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16/4/2010 - Battleground Heros of EA Announced That 100,0000 Registers All Over the World

Posted in NDS

EA (NASDAQ: ERTS) declared that 1,000,000 users all over the world have registered its newest shooting game Battlefield Heroes which is cartoon style and free of charge. 4 Things You Have to Comprehend About As a part of EA's new business model which is focus on network, free download and free gaming "Battlefield Heroes" has not any threshold.And profit will be made through game inbuilt ads and sales of virtual properties.NDS , the Same Choice of Pretties

The game has been online since June and thousands of new players join the game everyday.Battlefield Heroes is easy to play, and besides that, it continues with the award-winning Battlefield style of open area for multiplayers playing at the same time and place.The game features strong character customisation and plenty deep ability and mission system.The players can create their own characters and make them stronger.Now anyone can become a hero on the battlefield.Before across the four maps to reach the battlefield, the players can create some personalized roles.NDS Console Also Turn into the Luxurious that are Affordable by Common People

Besides, Battlefield Heroes has also provided players a set of non-traditional third-person vedio making it possible for them to appreciate thier teemmate hero's combating when eliminating the enemy.Players use Valor Points(points gained from the game) or Battlefunds to buy props for role customization and they can update or change the hero style any time.Battlefield Heroes is EA's latest game, and it is a totally free game.Its cartoon-style picture design is full of fun, and the game operation is suitable for almost players at all levels.It also internally installes an automatic matchmaking system to ensure the players' skills are similar in an eight-against-eight game, highlighting the game's fairness.

The distinguish feature of this game is charector setting and experience are all depending on yourselves.Your hero can be any status, a pirate with a bazooka, a ninja with grenades or even a masked assassin.

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