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$ Silversea launched in two the new year 2013 cruise trip volume (5/11/2012)
Super Deluxe sail group Silversea Cruises introduced two new process, features more than 2 hundred unique style sail liners.In 2013 January and November journey period soon after presenting, walk on seven continents, in excess of 450 destinations.
Silversea brand new 2013 year process album "2013 Voyages" new 2013 year journey record debut "2013 Voyages" the exquisite cover design might trigger imagination, sense of up to 176 pages, through 200 luxury travel experience.
This comprehensive secrets and techniques for show Silver Fog up, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Say and Silver Heart extraordinary journey, together with Silversea luxury noble land details be rigorous in one's needs.
Expedition journey album "Silversea Expeditions'2013 Voyages" a further new album "Silversea Expeditions' despatch journey is 2013 Voyages".The part of the past seems to be in Silversea principal sales brochure, this year it turn out to be independent 48 web page guide, set out the actual Silver Explorer voyage journey, including 28 across the north and south posts and the world's many remote destination despatch.
Silversea Europe and Asia-Pacific lead designer Steve Odell said: "our company for a top holiday getaway experience from many unique elements intertwined, and the new process album they reveal in which such elements, which include private boutique luxury crusie ship, luxurious facilities, meal and dining, highly processed by destination, tailor-made terrain exploration activity, customized suite is equipped with, together with pure fare or even inclusive price collection.
"Open Silversea2013 year journey e-book, readers will be the 1st to find out Silversea fashion images and engaging content become well-known, far and in close proximity to, its unique luxury style enjoy immediately noticeable.
The subsequent content like the "news" and the three component according to the regions chosen Global Cruise shore excursions, including referrals, onshore activities, deck program and general info.
And the inside back deal with also have your value list.2013 concentrate of year: Silver Say for up to 115 nights in 2013 2013 extraordinary voyage journey for up to 115 nights for the extraordinary journey from Losangeles to Citadel Lauderdale, terminate on Economy is shown 5th, by the company aboard the Silver Whisper moment introduced.
Cruise will be crossing the actual equator four times, along the tropical zone travel, viewing 28 countries with a total of Fladskrm destinations, guests might be on in a number of big ports and expend the night one night.
Global weather warm, passengers can engage in exploring the far land culture and lovely spots, including New Zealand, Australia remote Gulf Bank; picturesque destinations of French Polynesia; Oriental charming city including Hongkong, Bangkok and Singapore; and extraordinary West africa.
In addition, guests can also further journey; cruise on a trip around the world to end 3 days later arrived in Ny 15 days later in Nanan, Southampton dock.Royal journey Silversea prepared many between 34 in order to 54 days extensive cruise, so have plenty of time and love strong exploration to the placed the passenger experience extraordinary grand journey.
This exceptional journey with Silversea's full suite type top rated cruise luxury, or even to the different parts of the world extensive travel experience, as well as the traditional port go to will, will also go to new, distinctive unusual destinations -- is a motorboat go tianya.
South Pacific process from glamorous "city involving angels" out of Losangeles, go to Tahiti Bora Bora (Bora Bora) experience the moonlight beach, the island involving Kauai (Kauai) shoreline cliff Napali green returned to Losangeles, the guests might be on the 31 day's the journey to explore the Southern area Pacific fascinating lifestyle.
The Silver Spirit degree journey will become a separate school in Feb 1st (#5304).To devoid of Silversea2013 year journey e-book, please get the internet.silversea.com, then click "ORDER A BROCHURE", or phone toll-free hotline (877): 215-9986.

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$ Review Gong Li Zhang Ziyi red carpet in min (2/11/2012)
Gong Li Zhang Ziyi Gong Li ,the new and older sought the girl ,the purple carpet is gotten each coquettish, shine .Gong Li to show up at a variety of occasions prefer Chinese taste of clothing ,and Zhang Ziyi was more like international match .
Chinese style and Western feel of the PK ,who will earn ?(source :Sina ,IC ) Gong Li :Lime Green and golden collocation ,showed Gong Li noble and sophisticated temperament ,this year the popular golden green artful segmentation ,shape forming bellyband ,convey a fascinating Oriental flavor .
With ruby long earrings completed a red and green can not match, more the two types of Chinese traditional color use be just perfect .The beautiful index :?? ?relationresultEveryone carries a childhood most pure dream ,even after a years ,is still a new connection .
Great plans to begin .The beauty who would it be? Where is she about to go? Is to bring a beloved little horse to get shopping ?The lattice Folli Follie color suit , relationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :flip sense black bra and skirt with copy girl cute ,elegant ,altesse and hair and diamond necklace more complete Princess styling ,but white flowers and skirt embroidery side is not harmonious ,embellishment too rich .
