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Amir aims to wow America

Posted at 04:14 on 19/11/2009
AMIR Khan wow gold will use Manny Pacquiao as his inspiration when he makes the first defence of his WBA light-welterweight crown. Khan takes on Dmitri Salita next month in a mandatory defence of the title he won in July. The Bolton fighter maintains wow gold eu hopes of one day following in Pacquiao's footsteps as the No 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world and last weekend saw first-hand the measure of the task ahead of him as the Filipino destroyed Miguel Cotto in 12 rounds. Khan is a stablemate of wow gold Pacquiao at Freddie Roach's Los Angeles gym, where the 22-year-old has rebuilt his career following defeat to Breidis Prescott last year. And having wow gold eur sparred with the five-weight world champion, he is convinced he can one-day succeed him as the best fighter on the planet. "I've worked with Manny for aion kinah the last year or so and I have learned so much from him," said Khan. "For me, he is wow gold definitely the best fighter in the world at the moment and just watching him in the gym, let alone when he is fighting, is an inspiration. "I was ringside at the wow gold MGM Grand on Saturday, and seeing Pacquiao's performance up close makes me want to train even harder and get to the level he is at right now. "Cotto is a tough, tough aion gold fighter but Manny made it look easy in there. He took everything that Miguel threw at him and came back with twice as many punches. "He's at the very top wow gold uk right now and I would like to congratulate him on all that he has achieved." Khan is still training in Los Angeles ahead of the Salita clash in Newcastle on December 5. The New Yorker, who was wow gold 365 born in the Ukraine, is undefeated in 31 fights and Khan hopes victory against him will pave the way to future bouts in America. The Olympic silver medallist had hoped his first defence would be Stateside, but has had to settle for another clash on home shores before making the next step. "America is where boxing is sse gold huge," he said. "I get American fans just coming over to me for autographs and pictures. It's amazing because I've never fought here!watchrolexshop 7 watchrolexshop 650 watchrolexshop 731 watchrolexshop 318 watchrolexshop 483 watchrolexshop 85 watchrolexshop 554 watchrolexshop 350 watchrolexshop 770 watchrolexshop 505 watchrolexshop 261 watchrolexshop 34 watchrolexshop 216 watchrolexshop 90 watchrolexshop 356 watchrolexshop 523 watchrolexshop 587 watchrolexshop 78 watchrolexshop 33 watchrolexshop 433 watchrolexshop 817 watchrolexshop 147 watchrolexshop 157 watchrolexshop 139 watchrolexshop 580 watchrolexshop 539 watchrolexshop 372 watchrolexshop 363 watchrolexshop 737 watchrolexshop 338
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