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Trend Was Seized by Your Hand, Jbl Had Luxury Acoustics

16/4/2010 - Diligent Nintendo Best Ad Marketing

Posted in DS Lite

Nintendo recently carry out its first brand promotion activity since 10 years in order to re-establish its brand image among the youth market. Nintendo launched a massive advertising campaign based on magazines and take "Who are you" as its theme. By various video game leading roles, advertisement campaign has conveyed the purpose of the game clearly. That is making Nintendo gamers try to experience variety of imaginative roles in the games, and get to know the colorful emotions and personalities of the characters.6 Aspects about DSi Card You Have to Understand

At the very beginning period of the campaign, Nintendo showed a lot of effective advertisements and insets the hero of the games into common photos and images. For example, Nintendo stuck its most famous game character of "Mario" onto the Berlin wall, making "Yoshi" and the lead singer and bassist of the "Kiss" rock band Gene.Simmons. Currently, the advertising campaign has already entered the second stage, the new game in the same theme and product launch, again strengthened the form of "creating the brand positioning nintendo of popular culture innovators".New NDS Lite Console Fashion During this Season

The campaign of this time including film advertising, transport advertising and selling point advertising, while the core communication carrier of the campaign is youth magazines. It was determined by the target of this activity. The children unconsciously influence the content and the style of the youth magazines, and at the same time, magazines also affect the children's "pursuit" and "personality". The magazines can penetrate into the hearts of the target audience, if combine with all these advantaged magazines it will have a better effect. In addition, also select a number of avant-garde magazines, whose role is not to reach existing customers, but other types of consumers' "influence centers".In that case, more and more people will like Nintendo, so as to further promote the brand-building.NDS Lite Boots Before Xmas

This campaign have arisen huge echo. With continuous introduction of new games, the goal audiences are in high spirits. Soon after the campaign, the children began spontaneous creative activities to stick different characters on the heads of different stars or historical figures. Then they put the composite image on the message boards which the main characters of the Nintendo--"Mario" on the Berlin Wall.

For example, the scene of Jack`s bending ceremony to Ross in the movie "Titanic", is replaced by the faces of Mario and Brigitte princess. Staffs believed that the children's spontaneous creation is a recognition of their work, which has proved the success of activities. It is revealed, this campaign's investment return rate is extremely high and the surge growth of the sale achievement is beyond the expectation of the manufacturers totally.

Nintendo has set a good example of magazine marketing by spending low cost to win a huge response.

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16/4/2010 - Battleground Heros of EA Announced That 100,0000 Registers All Over the World

Posted in NDS

EA (NASDAQ: ERTS) declared that 1,000,000 users all over the world have registered its newest shooting game Battlefield Heroes which is cartoon style and free of charge. 4 Things You Have to Comprehend About As a part of EA's new business model which is focus on network, free download and free gaming "Battlefield Heroes" has not any threshold.And profit will be made through game inbuilt ads and sales of virtual properties.NDS , the Same Choice of Pretties

The game has been online since June and thousands of new players join the game everyday.Battlefield Heroes is easy to play, and besides that, it continues with the award-winning Battlefield style of open area for multiplayers playing at the same time and place.The game features strong character customisation and plenty deep ability and mission system.The players can create their own characters and make them stronger.Now anyone can become a hero on the battlefield.Before across the four maps to reach the battlefield, the players can create some personalized roles.NDS Console Also Turn into the Luxurious that are Affordable by Common People

Besides, Battlefield Heroes has also provided players a set of non-traditional third-person vedio making it possible for them to appreciate thier teemmate hero's combating when eliminating the enemy.Players use Valor Points(points gained from the game) or Battlefunds to buy props for role customization and they can update or change the hero style any time.Battlefield Heroes is EA's latest game, and it is a totally free game.Its cartoon-style picture design is full of fun, and the game operation is suitable for almost players at all levels.It also internally installes an automatic matchmaking system to ensure the players' skills are similar in an eight-against-eight game, highlighting the game's fairness.

The distinguish feature of this game is charector setting and experience are all depending on yourselves.Your hero can be any status, a pirate with a bazooka, a ninja with grenades or even a masked assassin.

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8/4/2010 - Simple to Peak : the Way to Success of Nintendo Co.

