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Thursday 12 July 2007 - Festival - Golf - Garden

Posted on 12/7/2007 at 12:44 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Heya all, sorry I have not "blogged" for a couple of days, but I have been really busy!  We have been playing golf yesterday, which was great, we had not played for ages like that and my golf was not too bad at all.  Martin is still in a dip with his driving, it is not working!!!


We afterwards did our bits at home, Martin did the garden, the lawn needed to be done as it was a dry day, it was perfect.  I had to do some household chores, washing ironing etc., so I got that out of the way.  All our spare bedrooms are ready for new guests, so if you fancy coming over, it is ready!!!!


Then we realised suddenly we only had an hour to get showered and to get ready for the festival event, the grand spectacle at the Chateau Guynot in Tesson!!!  We decided to walk as it is only 15 mins and estimated lots and lots of people there, we thought it would took ages to get out of the car park and also the drink driving problem sorted!!!  What a night we've had, it was a true spectacle!!!  In the end we had an invitation, which meant 4€ off the original price of 18€, and for 14€ we had fish as a starter, chips and steak, bread, dessert and cheese, plus a glass of red wine and a glass of pineau (from the chateau!!!) and then a night's entertainment from 19h00 to past midnight!!!  My favourite groups were Guadalope, Venezuela and Brazil.  Unfortunatly India irritated me slightly, the music sounds the same "crying" sound and the dancing was also slightly boring, but hey they did their best!!!

I have made a compilation of some of the phots:

oh, I don't have enough space to load it up, I will have to delete some of the other phots....  hang on a bit - I'll be back!!!!  NO NOT POSSIBLE TO LOAD UP ANYMORE PHOTS SO I HAVE NOW STARTED ANOTHER BLOG AT THIS ADDRESS:





Mon 9 Jul 2007 - Yesterday's races - Vet's - Bordeaux Visit

Posted on 9/7/2007 at 22:09 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link



Here I am again, had a great day yesterday at Gemozac's races, we only had one winner, but that was really due to the fact that we prefer the flat and steeplechase and we got fed up to wait for two of these Sulky trots before the Steeplechase came on again!!!!   Great day out though and met up with Alex which was just lovely!!!  Weather was not supposed to have been that good, so that was lucky.


Today weather was pants, showers all day, so after the Vet's, where Pepe has been diagnosed now with a scar which needs attention and we need to go back in a week, we then went to IKEA in Bordeaux, to exchange one of the duvets that I had bought wrongly as a 1 persons one but was a double.  We also bought 3 more of the bigger plates, a light for the office, two rugs, and that is about it.


Tomorrow we hope to get to visit the golf course for a practise, will catch up with you then, lots of love,  Margot xxxx

Sat 7 Jul 07 - Hoi

Posted on 7/7/2007 at 11:32 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

I have not posted anything for the past two days.... I have been soooooooo busy!!!  Car has been fixed now, a lovely windscreen and they even washed the car!  Gave us a 407 as a courtesy car and it was subliem!!!  The Camionette was funny, but hey for free and we have now two beautiful single pine beds.  Only mistake I have made was that I did not buy two single duvets at IKEA, but one of them was a double!!!!  So we will go to IKEA next week, see if we can change it.

Pepe is doing fine, the spot is still there and does not seem to disappear and in fact it appears to get a bit whitish, as if he is a bit blind there.  We will go back on Monday, but to be honest they let us come back every two to four days and it cost us a fortune, so we will see, it may well be a scar for life!!!  He is happy, plays and eats and drinks fine!!!

We are off playing golf in a bit.  Have been enjoying Wimbledon a lot; especially yesterday.  Well must go now have things to do, tomorrow the gigis again at Gemozac that should be fun!!!  Doeiii, love Margot xxx

4 July 2007 - Dad's birthday - Peugeot - Nice Lunch - Wasted time!!!!!

Posted on 4/7/2007 at 14:30 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Hoi Pipeloi!!!


What a day we've had.  We thought to be clever and booked the car for the new windscreen and decided not to take a courtesy car and went walking for hours and hours.  The idea was lovely and we walked for miles and miles (or should I say Kilometres!!!), hiding away at times for the heavy showers, but that is what they were JUST SHOWERS.  We went all the way from St George de Coteaux to Saintes and then walked around there and from there back to St George and we went for lunch at the RestauMarché, such good value, we had a menu of 10€20 = starter, main course and desert and we had the buffet bar, steak and I had choc mousse and Martin a kind of sorbetty thing.  We took Pepe with us, because here in France they are welcome in the majority of the restaurants.  Anyway the Peugeot garage told us to be back for 16h00 but we said we would try 15h00 and when we got there, there was some bad news.  The screen that had come in as a replacement got a crack as well and the little tiny crack in our windscreen now is a huge crack!!!!!!  So we took the car back and we will return tomororw and then get a courtesy car - they cannot avoid that!!!! - to do our other business, to get the single beds and take the camionette and do the delivery!!!!  Gosh, I have never seen our diary so full!!! 


