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Geoffrey Hunt

• 18/12/2007 - Treadmill Comparison - Smooth 7.1 HR PRO vs Nordic Track E3200

Before you make your treadmill purchase, it is important to make a treadmill comparison to find the right model for you. Finding and purchasing a treadmill can be an excellent start to your fitness program. Both the Nordic Track E3200 and the Smooth 9.3 are good treadmills with benefits and drawbacks of each.

Nordic Track E3200

A treadmill comparison between the Nordic Track E3200 and the Smooth 9.3 should start with the benefits of the Nordic Track. It comes with four preset programs, a twenty by fifty-six running surface, and a 3.0 horsepower motor. It is both durable and sturdy. It is a machine that is built to handle your toughest workout programs. It is quiet, and it has some great panel features to help you monitor your workout progress. It has a reasonable price, and it is very comfortable.

For all of the features of this machine, though, there are a few drawbacks. It is very heavy and difficult to move. It requires some space, and it can be tough to set-up.

Smooth 7.1 HR PRO

In this treadmill comparison, the Smooth 7.1 has some great benefits, too. While the Nordic Track has four present programs, the Smooth 7.1, in comparison, has eight. Two of those are for people who are ready for some serious cardio training. It features a massive 2.75 horsepower motor and it is also durable and sturdy. It will handle most workouts in the home environment. It, too, is a quiet machine, and it makes for a great jogging workout.

When you compare it with the Nordic Track model, it, too, has some drawbacks. It could be a bit faster (it has a top speed of ten miles per hour), and the running surface does not offer a decline function. However I do prefer the Smooth Fitness brand. All their treadmills are of a very high quality.

A treadmill comparison of both of these models reveals that either is a good choice for the home model you are looking for.

Dean Iggo is the webmaster of a home exercise equipment website providing reviews of the best dumbbells and used fitness equipment including, treadmills and ellipticals from top brands including Proform, Precor, Total Gym, Smooth, Weider and more.

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