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Glitch-Hop, Breakbeat and more broken bassmusic

This blog will not be updated anymore!!!!

12:23, 17/2/2011 .. 14 comments .. Link

This blog will not be updated anymore. Due to time-issues I will post all personal musical novelties on my personal blog about my music, projects, gigs and interesting links to mixes or new releases.. Check here:  http://dje-terno.blogspot.com/

Thanks to everybody for reading, and please check the new blog once in a while :)

Vertigo: an evening with Electronics (feat. Kettel & Pete Concrete) in TAC, Eindhoven

09:59, 25/1/2011 .. 2 comments .. Link

On the 5th of February me and my two mates KingMobe and Ger Whoestwood will perform as our weird electronic hologram WhoEst. We will do a DJ-set at TAC in Eindhoven on the Electronics-evening Vertigo, organized by our friends of Adapter.

Check out the flyer above. Kettel will play a live-set and Pete Concrete will join on the decks. The evening will be completed by Ruistuin and MuRas, and a league of VJ's to complete the trip.

See you there!!!

Gig at NYE 2010 and mix from me

10:00, 22/12/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

I will be playing a gig in my hometown Eindhoven (NL) on NYE. The party will be held in TAC (www.tac.nu). Me and my homies (www.adapter.nu)  will host the Tuinzaal in the building and we will bring an evening with several livesets by Psykiatrisk, Ekman and Bliksm. I will play a DJ-set at the start of the evening and  in between the livesets. Check www.tac.nu for details about the evening.

Recently i recorded a mix for the people of Adapter, a music- and art-collective from my hometown. It is a mix with an acid-theme, starting with a bit of experimental/IDM, evolving through breakbeat and electro to techno. You can download it here.  Tracklist below.

Pteradapterus Rex

Vinyl mixed by E-terno



Quintron –      madam queef blizzard   (azuka phone sex remix)

Speedy J –      balk acid

Aphex Twin –      flap head

DJ Crow –      jerk

Beat Brothers –      acid drop

Jackal & Hyde –      20.000 freaks

Rich Thair       bell 134   (mix 2)

Luke Vibert –      brain rave

Pump Panel –      ego acid

Technasia ft. DJ Godfather & DJ Omega –      ghett-o-freak   (techn-o-mix)

Hardfloor –      acperience 2

Overdue album alert: Mr. Rogers - licking crystals

10:28, 8/12/2010 .. 1 comments .. Link

I am way too late all over this one. The album came out in October, but it is so good that i still want to feature it here. This album squirks and bleeps with warped bass-sounds and glitched-out beats. I always like the tracks from Mr. Rogers. They remind me of times when i licked the crystals :)

If you are into glitchHop and breakbeat, check this one out. Features the best of both worlds on midtempo-speed.

The album can be purchased from Addictech here.

If you want to listen first, i will point you to his Seattle-mix, which features some of the tracks of the album. The mix can be downloaded here.

1. intro
2. Bjork - Human Misbehaviour (Mr. Rogers rmx)
3. Demons in L.A. (small sample of They Might Be Giants - Lie Still Little Bottle)
4. Galaxy Twist feat. Agustus thElefant
5. What Does it Mean
6. Desire feat. Wink
7. I Just Wanna Dance
8. Why Do Birdz (remix of Mirrormask's version)

Badass mix: Pressha - Simplify Mix Sessions

10:40, 29/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

It's not the first time that i featured a mix from Pressha on this blog, but his new mix is again QUALITY! One hour of midtempo glitchy whoopers. Take a look at the tracklist and find some very fresh bouncy material on there. A lot of new tracks from 'Love & Light' (http://simplifyrecordings.com) and other freshness, all killer no filler.

I hope Pressha keeps spoiling us with this biznizz. Keep it up!

