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My journey towards my fitness goals.

Last week..

08:19, 7/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Last week went with ups and downs. The last few days i feel like crap actually..i'm dizzy all the time, feeling tired, something isn't going well this week.
But...tamtadamtadammm: My weight yesterdag was 73.5kg JEEJ! I was só happy. But the stupid thing is, this morning i weighed 74.5 so it doesn't say that much..but still, i'm happy haha.

This morning i went running in the forest - best idea ever! It was early in the morning so nobody was there yet, only the birds and i :P
My diet isn't going very well since i eat to little. I just don't feel like eating because i'm feeling a bit sick all the time. But i ques things will work out and i'll be fine. It's time for some leg training now so i'm of to the gym ;)

It's going very well!

07:23, 5/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

It's going great! This week i did 2x 30min hiit, 2x60 min cardio and 3x20 min extra cardio. I'm almost done with my weight trainings for this week.
Yesterday a eat 1 piece of raw chocolate instead of a grapefruit (i know..stupid..) and the day before i did eat 1 eastern egg. So i'm not sticking to my diet 100% and i don't really know how to feel about it..But i do know that i keep thinking about it and it doesn't make me feel great so it's something i definitely want to quit. I just want to eat what's on my diet and nothing more.
Diet is the most hard part for me. Knowing that i 'can't' eat the things i want makes me want to eat them even more..But i notice that i just have to get used to it, i feel better and stronger every week and i'm sure within a few weeks it won't be a problem anymore. But till than i have to pay attention and stick to my diet!

I want to weigh myself tomorrow. I'm going to weigh myself every saturday.
Last saturday it was 73,9kg and i really really hope i weigh 72.9 or less on 27th of april, when we have our meeting with the trainers again!

Had a great week but a bad sunday!

20:38, 31/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

This first week of the third month went great! Just perfect! No difficult moments, no hard times. I sticked to the plan 100%. Did my weighttraining, 4 times cardio + 3 times cardio extra. My diet went perfect.
I didn't want to have a cheatmeal this month but i did take one..

Yesterdag (saturday) we went away the whole day and i took my food with me (ofcourse, duh haha). But in the evening i eat one cracker extra + 200g yoghurt extra. I decided to call that my cheatmeal. But unfortunately i did cheat again on sunday :(. I did make some raw-chocolate (quite a lot) and did eat from it (quite a lot of that too..), and i eat 9 eastern chocolate eggs so that sucked :S. But that's not all..besides eating a lot of crap, i didn't eat what i had to eat. I did eat my breakfast and my diner but besides that i had one glass of milk + a protein pancake and 1 apple..thats it. So i did eat a lot of chocolate and left a lot of important food out today..
I feel very bad about it. Scared that i won't lose fat and weight this month..it just feels bad.
But i'm back on track! Next chance tomorrow, and i know the whole week went perfect, 100% perfect, so this one day can't hold me back from my goals. I'm going to succeed, it just takes a lot of willpower, but i notice that i get stronger and better every day. And that feels great!

Addicted to sports

09:50, 27/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Yesterday morning i was feeling so tired, couldn't get out of bed. But always, from the moment my brain starts to think, it's impossible to fall back asleep. No matter how tired i am.
So yesterday morning was the same as always, my brain started to work, my body was screeming for more sleep, but my brain won haha.
So i went out of bed en desided to take a morning off and train in the evening. But from the moment i desided that, i was feeling bad. I felt restles, needed to do some sport, i felt terrible about the idea of nót doing something before i went to work.
So instead of taking a morning off, i did train. And it felt great!

The stupid thing is, I don't want to be this obsessive..it just happens. And i'm a bit scared about it but i also kinda like it :P.
Yesterday i started my new diet and it went 100% perfect. Something changed in my head, it's going easy right now, much easier than in the beginning. I have 5 weeks before i have to go see my trainers again, so i have 5 weeks to lose a lot of my fat and i'm definitely going to get the best out of it!
I want to lose 4% the next 5 weeks and i'm going to do everything i can!

This morning was kinda like the same as always. Tired as hell but my head was fully awake. So i started the day with 80 minutes cardio at slow speed to burn some fat. Later today is leg-day!

Have a good day you all, and remember to be your awesome self today!!

25-3-2013 new diet and my first 'cheat'

19:27, 25/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

This morning i started very strong. Did a lot of sports, rest of the day went great. Just perfect.
But then, around 4pm when i got home, i got my new diet. It's even more strickt than it already was and i'm totally terrified now..I don't know what it is, but mentally i'm just weak right now. Weak when it comes to food. I ate 10 cookies or something like that..SO STUPID! Don't know why. I wasn't hugry, didn't want the cookies, felt horrible when eating them and it felt like the biggest crime ever. I cheated...It feels só bad.