I have just cancelled our competition for golf as well on Sunday, as it is another racing day in Gemozac and you cannot really do both, too tiring, so we chose the racing!!!  Chance to meet up with John and Alex as well!!!


Today would have been my dad's 78th birthday, but for those of you who don't know, he passed away on 25th February 2000.  You'll never forget these days, birthdays and anniversary dates.  He is very special to me and I think of him still every day. 


So that was our day, bit wasted time really but hey, who cares???  You cannot change it anyway!!


I will stop for today and leave you with love and a quote,  from Margot xxx


In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

Tue 3 Jul 07 - Bank - Relais - Etc.

Posted on 3/7/2007 at 22:11 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

A quicky:  got our mutuelle sorted, took the middle option, got optician and dentist covered well, Martin will have to make an appointment soon.  Got bitten by the worst mozzie ever since I have been here in France, tonight I will put a plug in (anti mozzie thingy), I have about ten or more bites from last night!!! 


Weather has been absolute horror, rain all day!!!


Pepe is doing well, but spot is not really disappearing yet....


Job interview was not really interview, manager of the hotel is really impressed with my cv and wishes to employ me; had an accountancy job in mind, but lady who was showing me in all but "5" minustes gave up and said it would be too difficult for me without fluent French!!! She has the job earmarked for a friend (I heard her on the phone).  Nevertheless, manager wants me to give him a quote to do the English version of his website, so I will get hopefully a bit of an income for doing that.


Off to bed now, Peugeot early tomorrow morning!!!  Oh and we have bought in the half price sales two single beds and matrasses for our grandchildren and niece and nephew to come and stay!!!!  We are going to the shop on Thu and will get the van for an hour to transport for free!!!!  That's a bargain, the delivery would have been 45€!!!


Bye for now and sleep well!!!! Lots of love Margot xxxx

Monday 2 July 2007 - Peugeot - Vet - Market - Le Relais du Bois

Posted on 2/7/2007 at 16:27 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Hoi Pipeloi,

Second day in July already, spooky really!!!  This morning we got up early again (very difficult once you are used to a life of leisure, semi-retirement!!! LOL) and we first went at 08h00 to the Peugeot Dealer where we bought our car.  Brought the number of the insurance that we got from our bank on Saturday and we actually don't have to pay a thing, it will be paid by the Peugeot to the insurance company Pacifico and we don't even have an excess to pay!!!  Booked for Wednesday at 08h30, so that is great.  Then at 09h00 we got to the Vet's where Pepe had his stitches removed.  The fluorescent test was done again and there is NO ULCER anymore!!!!  However, there is still that horrible bloody spot on top of the eye so we have to yet continue with drops until next Monday and then they will re-assess the situation.  Pepe now has an open eye, but the lampshade is compulsory for another week!!!  Our lives just sort of in the ban of this eye problem, this has been going on for three weeks now and it has played havoc on our golf etc., but ofcourse that is what you do for your boy.  Could not leave him at home without treatment for about 4-5 hrs when we would play a round of golf, now it is easier and we will have to get some golf in this week as we have put our names forward for our first golf competition on Sunday!!!


After the Vet's we went to the monthly market in Saintes, this is an incredible huge market and we love it!!!  Martin found another watch - as the Dutch one broke - for a bargain price of just 10€!  We have bought saucisson (5 for 10€), some special French cheese and some gorgeous jambon de cerrano!!!  We also got some gorgeous pain, so tonight we will have some of those goodies!!!!


Tomorrow morning at 10h00 we have an appointment at the bank to get our mutuelle and then in the afternoon I finally have my first job interview!!!!!  Keep everything crossed (fingers and whatever else is possible LOL ) and it is with a hotel/restaurant here in Saintes, 4 star and it is called Le Relais du Bois.  I actually sent out emails to all hotels as an open application to ask if they have a job for me either reception work or domestic help.  So hopefully they can offer me some of that!!!!   I have also taken the decision to ring Sylvie to arrange private lessons, as it is 20€ an hour and it will help me to get there eventually!!!!


Watched the Diana Concert yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, nice to have a few English channels!!!


Well I think I have told you all that I can for today and bye from me with a kiss and hug and quote:

No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.

