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"Swallow, my brother made sworn in before his father,wow power leveling, certainly not let you be a little hard,runescape gold, you study well and that is my biggest support! Go learn it!" I worried that I can not stand this darling baby The cry and let go,ffxiv power leveling, and quickly a cut off the telephone, listening to the microphones in blind sound came,metin2 yang, my heart burst of colic. - Swallow full Mingjiao Xiao Yan language, she is the daughter of my father's comrade in arms, his father in an operation in order to cover my dad had been shot with bullets claimed the life of evil, and her mother shortly after receiving the sad news sad and depressed because of over-ended, leaving only four years old her. My father to take care of her, and then retired early, and from this she is the heart of our family,maple story mesos, baby! Four years ago my father died, and my mother ... ... Well, not that she had! In the end she and I became this world Dependence of a brother and sister, she also became the world I been fighting, fighting the power! According to her results, well into the BJ University,ffxiv gil, QH University that was to be expected, but according to my meager income, in order lobbied for tuition, I am afraid I have to leave the set of his father sold the old house Caixing ah !

",aion power leveling;Ha ha! It seems I have only dry sales expertise lies, ah!" Had to deal with the immediate crisis, my college's outstanding student BJ only to candidates who salesman, ah! - Anyway, first few months of living expenses to earn the most urgent thing now is ah!

I picked up my bag and was about to buy a lunch going to the opposite, when a silver convertible sports car like a lightning washed over. Drag racing my heart is criticizing the guy, his eyes glance, suddenly frightened soul flying outside!

"Do not!" I shouted, to fling out his bag and rushed out on!

"Touch!" The clap of thunder in a clear day,maple story mesos, a shadow fly out the night ... ...

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Looking at her mature and intellectual smile, listening to her saying my nickname,maplestory mesos, my heart a warm, slightly washed her a nod, ",aion power leveling;Thank you! A chance I'll go.",runescape accounts; Finish,ffxiv power leveling, gently closed the door left!

"I know! I said to him. Rest assured ... ..." relating to the moment in the door, I heard her gentle voice behind rang.

Listening to the door of the sound, I could not help to stop the steps that follow do not know when can I see this beautiful, mature woman, perhaps that is today one another farewell ... ...

"How do you it? Do Wen Xuan Annotated by it?",metin2 yang; Shook his head and his own thoughts aside, patted around the package. - CEOs accountable for the work done themselves be worthy of him,aion power leveling, which became under his a bum it!

Out of the luxury of government office buildings, the midday summer sun is so bright,wow power leveling, I could not help but squint at the eyes, breathing hot air, but my mind is one of the cold! Think of their own experience that bad luck, I received the wallet card goes on, I can not make their own luck to hurt those who really care about me! But - do I really that unlucky? Every pay and hard work has finally ended in bankruptcy you! ? No! I never let the fate of Don fate far to master! Clenched fist,world of warcraft gold, I try my hardest to calm her feelings!

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Or Tingting good! She saw me in the following have started rolling his eyes,aion kinah, and immediately the guys pull up tight to me Chuibei,maplestory mesos, Fu Xiong, giving me Daolebeishui ... ...

She looked so soft serve me, I could not help but play this character looked serious and lively, forceful style of the northeastern girl,tera online gold, "Ting Ting, thank you!"

Hear my words,wow power leveling, Tingting Meng's body froze, then a handsome face was flushed, "Xie what ah? To thank also the people ... ..."

",wow power leveling;To thank also the people favors from ah!" He Yonghao 32 guys in the side of the soulful looked at each other ",cheapest wow gold;brother rice balls, you're from the Nujia it!"

",aion power leveling;I Peipei Pei! You guys really a dog bark ah!" By two nasty guys an interrupt,maple story mesos, there is no sudden warm feeling, and infuriated Tingting grab a book began to recover the two guys fighting over the house ... ...

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",metin2 yang;Ha ha! I finally succeeded! The world really have another bit plane! You see me!?" A terrible man's voice in a dark room rang.

This is an underground chamber,aion power leveling, the floor of a pentagonal white formation is distributed with strange light,runescape accounts, a sign of a strange star which is constantly flashing, bustling scenes constantly switching the screen on the inside, surrounded by several children Arm issued by the thickness of Juzhu Mars also point to the five-star absorption erect middle!

