size Shift Dress

Taking the decision of purchasing

You should never take your purchasing decision by having a look at the price, and not reading the description, or seeing the product in a proper manner. There is a tendency among many people, who try to purchase plus size shift dresses for women, who only look at the price. The first and thing should be, you should have a look at the product, read the description properly, see the price, and take your decision of whether to purchase it or not. In various times of the year, especially at the time of Halloween, and New Year or Christmas, you can get great discounts, and that too on the best possible products. You should grab the deal at that time, such that you get the best products and that too at the most affordable rates.

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8/2/2018 - How To Look Modern Wearing Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothing generally consists of the clothes made in 1980’s or earlier. These clothes can be easily found at a thrift store or other retailer shops. Though a vintage dress belongs to the traditional costume, it is preferred by a large number of women in this era. It also offers a wide variety of choices like the vintage maxi dress, vintage tops, jeans, and much more. 

Vintage doesn’t mean a dress in a poor state rather it creates a fantastic look. That is why it is important to examine your vintage costume before carrying. Another important factor is fitting. Whether you wear a modern dress or a vintage costume, it should fit your body well. You can also opt for the vintage shirts and cute blouses to highlight the curves of your body. Here are some common tips to style your vintage dress:

 Autumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve BlousesAutumn Spring  Polyester  Women  Collarless  Embroidery Striped  Long Sleeve Blouses Autumn Spring Polyester Women Collarless Embroidery Striped Long Sleeve Blouses

Mix up the vintage with modern

The best way to carry a vintage dress is by pairing it up with some modern outfits. Many women feel inconvenient and uncomfortable wearing a full vintage dress. So the best option is to mix and match both the trends and look elegant.

Pair the vintage t-shirt with accessories

Vintage t-shirts are the best way to enter and explore the era of 1980’s. Pairing a vintage shirt with skinny jeans and long boots can enhance your look. Adding accessories like sweaters, hat, and a handbag can define it more precisely. If you are having a slim body then put a belt around your waist to highlight the waistline.

Crew Neck Decorative Button Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry is easy to find and can be paired up with any attire as it is probably not noticed. Try to choose a big necklace, bold bangles, and some shiny earrings. Make sure that you are not wearing so many jewelry at a time as it may look terrific. You can get the vintage jewelry from an online store. Fashionmia is one such online store offering you beautiful vintage t-shirts and the matching accessories at a reasonable cost.

Choose the vintage hat and scarves

Cowl Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Ladies also opt for wearing small pieces of vintage rather than a complete outfit. The turban and wide-brim hats can be worn with a modern skater dress or jeans. A vintage scarf is another accessory which can add shine to your look. So try to wrap up a silk scarf aroud your neck to create a brilliant look.

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5/2/2018 - Cute and bodycon dresses online

Many women aspire to dress up in a way that no one can match up the look. Women always keep searching for something good and unique. Something such that no one can match up to that level. When it comes to buying dresses women always want to wear something unique. A dress can go very well with every occasion. Whether it’s a party or an evening party or event a dress can easily match up to that level. In the website of the fashionmia; http://www.fashionmia.com/ unique dresses can be found with attractive prices.

Printed Charming Round Neck Bodycon Dress


A perfect is needed when buying a dress. Some dresses look very good but when they are worn it look very dull as the fit is not there. In this case the item can’t be purchased. Before buying any dresses the fit and the comfort has to be checked thoroughly so that the item fits well and the person looks good.

Attractive prices and fit

The price comes to play a very vital role when a person is in search of cute dresses. It happens that whenever we like something the price of the dress is very high and we are unable to buy the dress. Well, in this case some money should be collected and saved so that the good dress which fits nicely can be bought. Cute dresses can be worn at every occasion. Be it a party or a normal hangout with friends, the dresses can be worn at each and every occasion. The dresses look really good when worn with nice pair of shoes and good makeup is done. Makeup also plays a very vital role as it brings the totality in look.

Embroidery Border Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses online

Bodycon dresses online are a bit tough to buy as the size matters the most in case of these dresses. The dress should fit the person perfectly as it provides the perfect shape to the body. A perfect shape is very much needed when you are wearing a bodycon dress. A bodycon dress can be of different styles. A halter neck bodycon dress will look very nice on people with a thin neck and slim physique. A bodycon dress can be matched up with some good jewellery and items, so that the total look can be achieved. The look is only complete, if the perfect shoes are worn. Shoes play a very vital role, and thus, the shoes that are to be worn by you should be taken care of. You can get great fashionable shoes, at fashionmia, and other places.

