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1/9/2009 - R - World

R - World is made by the Shanghai Joyzone development of a real network to really racing game. R - World support multiresolution game, in truth, imaging, fitting for the main characteristics. Racing The opening of the city in the map, many trophies and real cross-country race, steep paths game platform based on such individuals, in order to show the vehicle modified level player, is driving skills and more fit team.

R - World provides various levels of vehicles. The sports car, luxuriant appearance, the speed of the car, and special classic famous, special function. The city police vehicles, justice, in the war has more advantages. A taxi, steadfast in cities designated tasks, passenger make do. Have Chinese characteristics trucks, etc.

The balance of simulated vehicle accessories, and actual automobile refitting the same modified system, the individuality, and treasure system, equipment system, synthetic system, let you enjoy the fun, free refitting experience obtained gourmet equipment.

R - World map of the city by 10:1 ratio of the simulation, the real live in Shanghai and China's flourishing city south of Seoul. In the future, the characteristics of urban world will gradually to travel the world famous cities, more attractive field. In the city, each player can be staged large-scale city police, experience the feeling of Hollywood stimulation.
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27/8/2009 - Ever Planet

South Korea announced by NEXON operations, NEXON NCLIPSE, r&d of lovely style online game Ever "fairy tale works hard, slated from September 3 in South Korea on the second stage of this test, closed in on a player's recruiting activities.

The law is Ever works hard on a Planet, stage of fairy tale characters personality style online role-playing game, players can run around the Planet as a, in the game, on adventure game scene, and facing the monster, etc.

NEXON says, participated in the first close the player is not need additional testing application can join the second seal, and can recommend 5 people to participate in a second, For new players want to participate in a second, connect to 31 May apply to the website, scheduled to open a second five thousand.

Liverpoolfc.tv also take second closed test player, recruiting unveiled a new wave of games, and many new propaganda animation "my background and the planet" and so on the new planet.

The new planet, a new journey

2 measure, the "Ever works hard to add a third star. Broad grassland and mysterious full of bright and beautiful mystery of jungle xiaguang planet is RiverRun."

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25/8/2009 - Cei film version of the fourth day release

Resident Afterlife: at the beginning of learning by the scheduled for release time by 2010 in September, bear Jovovich Milla starring in previous times interview all over.

According to QiaoWoWei's film director, Anderson is busy with 3D design of film studies, especially for cei contains a number of such an action movie, at the same time, the 3D elements also exists vast areas of development space is even more so.
Now, officially confirmed the release date, August 27, 2010.
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