Posted in R4i

Recently, Business Week announced 40 best companies for 2009 from whole world. Shape Mistakes Even Smart Megastar Make with Nintendo DS Nintendo, a Japanese electronic producer, won without any doubts as its excellent performance. In the past five years, relying on a video game Wii which most of its opponents disdian, Nintendo obtained high profits, aiming at another higher pinnacle of glory. It not only got back to the throne of the lord of the game console but also put the whole game industry to another extreme, returning simple and joyous times. In fact, without exaggeration to say that, secret of the company topping the world's best business is only that it took the old model in a decade ago to continue to sell their products.

No matter which level we list, Nintendo's Wii would not stand on the same line with Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. It could not win over the former or even the one before former edition from the latter two products. It is a fool game with rough pictures, up to now people still think that Wii has nothing to expect apart from operation modes. However, when the user is willing to pay for it without anything tangible to expect and helps its beat its competitive opponent, there is only one thing that best describes the situation, it is the right thing the user is looking for.

In 1994, the entertainment giant, Sony, launched a powerful PS. Comparing with Nintendo`s too simple game machine, Sony`s PS was instead of Nintendo`s leadership. Relying on powerful entertainment resources, Sony started to re-position the market of home games which were of simple model and rough image of that time, with the force to position the game as a visual feast. Till now,SONY's latest advertisement is still "PS only does everything" to show that the main function of PS3 is the game console but also its attaching functions. Indeed, Sony owns the superb entertainment devices and wide production line, PS3 is the core for Sony's attraction in future. It even bares the tough mission to lead all Sony products out of deficit.

But the flaw of Sony's products is the very thing it is stressing---only does everything, it wants PS3 to be the integration of all its business in the central entertainment device, it wants to sell to the consumers a big package contained in which are all of its products of the same brand. Under the integrated strategy, games seem to enter a mistaken area of images, losing its nature. Producers in order to survive in the fierce competition have to produce the more complex system, increasingly difficult to get started, but the game time is getting longer and longer. And, under the influence of such misconception, there are more assortment of newest software and hardware, and the prices for the machine would be more expensive. But the fact is that, game console is game console, the game's core function is merely entertainment, and others are accessories.

Wii's success is that it does not like the PS3 games to pursue ultra-realistic graphics and high-velocity, but is to make the flexibility of game consoles to the extreme, thus attracting players of all ages. So, more and more people started to love Wii, which is simple but full of fun, an increasing number of people began to look for the Wii that is able to entertain the whole family members, both the olds ones and young ones included. It's likely to say that this is the return of people's emotion,not only for Wii is not high in price.

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8/4/2010 - The North American Edition Of The Game Of Final Fantasy Xiii Will Be Offered For Sale Next Year In March

Posted in R4i

Square Enix pronounced officially in the latest broadcasting film in the official web site in North America, Play Station 3/Xbox 360 RPG Game Final Fantasy XIII will be published in European and American areas on March 9th, 2010. You Often Bypass 9 Rationale that Cause Injuries to Your Beloved NDSL Square Enix had forecasted that an important news would be given in November 13rd in the official web site in North America of "FF XIII"What Are Displayed? Nintendo DS Lite

Now he confirms us that the big news is the Euramerican version sells date. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are expected to be released together on March 9th,2009 in North American and Europe area. The official has announced that the Europe and American Edition will invite the well-known British singer Leona Lewis to sing the theme song "My Hands". The Japanese female singer Sugawara yarn Yuri will sing the theme song "埴 が い る か ら" for the Japan version.What's Fashionable now? Are Available

"Final Fantasy XIII" is scheduled on December 17 to release the Japanese version PS3 in Japan and the other parts of Asian. It priced at 924 yen, and released in North America and Europe on March 9, the 2010 PS3/Xbox 360 English edition priced at 59.99 US dollars. On May 8th American time, SQUARE ENIX declared on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) the latest news about his long-waited Final Fantasy,that is Final Fantasy 13.The Latest Collections of nintendo ds accessories are Said to be the Most Spectacular One

The series of works is called overly as "FINAL FANTASY 13 FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS", including "Final Fantasy 13" of series of "Final Fantasy". There is a rumor class work, "FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII", namely, it is a cell phone game "Final Fantasy AGITO XIII". Meanwhile, the heroine in the "Final Fantasy VERSUS 13" as a series work of orthodox series also released on PS3 is different from the one in "Final Fantasy 13" as an orthodox sequel of "Final Fantasy" series. The leading role in the game is a hero with brownish blue hair and a pair of red eyes.