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23/1/2018 - Some Useful Tips For Plus Size Women To Wear Jackets And Coats

Winter is knocking the door, so it is the best time to go for shopping for fashion jackets, coats and other trendy winter wear. We women love to stay in fashion and it is definitely a vital part of our daily lives. The plus size women too should follow the same trend. However, whatever you by, ensure that fits your body shape properly and you will look enough fashionable and confident.

Hooded Camouflage Fishtail Hem Jacket

When we talk about the plus size women there are mainly two types which are Apple shape and Pear shape. Apple shape women have round shaped body while the one with Pear shaped figure will have heavy bottom part compared to the upper portion. So, the dresses too will vary according to that. Anyways, here are some powerful tips for wearing coats by the Apple and Pear shaped women.

Hooded Zips Plain Striped Long Sleeve Coats

Tips for Apple Shape Women:

  • The length of the jacket should cross the waistline. It is good if the length is ¾ or if it comes till mid thigh.
  • The jacket will look good on you if it has flare at the end.
  • Any heavy work at the tummy area should be avoided as it will add more volume in that and will end up looking wider.
  • Apple shaped women normally have wide shoulder, so any heavy work on shoulder such as shoulder pads, pleats etc. are best to avoid.
  • Coats for women are available in several types. But ensure to pick the one that have V-neck or asymmetrical neckline to look good on you.
  • With all these, elongated scuffs, detailing in the buttons are just ideal design for the Apple shaped lady.  

 Oversized Faux Fur Collar Plain Woolen Coat

Tips for Pear shape women:

  • The Pear shaped women are blessed with heavy hips and thing. So, the optimal coats length should be ¾ or till the waistline so that it can cover up the hips. Short length is best to avoid for good reasons.
  • Double breasted coasts, pattern jackets will create a good balance on Pear shaped body.
  • This kind of shape has thin upper part so designing on the upper part such as shoulder pads, tucks, pleats etc. on the shoulder is really flattering.
  • When it comes to the neckline, fur collar, lapels, buttons etc. will look stunning on you if you are blessed with Pear shaped body.
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17/1/2018 - Launching the new and unique collection

Something that comes from within you and something that you are comfortable in is what your sense of fashion should denote.https://www.fashionmia.com/ brings to you a huge range of latest and trendy clothing line which would serve all your needs just appropriately. Shopping has become very easy in this world of technology where you can get the attire of your choice by sitting on your couch itself. Cute sweatshirts, elegant dresses, smart outer wears, winter coatsand so many more are the part of the brand new collection and this would surely entice you to buy and increase your collection. The qualities of apparels found in our website are of a high quality and we assure you of a durable usage. So do not miss this opportunity. Grab the deals till the last, for we are offering the best of materials at very affordable prices.

Cowl Neck Letters Plain Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts that you would like: 

Choosing the perfect cut, colour and material are of primary importance and Fashion Mia brings to you a huge variety from which you can your buy the perfect dressing material that you would need. Dresses with good fabric and at reasonable prices are available here, and you can avail them at your doorstep with just one click. At our site you would find cute sweatshirts which you are sure to like with bubbly colors and trendy graphics and prints they are sure to catch your eye. The material of clothing is of assured guarantee and we promise you a great experience by shopping at our site. Therefore come and dive into the modern technology of shopping with the help of our site and have fun.

Cowl Neck Zips Plain Sweatshirts

Winter is coming:

The season of warm blankets and hot cup of chocolates is here and it is time to take your winter wears out. But instead of that why not buy a whole new range of clothing for winter and jazzing up your wardrobe. This is the perfect time to add a few winter coats to your dresses. Our site brings to you the best of the lot. With fantastic designs and edgy cuts our coats are ready to grab the eyeballs. Therefore log into our website and get yourself a few of the latest coats available in the market and increase your fashion quotient.

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12/1/2018 - 3 Tricks To Consider Before Wearing A Blouse

A blouse is considered to be one of the major wears of women since 1870s. In this generation, a woman is offered a wide variety of choices to select the fitting and best-colored blouse. Silk is the wonderful fabric and is most commonly used to design the women’s blouses. You can also avail the blouse of diverse fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, net, and much more.

