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• 27/4/2010 - Evaluation on Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" will be put on sale on November 15, while the PC demo version will also be put on sale a few days ahead of the console version. Although there are only a small number of teams as well as "friendly" mode are available, the demo version at least gives us a full picture of the improvements on graphics and systems. According to the present beta, the quality of this opus is undoubtely espected.Why Michelle Obama all Wear Nintendo DSi Console ? Who Knows!

It is no doubt that Soccer Scene 2008 is failing, the most of Soccer Scene 2009 is correct the error, and now watching Soccer Scene 2010 is genuine level. First, in terms of the interface, the "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" has particularly significant changes, and this modern, fashionable design style which was first tried in the "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008", can be said to be as close as that of the FIFA series. PES 2010 gave up the vertical menu structure, and selected and used a background color with stronger impact force and so on. The music has yet last the latest two generations` style. Because we can't enter the Master League mode at present, so are not clear what the structure will be in the next interface.

However, according to the Exhibition pattern, it will have a big change. It`s similar with the former one in formation, date, tactics and so on, but a big change in content, and the manifestations are more vivid. Particularly, the part of tactic has graphical representation now, it seems more intuitive. It has great changes in the content of the tactics by adding elements of full attack and all defensive, as well as removing elements of left hand side attack, right hand side attack middle attack. In addition, players can adjust the distance of teamers, grab strength, and so on. These changes made the tactical level to be more enrich, but to the performance of the players' ability value. Visual gragh pandet was cancelled and the way to check the datas became a little troublesome.It need take some time for the old hand to adapt to.

Generally speaking, the beta showed us a good many advances of the system of PES 2010. It basically eliminated some previous doubts. Tt is belived that PES 2010 will be regarded as the best of the latest three generations if the Master League improves rational enough in the official version.

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