Sat 30 Jun 07 - Bank, Golf, BBQ and Hot Hot Hot ******

Posted on 30/6/2007 at 01:51 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Hey finally we got this hot day today, we hit well over 35 C° today and it was too hot to play golf really!  First things first, we got up early, had a bank appointment today, Monsieur Damy, our favourite bank clerk, has left the branch and is now in Saint Savinien, so we had a new clerk today, Mademoiselle Guichet and she was just as lovely and as efficient as Laurent Damy!!!  We got the okay to have the windscreen changed on the Peugeot and don't even have an excess so that is great!!!


She did us a devi (quote) for the health insurance (top up) and we may take the middle one for 106€ for the two of us monthly.   You do need that in France; the Carte Vitale just pays upto 70% of certain costs, and hospital costs are not even included, hence this top up insurance.  We have to go back on Tuesday as we took the Carte Vitales, but need another form to take with us.


Then when you get up that early it is nice to hit the supermarket that early and we got our shopping done so quickly.  We drove home, had a brunch and then went to Fontcouverte, I had a ladies team training session and Martin just played.  It was a good session but so hot to play.  I drank in no time 1.5 ltr of water!!!  We did drive some irons first, a little chipping session, an approach session and then we discussed some more things, 2hrs go quickly and the next session is next week same time and we will actually go and do a round of golf with the four of us and the pro, should be interesting!!!


We then got home at 19h00 and were so hungry we started the BBQ and Martin made some nice salads, with the lovely baquets and glass of wine, it was subliem.  We only just got in now (c.22h00, because the mozzies were pestering me and it was cooling down)  - apparently rain and colder weather again tomorrow but after the 4th of July (my late father's birthday) it should start the summer!!!!  Cannot wait!!


Pepe is fine, he seems to really be on the mend; only on Monday we will know the real damage!  Tomorrow we are going to Migron, aboiut 39 mins drive, they have a wine market, so that should be nice to do.

Anyway all from me today, and leave you with another thought/quote (love Margot xxx):


You haven't lost your smile at all      , it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.

Friday 29 June 2007 - TGIF - Applications - Parabole - UKTV - Pepe - Plants

Posted on 29/6/2007 at 01:46 - 2 Comments - Post Comment - Link


Here we are, it is already the 29th of June, how fast does time roll on?  Creepy really!!!  Anyway, had a look on the weather chart and it starts to get really hot and dry here on the 5th of July, so I am hoping that is the kind of weather we came here for!!!  Today it has been cloudy, not very warm, but at least dry. 


The Electricien Eric Faure (who has done all the work in our house with the builder, electrics, heating; plombing) has been in today, funny story to tell you now!!!  We rang the electricien to do some work in the house and outside, to install 12 lights and then to come back for the parabole, which is the satellite dish and decoder to get some UK free tv.  So we spoke to Madame Faure 14 days ago to arrange this and she told us he would come in on the 15th of June.  There he was with his helper and they worked so extremely hard.  He could not do the parabole that day, but told us to ring his patron (the boss) to arrange another day.  Okay I did so and she told me he would be in one day in the morning at around 08h00.  We also had to take Pepe to the Vet that day so I was walking him and when I got back, Martin was confused; he said that Eric had been, but it was a different guy and he did not understood him and this guy wrote on a piece of paper that he would ring at 12h00 to arrange a RDV (rendez-vous = appointment).  No phonecall but then the electricien turned up in the afternoon with the helper, installed the parabole and all that he could do, but as usual, when you buy electrical equipment there is always an extra lead you need to buy.  We did not know that and we arranged to buy it and for us to ring again to make another RDV!  Okay, then yesterday afternoon Madame Faure rang the doorbell, dropped off the bill and then told us that Eric would come tomorrow morning (i.e. this morning) around midday.  I was walking with Pepe and when I returned, the electricien was there.  Then the other guy turned up, and they had great problems to direct the parabole to the correct satellite to get UK TV, but they did it in the end, and we now have BBC1, 2, 3, 4, 24, ITV, ITV3 and a few more that we have to explore.  To make a long story short about the funny bit, the guy that had been working here and we thought it was Eric, was NOT Eric, but Jerome, a member of staff and the other guy was the PATRON, M FAURE ERIC, it was hilarious, but then you need to be here to appreciate the joke. 


So we can watch UK TV now, not too much as we will need to learn French, but hey French TV is pretty abismal, i.e. I like watching CSI, they start that at 20h50 the whole evening until about midnight, that is a bit of an overkill!!!  Here is a phot of our new TV:


It is a very nice TV, we bought it at AUCHAN in Bordeaux, as our UK tv did not work here.  That is the pain with UK tv, would be okay for just a parabole, but we fancied one of these flatscreens HD ready!!!!