Split Neck Floral Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

 A large number of women prefer wearing blouse as it not only gives them comfort but also helps them look gorgeous on several different occasions. Whether you are going to a lunch with friends or going in the office, a blouse can be carried at every place. Here are some tricks using which you can choose the top-most blouse and enhance your beauty.

Button Down Collar Single Breasted Checkered Blouses

Blouse size

Whichever blouse you wear, the utmost thing which must be kept in mind is the fitting. If your blouse it too large then you may look ugly. Similarly, if it is too small then it may not fit your body well. So it is essential to take the proper measurement of your neck and chest before choosing a blouse.

Crew Neck Bowknot Polka Dot Vertical Striped Long Sleeve Blouses

Style of the blouse as per the body type

You can find huge variations in every blouse like some have deep necklines while other blouses have rectangular shaped neckline. Similarly, the blouse differs in term of sleeves, patterns, cuts, color, designs, shape, size, and much more. So it is important to consider your body type before choosing the one

 For instance, women having pear-shaped body can opt for a blouse that fits your waist as it may highlight your flatter regions instead of the wider hips or narrower shoulders. If you have the hips as well as the shoulders narrower then a blouse having oval necklines is made for you.

Crew Neck Tiered Hollow Out Plain Bell Sleeve Blouse

The most appropriate color

A woman must choose their outfit as per their skin tone and body size to look wonderful. Dark colors like black, brown, eggplant, and navy blue can help you to look slim. These colors are most suitable for the women having wide chest, tummy, and hips as these colors do not highlight the wider sections of your body.

Fashionmia is presenting the most excellent and amazing collection of women’s blouses and outwear sale at cheap rates. So wear the perfect blouse and create the most exciting look at every place.

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3/1/2018 - How To Choose The Cute Hoodies For Women

During 1990’s hoodies were not very famous as they were made of low-quality fabrics. However, in this era, women love wearing a hoodie as it not only gives them warmth and comfort but also helps them to look stylish yet elegant. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of cute hoodies with different patterns, colors, size, shape, and much more.

Some hoodies are full zipper while others have no zip at all. Similarly, hoodies are available with one pocket or two pockets. It has always been very difficult to choose the most excellent hoodie for women. Here are some ways by which you can choose the amazing hoodie and look fantastic.

Kangaroo Pocket Color Block Hoodie

Selecting a hoodie style

If you are putting a hoodie as a casual wear then dark colors like black and grey are preferable as it can create a stylish look and help you to look slim and beautiful. A dark colored hoodie can look best if is paired with the skinny jeans and dark shoes. Maroon and navy color can also give a wonderful appearance.

Select a quality fabric

In order to look fashionable, it is very important to choose a hoodie of a quality fabric like cotton jersey, fleece, brushed cotton, and much more. One of the best fabrics available for hoodies is a cashmere-silk blend but it is little expensive.

Asymmetric Hem Kangaroo Pocket Plain Hoodie

Chose hoodies as per your body size

Size is a major factor to be considered while purchasing any dress. Over-sized and under-sized costumes look unattractive and horrible. So it is essential to buy a hoodie which fits your body.

Pair it with a skirt or jeans

Try to pair up your hoodies with a contrasting jeans or skirt. For example, you can wear a classy or stylish hoodie with a mini skirt having floral prints and long boots. This may help you look different yet amazing.

Casual Letters Printed Hoodie

Add wonderful accessories

Trainers and athlete shoes are casually worn by the people wearing hoodies. If you want to try a special look then black boots or red leather booties can create the same. You can also experiment with light colored shoes like sky blue or baby pink to create a contrasting look.

A warm beanie with the sweatshirt can give you warm during winter and the pair of sunglasses can create a cool look.

Crew Neck Cartoon Sweatshirts

Fashionmia is providing you with the brilliant womens sweatshirts and cute hoodies at affordable costs. Buy it and look wonderful.

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25/12/2017 - Tips to Wear Long Cardigans

All women may not feel comfortable to wear a long cardigan but it happens that this piece of winter outerwear is one of the most fashionable pieces to wear in winter. You must have a couple of long women’s sweaters in your wardrobe. Here are some ways to look perfect in a long cardigan.

