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so that their head-up her eyes

03:56, 19/6/2009 .. 6 comments .. Link

Her music has been: "This is indeed a very funny joke, I have always been people who think there is a sense of humor."

He carefully looked at her head: "The world long ago abandoned us. We can not insist on the kind of noble to give them a way to add brilliance to the justice, we would have been banished. We have more and more powerful have wow gold become weak.

We can only go out at night, because we can not stand the way they feared that those who were the eyes and find it too. We can only lamb to be slaughtered to drink, it is buried in the underground, does not prevent the so-called justice of the kind-hearted people to drink the local spirits. We killed a lot of bad people, but wow gold was put out of our people told us that they are actually the most important is that the bloody chop suey is not a humane death by the law, so much to make them think that those who mess things called moral hypocrisy! "

She smiles: "They just do not understand us."

He sneered: "We do not know? They know how very much! They found more and more powerful we are on our powerful that they can not do anything. They are ignorant and stupid, can not find their way to powerful, so think of ways to weaken us. They then set more silly rules, the knife and used a magicdemolished the two death as the wow po death of a person character. This world is under such a law, long ago abandoned us. We have the largest number of forces, we killed the most evil the Monster, but we were prepared, being excluded, were submerged spittle. "

He bent a waist, so that their head-up her eyes: "But you seem very willing to do? You not engaged in decent work is the most healers, but you kill all the wicked wizard together than we have more."

Then he straightened the body, pointing to this little garden, draw a circle: "What can you get? Living in the dark forest, plant wow gold some flowers, the days shall see. You even open in the storm the streets of the city on can be done. because you are wearing a wizard robe, you do nothing, they have committed heinous crimes. "

she can be helped away

04:25, 5/6/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Her efforts to run, but does not run fast. And I followed closely behind the movement to keep the attention.

Run after two minutes we finally came to the river, but I have been able to hear the dead of heavy footsteps. Catwoman suddenly fell wow gold on the river bank on the right foot clutching his own trembling his painful expression. God, she's right ankle has been swollen of these fixtures quickly and boots, and hard to imagine how she insisted to go here.

She saw my shocked expression of a smile after the "OK, one leg is also able to swim past, but you have to take a grip."

Thank you, that frankly I wow gold do not have souls. Catwoman under arm in my way of the river (the sub-job if I do not have to climb a), and then held on to his right hand, I drift in the water, his left foot and left hand to continue doing the butterfly action, speed did not slow the number of . It seems to pursue our souls do not intend to catch up with Alvin forest to cross the river, we have finally escaped disaster this time.

I quickly climbed up the shore after finding the root of the tree fruit to her crutches. "Do not go to farm it, I do not want to be seen,"

Catwoman said to me. Obviously she wow gold kaufen does not want to let too many people know is a woman of extraordinary skill. "Well, first took off his boots, I help you see, I am in the armed forces to the human treatment of sprains, and no problem."

Took off his wet boots, she could not help moan loud, I feel the After a few bones, nothing confirmed, but some joint dislocation only. wow or "Does it hurt ailing, look like," I hard a hard-hearted, hard hand a bit, joint dislocation, "giggle" sound to stimulate the heart of me, but it has to hold back her, and did nothing. "Well, lying in bed half-day fields will be able to, and not have to worry about," I comforted her side while her boots tied to the back of their back.

Princess cat crutches to rely on their own, wow po but the speed of normal walking is no different. I watched this scene a second height for their frustration, "I had some higher good, she can be helped away, hey ..."

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"Well, I will not hurt you, you tell me the truth

04:32, 30/5/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Griffin quickly drifted away from the thorns to the Valley of the twilight of the cold forest, Valeo out the cocoa for him to make the scarf, as she wears lightly, and then take a look at the rise of the sky. "Cocoa, you will understand me, right?"

Griffin landing, and long wow gold time City of the storm once again appear in front of Valeo, Valeo Nana to pick up their own home, the way they attracted attention and numerous comments.

"Look! Wizard blood is not it? How could come here?"

"Stupid! Called Higher wizard! Wizard how it may be blood!"

"Hey? Valeo wow gold kaufen is not it? How do with a woman?"

Several of the children rough Valeo also saw their "wow, beautiful sister, ah well," sighed the little girl

"Ah!" The little boy accidentally slipped. "Ha ha, I am finally back to the doll a" little girl picked up the doll fell ran off.

Valeo has just entered the house shortly wow gold after Snyder. Junkai on the news. "Brother ah!" Cried the door Snyder.

"This will not be seen ....." openings Snyder asked Nana.

"Kai Columbia, she wow gold is not blood wizard, the wizard is higher, you do not the" Valeo indiscriminately spreading a lie.

