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silver engagement rings

Basel Omega Gemstone silver engagement rings

05:15, 2/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Omega landmark. Was born 160 years ago, "Omega" has been derived as a synonym for excellence and innovation. Since 1848, we are showing the world the extraordinary treasures of Gemstone jewelry and sports timing, space exploration, precision technology and product design to create a new history.   OMEGA has an unparalleled legendary history: the conquest of space, dive deep, long-term cooperation with the Olympic Games , the capsule were a lot of the timing of the officially recognized awards, as well as to actively participate in the recent Solar Impulse (SolarImpulse) projects, and collaborative R & D orbiting the planet solar-powered aircraft.   Had a glorious history, we feel the glory. At the same time, we more carefully to challenge themselves and continued to emerge in the field of top Gemstone jewelry. Omega coaxial escapement is nearly 250 years, the first new practicality of escapement, 2007, Omega released a new self-produced movement is more optimized coaxial escapement device. Omega movement of industrial-scale production capabilities to consolidate the lofty status of Omega in the top area in the tab. The balance of the silicon material used in some of the new Gemstone silver engagement rings Itabashi fully illustrated Omega's innovation revolution is deep into the field of mechanical Gemstone jewelrymaking.    Basel Gemstone jewelry Fair this year, we will have a grand release of many new Gemstone jewelry highlight of Omega's Gemstone jewelrymaking tradition and pioneer spirit of innovation. Omega adhering to the highest standards of modern Gemstone jewelrymaking technology, manufacturing a Gemstone jewelry works embodies the glory and glorious history of achievements, has been traced back to distant 1848. Omega "Alaska Project"   Summary of lunar tables features: red-coated aluminum outer case - resistance to extreme temperatures in the   early 1970s, Omega "Alaska Plan" (AlaskaProject) group started a unique Omega Speedmaster Moon table for R & D the outer case, so that it can withstand extreme temperatures of outer space, the impact of the Gemstone silver engagement rings. At the same time, NASA is considering to explore the feasibility of the moon dark side, Omega will have to ensure that the Speedmaster Moon table under the extreme temperatures of space to run still accurate.    Not surprisingly, NASA announced after the fact: the performance of the Omega Speedmaster Gemstone jewelry, as always, perfect. It meet all the needs of the astronauts. The great achievements of the Omega Speedmaster "Alaska Project" - with the appearance of the red-coated ring prototype still exists in the world.   Witness the moon landing history classic of the auction price of 64,900 Swiss francs at auction in April 2007 specifically for the Omega held OMEGAmania theme.   Today, Omega followed the great name of "Alaska Project", a grand release of the Speedmaster "Alaska Project" engraved edition Gemstone silver engagement rings, limited release of 1,970 gold. Brave partners of the human challenges of space limit, the Omega Speedmaster NASA various stringent test, with the human flying in space to operate in extreme temperature range between -148 C to 260 C, 400 degrees accurate and correct.   Omega Speedmaster "Alaska Project" Gemstone silver engagement rings configuration Omega 1861 movement used in the lunar tables. The manual winding mechanism to provide 45 hours of power reserve.   Stainless steel case diameter 42mm, matte glossy. Bezel with a black aluminum ring with the speedometer. The central hour and minute hands in the white dial, small seconds at 9 o'clock. The white surface of the Gemstone jewelry to provide a high degree of temperature reflection coefficient. The central chronograph seconds hand to eye-catching red. 30 minute time-dial at 3 o'clock, 12 hours time-dial at 6 o'clock, the end of the pointer are the big triangle, known as the Apollo pointer.

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Basel Omega Gemstone silver engagement rings


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