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21:51, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Asus has won in court from Hasbro. This means Asus can still sell their tablet called ‘Transformer Prime’. Hasbro though Asus was violating the brand right by using the famous Optimus Prime name, a character from Transformers.
Asus claims the word transformer refers to the tablet’s multi functionality. There is an option to change the tablet into a laptop by connecting a keyboard. The court agreed with Asus.
Hasbro sued Asus in December 2011. And they were really aggressive towards Asus. They even claimed they were ready to defend their products and brand names aggressively to prevent that other parties might benefit from their hard work. The judge did not agree with Hasbro so they are happy about this. A product’s name is important for marketing purposes, because people will form an image when they hear it. I can understand Hasbro’s opinion in this one, even though the word transformer and optimus are individually normal, when you combine them most people will think of the Transformer series, I think.

Illegal marketing

21:39, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

The new Ipad is being marketed as 4G. However this does not apply to any country except the USA. The new Ipad is only 4G compatible in the USA and not elsewhere. Apple however, markets the new Ipad 4G compatible in general, which is incorrect. Therefore the Australian consumer authority (AACC) demands Apple to be more specific about the specifications and the non-compatibility of 4G outside the USA. In order for the consumer authority to demand such a thing they had to sue Apple, they were left with no other choice.
You would think that this is a cause already lost for the Cupertino company however, there is big chance Apple might even win this case ! The provider organization ITU has adjusted the definition of 4G. This now means that other networks, even if according to technological facts are incorrect, can be called 4G as well. And Australia does have that network. So basically because the 4G definition has been adjusted, even non-4G networks are called 4G networks, which give Apple a strong possibility of winning the case.
A product’s marketing can be deceiving sometimes, I think that is part of a strong marketing strategy.

We should be more friendly

21:22, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Scientist from the Cambridge university have managed to develop a portable device that is able to erase ink from paper using lasers. The paper should take minimum damage so that it can be used for printing again. The lasers are using a gulf length of 532 nanometer and an impulse during 4 nanoseconds to destroy the ink layer on the paper. It is not yet clear how many times this process can take place before the paper is non-printable. Researchers are now developing a prototype that can actually be sold in stores for consumers. With this method there will be a significant less percentage of emissions than the normal paper recycling method.
The Japanese tech company Toshiba already developed a printer that uses special ink that will fade in a special light so that the paper can be used again.
This laser method however is very friendly for the environment, but how much will it cost ? They are going have to use a nice marketing strategy to sell the new innovative product.

Everything seems sharper

20:59, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

The network station UPC is going to add five new HD channels to its digital package. The company will also add a few extra SD channels and cancel some. Three of those five channels are from the firm Viacom. The five new HD channels are: MTV NL, Comedy Central/Kindernet, ESPN America, 24Kitchen HD and Shorts HD. In the SD department UPC will cancel: Geschiedenis 24 and Consumenten 24. These channels are getting canceled because of insuffient funding. ESPN Classic will be canceled because of lack of interest.
UPC will also add 15 new radio stations to package, including Dutch, Belgium and British channels.
It is obvious that consumers want sharper and better image quality. Almost everyone has seen a HD film or program and the network stations have to supply more and more HD channels. We in Holland don’t have many HD channels compared to other countries like the USA, so it is important we keep up with the demand.

Former Rockstar

20:56, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Rockstar Games, a company known for introducing the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series on gaming devices. Every kid nowadays has heard or played at least 1 of the GTA games. It has been a while since there was a new GTA announced the latest GTA was part IV, however Rockstar Games recently released a game trailer in which all of the main characters of every GTA game appears. Could this mean that every GTA game is somehow linked ? Or is Rockstar making the fans anxious for a brand new GTA game ?
A few days ago a former Rockstar Games employee who got fired brought out some details about GTA V.
The main character in GTA V is Albert De Silva and the main city of the game is called Los Santos. The new Rockstar game would be 5 times the size of the previous GTA.
Although fans are getting hyped up because of this, it’s not certain of these claims are true. The former employee is mad because he lost his job so he might just oversell GTA V so that the fans are disappointed when they see the real GTA V isn't that big of a deal. I'll guess all the GTA fans across the world are going to have to wait for another year.


20:51, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The US army has launched a prototype of their Army Software Marketplace, which basically is an app store on the iOS devices that is accessible for everyone working for the United States Department of Defense, (also known is DoD) this includes the US army. Here you can find military training guides and manuals. When the Marketplace ‘opened ‘ it included twelve mobile apps, including: Soldiers Blue Book, Army Values, Army Social Media Handbook and Developing a Performance Work Statement. Currently the apps are only iOS compatible but the US army wants to support Android devices in the near future.
The apps development are part of an initiative known as ‘Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps’. The chief information officer Susan Lawrence explains; ‘’The app market is our base to release applications within the Department of Defense very fast’’.

Wireless the new standard ?

