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The basketball kingdom and Heat dynasty

James return to Knight on 2014

05:49, 1/2/2013 .. 1 comments .. Link
Yahoo Sports reporter Adrian - Wo Jinna Siji author, known as the Memphis Grizzlies traded away Rudy - Gay, the description of the new collective bargaining agreement the power began to show, may affect the fate of James in 2014.

The same as the Grizzlies intend to do, a lot of teams will start in the near future, for the future of the team's salary situation. Miami Heat team, the future can not continue to have the Big Three also the two is likely after the summer of 2014, James had to leave and return to Cleveland, or made from Wade (microblogging), Bosh (microblogging ) Select a partner's decision to continue.

Oklahoma City Thunder transaction before the start of the 2013 season, James - Harden, let him and Durant, Westbrook "good friend combinations parted ways. Today, the Memphis Grizzlies and decisively off the Gay, his past and the inside and outside of Randolph, Gasol line combinations.

Grizzlies deal by the former ESPN data experts - John Hollinger technologies projections, so the team decided to conduct boss Pera has also been affirmed. Hollinger joined grizzly bear management in the middle of this season, while serving in the ESPN efficiency value calculations famous.

James childhood playmate, is also one of his brokers Ricky - Paul privately revealed that James will return to Cleveland in 2014 to let him return to his hometown. He seems early to see the 2014 Union for the new salary system, understanding of the Big Three this combination is unlikely to last long.

"- Pat Riley has also failed to identify the Heat's salary to the problem to solve 2014." The sources said, "so makes good business sense, James will return to Cleveland, James brothers, such as Maverick - Carter and other people will be happy to see James brought back to the Cavaliers, the sensational effect. "

A very simple truth is that after 2 years, Dwyane Wade - 33 years old, his athletic ability on the decline. Meanwhile, Cleveland Carey - Owen will be the league's best players together, he and James will also shocked Union. If lucky enough, before James returned to Cleveland may also get two championships and, if so, the Heat no regrets.

Now, James watching the Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris - Grant can do what he wants to see the championship may can get back to Cleveland. There is no doubt that Owen was good enough, but only he was not enough. To know more than two years ago, the team is not James leave Cleveland, so this is absolutely the effect may not.

James may have been thinking back to the Cavaliers, including when he do the "decision", but then Dan - Gilbert boss letters denouncing the letter told James, a short period of time, which is impossible. But the emperor's team is still in Cleveland, mentioned before Ricky - Paul has been in Cleveland deal with a lot of things on the business, he or Cavaliers 2011 the rookie Thompson's broker, no accident, Thompson will renewed in 2014 and became one of his assistant, James.

Of course, James now need to consider is the championship twice and Wade, Bosh. At least this time of year and a half, James will not respond to too much outside speculation. It can be said that he is the best active NBA players, are trying to control the fate of the future. After all, he wanted to become "the best ever", so the championship is very important to him.

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James return to Knight on 2014


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