Doing as much sports as possible is no problem, eating what's on my diet is no problem..but since this afternoon i have this feeling that i 'can't have it anymore', can't eat tomatoes when hungry (because that is not an option this month), don't eat potato's for dinner. I don't know, it just feels like 'i can't, i can't, i can't' and i hate that feeling.
So today i ate those cookies and i feel very very bad about that, and i'm definitely not going to do that one more time. I just lost it today, it's my own choise, my own goal, something i WANT to and not something i HAVE to do..but it doesn't feel that great today.

I'm starting tomorrow with weight training and going to eat the way i'm supposed to eat. No more cheating!


07:46, 25/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Woke up at 4.30 am to take my protein shake. After that i started my 30 minute HIIT training. After my HIIT i ate my second meal and prepared for my weight training. Today i trained my biceps and triceps and it was going so well! 100% motivated, everything went great!
And now i'm eating my third meal of the day, take a shower and head off to work.

Great beginning of the day! When i wake up that early, i've always this conversation in my head haha. 'Go workout, now' 'nooo pleaassee, stay!..sleep 2 more hours'..'nope, get your ass out of bed'..'ah well, okay..'.
I think it feels great to wake up and do some sports right away..sometimes it's a little difficult to take the first step..But afterwards you get the best feeling ever!

Well, have i nice day you all!

Hard time but good day!

17:57, 24/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

I had a hard time today. I feel very motivated but I've also this little voice in my head today saying: Well, what the heck, just eat what you want. It didn't work last month so don't bother'. But besides eating (a lot of) chewing gum I did stick to my diet plan. And i have to say: It feels great. I still have that feeling that it probably isn't enough, i feel very insecure since yesterday. The thing is, a did everything i had to do last month - stick to my diet, follow every training etc. but without any results..so i still have this feeling of sadness..
But, what i said, i did kick that voice away today and i feel very good that i picked myself up again!

This morning i did my 60 minute cardio routine and now i'm going to do another 30 minutes cardio.

And tomorrow i'm ready for a new day! Wake up at 5 am, do 30 min cardio, eat breakfast, do 60 min weight training and go to work. And in the evening another 30 minutes cardio.

This month i will lose 2%, no matter what!

24-3-2013, start of the third month

17:15, 24/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Yesterday morning I went to my trainers again to measure my fatpercentage etc. And it's exactly the same as last month. Really, i was so pissed yesterday! Felt sad all day long. I really thought I would have lost at least 1% of fat..but nothing at all :S

But, instead of feeling bad all month long, i decided to work even harder. Train even more. Eat even cleaner than last month.

I started the day with 60 minute cardio training and made this plan vor the next month:

Monday: 5 am: 30min interval cardio before breakfast, after breakfast weight training 60-90 minutes. And in the evening 30 min cardio.
Tuesday: 6 am: after breakfast weight training 60-90 minutes. And in the evening 30 min cardio.
Wednesday: 5 am: 60 min cardio before breakfast, after breakfast weight training 60-90 minutes. And in the evening 30 min cardio.
Thursday: after breakfast weight training 60-90 minutes. And in the evening 30 min cardio.
Friday: 30 min interval cardio before breakfast. And in the evening 30 min cardio.
Saturday: Restday
Sunday: 60 min cardio

It will be hard some days but i feel very motivated. I really. really. want this!

Current weight: 75.2 kg, 28.4% fat, 1.80m


09:43, 24/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link


I'm 22 years old and training for my first bikini competition in December. I'm doing a lot of weight training and cardio. My fatpercentage is quite high (28.4% during the end of march) and it has to drop down to ~15%.
This blog is mostly for myself to keep myself motivated during tough times and to write down my journey!

I eat a vegan diet, love to eat a lot of raw-food and am totally motivated to reach my goals!
I don't have a weight goal, my big goal is to drop my fatpercentage to ~15% and get ready for my first competition.

Weight + Fatpercentage:
26: 75,3 kg - 29%
23: 74.3 kg - 28.4%
25: 75.2 kg - 28.4%
30: 73.9 kg
6: 73.5 kg

Training in March/April:
4 times per week heavy weight training
2x 60 min cardio
2x 30 min interval cardio
5x 30 min cardio

Goals at the and of December:
~15% fat
Ready for my bikini competition!

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Last week..
It's going very well!
Had a great week but a bad sunday!
Addicted to sports
25-3-2013 new diet and my first 'cheat'


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