In a stage of the game is through the power of crystals to maintain peace in a country, architectural style is very close to the modern. Especially the morden Japanese style. But the story happens not on earth but another space.

Actor as a whole a black dress holding a sharp object is the member of kingdom's royal family. The associative perception tend to act games, we believe through powerful system of Play Station3, A new "Final Fantasy" series of works will be presented in front of us.

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2/4/2010 - What's the Secret to Succeed of Game Supplier Nintendo to Be the Standard Maker & Build Strategic Business Alliance

The rapid development of electronic game industry shows its potential, which attracts a lot of manufacturers to join the new industries. Consumer Right Day Gift Ideas for Fairy For the great success of Nitendo FC, every manufacturer would like to cooperate with him, in hope of taking a share of his seccess by developing game softwares only played on FC. So Nintendo quickly transforms its standard into the industry standard and have gained lots of profit.The Good Points and Misconceptions of

Every time the software companies finished developing a game software, they must ask Nitendo to appraise it to ensure whether it meet the standard, and then the software would be processed by Nitendo to become game cards. However, Nintendo is not responsible for the storage, development and other risk, even regardless of whether they sell well. Besides, in the contract, the number of game developed by each manufacturer for Nintendo was limited under five, and absolutely not compatible for other machines of other manufacturers. Because there are only five chances in a year, and the signed companies are also the fierce rivals, each soft company tries his best to increase the interest of the products and improve its quality, and go all out to develop best-selling product.Suitable Tips to Keep nintendo ds accessories

Indeed, the strict terms of Nintendo lead to complain of many partners, but avoided sudden chaos in the game industry. How I Use Evernote to Organize Everything (25) It has ensured the healthy development of this emerging industry and made some of the real leaders to have achieved great success. Best-selling games brought Nintendo's sales heat, which in turn contributed to the fast selling of game software.

Today, Nintendo has built strategy partner relationship with cooperative manufacturers, and actively expands such strategy ally into other business area. For example, the film whose leading character is super Mario has been popular around the whole world, and won great profit for the file company. A large number of magazines, notebooks, and wallpaper are all marked with a Nintendo game hero's flag, and many television programs, video programs use the content or background produced by Nintendo games. In Children's television programs in the United States, the cartoon number based on Nintendo' game rules or its heroes surpasses any children's television program. Some popular children's programs, such as "the Simpsons" to finally not content with the plot is filled with the nintendo game, this program is replaced by simply nintendo game. The ProgramSuper Marion World broadcasted in the morning of saturday of NBC has received high audience rating for several years.

Countless businesses Hugh Nintendo bath in sunlight of Nintendo, making great fortune and growing robust. Nintendo is therefore make a lot of patent, but more importantly, it is also the more widely circulated. A report study celebrities make an influence on American children shows that the children usually most familiar and most admired figures is not space flying squirrels which once took the former champion, but Nintendo's Mario.

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2/4/2010 - Nintendo's Wonderful Marketing

Posted in DS Lite

In order to establish in the teenager market nintendo trustworthy brand image, the recent 10 years of nintendo first brand promotion activities. Really?! Rich Women Wear nintendo ds accessories in Soiree! Taking magazines as the main transmission carrieer, with the theme of "who are you", Nintendo launched a massive advertising campaign. The advertisement clearly spreaded the theme of the game by a variety of video game characters. That is making Nintendo gamers try to experience variety of imaginative roles in the games, and get to know the colorful emotions and personalities of the characters.

In the initial stage of the activities, Nintendo gave out a great number of impact advertisements and put the leading roles of the games into the well-known photos and images. For example, Nintendo stuck its most famous role in the game "Mario" on the Berlin Wall, stuck the face of "Yoshi" on the face of Gene Simmons the leading singer and bass player of rock band "Kiss". At present, the advertising campaign has entered the second phase,and the new game products were launched with the same themes and forms, which strengthened again the Nintendo brand positioning "Build pop culture innovators."

The advertising campaign includes the film advertisements, traffic advertisements and focus advertisements, but the core transmission carrier of the whole activities is teenage magazines. This is determined by the target receivers of the event. Children are imperceptibly affecting the content and style of youth magazines, and at the same time, magazines are also affecting the children's "pursuit" and "personality". These magazines can go in to the inner world of the target receivers, and it can achieve better effects if combining with all these dominant magazines. In addition, it also selects some avant-courier magazines. Their effects are not for the present consumers, but for the [Center Of Influence" of the other types of consumers.In this way they can make more people like Nintendo and future the brand construction.