Staring at that magnificent scene, a gray-haired, haggard look of old thrilled his mouth to himself: ",dofus kamas;So really for some of the world there is a separate world,tera online gold, ah! Whining!" think of excitement Department,dofus kamas, the old man could not help but cry.

As he is obsessed with looking at five-pointed star in the screen and Mount constant laments and sighs, the chamber of the iron gate on a sudden there was a big white cross,aion power leveling, a man's voice rang cold outside,wow power leveling, " Herlow, where this time I see you escape? "

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When the meeting room after the door was shut, the woman surnamed Fan suddenly reveal a strong woman of shrewd and powerful shopping centers: the figures in the list icy, her shopping on the situation in recent months made a simple explanation and analysis, let the company's vice president of Congratulation to announce some changes in the configuration of staff positions, while head of the company's financial manager Wang announced a number of staff incentives and penalties ... ...

Listening to them in the above article announced a policy, the following staff silent around me, I carefully thought these two days to the knowledge, looking around these conscientious fellow,dofus kamas, and I seem to see that his previous bankruptcy laid-off companion, heart hesitating.

",aion power leveling;Damn,maple story mesos, neglecting the things I can not make it!",aion kinah; I stood up for a bite, ",aion power leveling;I can tell you some suggestions?"

Meng's from the corner to see me take out the old He suddenly surprised a moment and immediately pleased me want to cry,wow power leveling, but I was winking at him quietly. As Lao Jianghu where he does not know what I mean ah! Cleared his throat, "Staff have any suggestions, as long as is beneficial to the Company,dofus kamas, we are very much welcome. Do you have any suggestions despite the mention!"
 ,aion power leveling;

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",tera online gold;Are you in the end is how they do it?" I asked, surprised.

",aion power leveling;Do not tell you! I'm hungry,aion kinah, and you do not get rice,cheap wow gold, baby Swallow your food back to miss a meal, oh!" This guy kept trying to throw his mouth potato chips, while attentively watching TV.

"Night to ask you!" A matter of time, I also attend to ask her, immediately rushed into the kitchen from the dinner ready to swallow.

He finally got home Swallow barely came up with a table before the dish, in a while busy, we finished things, little Swallow immediately went back to the room to homework, while Liu Mei that guy is lazy yawn on the intention to continue playing watch TV, I do not dry, hand stopped her,runes of magic gold, then at some befitting negotiations,world of warcraft gold, the guy from the family washing and odd jobs contract work! - If you accept our good intentions, not only control your room and board, but also control your personal safety, you always embarrassed to let us serve you!

See her crestfallen busy in the kitchen, my heart will secretly smile! - Although I prefer to cook, but honestly,ffxiv gil, I really do not like washing dishes! Well now,maple story mesos, someone to finishing it! Ha ha ha!

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She then saw good water, a towel from my hand,wow power leveling, took careful to wipe up the elderly. The elderly is also puzzled at her, "the girl, you sing which is a ah?"

"So many people just is not it? People put this guy up for a training of the meal, together with recent very bad mood,metin2 yang, so ... ... hey, now people know what was wrong, that does not hurry up to you apologize you? "this woman laughing in the elderly Peizhao Xiao. How can I see her eyes on me are fiercely as it?

Looked at the woman a look of apology, the elderly do not say anything good, had a wry smile at me, "line up! Line up! I am not angry, as long as you Do not drive after the Speed on the line! Important to safety, after all,dofus kamas, ah! "

"Grandpa, you're not angry, I can rest assured!" This time I saw the manager Wang holding a packet in the door, she took things to the old man before,ffxiv gil, ",runescape gold;This is our old store the most suitable for you to wear clothes,maple story mesos, I hit your clothes dirty,aion power leveling, and should compensate ... ... ",ffxiv power leveling;

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,maplestory mesos

We are not fools, as to understand the truth behind who would like to ah! Almost in a moment, we were surrounded by the crowd! With a variety of junk, old appliances there, we brought the nine electric vehicles by these enthusiastic customers swept away! Many customers do not buy things up and start complaining to us. Looking at these people,wow power leveling, I had an idea,aion power leveling, took out his business card, write down some numbers in the above,aion gold, a statement tomorrow,ffxiv power leveling, we can take these cards to buy shopping goods in accordance with Jiuzhe This these unhappy people to calm down !

Finally, in the presence of all of the face, I let an old man and a woman came to power draw, in full view out of a variety of prizes! When those lucky ones holding their gift, looked at the following triumphant those envious eyes, I know that the battle won!