High Neck Side-Vented Plain Longline Sweater

  • You can try an up-down style long cardigan over a thick dress and wear a pair of thigh-high boots and skip your tights. A smart leather handbag would match perfectly with your outfit.
  • For those who think a long cardigan would look overwhelming then high heels will be perfect. You can roll-up your jeans and reveal your ankles for a smart look. Even a pair of ankle-length boots would look perfect with long cardigans and you can add a hat to accessorize.
  • For a casual day out you should wear a pair of torn jeans with your long cardigan and a pair of white sneakers. Match your t-shirt with your sneaker if you can. White or pink is a cute option.
  • If the temperatures in your region permit then wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt layered with a long cardigan. However, if the climate is too cold you could still wear shorts but a pair of tights would be perfect to keep your legs warm.
  • Striped Patch Pocket Decorative Button Coat
  • Long women’s sweaters can also be worn over a crop top. How about wearing black leggings or high-waist skinny jeans with black crop and a long cardigan probably a thick one.
  • A fitted midi dress can be made to look a bit casual during the day if you add a warm long cardigan over it. Pick one than falls below your dress for a different and smart look.
  • Women usually stick to pastels and soft colours while picking winter outerwear especially cardigans but try wearing a bright coloured one with a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
  • You can also try a bulky long cardigan with a belt to flaunt your curves.
  • Another beautiful look to try with long cardigans is to wear a shirt dress with a pair of boots and knee socks. A pair of large statement earrings would look exotic.
  • Classical Lapel Double Breasted Plain Swing Woolen Coat

To pick beautiful long cardigans visit Fashionmia. It is an online website that deals in beautiful clothing and winter outerwear. They have a trendy collection and they offer attractive deals to their customers. 

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15/12/2017 - Curvy Fashion Tips

Fashion for us curvy women has reached an all-new level of awesomeness. Unlike a decade back it is not difficult to find beautiful plus size fashion size tops and dresses today. Curvy women have used the social media platforms to present that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So, here are some amazing ideas on how plus size women can dress to look perfect.

Hot One Shoulder Plain Batwing Sleeve Plus Size Sweater

  1. Embrace Your Curves –Hiding your curves by wearing a women’s plus size top or dress which is very loose or two sizes bigger than what you actually wear is not going to make you look slim or flattering. Instead you are going to look shabby. Well-fitted and tailored clothes always give a flattering and chic look.
  2. Shapewear and Undergarments – Since we just spoke about wearing fitted clothes, in order to smoothen your curves you need good shapewear. Don’t overdo it, just wear shapewear according to your size and use them for parts where needed. If your foundation is right your look will always be flawless. Don’t hesitate to spend on tanks and tights or leggings that can be worn under all types of outfits. For instance pick spaghetti with broad straps to hide your bra straps.
  3. Star Asymmetric Hem Round Neck Plus Size T-Shirt
  4. Fit and Flare Dress is a Must in Your Closet – Although fit and flare dresses are meant for all body types they look wonderful on curvy women. Try one with stripes or pastel colour and accessories with bright colours. A pair of high wedges or sandals and a chic handbag will complete your look for a party or even a date night.
  5. Sequins – Sequins have been around for some years and women never get bored with this fashion. Every year designers come up with pretty designs and innovative ways to design clothes and accessories. From dresses to women’s plus size tops and from shoes to handbags sequins look super trendy.
  6. Belts – You can have some loose clothing around which are quite pretty but you are reluctant to wear them then use belts to highlight your waist and to hide the extra fabric. You can use belts on both tops and dresses.
  7. Plain Asymmetrical Hems Charming Plus Size T-Shirt

To buy fashionable and affordable plus size clothing for women look up for Fashionmia. It is an online website that offers trendy clothes and accessories for both men and women. Fashionmia specialises in all sizes of clothing and offers huge discounts on their collection.

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2/12/2017 - Accessories Guide For All Stylish Ladies

While women are always conscious about the clothes we wear, our accessories sometimes take a back-seat. Accessories are an important part of your style statement and can completely change the way to look. A plain dress could look ravishing with a statement necklace and a glittering bracelet. Here is a list of accessories that you should have in your wardrobe to mix and match with your pick of clothes.