This has caused great advertising campaign, with the new game continually, and also the enthusiasm of the target consumers is rising. Children started spontaneously creative activities after the began of activity. They put different characters on different stars or historical figures' head. Then paste the composite image on the message board of the network where Nintendo's game hero "Mario" boarding the Berlin Wall.

For example, the scene that Jack bend to Ross in the movie "Titanic" was changed into Mario and Brigitte princess's face by the kids. Staff members believed that the children's spontaneous creation is a kind of recognition of the work, which proved the success of the activities. It is alleged that the rate of return on investment of this activity is extremely high, and the rapid growth of sales completely exceeds the manufacturer's expectations.

Win hugh responses by low advertising costs, Nintendo set an example of magazine marketing.

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30/3/2010 - Nintendo DS R4: The King of 2nd Generation Cards

Posted in DS Lite

Gamasutra published the interview of Korea Nintendo proprieter, including talking about the difficulty and happiness of developing Korea market. Top 10 Vouchers for Adults' Day Nintendo established the Korean branch in 2006,it begin to sell NDS and Wii in 2007&2008. Hottest, Newest, Latest: Acekard 2i ds lite Though the Korean market is online game market,the selling of Nintendo is still very good. Things you Should Know the Attraction and Incorrect Ideas of Acekard 2i The strategy of Nintendo is " to enlarge population of game player",that is toexpand more group to experinece fun of game without caring ones age and sex. Meanwhile, for all the people to provide simple entertainment products, the management philosophy in South Korea also won't change. However, he also express it is difficult to have a good start of selling game console in such nation which is mainly on-line games.

As was mentioned before, Nitendo had little popularity before its entrance into Korea in 2007, when only some of the game lovers knew it. In this bad condition, they do not know how to improve their competition, as to developing Korean market, it is a big challenge.Moreover,the Korean often play the online games. Although in the face of difficulty,Nintendo didn't think that its games were not suitable for Korean.On the contrary they acessed to a huge market with there sharp eyes. Nintendo's goal is not to competite with online game, but rather they designed to provide users with joy which on the network can not get the joy of the game. So far, they still positioned the market in such concept. It offers its users not only fanscinating games and enchanting characters which other competitors could never equal. But this only occurs in other areas, whereas strategic considerations should be given according to practical situations in Korea.

Fortunately, Nintendo has superstars such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda who have a wide range of fans. But if they can't make the consumers know the unique quality and beauty of Nintendo, it can't mention about expand the player population and explore the potential market. In other words, it could not excessively depend on such powerful brands. They should lead Korean to addict to the experience and charm only from Nintendo games.

In addition, Korea put education on a very important position. As a hinder for children to learn, games are often regard as negative, which is the barrie Nintendo must to break up when opening up the Korean market. Therefore, Nintendo started advertising from brain exercise related reports of highly reaearch institutions, which achieved good results. Nitendo, which has owned a practical increasing gamer population worldwide, is also the first driving tool for the intercommunications among different generations. Even to the people did not care about game before, Nintendo would own devaluated value. Finally, it wins the acceptance in Korean market. It was amazing,through the strategy,NDS's sales valume came to one million after 11 months on sale.

Looing into the future, Nintendo still need to explore more software to support the Korea language. Nintendo will help Korea game industry to grow and develop with new methods by providing consumers with unique games.

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30/3/2010 - Battleground Heros designed by EA Declared That about 100,0000 Registers Globaly

Posted in R4i

ERTS today announced that Battlefield Heroes, the unique Play 4 Free third-person shooter game, has already recruited one million players to sign up for the game.Battlefield Heroes is EA's bran-new part under the web-based free to download, free to play business model, so there is no barriers to entry.What is more, profit will be produced from in-game advertising and stage prop charge.Take Enjoyment In the Attraction and False Ideas of DSTTi card for dsi

The game has been online since June and thousands of new players joint the game everyday.Battlefield Heroes is easy to play, and besides that, it continues with the award-winning Battlefield style of open area for multiplayers playing at the same time and place.This game has distinguished features of strong cunstom-made charectors, abundant charector capability, and task system.The players can create their own characters and make them stronger.So everyone could be a "battlefield hero" now.Before reaching the battlefield players have passed through four maps, they may creat some personalized characters.