Okay then an update on Pepe.  He seems to be just fine, enjoys his walks, barks again when he thinks he hears a car or so and he plays in the garden.  Roll on Monday to have the stitches out.  Here is Pepe today:


 That is all from ME for today, love, kisses and have a nice weekend!!  Margot xxxx

 Maybe you don't like your job, maybe you didn't get enough sleep, well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep. Maybe you just had the worst day of your life, but you know, there's no escape, there's no excuse, so just suck up and be nice.

Thursday 28 June 2007 - Lovely day!!!

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Hi every1, what a lovely day it was today.  No rain, bit cloudy, but nice temperature of around 22 degrees C and just perfect for golf - hey we just came back from doing just that!!!!  What a coincidence!!!  We went to the golf club around midday, but could not tee off due to a competition, so we took a tee off time for 14h40 and we actually just returned about 20 mins ago.  Martin is just preparing the dinner, we have some lovely (huge) salmon steaks, nice with potatoes and some tomato salad..... cannot wait for that to be ready.


My golf went really well; although it was hard to get used to the very fast greens, but they are oh so beautiful!!!!  I did a nett 64 so 4 under, I could have had a 2 today as well on the 8th, but as there were people waiting, I had rushed it a bit.... silly really.  My new driver from Holland and new iron wood are working just fine.  Martin was struggling a bit today, he has not been playing his usual self, but I am sure that will come back.  It is about time that we start playing some competitions here.  I have my second training with the ladies on Saturday at 14h00, am looking forward to that.   Think we might try to get out and play golf tomorrow at 07h30, then we have the time to ourselves in the afternoon.  I would love to go out towards La Tremblade for a change.


Pepe is really good, he loves to play again, has some problems picking up his toys due to that horrible lampshade thing, but I believe he is really on the mend.  Cannot wait for Monday to come along so they can take the stitches out and let his eye open.


Wanted to reply to a job I saw yesterday on the internet and when I tried ringing today it appeared to have been taken.  Only a cleaning job though and some ironing, but I would have loved getting some work.  Still hoping for that reception job where they require someone with English and Dutch!!!!!


Must go, dinner nearly ready, so love from me and here's another thought:


"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue."

Wednesday 27 June 2007 - Another Vet's visit and Peugeot's visit

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Hi every1, been to the vet for another check-up (it is starting to cost us a fortune!!) and all seems reasonably well.  Vet is concerned about the infection in the eye but we are treating it with the anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory medication.  Pepe is chirpy and happy within himself, even though he only has got the use of 1 eye!!!  He tries to open the other one, but that is good for me to put the drops in!!!  Now wait until Monday and hopefully all will be fine.


We then did a quick shop at E LeClerc, food for tonight and our wine for tonight, but hey, the wine is so good and sooooooo cheap, it is cheaper than fruit juice!!!!!  We then went to the Peugeot, because a while back we drove past a truck and we heard an almighty tick on the windscreen, could not see anything - checked the body of the car and nothing was damaged there either - so we thought we'd got away with it.  NOT!!!!  When I washed the car, I had noticed a crack in the windscreen and we enquired today if they can repair it or not; and I already thought we might have left it too long as the last time I'd washed the car it had gotten bigger and it was confirmed by them that we need a new windscreen.  So we will have to make a trip to the bank and see our conseiller there, Mr Damy, he is fantastic and we can also then get the mutuelle, the top up health insurance, which you need in this country!


My mum also had to go to the hospital for an eye scan and she now has a date for the operation for a new lens in her eye, which is the 8th of August.  The weather was gorgeous this morning, no clouds and we even took the top off, now it is cloudy, but at least it is dry.


Gotta go now; need to ring the bank for a rendez-vous!!!!  Take care and catch up soon!!! Love xxx Margot

"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself!!!"

Monday 25 June 2007 - Pepe is home!!!!!! But nasty eye surgery!!!!

Posted on 25/6/2007 at 17:42 - 2 Comments - Post Comment - Link

This morning we dropped Pepe off at the Vet's at 08h30 and he was taken away from us immediately, which is never nice, but it had to be done.  We were allowed to come back to pick him up at 16h30.


