Yemen war killed 15 million people homeless

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Yemen, the military said in a statement issued on 10, Yemen, government forces launched against Shiite rebels in the northern region, a new series of attacks, insurgents

destroyed a large UGG number of vehicles and caves.

According to the Associated Press, Yemen civil war, which lasts five years, the cause of Shiite tribes, which the government of Yemen discriminate against them, ignoring

their interests. They also accused the UGG government of the Sunni fundamentalist hard-liners who control, are Shiites as heretics ugg

classic tall boots.

Yemen civil war escalated, exacerbating fears of people, fearing anarchy in Yemen continued to provide a breeding ground for terrorism. "Base" organization of training your

eyes on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, a piece of land, hoping to Yemen, poor life, widespread poverty of the country to his new base.

Aid organizations said the brutality of the rebel war has caused a serious humanitarian crisis, they are unable to send relief supplies in the north of Yemen, a poor area.

Since the outbreak of civil war in 2004 led to a postponement 150.000 Yemenis. The recent rebellion, which caused 35 thousand people to flee their homes.

The official Yemeni Men's Ugg Boots news agency Saba reported that on 10, Yemen, on the 9th night, a night attack on government troops in the northern mountain Heartland of

anti-government militants, killing 17 militants control the government. UGGS  4 combat fighters died trying to escape the government


Saudi Arabia ugg classic tall supported the rebels accused the government of Yemen, Yemeni government is condemned Iran's covert support for ugg boots on sale the fight

against government forces. However, these allegations have not been confirmed.

09:09 - 14/9/2009

Jackson changed the memory Vienna concert held in London canceled

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Michael Jackson at 11 Organizers of the concert memory emergency press conference held in Vienna, scheduled for publication on 26 September Vienna, Sch?nbrunn Palace in

Jackson Memorial concert canceled and replaced in June 2010 in London.

Gindl concert organizer told a press conference organized by one of the reasons to give up time for preparation is too short, and he also with Austria, some media reports

expressed sheepskin ugg boots dissatisfaction, saying that some reports of certain "tells about the place of no respect." He said that would be the end of this year, held a

press conference to introduce The concert will be held in London, information including the list of upcoming artists of the stage.

Gindl also announced that tickets for the concert in ugg Australia  London will be on sale as early as December this year. Vienna has

canceled a concert tickets sold will also be a full refund of the ticket-holders such as the London concert tickets may be ordered again to use the benefits.

Michael Jackson Ugg Classic Short Boots Jie Er Gege Meien Jackson on the same day news conference, said: "I want to be responsible for the fans." He also stressed that

London is the Jackson Memorial concert organized by the "ideal".

Jackson Memorial concert at 8 This month, organizers announced in Vienna Sch?nbrunn Palace in Vienna, a concert organized by the Austrian media scene for many singers from

the preliminary report. Recently announced the news that the original scene that would be Chris Brown and UGG Mary J. · Blitch also stated that it did not come to Vienna.

11 Prior, deputy mayor of Vienna, Brauner told the media that the government of Vienna decided to abandon the concert to celebrate the contribution of Jackson.

Brauner confirmed to the media, because nowadays the situation has changed, we will complete the activities of the organizers of the negotiations ", the original will not be

ready to pay a sponsorship. Brauner announced on the 8th Vienna, this concert will contribute EUR 600.000.

Vienna Chamber of Commerce President John grams also ugg boots  further explained that the concert organizers said, will not be the

world's "Top Star" to attend the concert, ugg classic tall boots it is expected that the concert was able to produce 35 million of revenue in Vienna, but the current seems

that the possibility does not seem to exist, the situation has radically changed.

09:09 - 14/9/2009

Barack Obama in the memory of the Pentagon, "9.11" victims

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United States President Barack Obama to 11 participated in the Pentagon's "9.11" 8 anniversary speech mourning the victims.

Morning, including the "9.11" accident survivors, families of the victims and government officials, including more than 500 people attended commemorative ceremonies at the

Pentagon. UGGS In his speech, Obama said that despite the last 8 years, but "9.11" incident to bring the pain for Americans still may not be removed. He said that on that

day not only to ugg boots on sale mourn the victims, to remember the victims of the soldiers in the war on terrorism, but also a firm

resolution to fight terrorists, defend the country.

8:46 local time, ugg boots on sale First Lady Michelle Obama and more than 150 officials in the White House lead the ceremony in silence, began anniversary of the date of

the National "9.11" activity. 8 years ago, the moment the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center in New York.