Besides that, Battlefield Heros will equip you a untraditional third-person angle view which can enable you to see the partners performance while beating the enemies.Players can use Valor Points(Gain from the game) in Battlefield to purchase the properties fo equiping charectors and they may update or change the style of the heroes at any time."Battlefield Heroes" is EA's latest masterpiece and is completely a free game.With its fun cartoon-style graphics, the game caters to players of all skill levels.The built-in automatic matching system ensured the similar level of participants in the 16-person game, thus highlight the fairness of the game.

The distinguish feature of this game is charector setting and experience are all depending on yourselves.Your hero could be anybody, such as a pirate with rocket launchers or a ninja who throwing grenades or even an assassin wearing mask!

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29/3/2010 - Rolex Brings Out Sumptuous Cellphone Which Cost $65,000

Posted in DS Lite

Recently, Rolex has released a century version of the luxury mobile phone collection, Using the top configuration of mobile phone,there is still a valued Rolex watch set in the top of the mobile phone. at Any Time: Mastering

This kind of luxury mobile phone has a 2 inches HD screen, equipped with a 8-megapixels camera. And be equipped with auto-focus, which ensure the clear and delicate for image picking-up and photographing, even watch blockbuster film DVD is not a problem. Built-in16 GB memory is enough to show its generosity, all kinds of office software can achieve the desired speed, it looks like the portable offices.

With the built-in Google Maps navigation equipment, you can go anywhere you want. Powerful 3G function and top DOLBY sound effect meet every business man`s working and recreational demands. Airline high-precision metal etching mobile phone keypad, diamonds of weighing 18 karats are inlaid elegantly in the top of the Rolex dial phone.

The top 30 carat sapphire makes the navigation keys of the phone dazzling. rosy diamond is more rare and emerald transform into each dial-up and shutdown buttons, it is absolutely excessive luxury, precious.

The external of the Rolex is made by fine stainless steel of the Rolex watches, all of grinding and polishing are done by hand. needless to say the abrasion resistance of the ultra-hard crystal screen. The internal structure undrewent special quakeproof processing as Rolex watch movement did,

So do not worry that it`s just a precious ornamental goods. This type of Rolex mobile phone is worth 450,000 Swiss Franc (about $65,000). Imagine that if it is treated as a business gift, then the negotiation should be a minor one.

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29/3/2010 - the Newest NBA 2K10

Posted in NDS

Published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K series march formally toward its tenth anniversary. Kobe Bryant, as the leading star of Los Angeles Lakers, is invited to serve as cover spokesman of the newest NBA 2K10. Kobe got his fourth championship ring and the title of general final MVP in 2009. He will enjoy the game in the game with gamers with his championship ring.8 Easy Ways to Purchase

2K Sports has especially invited James White, player of Houston Rocket, to help produce the game. White is one of the strongest high flyers since the beginning of NBA. Jumping from the penalty line, changing hands under the crotch and dunk is very easy for him and because of that, the designing team of 2K invites him to perform some dunk of high difficulty. And White has to continuously make various dunks with renovation which will be filmed and photographed by the designing team of the game. The designers had many ideas of variety of dunk actions, even including jumping from penalty and dunk which had never been seen in MBA. All these have strengthen the entertainment of the game.7 Codes That Will Affect the Shape of Your Ak2i 1.4

In its main menu, players can also view information in NBA Today where the real NBA games, even news and player stats are stocked for easy checking. NBA Today can not only let players inquire about the latest NBA news, but also can extend to various kinds of game's modes. NBA Today also influence the behaviours of the narrator Clark Kellogg in the game. For example, when All-Star Game is going to be held, you will hear Clark Kellogg and other commentators start to discuss who has the opportunity to serve as All-Star starter. They will even talk about how the opportunity your team have to enter the playoffs or other aspects' topic.

Besides, the game developers will update information of team and player constantly, including alternate squad, the change of starter, trading, injuries, numerical changes of players, etc. And the only thing players have to do is to keep track of the changes throughout the season.

The biggest development of NBA 2K10 is the single career mode. Players can creat your NBA players,and decide his direction of his career. Start from an unknown green player,taking efforts to do training. The process of getting the possible invitation of NBA Training Camp to be a superstar will be a long-time and difficult challenge.

