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that class... 2X

everybody always says that my class is the worst, first i disagreed with them but over time i have been changing my mind about it. it's not that there are no nice people in my class but we don't seem to connect.  there are some real bitches in my class though... they say that they don't have anything to do about the bad taste of our class but in reality they are pretty much the cause of the problem. it seems that every time they say that they would improve it gets worse, almost like they want to have this bad feeling in our class. i know some people are thinking about it this way and some teachers seem to feel it too, they've tried to do something about it but for anything they made it worse. in the beginning, 1 year ago we didn't really know it yet because we didn't knew each other good enough to hate somebody,  but since that first day you could feel there was something wrong. in the first couple of weeks we had seem to have formed 3 different groups; the ''nice'' girls the boys and the bitches. the bitches of course also had some friends from other classes but the all seemed the same to me. it's like a bad virus that spreads out over al the classes in our year. in our class there is 1 bitch of the bitches, i don't know if it is here sluttyness or here constant need for attention (negative or positive) it's just she has this way of looking... it makes me wanna rip here long blond hairs out of her skull. of course it is not just this group of girls who make this class so bad, it's pretty much everyones fold and yes also me...

i still don't really have the feeling i fit in well. i had a best friend... but that didn't work out very well, she is just annoying... nothing to do about that. i feel more connected to this other class of my school 2Y, it has nicer people in it, people that like me better and don't seem me as this person who is ''just'' nice. they gave me the impression that they like me as much as i do them, a thing that i have never felt in 2X. maybe i should just go to that class next year... if i keep my grades up. i'm not saying that there are no nice people in my class but their are just more annoying people and people you don't feel connected to, people that you barley know. i think maybe 4 nice girls and one nice boy, not just nice nice but like really nice. in 2Y you have more people, maybe to much nice people. there are girls who i don't even know the name of but feel more connected to then i ever did with any of the ''just nice'' people in my class. maybe i'm looking at this all wrong, maybe when i go to 2Y i would break some friendships i don't want to lose. or maybe i realize i was in the right class all along. i think i have to wait with my decision about going there, especially after friday...

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- that class... 2X

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