Download HERE:

01 Love and Light feat Jillian Ann - Know Us (Simplify)
02 Gramattik - Liquified (Cold Busted)
03 Sugarpill - Some Say The (Daly City)
04 Gladkill - In Pursuit Of
05 Samples - Phantom Murder
06 Marty Party - Dirty South
07 Mimosa - Customs (Muti)
08 Knight Riderz - Tear You Apart (Made In Glitch)
09 Blunt Instrument - Battle Toad (Muti)
10 An-Ten-Nae feat Soom T - Dirty Money (Muti)
11 Tha Fruitbat - Into The Void (Addictech)
12 Gramattik - Day Of The So Called Glory (Cold Busted)
13 Mattb feat Buddy Leezle - Lazer Stomp (Megasoid TopDown Remix)
(Made In Glitch)
14 Mimosa - Sideways (Muti)
15 Jantsen - Static Wobble Masher
16 Love and Light - Crunk Junkee (Simplify)
17 Love and Light - Neon Thwomp Sauce (Simplify)
18 Opiuo - Creamy Taco (Addictech)
19 Love and Light - Squish City (Simplify)
20 Marty Party - Love
21 Gramattik - Defying Gravity (Cold Busted)
22 Love and Light - Life (Simplify)

Aquasky's new mixtape.

10:41, 25/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


It's been a while since i heard some new breaks-sounds from the Aquasky-camp. Aquasky has been very active in the DNB-scene, and released great breakbeat-tunes in the past on his Passenger- and 777-imprints, often in collaboration with the famous Ragga Twins. His new mix features a come-back-collab with the guys and a lot of other fresh stuff. Check this mix out for sure!

You can download it HERE.


1 ‘Living Legends’ Aquasky & Ragga Twins - Passenger records
2 ‘White Off’ 601 - Ape Music
3 ‘Boomer’ (Punk Rolla remix) Plump DJs
3.1 (? Daddy Freddy accapella )
4 ‘Territory’ (club mix) Rack N Ruin ft Navigator & Slarta John
5 ‘Bounce’ (Fuck This Mix) Zap! Pow! Die!
6 ‘Raggatron’ Aquasky & Ragga Twins - Passenger records
7.1 (‘Freaky Girl’ accapella - Wizard Sleeve)
8 ‘Stripper’ (dub mix) Stuka ft Sir Real
8.1 (‘Get Down Tonight’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve)
9 ‘To Kill A Man’ Last Japan
10 ‘Congorock’ Babylon ft. Mr Lexx
11 TBC
11.1 (‘Computer Age’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve & Black Noise)
12 ‘Cracks’ (Ctrl Z remix) Freestylers ft Belle Humble
13 ‘Jungle Iz Em’ VIP Black Noise [DOWNLOAD]
13.1 (‘Dem No No We’ accapella – Ragga Twins & Aquasky vs Master Blaster)
14 ‘Electron’ Nero - MTA
15 ‘I Need Air’ (Digital Soundboy remix) Magnetic Man
15.1 (‘Looking Fly’ accapella – Murs & Black Noise)
16 ‘Player Haters Ball’ Silver
17 ‘Raggatron’ (DJ Sly & Pacso remix) Aquasky & Ragga Twins Passenger
18 ‘Barbra Streisand’ (Sigma remix) Duck Sauce
18.1 (? accapella)
19 ‘Let Me Go’ Cutline - Not Safe For Work
19.1 ‘Minimalistix’ Skream
20 ‘Typhoon’ Foreign Beggars & Chasing Shadows
21 ‘Reploid’ Excision & Downlink
21.1 (‘Outlaw’ accapella - Sporty-O)
22 ‘Heavy Artillery’ Excision & Downlink ft Messinian
23 ‘Take It No More’ Original Sin
24 ‘Be Alright’ Sekklow
24.1 (? accapella)

Album Alert: Mimosa - Silver Lining

08:30, 25/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Mimosa has been pushing the West Coast sound for quite a while now. He shared the stage with artists like Flying Lotus, Benga, Skream, Rusko, Datsik, Glitch Mob, ill.gates and Bassnectar, and played on famous night like Burning Man, Coachella and the Low End Theory.