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26/3/2010 - Games About Cosmetic Are Avaiable on IPhone

Posted in NDS

The first class cosmetic brand Lancôme recommends an interacting game about cosmetic on the best selling cell media of IPhone recently. 5 Rules You should Break All the users of IPhone need to do is to download the game in the system, and they can enjoy the creation of new make-ups by using their fingers. What's more they can get the latest fashion information about the cosmetics.Kate Blanchett Tell You Variant Tricks to Match dstti adv price

Do you want to make the cosmetic by your own and share it with your friends? Now, as long as you move on the phone touch screen with your finger, you can create a sporty dressing freely and then enjoy your works quietly, how do you not feel happy? All the users of IPhone need to do is download the game in the system, and they can enjoy the enjoyable and humorous creation of new make-ups by using their fingers. What's more, they can get the latest fashion information about the cosmetics. The interactive game launched this time was based on the autumn and winter cosmetics of Lancome in 2009, it was the Declaring Indigo.

Declaring Indigo is praise to free and uninhibited French style by Aaron de Mey, Lancôme's Creative Director of Make-up. He perfectly combined the Frenchy romance with the legendary Parisian freedom, enthusiasm, delicacy and floweriness. The user can see the makeup of Declaration Indigo and the creative inspiration entering the game. At the same time, you can use any of the products or colors of the Declaration Indigo having the creation on the face of model. No matter what is declaring shown French style or the bullion glinted gorgeous glamour, or the ebullient red. They all can be changed into a moving picture of make-up by moving your fingers.

Pure, saturate and strong color is my favorite color, every kind of color can throw off inconceivable glamour. The colors in this series, indigo and red, are all strong primary colors which symbolize the Revolution of Paris and France. Aaron De Mey, the chief creation inspector, loves gold particularly, because it's the color with shining radience and always bringing the feeling of elegance and brightness to the cosmetics. It's for sure that extremely outstanding works of cosmetics can be done with your great creation and imagination.

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26/3/2010 - According to Report, Google Is Introducing Android Mobile Phone

Posted in NDS

It is reported that Google will launch a mobile phone Android themselves to march into the intellectualized mobile phone market, to compete with Apple, RIM, and Motor. Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar said Google is working with a smart phone manufacturer and they will launch Google brand Android phone this year. This style of cellphones will be sold through retailers rather than telecom companies.The Most Agreeable Gifts Ever: ak2i ds lite for Desk Clerks

Kumar has worked with Google's ODM talking about the plan previously. This will complete the commitment of Google to launch the new generation of open standard MID to the consumers. Analysts said the telecom operators control strictly on the cell phone function and the application procedures running on the mobile phones; By the way of bypassing operators, it is expected that the Google-branded Android cellphone will allow users themselves to determine its functions.

Kumar said, Google is also planning to cooperate with PC manufacturers, produce its own internet book that can run the Chrome operating system, and will be released tomorrow summer. He denoted that both Chrome notebooks and Android cellphones would use Qualcomm's chips, thereinto, Chrome notebooks would operate Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform. It's also stated that if the rumor about google Android cellphone plan is true, Motorola, Sumsung, Dell and other companies' attempt to market Android cellphone may suffer destroy. As Google's own touch-screen phone is with unlocked operators, lower prices and has the feature of network-friendly.

The renaissance strategy of Motorola has been based on Android operating system. And the company is expected to launch the ultra-thin Droid mobile phone operated by Verizon next month. Motorola and Verizon both expect that the called "Sholes / Droid" mobile phone will become a major competitor to Apple's iPhone.

At the same time, Dell is also exploiting Android, which will be recommended next year and AT&T will be responsible for running. Some people doubted that Google couldn't launch this phone during the vacations in time, because more than one year would be needed from design to production of the phone. Some professional analysts pointed out that Google would offend Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile belonged to Deutsche Telekom openly by doing this.

HTC is the first company to develop Google Android mobile phone company while it is familiar with Qualcomm's chips. Therefore it is most likely to be the manufacturer helping the rapid launching of Google's own Android mobile phone. If google really proceed this project, it will indicates that this internet ad. tycoon is solicitous to widespread Android cellphone as far as possible to expand its searching business from desktop to mobile device.

Geting in touch with consumers bypassing the telecom companies is a bold move. but there is no doubt that Google regards the WiFi market as a battle field in which it is going to fight against Apple, Nokia and Microsoft.