"Brother, ah, you me, look at her situation, obviously interfere with the use of sacred response, the wizard can be higher Paladin?"

Snyder faced with the question, Valeo wow gold silent. "I am ....."

"Well, I will not hurt you, you tell me the truth," put an end to the sophistry Valeo, Snyder said bluntly.


Those souls abominable

04:28, 14/5/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

"Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down." Dum King Wen, the supreme ruler finally . Although , but under the trailers and hair under the crown, as the lion is still emitting a golden bristles generally light, and eyes that sparkle is added to a number of the king's authority.

Hall quiet down in wow or the blink of an eye, at least superficially so.

"Kam-ching," Wen Dam all eyes turned to the focus of discussion, trying to cover up the anxiety fatigue of lords, "who the shameless acts of the invaders, a detailed description of us in here listen to it."

Cam nodded and began to tell him wow po a few days ago that the battle terror.

Harvest life, nightmares and cold to sow death knight, is tantamount to a unilateral attack on the massacre, more quickly than the speed of the north wind, as well as that of the cold penetrate to the bone and is mad ... ... kalm cheap wow gold intermittent narrative, sometimes he even the illusion of immersion into its own, the whole body trembled, and that the tone of fear at the time not to stir up people's emotions and create the quiet, the restlessness and anxiety are unable to inhibit the build up.

"Those souls abominable, not even to the end of sleep, but Lewis tried to challenge the authority of it ~!" Kalm his story is not over yet, Wen Dam on the two eyebrows twisted together, "Cam, Lewis you as believers, why it is so afraid to die? "

Lord in that wow gold moment of the first low, then even though the package for fear that his self-esteem is still sharp words that stabbed.

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do not know how to maintain their own taste!

03:41, 9/4/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

you are not a human! Our food will only make the kind of useless things! I really do not they get to those races, now that they wow gold will sooner or later fill in U.S. belly, why take the time to not more than what James points spices, and do not the meaning of those things! "

"My brother, you see, you and I have met a long time, love becomes consider up a month ago you said no more than half of today! And they are all of the wow gold duplicate - eat a a! eat a so-and-so! "

"Nonsense! We are not born from one of you together!" Ogre called brother, turned the head, hard stare at his brother.

That is not a threat to the eyes, because all of the Ogre the world since before birth, then the expression used to vicious power leveling man. Even if they are willing to show the gentle side of people will be scared weak urine the pants.

Food is always the case, the lack of wow or rational thinking, do not know how to maintain their own taste - when food was so scared when my brother would think so.



tactics such as Germany's dominant!

09:13, 23/3/2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

S5, the history of the worst season?

A lot of people have been saying that arena in the second season after more and more worse. Some even say that wow gold everybody with no experience in S1, S2, only a little is the only meaningful season. This would be the end of S5, there is no one to say it has become the worst season in the history of the potential?

I think the reason is that even though some of the previous season also has some powerful combination of professional and, but the technology is the wow gold main factor. Some combinations can still beat the war Germany, Tak thieves, tactics such as Germany's dominant, because the outcome mainly by the level of decision. wow gold Now, people think that the ranks of the successful combination of the whole look. Especially when you encounter nemesis team, even if you have high-end, however, how opponents have vegetables, you have no chance to win.

I think many people will disagree. My problem is that in the 3.1 patch before the introduction of the end of S5 will be the most rubbish season? I want to Druid, Mage, priests and soldiers power leveling almost invariably agree.



so the problem is not trampling on large

02:15, 21/3/2009 .. 2 comments .. Link

As for jewelry, are [the cranial Gul 'dan] + [shadow emblems month], mainly I did not blink open jewelry so go wild and bought a Mission, wow gold when the whole regiment to stay Ran. In fact, I even want to violent persons, or a traitor; 3.0 However, after countless months prior to the violent person has still not out of a rather open a quail D go out one time ... ... (Association Mission is not recommended, what caused me), then because the avoidance of injury or to so useless wow gold [fighting Master's decision].

2. Tactical & hurt the bear

1T are wow gold still in the end, trampling , each layer 3 meteor once, at the current location of the location and switch back and forth 2T; so members to bear in meteor and 2T basically the same tactics.

Themselves at meteors look after more than 10 layers Holy Shield operation timing point of the elimination of blink DEBUF power leveling (somewhat similar to the Blue Dragon 1T operate trouble spots, however)

Injury because injury-free enough, so the problem is not trampling on large (of course, enough bad luck or if there is possible spike), while the threat of harm has come mainly from layer 6 of the meteor above.




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so that their head-up her eyes
she can be helped away
"Well, I will not hurt you, you tell me the truth
Those souls abominable
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