Finished pieces in the pack, I let all those carts to pull the scrap those Jiujia Dian acquisition point,aion kinah, Shumenshulu find a guy, who quickly became a pile of money stuff! Later, I gave this guy a few cars pull renovated home appliances into the city, received a sum! And empty it a few cars,cheapest wow gold, I did not let them idle, and I let them pull full of scrap metal,runescape gold, Ae together into a smelter ... ...

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In that light ball in the middle of a bottomless abyss in the spot! Invisible in that abyss beneath the Pentagon is also now issued a black formation with dazzling light,aion power leveling, which flood the energy emission of black as they come when they start the rapid influx of a Pentagon general formation of which, and as energy regression, the Pentagon began to formation of space around the slight tremble! When the last trace of black energy absorbed by it after the expiry of the Pentagon issued a colorful formation sudden light, then lay it with the middle of the golden skull begin to turn into gold dust filled the last two groups revealed bright golden ball of light But the powerful energy suppression, the two groups was quickly press the ball of light into a slightly larger ball back!

Soon,ffxiv gil, when the colorful light after the end of everything gone! Only the remaining smooth as a mirror of the rock wall and crisp,aion kinah, the wind and stay in people's minds that eternal terror ... ...

After two thousand years of religious strife finally die,dofus kamas, people are thought to suppress the millennium became active, began to explore the unknown world,cheap wow gold, a variety of technology and magic is the people have developed, stagnant for a thousand years of empire began to recover thriving vitality!

This changes everything in terms of perhaps the world's largest historical change thousands of years, but the whole universe to our digital surface,runescape accounts, this all but occasionally like a butterfly flapping its wings just a bit ... ...

Like a rock friends to keep you waiting, the New Year so long,runes of magic gold, and the open book,aion power leveling, let us go YD flagrantly road it!

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After washing and found it still did not open the door Road, two girls voice is continually sounded, had to go to bed early Swallow loud greeting, himself one down on the bed!

It stands to reason their hard day today, fell asleep in bed on the change immediately ah! But this is how about ah? - I have a few sheep to 620,ffxiv power leveling, and can still not sleep!

Anyway, could not sleep, I turn over altogether sat up, went to the window to take water to drink! Look at the bright moonlight, my heart seems to be something fleeting, and in that I see his right hand stretched out to the side of the cup when the called me completely transfixed! - The bright moon light in my hand,metin2 yang, the hand actually issued faint, dim,maplestory mesos, the bright light! And even inside the bones,aion power leveling, and meridians are also faintly visible!

"This is how thing ah!?" I was about to cry of alarm,aion gold, but the thought of two girls next door, immediately closed his mouth!

",maple story mesos;Ha ha! That's the moon you start to absorb the energy of a normal reaction! Little fool!" An old voice in my head suddenly rang!

"Who?" I looked around frightened,world of warcraft gold, but the empty house where there are people ah!
 ,wow power leveling;

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I held the old man slowly walked into the mall,aion kinah, found the hot water to clean him up some, a lot of the old curiosity around electrical appliances,aion gold, "Young man, you are employees of this place you do not know how veterans ah?"

"I'm sorry your uncle, and I also just arrived yesterday, and he has not seen her! Her woman ah, that is like high-speed driving, almost crash the day before yesterday, and now do not learn!"

",tera online gold;Do not you worry about her the whole you?"

"Oh, not her whole,runescape accounts, Nong Buhao today is my last day of classes this on it! And so will I get my salary should end up with I quit! For me to give you some water."

"Oh, young people have the courage really is, how? Need my old man to introduce you to work? Ensure that no one can give you little shoes!" The old man may have a little bit sorry, actually wanted to introduce me to work.

",world of warcraft gold;Thank you, Grandpa's good intentions, I think is not yet necessary,wow power leveling, so it is impossible to say it later. I'll give you change the water.",cheap wow gold; - These words, listen to on the trip, not seriously.

 ,wow power leveling;

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The next day,world of warcraft gold, I burst ring which opened his eyes and looked at the canopy start whitening, I quietly got up, quick wash before I began to busy in the kitchen together, two little girls followed up . In some busy after the elimination Swallow finished off food should be prepared. And Liu Mei is Yanzhuyizhuan,aion power leveling, snatched the guitar on the table and rushed out,cheapest wow gold, "Swallow, and so me! I can not find application in place, you bring me lead the way ... ..." Yuehua Jian,maplestory mesos, this guy only to I left a full table of the remnants of the back of her eighty or ... ...