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24/3/2010 - Cosmetic Games Are Avaiable by Iphone

Posted in R4i

Recently, on the IPhone platform sold well all over the world, the international top quality makeup leading brand Lancome releases cosmetics experiencing game interactively. The mobile phone of IPhone users only need to download this game within the system so that they can understand the latest fashion cosmetics information of Lancome, they can make the funny cosmetics creation by moving the fingers at the same time. , the Best Bargains for Girls This Year

Do you want to make your own cosmetics and share it with your friends? At present, you can arbitrary created a dynamic makeup on the touch screen of the mobile phone only needing to move you finger and enjoy you work, was not you happy? The user possessed IPhone only needs to download the game in the system, and they can understand Lancome lstest fashionable cosmetics information, at the same time, they can make some interesting and humorous cosmetics creation depending on moving the finger. The launch of the interactive game this time based on the Lancome cosmetics - Declaring Indigo made in the autumn and winter of 2009.

Declaring Indigo is the Lancôme global cosmetics creative director Aaron De Mey's laudation to free and easy alla francese. He has made a perfect combination of romantic French-style with the legendary Parisian uninhibited freedom of the soul. Entering into the game, the users can have a panoramic view on the dressing and creation inspiration of Declaring Indigo. You can use any kind of its products or color to do a cosmetic creation on models` faces at the same time. No matter the French-style blue or the bullion sparkling gorgeous charm, or even the passionate red. They all can change into a moving cosmetics picture by moving your fingers lightly.

Pure, saturate and strong color is my favorite color, every kind of color can throw off inconceivable glamour. The color of this series, thumb blue and red, are both intense spectral hue, which stands for Paris and French Revolution. The creative director Aaron De Mey always shows special preference to golden, it has the dazzling radiance, which can bring graceful and bright feeling to dressing. It's for sure that extremely outstanding works of cosmetics can be done with your great creation and imagination.

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24/3/2010 - Nintendo Company Way to Success Gambling Machine to Big Game Supplier

Posted in NDS

"Nintendo" has produced and sold the gambling products such as poker for a long time, and it has survived in an inferior way for hundreds of years. The Top 5 Best DSTTi for DSi It was not until Hiroshi Yamauchi took over the company, the principal business of the company was changed into computer game consoles. Hiroshi Yamauchi took risk to invest to "chip in" the game industry,but then he had to face to the cruel fact. At that time, Japan was facing the oil crisis and a sustained economic downturn for three years; and U.S. Players were also tired of the old programs, so the video game sales dropped to record lows.

But Hiroshi Yamauchi who had discerning eyes saw the broad developing of prospects of cheap home consoles from a temporary downturn in the market. In order to attract customers, other manufactures announced that their game machine not only can playing games, but also have learing functions that can help the kids with learing, calculating and typing. Hiroshi Yamauchi did the opposite, openly claiming that the only function of Nintendo FC game machines was to play games.Removal of mutiple functions was exactly the secret weapon that Nintendo FC game machines could win by low prices. However, two young players really brought Nintendo development opportunities: One is the native of Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto, the other is far from the former Soviet Union, Alexis • Pa Qinuo Cardiff. Shigeru Miyamoto started as a painter, his favorite tool is cartoon film and he is "half-scoop water" on computer technology.

He stayed in Nintendo for three years and accomplished nothing, then he was sent to engineering department to help design games by Hiroshi Yamauchi. His second game made his life pretty shinny. After he finished the game script, even he had not expected that the hero Mario would be so well known with millions of households in the world. With New Super Mario Bros. as official name of the software, Mario stepped on America with FC consoles and immediately became the most popular computer game in history.

They were also central figures in many American movies, television and comic books, so that American children spend time on the Nintendo console even more than watching TV. "Super Mario" and the subsequent follow-up of more than 100 kinds of Nintendo games show cards, navigate the U.S. entertainment industry, some people repeatedly exclaimed: Nintendo has brought Japan's "cultural invasion". At the same time, Paqinuofu obsessed with computer games. An intelligence test reading was inspired to design a method of using a computer puzzle games are played.

Pajitnov`s "invention" named "Tetris", in Greek inside represent the "four" - that is sweeping the world in the future, then "Tetris" game shaped. At that time, Nintendo just launched a handheld GB computer game machine--GameBoy, and "Tetris" was naturally the best partner of GB game machine. Yamauchi did not hesitate to send the strongest negotiators to go to Moscow and purchased patent rights to the Institute Paqinuofu belonging to. "Tetris" once again set off together with Nintendo and has become pretty popular in the world. Since then, Nintendo has dominated the global computer game industry for over 10 years.

