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my year in America

My year in America

21:40, 7/6/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hey everyone,

My Name is Carmen, I'm 17 years old and in just a few weeks/months, I am going to the USA for a exchange year.

I've decided to keep up a blog this upcoming school year so I don't forget everything i'm going to experience and so everybody at home who is interested can read my story's and know what's going on in my life in the States (: 

About my exchange year:

i'm going to do a High School exchange school in the State Kentucky, ( yes Kentucky fried Chicken is coming out of Kentucky  haha ) I already have know my High school and right now I already have a arrivel family. Whichs means there's a family for me when I arrive but they are still looking for a permanent family for me. Now there are 3 things that can happen. 1) i'm going to my arrivalfamily and a few weeks/ months later i"m going to a permanent family. 2) I'm not ever going to my arrival family, because they have already found a hostfamily for my before I leave. or 3) i'm going to my arrival family and just stay there because the connectionbetween me and the family is so nice they want me to stay. So i'm really excited to get to know what really is going to happen! O yes and I already know around whichs dates i'm going to leave, i'm going to leave either the 29,30 or 31 of july. whichs is earlyer than I was expecting but that's not a bad thing ! It means that I am only going to be home earlyer and that makes my mom a bit happyer haha (: 

p.s I'm not quit sure if i'm going to write everything in English or in Dutch. 


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My year in America


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