"I rely on! It is also OK!?" Before looking at the battlefield,runescape accounts, my heart began to admire this guy's capable of lazy! Look at the time, I had to fast for the room,dofus kamas, put away, then they use the fastest I ever went to the company!

I rushed out of breath when the appliance department,aion gold, several brothers and suddenly claws at me rushed up!

"We strangle the wretch! Are you to blame!" A few guys to the ground I started my pyramid!

"You want to rebel ah! Help ah!",tera online gold; I was them to the ground, breath get up the mountain, feeling quickly breathe it!

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"I'm sorry! Brother after not allowing you by any aggrieved!" I clenched his fists in the heart secretly vowed.

Back to the bedroom,dofus kamas, I used to start a father of taught me a strange action,aion power leveling, with the TV drama hard to learn the formulas, which I completed very quickly out of the normal range for body movement. When these actions complete,cheapest wow gold, one of fatigue and soreness was gone without a trace, tiredness took to my heart ... ...

No night so,maple story mesos, when is doing all kinds of strange dreams after I wake up alarm by mobile phone, I shook my head, head and scenes that seem strange things are still repeated!

"It's strange! How I would start with a dream of those idiots ah! Seems too tired this time, empty a good rest. Virgins had a bad day can really ah!",metin2 yang; I muttered one side while gently up rapidly through the wash finished, and then got into the kitchen, busy preparing breakfast.

So I do breakfast, again wash water and toothpaste is ready to swallow, and then then she exclaimed, looking at her drowsily came out of, I am a gas is funny in her head the pat: "I told you go to bed early,dofus kamas, you do not listen to withstand a pair of panda eyes now and see how shameless you this school beauty!",cheap wow gold;
 ,maple story mesos;

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Was beating me, little Swallow,metin2 yang, flushed my head down and eat immediately,dofus kamas, while Liu Mei is reluctantly to go back and take care of personal hygiene of the ... ...

Finally, the Dayton breakfast after all over, I bid farewell to the little Swallow,maple story mesos, to avoid Liu Mei to revive his home,dofus kamas, I went out to report the.

Ring came to the roadside,aion kinah, watching this area of great, but deserted in the store,aion power leveling, my heart a little bit excited! - The company can not also goes ah! Swallow the next few months to see if I had it!

",aion power leveling;Glutinous rice balls! You can do it!",maplestory mesos; I secretly to encourage yourself in the heart, back and your chin forward in this company I will never forget!

Thank you for your support, I will advance the plot as soon as possible into all the circumstances like the YY! The second is more right there!

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Shocked, I am seem to hear in my head there are two voices in the continuous rings, which were also accompanied by a continuous roar!

I know physically and some of these anomalies are related head voice,aion power leveling, clenching the next disturbed,runescape gold, I am just about to double check your breath,aion power leveling, a gust of pain in my body suddenly broke out,runes of magic gold, the body's skin began to crack open and revealed the following red and white muscle tendons, blood is also a flood of leaching out of an weak sense of my body filled in,metin2 yang, I fainted again ... ...

"Stopping it! That the body can no longer afford us with the strength of it! To survive we must save this man!",aion kinah;

"... ... Okay! So this is what God now! Coexistence is better than a good death,wow power leveling, light and dark actually have to coexist, interesting! Buck,maple story mesos, it seems the future we want peaceful coexistence, and Oh!"

- This is in a coma before I heard the last word.

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But until then, because my physical condition is so that they disdain, so they decided to join forces to help me improve! Together to create a world, have not they appeared heterogeneous! - A collection of the soldiers of the powerful magician terrible physical and spiritual power monster! To be otherwise, when the energy within my body can not maintain balance, then I died it just waiting to burst body ... ...

",metin2 yang;I rely on! Quiet of the two of you guys take my body,maple story mesos, Do I want to say thank you to you how to!",aion power leveling; Finally awakens from a sluggish I thought about an important question,aion power leveling, "What is not to say that after I do,cheap wow gold, whether you know exactly what ah? "

"Can not accept this reality, then you wait for the collapse of the body to death now! Us is our good and evil that the world's top strong, do your shit just is not interested in that too! You have not become a qualified soldier and magician, we will try not to exchange, that is too energy consuming, and peace of mind you practicing the skills that we leave it! so you can be fully integrated source of our strength, you can completely control the three of us All all the! Until then,aion power leveling, I'm sorry, you all we can share! ",dofus kamas;without any kind of damage that Barker me one, then the mind is really clean up! A section of strange things no signs appear in my mind, and my sanity has been deeply attracted immediately into ... ...
 ,dofus kamas;