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23/3/2010 - Hardworking Nintendo Released New Super Mario Bros. Wii Updates for Luigi's Mansion

Since started selling last November in Australia, Europe, North America and Japan, new star of Nintendo--New Super Mario Bros. Last Week My Father Bought DSTT Multimedia Card for NDS and NDS Lite for My Mother Wii has received pursue of many fever fans. As a kind of national game, though there isn't much change in it, it has important place in the heart of the players. Indeed, it did not have good pictures, but it still kept its gameplay and playing ability. Nintendo has given a whole new game content to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, rather than inheriting traditional props and additional modes. Although it is still based on NDS version, it has no same level stage.How Can You Pass over All the Rage Acekard 2i AK2i Multimedia SDHC TF Cart for DSi/NDSi/DS Lite

Playing "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" feels like an old friend coming back although he changed his taste and hairstyle. But he is still your good friend. In this game,Mario is still fighting against Koopa for his beloved Princess Peach. Different from the past is that every time Mario is alone in this battle and finally he has the help of partners: his brother Louis and the small mushrooms will all join the war. Believe Nintendo always pays attention to weed through the old to create the new will meet the expectation of the majority players.

When New Super Mario Bros. Wii is popular in the world, Nintendo has new trend recently. Its U.S. branch has recently registered a trademark or updated an old trademark, "Luigi's Mansion". The update might because of serious copyright protection just like the past. But it also contains the hint of the possibility of Luigi might be the leading fingure in the new game.

In fact, Nintendo has registered many "Luigi's Mansion" in America. According to the record of the American Trade Mark Patent Administration, there are 7 in all. Four of them has become invalid or been void,only 3 are still "alive".So it's without excluding extend the validity term of archival filing.

Another possibility would be that, the new edition of Luigi's Mansion, which is highly anticipated by Nintendo fans. Anyway, NGC`s reformed version or duplicated version can launch at least, it's better for players to achieve some new ways by Wii remote controller. No matter which item or copy, it would be good news for game players to have new blood flooding into the Nintendo game empire. But we don`t have any news about Nintendo`s plans. Waiting and guessing are the only one thing that we can do now. In any case, according to his usual style, Nintendo will absolutely bring new surprises to gamers to meet their expectations.

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23/3/2010 - Common Knowledge Concerning Maintaining Digital Camera

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It's common for us to have a digital camera, and as a valuble goods, there is no doubt that how to maintain it is a concern for consumers. The maintenance and protection can bring two benefits to consumers: Prolong the lifetime of digital cameras; It can make the camera under the perfect conditions at any time, and will not affect the quality of your photos because of the equipment. Digital camera belongs to the high-technology products, the inner structure is tight and complex, non-professionals is generally difficult to discern the role of each component.You See, Acekard 2i AK2i Multimedia SDHC Control the Fashion Trend of Lyon

Therefore in the maintenance, to keep from water, dust, hot and cold is the most important. As the electronic component, digital camera's biggest enemy is no more than the water. If water imprudently enters or exposed in humid air without using for a long time, both these two phenomenon will cause different degree of erosion and oxidize to the inner electronic components.The Best After- Sales:Acekard 2i AK2i Multimedia SDHC

The user should put some dryers in the camera bag or give it the boot electricity at an appropriate time when the camera is not used for a long time, thus achieved the dehumidification. If the water splashed on the camera, power off at once, then check whether it is OK or not after air-drying for a long time. Second, in daily life, do not place digital camera on environment, neither high nor low temperature.Expert shopping Ways: TopToy DSTTi Multimedia Card for NDSi/NDS/NDS Lite (Supports SDHC) - Genuine NDSTT.COM Ver.

The high temperature may make the lubricant overflow, which used by the mechanical part of the inner camera. The cold air also cause camera lens to condense beads, the internal circuit board will also condense hydrosphere. If lens adhibit dust, there will be a lot of black spots affecting the photos when shooted in a small aperture.The Most Suitable for Under $150, Find the One for You!

Therefor users must cover the lens cap when you don't use your camera, then put it into the camera bag. However, after prolonged use of digital cameras, there are inevitably dirt. Never use paper towels or cloth to wipe in that case. The best solution is to blow, you need to master strength, control airflow direction, and do not boast facing the center of camera.

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