To the complete shape cut fraction .The beautiful index :?? ?relationresultGong Li Gong Li :Asian taste very strong blue ,with auspicious cloud routine ,made Gong Li charm .Breasts chest exposed and sheer ,more attract sb.
,as well as a sharp contrast ,let Chinese female bracelets bold show .The waist from the adduction structure better to the waist appears charming .The attractive index :elationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :This is a Zhang Ziyi dress for success .
Concise / style ,with a big red highlights apparel goods of excessive quality ,chest lace flower decoration shows little lady sweet ,with fluffy curly hair and embellished earrings ,a retro Royal Beauty image immediately show .
The wonderful index :?? ?elationresultGong Li Gong Li :chest design superior bring out the proud Shuangfeng ,combined with China and taiwan pattern of flower pattern ,emitting a strong classical flavor ,the middle of the semicircular embroidery is significantly finer key ,high slit skirt, revealing legs ,striking and bit wear make Gong Liqiang the red carpet scene .
The beautiful index :?? ?relationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :likewise played a sexy brand ,but bright texture is line with a strong sense of black bouquets played many discount ,black collar due for you to flower in black is calm enough it had been relatively abrupt .
The key is ,too exposed models showed that the waist is fine ,but additionally exposed a regret .The beautiful index chart :?elationresultGong Li Gong Li :no longer young Gong Li will be striking leopard put ,is worthy of encouragement .
Black joined the ingenious shape of waist as well as abdomen compact ,more bring out of the chest the perfect curve ,very simple style and black stitching is worth pondering .The effect of good .The beautiful index chart :??relationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :a white dress shows Zhang Ziyi pure temperament ,normally trailing more expressive female gentle and wonderful, skirt with Sequin embellished more a sense of superior ,with romantic temperament curly hair ,would it be right? Like water lotus beautiful ?The beautiful index chart :?? ?elationresultGong Li Gong Li :Dragon and phoenix az patterns on black background more Chinese flavor ,with a halter style to show gals sexy ,Gong Li fully demonstrated the Chinese female adult charm ,but skirts seemed a little bit too tight, the waist to thigh curve is absolutely exposed .
The beautiful index chart :??relationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :Black tee with grey sun dress ,color segmentation is direct ,gives the entire feeling is not strong, too dark colors let Zhang Ziyi set out air and calm feeling ,but also the diminished youth and feminine beauty .
If a large particles from the diamond necklace should replace black can win back the scores .The beautiful index chart :??elationresultGong Li Gong Li : brown dress although a shiny diamond ornaments are a bit too simple and trendy .
Brown and yellow skin belongs to a color, will make the face area dark chen .Large stones in the waist ,hips to form folds ,but transverse lines became run counter to one consequence, big star temperament discount .
The beautiful index chart :?elationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :the black fold parcel out of the slender waist ,also achieved the breast effects ,gleaming fabrics and the lower system of the white ingenious transition to bust the general black oppression ,black and white classic lets Zhang Ziyi modern, noble ,on the purple carpet at the beautiful scenery immediately show .
The wonderful index :?relationresultGong Li Gong Li :deep blue light fabric is a good option ,but the front fold while played a thin waist effect, but far too trivial and messy lines let Gong Li noble feeling down ,disaster of a pen should be messy hair ,disheveled hair not merely does not show a female romantic ,give artificial not a spiritual sense of old .
The beautiful index chart :??relationresultZhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi :black tulle let black shape is definitely so boring ,pink ribbon adds lovely initial complex ,like a Bobbi doll sweet .Should the hair is then pasted ,the effect need to be better .

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$ GUCCI watch became the 2010 Shanghai International Film Festival official partne (1/11/2012)
June 21, The year 2010 Shanghai.Gucci watch the distinction to become the thirteenth Shanghai International Film Celebration (SIFF) official partner.To help celebrate the Shanghai Foreign Film Festival, Gucci watch especially in Gucci Golden Eagle Foreign Shopping Centre flagship store at the Elegant cocktail.
The thirteenth Shanghai Foreign Film Festival Professional Vice Secretary-General Ms.Timberland Earthkeepers Tang Lijun as the public representative to attend this festival celebration pursuits; at the same time, the thirteenth Shanghai International Film Celebration Audience Award Prizes (People's Choice Give) lucky draw happy also offered by a Gucci watch emerged for the exquisite reward -- Gucci wrist watch The year 2010 new series "G-Frame" the brand new watch.
Summer is on its way, in the which is probably the sun's hot season, because the fashion master, no matter how love style, quickly for their selection of the new contact equipment, allowed this to summer is a bit several!Perfume is a kind of personal emotional embodiment,Timberland Earthkeepers sales everyone should get one of their own perfume, scent fashion as a image for a woman is always invisible to improve temperament, appeal magic weapon, due to the fact sex goddess Marilyn Monroe a famous underwear Direct NO5 since birth, scent with elegant photograph win support one of several people.