Obama is also the date of publication of the New York Daily News published an article, said he continues to fight against the creation of "9.11" terrorist activities. Vice

President Biden in the World Trade Center in New York presented a wreath. "9.11" incident in another ugg sundance crash site - Shanksville, Pa., will be also be the day the

victims read out a list of other cheap ugg boots  events.

September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four U.S. airlines, the New York World Trade Center and Pentagon ugg boots sale terrorist attacks, killing nearly 3,000 people were

killed. This is American history, major terrorist attacks.

09:05 - 14/9/2009

UNIFIL in Lebanon and called on Israel to exercise maximum restraint

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United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for 11 days of fighting called the Lebanon and Israel to maintain "maximum restraint" in order to prevent further escalation

of the conflict.

15:45 local time on 11 of being in Lebanon, in northern Israel near the southern city of tire released after two  ugg boots uk rocket attacks, Israeli artillery fire.

UNIFIL UGGS spokesman Yasmin On Zani Boyi said in ugg shoes a statement that UNIFIL has received no reports of victims. UNIFIL is

currently working with Lebanon-Israel communications, urged both sides to the maximum restraint, to cease hostilities and to avoid further deterioration of the situation.

Boyizhani said that UNIFIL immediately launched an investigation into the incident. There is currently no group claimed Men's Ugg Boots responsibility for firing rockets at

Israel is responsible for the event.

UN Secretary General Special Representative in Lebanon, Michael Williams, the recently resigned prime minister said after meeting with Saad Hariri, a second exchange of fire

"very serious", urged both sides to exercise restraint.

The official news agency in Lebanon reported that UGG Classic the fire stopped, return to peace in south Lebanon, Israeli planes, but

still hovering in the border area. At the same time, UNIFIL in the south coast of Lebanon adopted strict security ugg boots measures.

09:05 - 14/9/2009

Declassified documents said that the United Kingdom and France for their own safety have been hard to prevent the unification of Germany

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According to the British "Times" and "Daily Mail, 11 September reported that exposure of a few days ago the former Soviet Union and foreign leaders of the Politburo

conversation log Ugg Classic Cardy Boots files show that Germany has two months before the Berlin Wall was demolished, the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

clear then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said that the British and Western European countries do not want the reunification of Germany, and she hoped that Soviet leaders

will seek to prevent ugg sale.

These hawkish comments Thatcher has been Women's Ugg Boots retained in the official documents of the

Kremlin, a copy of this record has been publicly in London. Already in 1991, Gorbachev resigned, the National Archives copies of some documents written in Moscow on his

private foundations. Several years ago, in which the Foundation is carrying out research Paweiersi Troughton young writers that these records are very important historical

significance. So I copied more than 1,000 copies of the Politburo and dialogue with foreign leaders manuscripts, brought to London to continue their studies cheap ugg boots.

These transcripts participate in the meetings of the Politburo and the talks are confidential foreign leaders and a detailed discussion of the British and French tried to

prevent the reunification of Germany and of incitement against the Soviet union for details: 1989 in Moscow, Mikhail Gorbachev, the extraordinary meeting of Margaret

Thatcher, said: "We do not want to see a united Germany, which lead to changes in post-war borders. will never allow it, because it undermines the stability of the entire

world, may pose a threat to our security. "

She also found that lack of stability in Western Europe and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact are not compatible with Western interests. She acknowledged that Eastern Europe

is experiencing great changes, but stressed that Western Europe is not a communist-oriented, but it will not do things that jeopardize the security of the Soviet Union.

Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, said U.S. President George W. Bush does not want to do the Russians, the threat to its security.

Even in 1990, Margaret Thatcher, still trying to delay the reunification of Germany. She said: "I think that the unification of Germany will require a long transition

period. All European countries are more or less attention to this issue, not Wangliaoshishui launched two world wars. In spite of the past 20 years, but Margaret Thatcher's

comments continue to produce many controversy, said the words of the official documents are completely different matters.