20:30, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Samsung’s most successful  smartphone series the ‘Galaxy’ consists of mainly 2 smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Of those smartphones there are now dozens of varieties worldwide. At the time the Galaxy S was the most successful smartphone Samsung ever created however, its successor the Galaxy S II took the title from his little brother in being the most successful one by selling over twenty million. There are now rumors that Samsung is developing the Galaxy S III, and its major pro in comparison to its current competitors is astounding. Samsung might develop the GS III so that it can be charged wirelessly ! The technology already exists but is not refined. Samsung has a own patented method to make this feature more realistic and durable. According to sources, you would have to place your GS III smartphone within a 2 meter radius of the loading station in order for your phone to charge. You can still use it in every way while charging.
In the last couple of years, the smartphone technology has taken a giant leap. From single core CPU’s to dual core and now even quad core. If a smartphone company wants to set itself apart from the rest they have to be innovative. Samsung is quite good in being innovative and they have a great marketing department, if you look at the Galaxy series you know why.

Free Shopping

20:17, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

This is the year 2012. Online shopping has improved dramatically however, there are always vulnerabilities in a website. This was proven recently by a group of friends who managed to order items online for free ! They only had to pay transport costs. And the funny thing is, this wasn't just a web shop, it was the web shop of the Dutch political party the CDA.
This 'trick' was so easy to perform that even a kid could do it. There was a glitch in the website which enables you to order all products in a negative quantity. This way you don’t pay for the products, but even if the quantity is negative, the CDA still ships your order ! One of the guys who discovered this glitch, Melfer Ragboer, ordered 49,000 stickers, umbrellas, wine coolers, and cups. He paid just €4,75 for everything. The CDA is now aware of the situation and is fixing this problem.
This is a good example that online business can't always be trusted. How can marketers improve the consumers trust in online business ? That’s a question every marketer should ask.

A fancy Apple

20:16, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Some of you may know what they mean when they're talking about ' the Cupertino company ' and some may not. Cupertino is a small town in California where Apple's headquarters is located.
Over the last years, Apple has produced some innovative products. One of those innovative products, without a doubt, has to be the Ipad.
The first Ipad arrived in April 2010, the second Ipad in March 2011. Apple is a company that likes to work in cycles. They have proven yet again that they really do work in cycles because this month they officially introduced the new Ipad ! Strangely the name is not 'Ipad 3' but just 'Ipad'.
The new Ipad resembles the previous one however, its actually a bit heavier and thicker.
Most of the consumers might ask why. The reason ? Simply because it has more graphical power which is necessary to control the whopping screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels ! That is 4 times higher than the previous Ipad as well as all the competitors. You can say that Apple really made something special here. The graphical power along with its ultra-sharp screen (which is probably produced by Sharp) really positions this tablet above all the others combined with a starting retail price of €479 this is a sweet deal.

Quad HD in 3D

20:16, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

The tech company Toshiba has announced a new line of televisions during the Toshiba World Conference. With that new line of televisions, the most expensive and best one is the 55ZL2DG. It is the world’s first 55’’-tv with a quad HD resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and it supports 3D-view without the use of specially designed goggles. The television is equipped with 4 hdmi 1.4 interfaces, and supports the Toshiba Places cloud service. The tv will retail at a price of €8,999.
The other televisions in the new line will be smaller and cheaper versions of 32’’-, 40’’- and 46’’. All of those are full HD and not quad HD like their big brother. They do offer 3D view but with goggles unlike the flagship. The prices are not as whopping as the most expensive version, they retail at €649, €849 and €1099.

Upcoming Markets

20:15, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

China takes the lead position of Android and iOS activations from the USA. Almost a quarter of the total amount of brand new smartphones are activated in China ! The smartphone activation is a process that can be followed with extreme precision and only occur once, when a new phone is activated for the first time. This means there are more Android and iOS smartphones sold in China now than in the USA !
To be more specific, 24% of all smartphones are activated in China. 21% of all smartphones are activated in the USA, last year December the US percentage of smartphone activations was 34%. This is a significant difference. The Chinese economy is getting stronger and better. More people are able to purchase luxury goods in China, which has the world’s largest population. It’s obvious that more producers have to focus their products on the upcoming markets, especially in Asia since India is an upcoming market as well.

Habitat Marketing

20:01, 27/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Everyone is familiar with Google. They started out as an online search-engine, en now they have expanded, and still are expanding as we speak. They control the world’s most popular OS system ‘Android’ to compete with Apple.
Google now has received a patent regarding a system that will adjust your smartphone ads to its surroundings. For instance when you’re outside and it suddenly starts to rain, you will get umbrella ads. When the sun shines bright, you will receive sunglasses ads. Google requested this patent in 2008 and they received approval last week.
How does this works you might ask ? Well it’s not that hard. The smartphone has sensors that are able to collect surrounding variables. Based on that data the smartphone displays ads when using apps or surfing the net.
The downside of this idea is that many people might feel  violated in terms of privacy. Google hasn’t made specific plans about using this patent, yet.

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