So best thing to do for us was to make the most of our day and we went to Gamm Vert first to have a look for some indoor plants and we were successful, bought three for indoors and could not resist the 50pc off the Bougainvillea, the plant I really really really!!! WANTED - but we don't know what colour it will be!!! Only 5€ so that was great.  Pots were not good, so we then went to Jardiland where we bought some ordinary pots and saucers, but I then bought a pot of white paint and have painted them white (as I like white and there were none to be bought). 


We also updated the garden chart with our plants, shrubs and trees and have now details on all our plants.  We also managed to get our shopping done at E LeClerc, where we bumped into Mike and Maria's new landlady and landlord!!!!  Nice people they are and we had a little chat with them. 


Bon, now to Pepe's story for the day.  We left here at 16h00 to go an see Pepe and the first girl at the Vet's said he was "ça va!" and that they found a "herb" (grass) in his eye behind the top of his eye lid.  She showed it to us and I think it is about 3cm long and very hard.  Here's a photo:

That is pretty big huh???  They sawn up his eye and we can open it a little tiny bit to put the eye drops in.  They are afraid of infections, so he is on antibiotica and on anti-inflammatories; plus the eye drops to heal the ulcer (no wonder he had a hole in the eye!!!!).  He is still a bit groggy and is not allowed to eat anything today and only drink a little.  Thankfully we have him back with us, it is no fun without PEPE.


Well, that was a quick blog from me, I am off now, it is dinner time and I am very hungry!  Now for my quote of the day (it's bye from me!!):


"The more people I meet the more I like my dog."


Sunday 24 June 2007 - Day at the Races at Gemozac's Hippodrome

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This morning we got up and Pepe's eye was frightening as it was completely closed up and dried up with the gunge.  So we stuck a lot of the eye water and started rubbing it slowly and we managed to clean it up.  But then half an hour later it was a bloody eye, and now you can actually see the hole in the cornea and a bloody spot on top of it, so I am absolutely worried like mad and am scared for tomorrow.  You must trust the Vet's and that is what we will do, we will go in at 08h30 and he will have to stay for the operation.  The Vet's in Saintes have so many Vets working there, they must know what they are doing, but then again, why did they not seal the eye last week?  Now we are a week further and it is just getting worse.  Just came home and cleaned the eye up again, he is such a good boy, let's us get on with the job.  We have not played golf for over two weeks, because of the eye problem and we need to clean the eye so often and administer the medication, but today we have left Pepe from 14h15 as we went to Gemozac's hippodrome for the Races, which was a cracking day out!!!


You drive up to the Hippodrome and you drive in with the car and pay 5€50 pp for entry and that includes the car park and you get a programme (form sheet) with that as well!  We met up with Alex and John and whereas we were going to bring a picnic, we had a sandwich at home and decided to leave the wine at home as we could not find our coolbox and icing packs (the wine would have gone so warm), Alex and John brought a nice glass of wine for us!!!  Here's Martin enjoying a drink with Alex and John:

The Races are all different formats, they have 2 flat races, 2 steeplechase and 4 with silkis.  We don't like the latter ones, but we started off with a bet on the Aga Khan's horse which just got pipped at the post and came second (but we had a bet to win not placed) but after that we had the other winner on the flat and the two winners on the steeplechase.  But no big money for us, one example, I put on one winner 2€ to win and I got back 3€80 and that was including my own money!!!  It is all for fun though!!!!


Here's a phot of all of us (but I just photoshopped myself in there!!!!):

We had a nice drink there as well, shaded under the trees and for the last race we all won and the name of the winner is "MASTER FLIGHT":


Okay that is all from me, I am off having my dinner!!!!  Love, Margot xxx

Saturday 23 June 2007

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09h00 we were at the Vet's this morning and it was not good news.  The ulcer has reappeared and thus Pepe will have to have eye surgery on Monday.  He will have to come in at 08h30 without having had food and drink to perform the surgery; which is like attaching one of the inner eyelids (don't know the medical words for it) over the eye to protect it for about two weeks and then they will remove it and we must hope it will then have healed.  It hurts him of course and we are giving painkillers now until Monday and the other drops again.  The poor thing, one and a half week, not being able to see properly, not just because of the eye, but also because of the lampshade.  We are cleaning the eye a lot more now, the Vet managed to get this hardened bit of gunge of his upper eyelid and hopefully this morning it will not be to badly dried up.


We got early in Saintes this morning and walked over the market first.  What a lovely fruit and veg they have at the moment, the tomatoes in all kinds of sorts and flavours, it is beautiful.  We did not do our shopping there, it is sometimes just easier to go to the supermarket as you can get everything at once and we have some nice salmon fillets for tomorrow's dinner with green beans and some potatoes.  For Pepe we bought some nice meat as well; specially sold as pet's meat and he loves it!! Don't forget we are having to handfeed him at the moment.