Margaret Thatcher is not the only one who worries about the situation in Berlin. Former French president Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Attali special adviser to Mikhail

Gorbachev met with senior colleagues met in Kiev. Attali said that Moscow denied involvement in East Affairs, Ugg Classic Cardy the French leadership is very vague, and

questions whether the former Soviet Union, the  Men's Ugg Boots reunification of Germany and plan to live in

peace. Such speculation in Western Europe, causing more panic. Atari explained that: "The French do not want the reunification of Germany, and knowing that it will be

inevitable. Five months after the Berlin Wall was torn down, Attali said that the unification of Germany in France, left the political nightmare. Mitterrand  ugg boots uk

said that he said:" If unification of Germany, to fly to Mars to live. "

09:01 - 14/9/2009

Iran's supreme leader has confirmed that the rights of the atomic

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11, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran must insist on nuclear rights.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran University on the day of prayer Friday said that Iran must comply with that, including nuclear rights, including all rights, if the

abandonment of these rights has an impact on the stability of the Islamic regime and social stability ugg boots.

Khamenei also warned the domestic Ugg Classic Cardy Boots  opposition, do not engage in conflict with

fundamental principles of the Islamic regime and jeopardizing social security. He said that among the various political parties may have different opinions, but can not

develop in a Women's Ugg Boots confrontation.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on the 9th formally to the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, the six countries ambassador in Iran, and

representatives of Iran a package of proposals on international issues.

Iranian President Mahmoud - 7, Ahmadinejad said Iran was prepared with the above-mentioned six countries on the challenges and problems facing the world "fair and logical"

conversations. As in April this year, six nation nuclear talks about invitations response, Iran is ready to a new package of proposals. But he repeated that Iran is not its

legitimate buy uggs nuclear rights in any discussion.

United States of America under the leadership of the West accuse Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons, and repeatedly press the UN Security Council sanctions

resolutions presented. U.S. President Obama Ugg Classic Short Boots also warned that if Iran does not

accept the invitation to negotiate, it will face further sanctions. The Iranian government has repeatedly stressed that the peaceful use of nuclear energy  Ugg Classic Cardy

Boots is their legitimate rights.

08:56 - 14/9/2009

Uganda riots killed at least four people killed and wounded more than 40

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11, confirmed that the Government of Uganda, with 10, the start of the riots in the capital region's 11, killing at least four people were killed and another 40 people were


Uganda Minister of Information masko told a news conference, said four people were killed in riots, the government Ugg Classic Cardy for an investigation. Previously, local

media reported that at least 10 people died in riots.

Uganda's Capital Region on 10 In the afternoon, large-scale riots and demonstrations in more than set up blockades on major roads in the tire burning, demonstrations can

quickly turn into the combustion of vandalism, some demonstrators attacked passersby and police, and burnt vehicles and shops, several police posts had also been hit
buy ugg.

Police in the army, supported ugg sundance boots by a crowd of demonstrators fired tear gas, the military will send a proof armored vehicles patrolled the streets, warning

shot in the air. In the evening of 11 in the capital region, transportation and order returned to normal, but most shops in the city continue to go bankrupt.

The demonstration was in the traditional kingdoms of Buganda and the differences between the Ukrainian government. Buganda King Mwiinga - Mute Bei II, scheduled for 12 to 45

km east of the capital Kayunga Administrative Region to participate in youth activities, but the government's proposal to cancel his trip, citing security concerns, in block

10, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom in this field. Local radio reported that police arrested the Prime Minister of the Kingdom. News, Buganda Kingdom of supporters took to

the street demonstrations.

Uganda Police Commissioner Kay Hula at the conference warned that if the demonstrators continued to launch attack on police, the police will be returned fire. Mute Bei II,

issued a statement Men's Ugg Boots  in the evening 11, announced an appeal to participate in 12 activities.

In addition, over the past two days, was charged with four local radio station for "inciting violence" by the Government ordered off the air.

Buganda Kingdom was built in the late nineteenth 14th, where the present capital of central Uganda. In 1890 the British colonists invaded the Buganda will turn it into a

protectorate, and to become the Province of Uganda. In 1966 the Kingdom of Uganda, Milton Obote regime, abolish the system, before in 1993, current President Yoweri Museveni

to restore the ugg sundance boots  kingdom within four.

Traditional kingdom can maintain a full cabinet, but only as a cultural existence of the Kingdom does not participate in ugg boots on sale  politics. In recent years,

between central government and the Kingdom of whether the implementation of agrarian reform, federalism and other issues often friction, relations are strained ugg boots.

08:54 - 14/9/2009

United States space agency lunar probe to determine the places hit

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NASA announced on 11, the Council has chosen the lunar south pole region, Kai Busi bottom, as the U.S. lunar probe moon - Moon Hang detection and satellite observation at

the final point UGG of collision.