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,aion kinah

",dofus kamas;The old man actually is Liu Xiaoqing's father!?",dofus kamas; Hear my explanation,ffxiv power leveling, the house the two women were dumbfounded! - Polygonatum Group is the largest local private group, is also the province's leading enterprises,maple story mesos, recently said that they had just built a 500 room five-star luxury hotels, numerous companies are trying very hard to fight for their indoor appliances orders! The bus did not think I helped an old man casually, turned out to be Yu-chu Liu Qinghe's Dad Group boss! And no thought he would give such a large list of me!

"It seems to transport you damn it! Heaven out such a large pie is not actually give you stoned! Ha ha ha!" He looked at the old order so happy know ... shoot me on the shoulder ...

Si-Yu is still a little hesitant to look at, I sighed, and one pulled her up,wow power leveling, "go! You Ae went out to check this company, I believe you will make your right decision!",aion power leveling;

Thus, under the watchful eyes of our company that tigress was actually a man dragging clutch turn around in the mall! Although the flushing of the face and that tigress can still obediently followed the man looked everywhere! - Heaven ah! Earth ah! Is this spring a tigress transfer of fat? Just let a man holding his own the hand!
 ,runes of magic gold;

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Do not know how long after, I finally awake from the coma were over. After a brief confused, I immediately snapped from the pond and stood up, frightened to watch their body.

But! But my body seems no exception ah! ? Apart from a little red skin and wrinkles from the point of that,cheap wow gold, what the golden thread, wound none!

Should I start to see is an illusion, or I really hell up! ? I looked down at the loss of his hands,runescape gold, looked around, found that those who are curious waiter looked at me, this time I found myself in the following bare ... ...

Hurry up and dressed hurriedly and left the house almost to the bathroom I am scared to death to see if the time is almost midnight, and counted Swallow should also sleep it! Anyway, here not far from their homes,dofus kamas, they slowly go back, pick up the bike on the other tomorrow, tomorrow, will go to work anyway.

Doubt, when I go down the street Man Youyou's walking her home,aion gold, found his injuries better social,tera online gold, simply do not feel any back pain,dofus kamas, and about the resilience of the young and strong now! Anyway,maple story mesos, back injuries is a good thing Well, just go to work tomorrow!

 ,world of warcraft gold;

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",aion kinah;Oh,dofus kamas, you not be in haste, hear me out to answer me."

",aion power leveling;Well, how?"

"I do not want basic salary! But I want 5% commission!" I smiled and said to her.

"Do not basic salary!?",wow power leveling; A woman looked at me surprised, like watching an idiot.

To know that way, I am not very high if the sales,aion power leveling, then basically it's like white dry ah!

",dofus kamas;Oh! Have one! I do not sign any long-term contracts,cheapest wow gold, the wage settlement in accordance with the day!" I said my last request.

This woman look at me a look of solemn, not look like a joke, consider a little, "If you really do not want the basic salary, then I can sign a contract with you, but I did this in the contract here, tomorrow you to the 'spring Department Stores' Room,ffxiv gil, fifth floor manager came to me. My name is Wong, you can find me a question. "

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",cheapest wow gold;Oh! It seems less concerned about your brother, ah!" Distressed look of this guy's come here to desk, a heavy pat on my shoulder, "the evening after work, and his brother take you out to play! you find a beautiful open Kaihun you, I will give you letters to small U.S. big red envelope! These days had been able to find more than 20-year-old Virgin, which is rare! Ha ha ha! "

",aion gold;What Kaihun ah? Little beauty is Who?",cheap wow gold; On the right in full swing at this fat, when his office door open quietly,maple story mesos, and Si-face malignant influences of rain that woman looked at us.

",wow power leveling;Ah!" To see her there,dofus kamas, fat man's laughter suddenly swallowed my intended comments on the stomach, his eyes began to run his mouth for a change train, ",maple story mesos;the guy said in recent days that he earned some money, intends to take to a a friend invited me to dinner, where good! is not it? "he turned desperately to squeeze the eyes at me.

",metin2 yang;That little beauty is who? Not is that his friends!?"

"Ha ha ha, the total range is really smart snow! A guess on in! Ha ha ha!" Fat smile is really fake!

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