Pearl Tassels Elegant Necklace

  • Classic Accessories – Pearls and diamonds are considered to be classy. Leather clutches and belts, silk scarves and black pumps. Understated tops or dresses look quite refined with such accessories.
  • Workday Accessories – Kitten heels, classic watch, delicate linked necklace with a small pendant, broad shoulder bag or a leather satchel would be perfect for your daily office wear.
  • Playful Accessories – Hobo bag or tote, skinny belt, printed and colourful flat bellies, headbands, chunky jewellery such as resin bracelets and watches with coloured straps would look perfect with pastel dresses or cute short dresses or shorts.
  • Glamorous Accessories – Large studded finger rings, chandelier earrings, statement necklace, high heels and boxy crystal embellished clutches are what will go for a glamorous look. You should try ruby red, midnight blue, emerald green and black dresses or outfits while you have this look.
  • Edgy Accessories – Leather boots, thick leather bracelets, choker necklaces, spiked or studded sling bags would be perfect for a rough and tough look. You should try leather pants or skirts while using these accessories. Leather jackets would be perfect too!
  • Vintage Jewellery – Victorian style ring, a classy brooch pin, emerald/ruby/turquoise jewellery, sterling silver jewellery, hair combs. One has to be selective about dressing vintage. A classy lace dress would look glamorous with some vintage jewellery worn matching the dress.
  • Remember never to mix two colours – Gold and silver, use one coloured accessories. Hair accessories in such colours look brilliant.
  • If you are using very heavy jewellery then use just one. For instance if you are wearing a pair of heavy earrings then forgo a necklace. Selecting which part of body you want to adorn would also depend on the dress you are wearing. Select wisely, don’t overdo it!
  • Pearl Decorative Lace Hollow Out Necklace

To buy women’s fashion accessories of the latest fashion and trend visit Fashionmia. It is an online website that offers all types of clothes and accessories. From men’s outerwear to women’s dresses and from accessories to pretty jackets, Fashionmia offer a range of clothes and accessories. 

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9/11/2017 - Choose Fashionable Women Hoodies and Stylish Sweatshirts

Not only the cool dudes nowadays women are also wearing all sorts of hoodies. Hoodies of women make a style statement with really comfy. So now it is catching up with all women’s clothing. Generally, hoodies have had the cool tag with itself. And when a woman wears hoodies, it changes the whole meaning. On the planet, the basic form of clothing is the sweatshirt. With its basic shape and construction, the sweater is a means of clothing that can wear by anyone. These women’s hoodies and sweatshirts can be easily purchased from FashionMia. They also have online shopping facilities, visit http://www.fashionmia.com/.

Women Hoodies-the Ultimate Fashion Statement
When you feel the cool breeze in the air then it is the perfect time to bring the coolest hoodies into your wardrobe. These fashionable hoodies will surely be loved by the charming ladies. There are some styles from where you can choose one that will suits you the best.

The back-to-schools Style: Women feel comfortable with a vividly colored hoodie that has a get-up of back to school style. With an expertise touch of casual vintage, it is highlighted with graphic prints of sporty effect.

The Silly-Humorous-Inspired Style: during the cold and chilly season this is the perfect hoodie style. With this unique style, you can keep your friends and loved ones entertained. Women will definitely love a variety of trendy designs, such as silly graphics, funny pictures, humorous prints of icons, smiley, personalized images, printed words, cartoon characters.

The Funky-Fresh Style: This is an ideal style of hoodies for women to look funky with freshness. This is the best style whenever you are hanging out with friends. It makes you feel comfortable and convenient. To get a glamorous effect this hoodie-style can be preferred by most of the women.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials-Women’s Sweatshirts
Generally, the women’s sweatshirts are one of the most comfortable garments. This clothing item keeps you warm and cozy. It is basically shapeless and plain. For casual parties and events, these sweatshirts are just inexpensive and also look absolutely perfect as well as stylish. However there are a variety of fashionable and trendy sweatshirts available in the market, so you have to be a bit choosy while selecting the perfect one. You can easily get these fashion sweatshirts that come in a great range of colours.

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17/10/2017 - Blouses for Women and Knitwear made by Wool

One item of women’s clothing is very flexible for work is the blouse. The best thing about blouses is that they come in many styles. The most common idea that we all have with wool is an ideal fabric that provides amazing knitwear products.

