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16/4/2010 - Diligent Nintendo Best Ad Marketing

Posted in DS Lite

Nintendo recently carry out its first brand promotion activity since 10 years in order to re-establish its brand image among the youth market. Nintendo launched a massive advertising campaign based on magazines and take "Who are you" as its theme. By various video game leading roles, advertisement campaign has conveyed the purpose of the game clearly. That is making Nintendo gamers try to experience variety of imaginative roles in the games, and get to know the colorful emotions and personalities of the characters.6 Aspects about DSi Card You Have to Understand

At the very beginning period of the campaign, Nintendo showed a lot of effective advertisements and insets the hero of the games into common photos and images. For example, Nintendo stuck its most famous game character of "Mario" onto the Berlin wall, making "Yoshi" and the lead singer and bassist of the "Kiss" rock band Gene.Simmons. Currently, the advertising campaign has already entered the second stage, the new game in the same theme and product launch, again strengthened the form of "creating the brand positioning nintendo of popular culture innovators".New NDS Lite Console Fashion During this Season

The campaign of this time including film advertising, transport advertising and selling point advertising, while the core communication carrier of the campaign is youth magazines. It was determined by the target of this activity. The children unconsciously influence the content and the style of the youth magazines, and at the same time, magazines also affect the children's "pursuit" and "personality". The magazines can penetrate into the hearts of the target audience, if combine with all these advantaged magazines it will have a better effect. In addition, also select a number of avant-garde magazines, whose role is not to reach existing customers, but other types of consumers' "influence centers".In that case, more and more people will like Nintendo, so as to further promote the brand-building.NDS Lite Boots Before Xmas

This campaign have arisen huge echo. With continuous introduction of new games, the goal audiences are in high spirits. Soon after the campaign, the children began spontaneous creative activities to stick different characters on the heads of different stars or historical figures. Then they put the composite image on the message boards which the main characters of the Nintendo--"Mario" on the Berlin Wall.

For example, the scene of Jack`s bending ceremony to Ross in the movie "Titanic", is replaced by the faces of Mario and Brigitte princess. Staffs believed that the children's spontaneous creation is a recognition of their work, which has proved the success of activities. It is revealed, this campaign's investment return rate is extremely high and the surge growth of the sale achievement is beyond the expectation of the manufacturers totally.

Nintendo has set a good example of magazine marketing by spending low cost to win a huge response.

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