He dropped his new album 'Silver Lining' in October, but i just got hold of it a bit late. It's a mixture between head-nodding hiphop-beats with some dubstep-influences, just hot enough to keep you moving and toe-tapping, mixed with laidback synths and warm melodies. This 9-track-masterpiece is released on Muti Music, and can be purchased through the mighty Addictech. Don't miss this, Bros and Sistaz.


1   The Higher Consciousness 2:32  
2   When Will We Learn 3:23  
3   Badlands 4:41  
4   Silver Lining 3:38  
5   Drippin 2:41  
6   No More Messin About 2:45  
7   Pushing Little Daisies 2:36  
8   Detour 2:48  
9   Sideways 2:59  

New album alerts.

12:16, 28/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Lazer Sword's self-titled debut-album will drop on the 2nd novembre on Innovative Leisure Records. I talked about this duo a couple of times on here, because their sound is quite unique. The new album features tracks for the dancefloor, as well as sounds for the headphones on your couch.  Think hip-hop, electro, synths and 8-bit...

Check out all the info about the album and more on http://lazersword.net/blog/



Glitch-Hopper Vibesquad has released his new album 'The Fire' last week. This partyhead with the best bassface in the world continues his bass-heavy hip-hop-excursions. The album can be listened and purchased from his bandcamp.



Breakbeat-heroes from down-under Karton will drop their album on the Sound of Habib-label on the 8th of November. It's called 'For all seasons' and will feature a diverse bunch of tracks, which are featured in a mini-mix. This short mix can be listened here.



Breakbeat-stompers BSD will drop their first album on Mental Machine Muzik on the 1st of november. The bastard-child is called 'Malditos Bass-Star-Dos'. The masked duo has strong influences of the nuskool-breakbeat music that was strong in the beginning of this decade. The album can be heard in a short form in a mini-mix. This can be found here.

I cannot wait for these babies to drop. Enjoy!!!

Sneak preview of the new Tipper album: Broken Soul Jamboree

08:21, 20/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The new Tipper-album 'Broken Soul Jamboree' is due to be released  the 5th of November. I will review it here when it is out. For now, enjoy yourself with a 36-minute-mix of all the tracks. Check it out on his Soundcloud and leave a comment if you like.


Grungestep Compilation

09:42, 8/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


One of the regulars on the Glitch Hop Forum (Mr StrangeFlow) started a thread about fusing Grunge-tracks (remember alternative rock in the beginning of the 90's?) with Glitch-Hop or other broken beats. People were enthousiastic about it, and it took some time to finish, but now it's finally here.

Some well-known producers, and other upcoming artists did their best to give the originals a big bad bass-infusion for the dancefloor. The release can be downloaded from the following bandcamp-link:


You can pay whatever you like. Give those hard-working Grunge-fans some respect by paying them for it.

I was a bit worried at first about fusing two very distinctive styles of music in one blend, but the results are very refreshing so to say. Everybody will have their favourite, there was so many good music back in these days, hard to pick a favourite for me.. Please check this release and WHOOMP to the good old rockdays. It's worth every chosen penny.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Mycho Pan Cocoa - black hole sun (Soundgarden remix)

2. StrangeFlow - loser (Beck remix)

3. Dual - smells like teen spirit (Nirvana remix)

4. Figgy - suck my kiss (Red Hot Chilli Peppers remix)

5. Sidereal - them bones (Alice in Chains remix)

6. iLL Gates - mothermash (Danzig, Missy & Zappa remix)

7. Archie Cooper - in bloom (Nirvana remix)

8. sAuce and KidTraxiom - the guns of love (Smashing Pumpkins remix)

Psychedelic breakbeats from Hedflux

10:58, 5/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


Producer Hedflux is on the forefront of the psy-breaks subgenre within the breakbeat-scene. He has been producing and DJ-ing that style in the last years with success. He is now busy with remixing the forthcoming tune from Mike Hulme on U&A Records.

