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30/3/2010 - Nintendo DS R4: The King of 2nd Generation Cards

Posted in DS Lite

Gamasutra published the interview of Korea Nintendo proprieter, including talking about the difficulty and happiness of developing Korea market. Top 10 Vouchers for Adults' Day Nintendo established the Korean branch in 2006,it begin to sell NDS and Wii in 2007&2008. Hottest, Newest, Latest: Acekard 2i ds lite Though the Korean market is online game market,the selling of Nintendo is still very good. Things you Should Know the Attraction and Incorrect Ideas of Acekard 2i The strategy of Nintendo is " to enlarge population of game player",that is toexpand more group to experinece fun of game without caring ones age and sex. Meanwhile, for all the people to provide simple entertainment products, the management philosophy in South Korea also won't change. However, he also express it is difficult to have a good start of selling game console in such nation which is mainly on-line games.

As was mentioned before, Nitendo had little popularity before its entrance into Korea in 2007, when only some of the game lovers knew it. In this bad condition, they do not know how to improve their competition, as to developing Korean market, it is a big challenge.Moreover,the Korean often play the online games. Although in the face of difficulty,Nintendo didn't think that its games were not suitable for Korean.On the contrary they acessed to a huge market with there sharp eyes. Nintendo's goal is not to competite with online game, but rather they designed to provide users with joy which on the network can not get the joy of the game. So far, they still positioned the market in such concept. It offers its users not only fanscinating games and enchanting characters which other competitors could never equal. But this only occurs in other areas, whereas strategic considerations should be given according to practical situations in Korea.

Fortunately, Nintendo has superstars such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda who have a wide range of fans. But if they can't make the consumers know the unique quality and beauty of Nintendo, it can't mention about expand the player population and explore the potential market. In other words, it could not excessively depend on such powerful brands. They should lead Korean to addict to the experience and charm only from Nintendo games.

In addition, Korea put education on a very important position. As a hinder for children to learn, games are often regard as negative, which is the barrie Nintendo must to break up when opening up the Korean market. Therefore, Nintendo started advertising from brain exercise related reports of highly reaearch institutions, which achieved good results. Nitendo, which has owned a practical increasing gamer population worldwide, is also the first driving tool for the intercommunications among different generations. Even to the people did not care about game before, Nintendo would own devaluated value. Finally, it wins the acceptance in Korean market. It was amazing,through the strategy,NDS's sales valume came to one million after 11 months on sale.

Looing into the future, Nintendo still need to explore more software to support the Korea language. Nintendo will help Korea game industry to grow and develop with new methods by providing consumers with unique games.

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