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The Facts of Colocation Hosting

08:34, 14/6/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Colocation Hosting

Collocation hosting is a recent buzzword in technological breakthroughs. Collocation is best defined as the process of locating of equipment in another location. On the contrary the client in alternative locations defines collocation hosting as the location of personal servers – usually the collocation is of high-end data center. This data center is invariably a packaged composition and this process of collocation hosting includes the likes of – a high speed internet connection, space, highest level of security, regulated air temperature and professionally managed server solutions to name a few. Collocation. The collocation service providers could come in different hues which could extend from space service providers who rent space in the data centers and are companies in their own right, the data center owners or even those who are collocation resellers and not even located on site.

The Collocation Hosting Option

Collocation hosting of services by self may not be the simplest of procedures but they are invariably accompanied by innumerable advantages. The collocation hosting service providers would enable the client to benefit from the data center’s security, network and environment at all times. This collocation of hosting services is done at the state of art high-end data centers and need to focus on numerous factors if they are to be a success story. The start up operations would depend on the number of servers that need to be collocated, the bandwidth service providers, the business strategy being adopted and the location of data center of choice – these and more would determine the start up costs of the project.

Service Profiling

A visit to a few data centers could be very informative – a commonality factor which is visible in all data centers is what is known as the ‘rack’ and this rack is important for the collocation service hosting provider charges a monthly rental for the rack space used. The servers in data centers are stored in cabinets, which in turn are stored on racks. The collocation hosting follows a few protocols which are fundamental to the collocation hosting services and need to well comprehended by all collocation hosting services user at best – the upkeep and maintenance of the servers is the sole responsibility of the user and not the collocation hosting services provider and the cost of the high speed internet is borne by the user and not the service provider.

Evaluation Protocol

The choice of an ideal data center is not by cost – rather it is by the quality of the data center. The data center of choice needs to adhere to a set protocol which will include – high end security, fast internet connectivity, environment, power backup and fire protection measures to name a few. The collocation hosting service providers selection then is more than merely selecting a high end data center – it is rather a combination of numerous factors the most important – other than the selection of a data center – being flexibility and control which is best exhibited by the freedom to select the software and the hardware configuration of choice.

You can visit http://www.colocationamerica.com David can be reached by phone: 323-933-9291<

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The Facts of Colocation Hosting


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