To keep us busy while waiting for that tune, he recorded the following mix, filled with rolling psy-breaks.

1. Orzels Machine - Spaced [Trick Music]
2. Hedflux - Mindcell [Broken Robot]
3. RMS & Peak - Ten Dimensions [Broken Robot]
4. OOOD - Oddball (Hedflux Remix) [Broken Robot]
5. Hedflux - Rhythm Prism [Broken Robot]
6. Subliminal System - Into the Burgh (Monk3y Logic remix) [CDR]
7. Hedflux - Revolve [Broken Robot]
8. Lee Coombs - Light and Dark (Neurodriver remix) [Lot49]
9. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Rollplayer (Hedflux Remix) [Lot49]
10. Dual Boot - Trigger (Triple Agent remix) [Ridiculoud]
11. Hedflux - White Nights [Broken Robot]

Download the mix HERE.

Lazer Sword mixtape. For those who share the love for the magnificent 808!

08:29, 22/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The mighty Lazer Sword, who will be dropping their debut-album very soon, provided us with a mix, which consists of tracks, using the mighty 808 drumcomputer. It is their way of showing love for the machine which is a basic element of a great amount of contemporary and classic electronic music. Think of electro, breakdance, hiphop and acid,`and you will think '808'.

The mix is a bit different than their usual robotic beats-affair, but don''t let this refrain you from listening to it. Keep an eye an their site for the release of their album and accompanying singles. To keep you busy until that day, download the 808-mix HERE.


1. Space Dimension Controller “SH-8040″
2. Girl Unit “Shade On”
3. 214 “Why Don’t You”
4. Ramadanman “Glut”
5. Cybotron “Clear”
6. Jacques Greene “Holdin On” (unreleased)
7. Machinedrum “808 Wonders Of The World”
8. AC Slater “Take You ft. Ninjasonik (Lazer Sword Remix)”
9. Bok Bok “Crew (Instrumental)”
10. Sepalcure “Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)”
11. Distal “Apple Bottom”
12. Lando Kal “Moist” (unreleased)
13. Dj Oddz “Blade Runner (Instrumental)”
14. Zakee Kuduro ft. Anbuley “Sane Eba”
15. Lazer Sword “Web Swag”
16. Sir Mix-A-Lot “Posse On Broadway”
17. Lazer Sword “I’m Gone ft. Turf Talk (Low Limit Remix)”
18. Krystal Klear “Anteater”
19. Dopplereffekt “Infophysix”

Eprom's new mixtape...

10:09, 21/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Yo bassheads, below is a link to the new RobotSex-mixtape from great producer Eprom from the US of A. He writes GlitchHop as well as DubStep, and played in Utrecht (Holland) last month. He released with Eskmo on Warp Records, so what more to say...

This mix is filled with a lot of his new stuff, upcoming bits and pieces. It's so fresh, it even lacks a tracklist  :)

Make sure you download it at his BandCamp-site.

A new mix from Vent. A big bassline attack...

07:23, 21/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

VENT are Sam Ashwell (Abstrakt Knights) and Dan Havers (DC Breaks). They started the project Vent in 2008, with the purpose of fusing different styles and tempos with one common ground, a dirty bassline. I loved their tracks from the last years, and enjoyed the recording of their sets at Breakspoll and Glade.

The new mix they recorded this summer shows the diversity of the project. Tracks which make you want to jump around and remind of sunny summer festivals.

Listen or download HERE.

Subvert live @ Shambhala Festival 2010

10:06, 2/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

This is a mix not to be missed. Subvert did a great show on this year's Shambhala Festival. Delivering his sound on a big PK Sound System, bringing the best in Glitch-Hop, Acid Crunk and Dubstep. Turn up the speakers and let your ears bleed...

Download here.

Mixin'it up...

11:52, 1/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

I will list a few mixes which i listened to in the last weeks. All within the borders of broken beats. Check em out, enthousiastically approved by me myself and I.