Blouses are preferred by Most Women:
Any kind of tailored shirt can be considered a blouse. The term is a very general one. You cannot specify the kind of top you want simply by mentioning it. There are different kinds of blouses that go with different styles of pants or skirts. You must concern about other factors like the occasion and the fabric. Modern women generally prefer tailored dress shirts. Blouse also varies according to the fabric they are stitched in. The fabric is directly related to the style of the blouse. It can change the look completely. Tailored dress shirts are buttoned shirts that are stitched in subtle colors. They are meant to be worn to formal places. The blouses for women come for skirts can be short and plain. These are formal blouses that are worn with high skirts. Blouses can also be used as Indian tops worn with traditional dresses. As there are different types of Womens Blouse must keep in mind to choose the right one according to the place and occasion. FashionMia is the place where you can get required stylish blouses.

Advantages of Knitwear of Woolen:
As we all know that Woolen Knitwear products are meant to provide warmth during cold and winter season. The knitwear of wool has a great bulk than other textiles and retains air. The wool causes the product to retain heat. Especially when worn against skin the main advantages is its excellence in regulating body temperature. This allows it to provide superior comfort and warmth. Merino is the best brand of knitwear, especially for athletic performance. The properties, qualities, and pricing of wool vary depending on the breed of sheep. There are various types of knitwear made by wool includes cashmere, mohair, Karakul and few others.

Easy to get:
While sitting home you can easily get it. Just go to the site http://www.fashionmia.com/ and place an order online.

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25/9/2017 - Looking For Trendy Women Outerwear Dresses?

Looking for the right website that offers stylish women's clothing can be very easy if you know what you are doing. To buy women's dresses for outerwear sale online and get the right price for your budget is simply a matter of doing your research. When you look for the store, or website, that you will be buying the clothing from you should first make sure that they have everything you need. If you find fashionable dress for women in online then your destination should be online store FashionMia website http://www.fashionmia.com/.



Select women outerwear dress:
If you happen to be shopping online for a friend that is a girl, or woman, and truly do not know what you are doing then you should first think like a woman. Sometimes that may be hard to do so reading and researching online could be very useful in a situation like this. When you are lost about gift ideas or on what to buy just remember that the majority of the women in the world are practically addicted to dresses.

Women are actually love dresses, slacks, or pants, and even sweaters. Outerwear dresses seem to be very popular among women whether it is in the hot season or the cold season. Chiffon gowns, halter top dresses and fancy ball gowns are all part of the fashion world of women's clothing. Tank tops and shorts are great for those who love trendy clothing within the hot season of their area.

Quality clothing from online:
Quality clothing can be found in your local area as well as online as long as you find the right place. Finding the right clothing website to spend your hard earned money at can be a difficult task with all of those quick profit websites that are made every day.




Women's coats:
Even when you are shopping for winter clothing there really is no limit to the online world of women's clothing and apparel. Winter, or cold, season clothing and apparel is usually available in a variety of styles. Sweaters are well admired by women of all ages and any women, or girl, who receives a sweater as a gift will surely be joyful. Sweaters of all fabrics and styles are readily available when you find the right store website online. For women's coats, sweaters & winter clothing especially for women's coats you should visit FashionMia. For best possible cheap and cute clothes in online, you can visit FashionMia.

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16/9/2017 - Cool Bodycon Dresses That Compliment Every Body Type

Bodycon dresses are the vital part of any wardrobe for women who want to flaunt their curves graciously. These sexy bodycon dresses are favourites of many celebrities, fashionistas, worn on most red carpet events, loved by fashion bloggers etc.; gradually it is becoming a fashion trend for all fashion lovers.

If there are some thoughts that are going on in your mind that wearing a bodycon that is a perfect-fit, figure hugging will make you conscious then you are wrong. In fact bodycon dresses reflect a bold style statement that gives you self confidence. Well, it is believed that only women with perfect figure look hot, but that is not true. If you wear something that compliments your body and carry it with confidence, you would certainly look gorgeous.



Over accessorizing should be avoided
Use minimum accessories and let the outfit speak. The best accessory that you can use is your confidence that will make the entire outfit and look perfect. If you get self-conscious or seem to be insecure, crossing arms etc will spoil your look. Keep your head straight, flaunt what you have and carry the bold look with confidence.

Choose darker shades
In order to hide the problem areas, you can choose black colour. Darker shades help unmask creases, bumps and different folds in your body. You can choose some really good colours like brown, black, navy blue, gray deep maroons and purples and these darker shades make a great choice when you shop for bodycon dresses.

Adding a layer on top to look stylish
Well, you may try different women’s tops, but during summer season or warmer spring, you can go for kimonos to cover up your fitted dress. A trench coat or a blazer during the winters will help you look slim and will give your bodycon dress a more sophisticated and smart look.



