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Gilberto Warren

• 18/12/2007 - Save Money On Your Home Security System

One of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets are home security systems. From city dwellers to farmers, home security systems provide residents with the security and peace of mind that they seek when away from home or at night when they are most vulnerable to break-ins and attacks. This lucrative market can get very pricey for consumers, but it doesn't have to be that way if you follow several important tips as outlined below.

The thought of having one's home ransacked while away or, worse, while sleeping at night is the ultimate feeling of being violated. While most crime is fairly widespread, many crooks will sweep through a neighborhood and break into several homes over the course of a few nights. Particularly during the summer when many homeowners are away, scores of houses can get hit before the police are able to establish a pattern. Fortunately, when homes are equipped with an alarm system, the police are immediately notified and patrol cars are dispatched. The more homes equipped with alarm systems, the greater the chance that crooks will be caught or stopped in their tracks.

Most home security systems come with a wall mounted keypad that controls vulnerable break in sections of your home including doorways, windows, and through the garage and/or by way of the basement. Typically, you will have to sign a one year contract in order to receive the best benefits including receiving the keypad for free and/or one or two months free with your purchase.

Before signing any contract determine if there is an escape clause that allows you to cancel the contract if unsatisfied with it for whatever reason. If there isn't an escape clause you could end up being stuck with a system that is inferior or doesn't offer the level of protection you seek such as an automatic call to the authorities to check out your home.

One big advantage of a home security systems is that most insurance companies will give you a deduction of ten percent or more off of your homeowner?s policy. In addition, you can save more money if you sign up with a plan that offers a coupon through a mass mailing or via a newspaper advertisement. Altogether, you may be able to reduce the cost of a security system by as much as one third if you shop around, aggressively compare plans, and take the insurance discount.

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