Pressha and Kat1lyst - Partners in Grime volume 4

Filled with Drum n Bass/ Half time Drum n Bass, Glitch, and Dubstep this ones sure to keep your head bangin. Mixed carefully by the American bassheads Pressha and Kat1lyst.

1.) M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Jiza Remix)
2.) Vermin - Chemical
3.) Diesel - Panic Attack
4.) Sigma - Front to back (Original sin Remix)
5.) Xample - No Respect
6.) Concord Dawn & Black Sun Empire - Crime Side
7.) Ram Trilogy - Asylum
8.) Apex, Spor, Ewun, and Evol Intent - Dirge
9.) Propa Tingz - Hustle Hard
10.) ProBiotiks- Say It Then
11.) DeadMau5 - Ghosts N Stuff (ProBiotik's Shivers Remix)
12.) Inside Info - Awkward
13.) The Medics - Down The Drain
14.) Prestige - Let it begin
15.) Hadouken! - Turn the lights out (Spor Remix)
16.) NC-17 - The Killing
17.) Break & Silent Witness - ABTN
18.) Chook - Shadowland
19.) Nusense & NC-17 - The keep
20.) John B - Up All Night (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Re-Edit)
21.) Reso - Technetium
22.) Prodigy - Thunder (Robzords Remix)
23.) Beatles- Eleanor Rigby (4Centers Remixxx)
24.) Plater - Cold As Ice
25.) M'Black - HeartBreak (Bare Noize Remix)
26.) Taio Cruz ft. Kesha - Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix)
27.) Caspa - Geordie Racer Feat. Subscape
28.) Dj Sneak - Southern Boy (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
29.) Pixel Fist - Speaka Freaka
30.) Ruckus & Roke - Spectrum
31.) Envy - Normal (Skism Dusted Off His Clown Suit Remix)
32.) High Rankin - Cut You Down
33.) Urban Assault - Turn It Up
35.) Freestylers - Cracks feat. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Download here.

Bill Vega - Definition Of Breaks Vol.7

Bill Vega continues in spreading the best new breakbeat-sounds from producers all over the globe, whether they're famous or upcoming. It's time for volume 7 in this series. Keep it up Bill!!!


1). Duanne Barry - Soft Light : Karton remix (DSUK)

2). Dark Sky - Something To Lose (Black Acre)

3). Breakzhead - Turn Limiter Off : Quadrat Beat remix (Subtribe)

4). Afghan Headspin - MSG : Karton remix (Valium)

5). Guerilla Tech - We Try (Subtribe)

6). The Squatters - Sirens (Simma)

7). Bios - On The Verge (Subtribe)

8). Lupo - Surprise Me : Karton remix (Kick It)

9). Aggresivness - Hits & Hits : Quadrat Beat remix (Elektroshok)

10). Deenk - Qerky Stanz (Distortion)

11). Wardian - Volaverun : Bill Vega & New Decade remix (Distortion)

12). Ribs & IG88 - Riot Gear : Dub Elements remix (Downbeat)

13). Cote - Crew VIP (Kind Crime)

14). J Scott G, Kloe & Imprintz - Battlefunk Galatica : Beta remix (Shiznit)

15). Philly Blunt - Feel : Alien Nation remix (Upstart)

16). DaVIP - Level Up (Hardcore Beats)

17). PipBwoy 3000 - Bobblehead : Bill Vega & New Decade remix (Can You Feel It Media/Re:connect)

18). Jurassik - Baby : Shakes remix (Supatronix)

Download here.


 Dead Sound – Old School Hip Hop Mix

The last one for this week is an old-school hiphop-mix, mixed by Dead Sound. This takes me back to the good old days of hiphop, when the pimps were wearing pampers. Check this out, it's just very good.