In the afternoon we have been to visit our friends John and Alex, who live in Saint Germain sur Seudre.  The house is starting to look good; some windows have been fixed and the gate has been attached; the roof is looking smart; that is going to look lovely once it has been done!!!! Well done guys!!!  Nice glass of rose in the garden and have met the new pets, the goose and the duck!!!  Freddie is looking good and doing well.  If all goes well with Pepe, we will meet John and Alex tomorrow at the horseracing in Gemozac and we bring some wine and picknic with us, that should be fun!  It should be an okay day tomorrow, but oh my god the weather is letting us down!  When John and Alex were here last year they had wonderful weather, but this is not normal for the Charente Maritime; cold-ish and rain-ish.

All from me for now but I will leave you with another quote:

Everyday is a gift, thats why they call it the present


Friday 22 June 2007

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Hello every1,

Today nothing much has happened.  Because of Pepe's eye problem, we cannot really go out for a long time, the eye needs cleaning every 2hrs to an hour, there is a lot of discharge coming out at the moment.  Hence we have not played golf for such a long time, mind  you we were having a bit of a golf crisis anyway, so a break could be good, but we are missing the Saintes Championships, which are this weekend.  We will just drive up there and have a look and drink perhaps.


So this morning Pep's eye was completely closed up and dried up, so we had to give it a very good clean, he actually cries every now and then, so it must hurt him again, or he is just fed up with the treatment, sickness and the lampshade!!!


We then went out to Saintes to buy a lead for our Satellite. We had the electricien over again yesterday to do the bathroom light and the satellite, however, they don't supply the dish and box with a lead and we had to get it today, I then had to ring him again and hopefully he may turn up this afternoon (WE HOPE!!!).  The dubbing of all programmes is very difficult to follow and although you can switch the subtitles on, it goes so fast!!!  We will pursue with French television, but it will just be nicer to have 2500 channels instead of just 5!!!  The Electricien, Eric he is called, is so brilliant, he comes in with a younger chap that helps him and they are ever so fast and efficient.  They installed all our lights, the ones for outside look absolutely lovely and the ones indoor as well.  We bouight the outside lights at Bricolage and the indoor lights (with the exception of the bathroom) all come from IKEA - must be one of my favourite shops!!!!

These are the bathroom and living rooms lights/


We then went to E LeClerc for our shopping and went home again for Pep's treatment.  I don't see an improvement at all yet, but I know it is early days, but the Vet wants to see us again tomorrow at 09h00.

Then it was time for a big clean of the house, did that together, takes less time, me kitchen, bathoom and toilet and the dusting and steaming and Martin the hoovering.

Oh and we also bought two more plants, we could not resist it, we actually went to Jardiland because we both want to have a Bouqainville, but hey it was 55€ and a bit too expensive to our liking, but we took some other shrubs with us that were on display, one nice pinky flower and a purple flower.  Cannot plant them as it is horrible weather actually, torrential downpours.


Anyway tomorrow I want to have a look for a nice plant or 2 for indoors and then perhaps go somewhere in the afternoon, perhaps Royan, haven't been there for a while.

Bon, je arrete.....  enough for today, I am going to watch a bit of dubbed televsion!!!!

Have a nice weekend all and let me leave you this - bye from me -:

If you do it you’ll regret it, if you don’t do it you’ll regret it, either way your going to regret it, you might as well just do it!

Hey it is Thursday and Pepe's eye may be okay but Mum has to go for an eye operation

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We've just come back from Saintes and Pepe's hour of truth at the Vet's this morning.  We were a bit early, so we walked a bit in Saintes, by the river and back thru the little streets.  The Vet was great again, but how many girls vets do they have there at that clinic?   I think there is only one male vet there amongst all these girls, but they are so good, we had another new one, with Pepe's eye problem we seem to be introduced to all the vets at the clinic!!!


Well, we thought it would be very bad, as the eye gunge now turned bloody!!!  We cleaned it this morning and it was a nice clean eye, but we good see a kind of dark red spot on top of the eye.  Anyway all well until we went for that walk in Saintes, he suddenly had blood in the eye!!!  Oh my god, we really thought he had to stay in there.  The vet was a bit shocked as well, but after she had cleaned it, it did not look too bad anymore and she applied the fluorescent stuff to see how the ulcer was doing.  She then said a sentence that made us happy "l'ulcère a disparu" so the ulcer has disappeared, however there was now another problem with the eye.  Second vet for second opinion came in and they both diagnosed the following.  The ulcer had disappeared; i.e. the hole in the cornea has closed up, however, before it closed, some blood and gunge may have gotten into it and hence the bloody "spot" where the ulcer was.  That is what they think and they have given us different drops to apply 4 to 6 times a day and we need to come back in 48hrs, so this Saturday at 09h00.  So let's keep fingers crossed, it may be over soon (Pepe is so fed up with the lampshade and Mini Pierre he wanted a lime green one but we only had bright pink left!!!!! LOL).