Look through the details
Look for dresses with bold colours, busy prints, contrasting patterns can help you distract the attention from problem areas.

The basic idea behind wearing bodycon dresses is to make even curvy women feel confident. So, do not get conscious as these dresses are made for you to flaunt it confidently.

To shop for bodycon dresses there a lot of online shopping stores and you can also shop for a plenty of stylish bodycon dresses through an online store Fashionmia that understands the fashion better. 

See More : http://www.fashionmia.com/


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8/9/2017 - Finding the Best Jumpsuits to Look Better

Jumpsuits are the best, if you are looking for one piece dresses, which can help you cover the whole body. Jumpsuits are available for girls of all kind of figures, which make it a versatile dress. You can find various kinds of jumpsuits on the internet, and on shopping websites like FashionMia, at www.fashionmia.com.

Jumpsuits being versatile dresses, you can even purchase jumpsuits, if you are oversized. But, apart from jumpsuits, you can even find plus size tops for yourself, if you do not have any troubles with wearing a secondary dress apart from the top. But, jumpsuits are available in multiple varieties. If you have never used jumpsuits in the past, it might be difficult for you to choose the best jumpsuit, which can help you look good and get some comfort. Here is a brief guideline, which can help you to purchase jumpsuits from various stores.

Various Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits are generally made from cotton, and sometimes, you can even find jumpsuits, which are made from some heavy cloth, like jeans. There is no doubt, if you are looking for the best possible comfort, you should go for cotton jumpsuits, but, jumpsuits made from jeans also has its own standpoint, and you should keep some jumpsuits made from jeans, in your cupboard. Jumpsuits are not used only as an indoor wear, but, jumpsuits are also great as an outdoor wear, and you can visit various place wearing them. Jumpsuits made from jeans seem to have better quality, compared to that of cotton jumpsuits.

Designer Suits
Jumpsuits made from cotton have numerous fine prints, and you can even get floral prints on jumpsuits, made only from cotton. Jumpsuits are available in half-sleeved, full-sleeved, and sleeveless varieties. Choosing the most appropriate jumpsuits can be very difficult. If you are living in a hot and moist country, and you have a sensitive skin, you should always go for women's jumpsuits which are not sleeveless.

Purchasing Sleeveless Jumpsuits
But, if you really appreciate the design of a sleeveless jumpsuit, you can take some precautions, which can help you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can use hand stockings, which can cover the integral part of your hand from the sun. But, if you are planning to visit your office, then you will not face any kind of troubles in wearing sleeveless stockings. Backless jumpsuits are also available in websites like FashionMia, but you should only purchase such jumpsuits if you have no troubles in exposing your back, in front of the sun.

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30/8/2017 - Various Types of Tops and Bodycon Dresses

The tops are of utmost importance in a girl's life. A top can give you various looks which can change so basically atop can give you various kinds of look and structure to your whole body. The overall look can easily be changed by wearing a different top. The top is of very much importance. The styles are also very good. In the fashionmia various styles of tops and dresses are available.


Various types of tops are available in the website and at various shops and also online which is a very good. Different types of tops are available. This is also very good as the websites that are present can be operated very easily and nicely. The websites are very good and can be maintained very easily. The websites and various shops have got various types of tops which are very good.



Types of Tops
Starting from tank tops to the casual tops, everything is available online. Women’s tops online of different pattern and texture are available. Tops of colours such as the red, pink, black, blue etc look very good. Various kinds of casual tops are also available which look very good. Various types of tops are available like evening wear tops which are very good. The tops such as the ruffles ones are also available which look very pretty. You can change your entire look by just a single top. Various styles of tops or dresses look very good. The styles that are available on the website look very good. Many colours are available online nowadays that really look very good on anyone. The colours that are present will really suit any person.



Dazzle Up with the Bodycon Dresses
Different types of sexy bodycon dresses are available on the website and at various shops which is very good. The bodycon dresses that are available should be of a good quality. This is the most important thing that a dress must have. You should select your dress very nicely as the whole look depends on it when you will be wearing it. In the website and at some selected websites you get wide range of bodycon dresses online types which are really very good to see. The dresses that are available in the website fashionmia are very trendy and good. You can easily select your own dress depending on your choice, the dresses consists of various styles that is really very good thing. Halter necks are also available which look very good on anyone.

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