Whether the Bulgarian went up, lavender in Provence, or perhaps the Mediterranean rosemary, a Nile delta of jasmine......This season for their selection of a good for perfume, fairly sweet aroma can take one to a fresh or affectionate or sweet remote fragrance dating.
Shanghai Foreign Film Festival (SIFF) not simply is China's largest motion picture festival in the world, along with the same reputation.The 2011 Shanghai International Film Celebration, coinciding with the Shanghai World Expo,Timberland Earthkeepers Men 6 Inch a artistic colorful programs, for film buffs and tourists to give more choice.
For a time period of 9 days (June 12, 2010 to twenty) at the thirteenth Shanghai Foreign Film Festival, audience number exceeds 300000.Simultaneously, the festival also in the competing motion picture number, exhibitors, shows, Film Forum quantity of participants as well as the much-anticipated purple carpet star, separate records, a history of a grand scene, many informative film competition.
Gucci group watches diamond jewelry marketing and devices manager Riccardo Soliani Brivio, addressing a thirteenth session from the Shanghai International Film Celebration Executive Vice Secretary-General Ms.buy Timberland Earthkeepers
Tang Lijun's Gucci group watches diamond jewelry Chinese division gm Mr Chaching The 2010 Shanghai Foreign Film Festival international judges, including the renowned Hollywood movie director plus producer Johnwoo (John Woo) and the judges from the other six divorce judges, and attend a festival part of super stars were obtained by simply Gucci watch because "G-Frame" and "G-Timeless" series of innovative watches.
? Gucci party watches jewelry Chief executive officer Michele Sofisti said: "Gucci in the nearly ninety years of brand name history, along with the world film industry closely,Timberland Earthkeepers Men Casual at this year's Cannes Picture Festival has been thoroughly embodied.
Therefore, we are very happy to continue on this tradition -- was crowned the thirteenth Shanghai International Picture Festival's official partners.To the 2010 Shanghai International Picture Festival's size and linked activities, this will appreciably improve Gucci view play a major role in the Asian domestic market visibility, but also in the international film industry exceptional exposure opportunity.
"? thirteenth session of the Shanghai Foreign Film Festival Professional Vice Secretary-General Ms. Tang Lijun (left) plus Gucci group watches jewelry marketing plus communications manager Riccardo Soliani Mr.
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$ Small cardigan + lace doll dress, ladies dress with win (1/11/2012)
Comfort point trend knit cardigan, full Shibo point routine design can play the effects of significantly slender, at the same time look adorable cute. Black and white beating with simple,clarisonic brush heads relaxed version and the college wind collar pattern for dress feeling of sublimation, behind one a person vertical pearl untrue button design, even though the single wear because it's not monotonous, version type is very large very comfortable, worn out alone or inside the ride is a good selection.
Billow point hit coloring chiffon skirt paper, structure, blue and red-colored polka dot hit coloring, color really,clarisonic brush quite visual impact.Away from the single product simply a simple white jacket and cardigan is very eye-catching.
Comparison of Mori girl breath a new pink sweater, outfits edge portion has little wrinkled while using design sense, each and every button is a woman's fan son Sen, caring patchwork part of the small series small buttons usually are embroidered by hand, this details a sweater.
Comfort point trend knit cardigan, full Shibo point routine design can play the effects of significantly slender, at the same time look adorable cute.A section of vivid color dot dress,clarisonic mia 2 clarisonic mia visual feeling, single dress design and style is very good with.
Western style Beige wide lace top dress, lace, bow, pearl took these types of exquisite details & fairly sweet, sweet index Simply no.1.Can be used as one particular product, also can be continuously wear design, a very high degree of utility.
With a new pink heart patchwork Mori woman sweaters, sweet experiencing show.Autumn will be the season of cardigan sweater, cardigan always easy to display this charm of women,clarisonic brush while using black lace cardigan suddenly let leisure with modeling agile, grow charm troops, which is the lace and also knitted splicing, design more one more level, more female.
Stripes single device is each autumn around essential, but coloring is also important, nowhere and white 2 colors cool coloring easy collocation, micro baseball bat and hooded design is far more stylish,clarisonic brush heads with a very simple dress, can break down, walk, play playing golf what the, have experiencing.
Black and white beating with simple, relaxed version and the college wind collar pattern for dress feeling of sublimation, behind one a person vertical pearl untrue button design, even though the single wear because it's not monotonous, version type is very large very comfortable, worn out alone or inside the ride is a good selection.
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