When we got home I got a phonecall from my mother in Zwanenburg (The Netherlands) and she asked about Pepe but actually had some bad news herself.  She had to go to the eye specialist as one eye gives her a hazy glare and she is having to have a new lens.  Next week she is going in for a scan and then she will get a date for the operation.  Poor thing, when you are getting older there is a chance that you may get these kind of flaws with your health!  She is in good spirit though!!!  She is going out this afternoon playing carts at the village festival, so that is a nice afternoon for her to take her mind off things!


Nothing much to do today, the weather is PANTS, it is raining a lot and heavy, so no gardening, so I think I may be boring and use today to do my household chores.  Washing to be done, ironing, and when I have finished that I shall stick my head into the French Grammar Book, desperately need to do some more studying!!!!! 


Enough from me for now, I like to leave you with this thought:





Car and Garden

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Hi every1, it is Wed the 20th of June and the weather here is warm, but cloudy.  We have been out with Pepe just about an hour ago and he enjoyed it a bit better as before.  The eye was completely closed this morning, so it took a while before we could get it open, the gungey stuff dries up during the night and he cannot open his eye in the morning.  Tomorrow at 0915 I will visit the vet for the check up and then either operation or the all-clear (hopefully).  The garden looks really nice now with all the plants/shrubs/trees that we've bought over the past two days and of course we had 6 trees already in the garden (legal requirement for the builder).  I have made a plan of it and will insert it.

May be not readeable, but it gives you an idea.  These are some of the plants:

I am very happy with the orange and lemon tree, they look lovely and I cannot wait for next year to see if they will come with any fruits already.  We will wait for Carrefour or E LeClerc to come up with more offers, in February they had at Carrefour lots of fruit trees and so cheap, just 7€50 and we would like to get a cherry tree, prune, pear and perhaps abricot as well.  In February we could not do anything in the garden, so we missed out on that promotion (offer)!!!  Martin is picking some more stones, so we will have to make another trip to the déchetterie (dump) as we have other wastage here that cannot go into the normal rubbish collection.


Don't like to do trips to the déchetterie with our lovely car.  She is beautiful, love driving the car, especially without the top.  Here is a picture of her:

Well, the top was on yesterday as we had some showers, but hey what a lovely car, don't you think?  It is the nicest car I have ever had in my life!!!  And Martin's!!!  And Pepe's!!!  But Pepe was not pleased when the Ford KA was left to be crushed and we took this car away, he was really unhappy!!!  Logically, he was picked up 4 years ago as a 7 week old puppy in Cornwall in the KA and has been with me everyday to go to the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and he does not know any better.  He is used to this car now and if he thinks we are about to leave him at home (because it is so hot here and he cannot always come with us), he tries to jump into the car and thinks we don't notice him in there!!!! 

Well time to go, must get to that déchetterie and do some food shopping for today; in the UK we did foodshopping for two weeks, here we just hit the shops every day, so much easier, less wastage and fresh food all the time!  Oh they have mussels on offer in the Super U for just 2€20 a kg, think I might pursuade Martin to do MOULES FRITES!!!!!  Love it xxxx  BFN  Margot xxx 



Update on Pepe and Plants Galore!

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Pepe has had a bad night, he woke us up at about 4 and the eye was completely shut.  We gave it a good clean and another drop and eventually, after being restless for another half hour or so, he fell asleep.  We woke at 9 (that is the advantage of being retired/semi-retired, getting up whenever you fancy!) and we had breakfast and then cleaned it up again with another drop of the painkiller which he is allowed two each day now.  Here's a picture of today's patient:

Martin and I have been to the Supermarchè E LeClerc, where we have bought an orange tree, an olive tree and two lavender plants.  This will complement the twelve plants/shrubs we have bought yesterday at Jardiland.  Our garden is so big that we needed more, so we also went this morning to Gamm Vert, where we bought another 10 plants/shrubs.  Martin is planting them at the moment (I told him where to put them).  I was just talking on the phone to my good friend Mini Pierre and I saw that Martin had already started the work, so I had to interfere, I am the boss at the end of the day!!!! ;)


So nice to speak to Mini Pierre, we always mail each other, but hearing the voice over the phone is always nice!!!  Got an email from Nina yesterday as well, which was nice to hear from her.  Keep the emails coming all of you!!!!