United States Agency for Space and Observation Sensing Satellite Lunar pit chief project scientist, said Anthony Colaprete same day, the scientists use multiple detectors in

order to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of candidates for lunar observation point of impact conditions, such as observation of the dust hit the Earth's brightness, the

existence of large stones ugg classic tall boots and eventually elected Kai Busi pit moon.

According to the introduction Colaprete, pit observations of the moon and a satellite sensor operates nearly 5.6 million miles (1 mile approximately 1.6 km), is currently in

good condition. This will be the United States Eastern Standard Time at 7:30 9 October (Beijing at 19:30 9 October) hit the moon to find the instructions there is ice on the


United States 2 lunar probe - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Lunar Observation and Sensing Satellite Hang on 18 Women's Ugg Boots June was launched to begin searching

for a moon trip. This is the United States' return to the Moon, "The first step in the strategic plan will be U.S. manned lunar research as well as to explore the solar

system in order to ensure valid data.

Observation and Sensing Satellite Lunar pit by a spacecraft in Rye and Centaur rockets (that is, "Atlas -5" rockets in the ugg boots uk second stage), the latter will be the

first time they came on. Watch who hit space will be taken pictures, and Ugg sheepskin boots then flew over the event moved the dust,

so that carried a spectrometer to analyze the composition of the dust. 4 minutes later, the probe will begin to hit those who watch on the road to implementation will be

shot with the camera.  Ugg Classic Cardy Meanwhile, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, ground and in-orbit telescope will also hit on both comments.

08:51 - 14/9/2009

Sarkozy said that France will continue to troops in Afghanistan

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 11, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said France will continue its troops in Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism.

Sarkozy, the same day this month to Geoana to participate in two French soldiers killed in Afghanistan, the funeral ceremony. Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to two families of

the victims and condolences. ugg saleHe said that only eight years ago, the same day, September 11, 2001, rooted in Afghanistan, "base"

of ugg cardy participants from New York and Washington terrorist attacks. In subsequent years, many cities in the world, became the target of terrorist attacks.

Sarkozy said that from 2001 onwards in France under the chairmanship of the UN and NATO presence in Afghanistan, which aims to fight against terrorist organizations, to help

its people ugg boots sale rebuild their homes. He said that if France hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, it killed two soldiers and 29 French soldiers sacrifice is


Currently, the French in Afghanistan, deployed a total of about 3,000 troops last year in August, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in the

Afghan capital, Kabul, near the ambush by the Taliban ugg boots sale militants, killing 10 French soldiers killed 21 people were

injured. The Ugg Classic Cardy Boots year of foreign forces in Afghanistan suffered the worst victims of the attack, French public opinion started to question the policy of

government troops in UGG Afghanistan.

08:50 - 14/9/2009

The EU stated that developing countries need to tackle climate change 10 years to one trillion eurosv

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The EU pointed out that global warming and climate change has brought a huge impact on the world to respond to this problem, developing countries have over the next 10

years, one trillion euros.

According to the Saudi Al-Hayat "reported today that the European Commission published a report that global warming and climate change caused by the crisis had a huge impact

on countries, especially ugg boots ukin developing countries ugg Australia depend on agriculture to a more serious over the next 10

years, developing countries in climate change requires a one trillion euros. Announced that the EU has 27 Member States, some of the report prepared by the experts will be

submitted to the meeting scheduled for October EU summit, the meeting approved the formal submission later this year in December in Copenhagen, Denmark, the "United Nations

Framework Convention on Climate Change" Article 15 Meeting of the Parties to this meeting as a basis for creating a resolution in order to promote global action on

adaptation to climate change.

Reported that poor countries need huge ugg shoes financial resources, for which proposes the creation of public fund by the rich countries and multinational corporations to

cooperate. Europe's share should be 22 billion to 55 billion euros, 38 billion contribution to the international energy market, developing and emerging economies to kick 30

billion to participate buy ugg in climate change plans in the private sector in the "Kyoto Protocol" after 2012 should bear the 100 billion euros. The EU report said that

the establishment of an international fund to address climate change should be the organization of the rich countries, especially in the United States support.

