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Beijing Tours

Li Yuan Theatre

10:11, 11/7/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
Li Yuan Theatre is among one of the most favored theatres in Beijing, and it may also be well-known for that Peking opera show. Li Yuan Theatre is located in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel. broadly regarded for that Peking Opera show, Li Yuan Theatre in Beijing is maintained by the Beijing Opera Theatre of the city. This Beijing artwork hall is a great platform for performers to display their talent. When you vacation to Beijing, you couldnít miss to ascertain the well-known Peking opera display at Li Yuan Theatre. While seeing the Peking Opera display by well-known artists, you will really feel full of excitement. You also can taste the well-known Chinese tea at Li Yuan Theatre when you appreciate the Peking opera show. You can see the opera display at the performance hall of Li Yuan Theatre Beijing. You can also buy Beijing opera costumes, its props, Chinese painting, calligraphies and tapes. To possess a try for a brand new opera costumes will make you really feel as an opera display artist. However, if you see the Peking opera display in Li Yuan Theatre, we believe that you will possess a extremely memorable travel.You will really feel the both extensive and profound concerning the Chinese culture in accordance with the Peking opera show.

Lingjing Hutong

10:06, 11/7/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
Lingjing Hutong is located from the center of Xicheng District, Beijing. Lingjing Hutong lies between Fuyou road from the east and Xidan North road from the west. Actually, Lingjing Hutong was built in 1471 as a Taoist temple acknowledged as Lingjing Palace throughout the Ming Dynasty. appropriate after Emperor Zhu Diís ascending to the throne and moving the money to Beijing, Emperor Zhu Di dreamed how the two immortals sent him a life-saving miracle cure when he was sick. Miraculously, he experienced recovered upon waking up. He was so happy that he ordered the making of Lingjing Palace alongside the imperial for the worship belonging to the two immortals. Therefore, each and every and every Spring Festival, winter solstice and birthdays, the emperorís court would mail officials to Lingjing Palace to pray and give many thanks to the two immortals. Nowadays, awesome modifications have used place in Lingjing Hutong. Rows of residential structures have risen on either side as well as the original narrow lane has become a wide road forming part of numerous bus routes. It is now about 32.18 meters at its widest point, in fact a street.

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Li Yuan Theatre
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