I am positive about a job prospect.  I apply for many jobs, but they really don't even bother with sending an answer which I think is appalling, if it was an open application I could understand, but to apply for a certain job advertised on the jobcentre's website (ANPE) or in the Newspaper.... that just puzzles me.  There's a receptionist job which I have applied for and they want a Dutch/English speaking person, at a holiday village; still have not heard anything, thought that had my name on it, the same for the job with the Cognac house, guide with English, Dutch and German; how many people speak those languages???  But now I am positive, an English estate agent; who has an office near me, is looking for a Bilingual negotiator, no experience needed and the fact that I also speak Dutch and German is a plus.  I hope that I get invited for the interview.  Wish me luck that I don't struggle with the French test, the associate is French and gets to speak French to me to test my level of French!!!!!  You gotta try!!!

Well that is enough from me for now; soon I will add a blog about our lovely car, she is pretty; she is fast and I love her xxxx

Pepe has a corneal ulcer

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It is so sad; poor Pepe developed last Tuesday a soreness in his left eye and we took him to the Vet the next day and he was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer, rather dangerous, if not treated properly or if it does not heal properly, he could loose his eyesight/eye.  We got drops for two days to treat him, medication and a painkiller and stuff to clean the eye and went back on a Friday, being warned that he may have to stay in for an operation to cover the eye with another membrane.


Luckily it seems the ulcer got a bit smaller so we got a week to treat it and on Thursday he will have to come without anything in his stomach - just in case he may need that operation.  There is a lot of gunge coming out of the eye and although I clean it a lot, it makes the hairs and the area around the eye very hard.  He does not seem to have pain anymore; he does not try to bite me and no more crying when trying to treat him, so we are hopeful he might get over this.  He is having to wear one of these "lampshades", very embarrassing for the guy!!!



This is a happier Pepe: 

I will keep you posted on his progress!


Last week we also had Mike and Maria over for a couple of days; we had a great time, the weather was good then (we had a couple of nights in the garden) and we went out most days with the open top cars!!!

This week we will stay in most of the time because of Pepe, but we might go out and buy some plants for the garden.  The grass is coming along nicely, Martin does a lot of weeding and it looks beautiful green (that may seem funny to say, but the majority of the greens here are already very dry and yellow-ish).

Keep looking at this blog, for now I want to leave you with this thought: 


It is goodbye from me for today - Margot xxx

Welcome to the Garcia Olmo's blog on Life in France

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Hi Every1,

Thought it might be nice to start a blog..... so there you go!  For those of you who don't know what has happened I will try and summarise our last 10 months.  Martin, Pepe and I left the UK on the 15th of Sept and first spent 12 days in Holland with my mother.  Then we left to go and browse in France for a new home.  We have been to Normandy, but that is too cold and we had our sights set on POITOU CHARENTE as the climate is so good there.  We searched first in the Royan area but soon diverted to Saintes, where the golf course is wonderful and not too busy in the Summer.  We found our house quite soon and bought it the end of October. 


We lived all that time in rented accommodation, first few nights in the tent, then caravan and then gites.  We met John and Alex in the gites we rented from Sheila and Kevin and John and Alex are great friends, we definitely keep in touch with them.  We celebrated Christmas together last year and they have now moved into their property in St Germain s/seudre (which they are developing) and we finally moved into our house in Tesson the end of January.  We bought new, no maintenance and it is lovely to live where no1 else has lived before.  We have a plot of 1000m2, a bungalow with open plan kitchen, big living area, garage, four bedrooms, toilet and bathroom.  We use one of the bedrooms as our office.  I wanted to work for myself here in France, but that is too expensive, the state takes too much tax and that is not worth it.  I am applying for jobs at the moment and keep on studying French.


I have been to the CAREL in Royan for a two week intensive course and am studying every day.  Watch French TV and try very hard to speak to French people to improve.  We have great neighbours, Bernard, Colette and Clara (plus Valine the dog) and we look out for each other, which is a good feeling when you are not at home.  We have also bought a new car, a Peugeot 207CC, sporty cabrio and it is a wonderful car!

Tesson is a small village, with a burntout baker, but still with butcher, hairdresser, café, library, postoffice, restaurant, village hall, etc.  We are 10 mins from Saintes, where you find the supermarkets and nightlife etc.

Well, that will be all for today, I will blog again very soon to fill in the gaps......  A tout de suite!!!!

Margot xxx

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