UNCTAD had also issued a report that a sharp warming and a ugg cardy reduction of precipitation is

45% of industrial pollution and toxic gases caused the end of the world's industrialized countries should take responsibility for global warming if we do not take effective

action, world economic crisis, new and more serious crisis is again not occurred. The report stresses that the southern hemisphere, particularly in the Mediterranean region,

Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean would be a drastic reduction ugg cardy in rainfall, while the Arab world will have no impact on global warming,the region most


08:48 - 14/9/2009

Obama described health care reform goal: people enjoy medical insurance

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United States President Barack Obama has joint session of Congress on Medicare reform and issued a 45-minute speech. He believes that the U.S. health insurance "status quo

is unacceptable" and said he was not "the first president of a health care reform advocates, but determined to be the last one."

So that everyone can enjoy medical insurance

Obama's health care reform has been one of the objectives is to give health insurance to provide a sense of security, which will through the implementation of strict

legislation governing insurance companies. Obama said that the new plan will only make the current health insurance program with flying colors. Because in the new reform

program, the insurance company because the insured has a history of past refused payment, or illness due to the insured to cancel its insurance plan or to restrict their

coverage are illegal. The amount of patients at their own expense will be limited, because "no one should go bankrupt because of illness."

Medicare reform, the objectives of the two is to give free insurance to provide health insurance. The new Medicare program requires that each person has insurance, which is

right and a responsibility. For people who do not have health insurance, the government will create a new insurance market for individuals and small businesses to a

competitive price to buy health insurance, and will not change jobs because of unemployment or loss of insurance. If individuals and small businesses can not afford the

current minimum price insurance, the government will provide tax credits in accordance with the amount needed. The system will be forming in 2013.

Medicare reform, the vast majority of funds come from savings

To reduce the American families, businesses and government health care costs rising faster than Obama's third goal of Medicare reform. Medicare reform is likely to increase

the fiscal deficit, which many people fear that the conservatives within the Democratic Party is also a key reason to oppose reform.

Barack Obama on the 9th of its reform program by the price tag affixed to 10-year 900 billion U.S. dollars. He also vowed that the bill both now and in the future, it would

not for the government's budget deficit to increase even 10 cents, Medicare reform, most of the money will come from the current Medicare system to reduce waste and misuse

of funds, Other costs come from the pharmaceutical and insurance taxes. Obama said that if the growth of medical costs can be reduced 1% per year. In the long run can be

reduced by 4 trillion-dollar budget deficit.

Public Choice is not a government takeover

Obama's health care reform the focus of controversy is to establish a government-led public insurance companies, Barack Obama think that this is the introduction of

competition and to reduce health insurance costs of the key. Opponents say government-led insurance companies will take advantage of the pricing advantage will eventually

private companies out of the market, which means that the government take over health insurance markets, and eventually became a British-style universal health insurance.

Polls show that the mainstream American public opinion against the British health-care model did not agree. Obama said to provide a non-profit insurance companies for the

purpose of the public, mainly in order to prevent abuses of private insurance companies, their clients only for those without insurance.

As liberals and conservatives within the Democratic Party in reform, there are serious differences between the cost of the issue, Congress failed to leave before the August

vote on the motion, so that Republicans get a chance to leave a big noise about the use of re-awakened the American people the right to choose, the cost burden concerns

about issues such as almost to make Barack Obama's public support for health insurance reform program reversed.

In his speech, Obama despite a strongly worded, but still said the next few weeks, we open the door to listen to any serious proposals. Clinton 16 years ago, things are very

different today, Barack Obama opposed Medicare reform, people are not opposed to reform itself, but only the content and scale of the reform raised objections, so Obama's

attitude in practice is a compromise between the two parties set aside space.

08:46 - 14/9/2009

The United States warning that terrorist attacks in India may be

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Page 12, the U.S. State Department issued travel warnings that India is about to begin a series of festivals, including the Hindu festival of God, Islam, like al-Fitr and

Chinese New Year's "Festival of Lights" and so on, but it also may lead to the terrorists took the opportunity to attack.

According to "Central News Agency" report, the U.S. State Department, "Police Magazine" the statement warned that during this period also coincides with "9.11" terrorist

attacks around the U.S. national tour to India should be careful to keep a low profile.

Statements and in November last year in Mumbai, India's financial hub of the attack that occurred as an example to point out that there are some Americans have been killed.

The statement said: "hotels and public places, especially attractive terrorist target."

State Department urged U.S. citizens travel to India, it is necessary awareness and proper safety precautions and pay attention to media news reports, visit religious

temples, choose the hotel restaurant or access to entertainment, we should consider the local security situation.

The statement said that the "warning" valid until October 30 deadline.

08:43 - 14/9/2009

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