01. Gravediggaz – 1-800 suicide
02. GZA – B.I.B.L.E.
03. Redman – Yesh yesh Ya’ll
04. Large Professor – The Mad Scientist
05. Redman – Superman Luva 3
06. Group Home – Livin Proof
07. Royal Flush – Movin on your weak productions
08. Redman – Do What you Feel
09. The Nortorious BIG – Machine Gun Funk
10. Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell
11. NTM – Chacun sa Mafia
12. Binary Star – Masters of the Universe
13. Raekwon – Ice Cream
14. ODB – Raw Hide
15. Capone n Noreaga – Illegal Life
16. Method Man – Johnny Blaze
17. Redman – Redman Freestyle
18. Gangstarr – Mass Appeal
19. Dilated Peoples – The Platform
20. Termonolgy – 50 Bodies
21. Nas – The World is Yours
22. Fugees – Electric Avenue
23. Nas – Nas is Like
24. Large Professor – Ijuswannachill
25. Redman – Throw your hands in the air
26. GZA – Shaddowboxin
27. Gravediggaz – Diary of a mad man
28. Tha Alkaholiks – Only When Im drunk
29. Lords of the Underground – Madd Skillz
30. Redman – The Message
31. CNN – Invincible
32. Wu Tang – 7th Chamber – Prt2
33. Dead Prez – Hip Hop
34. Rodney P – It’s On

Download here.

Spotting labels : Skanky Panky Records

08:38, 1/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The last months some great releases on the Glitch-Hop-Tip came from UK-based Skanky Panky Records. Founded by  producers/DJ's William  Breakspear and SIXAM, the label releases some nice tracks which keep the funk while sounding pretty gnarly and bass-heavy at the same time.

Check out their Soundcloud-page for a collection of their last releases, and some mixes to download as well.

SIXAM put a nice mix together some time ago, consisting of some Skanky Panky-tunes as well. Check out this mix, nice tracks on there.


2. OCTOPUS LOVER - SEDGE WARBLER /// (forthcoming on Skanky Panky Records)
3. PSYCO - ABRAXXAS /// (I.O.T. Records)
5. FADER MURDERER - SIXAM /// (Skanky Panky Records)
6. 1UP - KNIGHT RIDERZ /// (unreleased)
8. SQUISHY CRUNK - S.P.E.C.T.R.E. /// (True Movement)
9. GRINDIN - CLIPSE /// (Arista)
10. REACH FOR THE LAZERS - LIBTON /// (Addictech Records)
11. AUTOMATON - LORN /// (Brainfeeder)
12. WHERE YOU BEEN 7.0 - LAZER SWORD /// (Numbers)
13. UNDER CONSTRUCTION - J.ME.J /// (Theoretic Records)
14. ARISTOCRATIC - VIBESQUAD /// (self release)
15. SLIP - OPIOU (VENT REMIX) /// (Colony Productions)
16. STARTING BLOCKS - EDDY CRUSHER /// (Skanky Panky Records)
17. LOSE IT - J.ME.J /// (Skanky Panky Records)
18. MONKEY CHEW - VENT /// (Colony Productions)
22. CONTACT - FOREIGN BEGGERS & NOISIA /// (Dented Records)
23. LISTENING - AK KIDS /// (Bad Acid)
24. SOUTHPAW - DATSIK /// (Muti Music)
25. DIGITALIS - BEN SAMPLES /// (Daly City Records)
26. LICENCE - DJ ODER /// (Mir Records)
27. VFUNK - THE VAPORISER /// (Unreleased)

Download it here.

In the next months the first full-length LP will be released on Skanky Panky, made by South African producer Sedge Warbler. It is called 'Welcome to the universe' A teaser of all the tracks can be found here. Keep your ears open for this LP. More info can be found on the Skanky Panky Website.

The Glitch Mob- Drink The Sea part 2 : the mixtape

10:11, 19/8/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


The famous Glitch Mob, consisting of the three producers Boreta, Ooah and Edit, have released a great new mixtape, consisting of most of the songs of their album 'Drink the Sea', mashed up with a lot of famous samples from contemporary rap/hiphop-music. The result is a banging mix, which in my humble opinion is more uplifting than the original album.

They have been touring Europe extensively in the last months and are now back in their home USA to tour some more. Catch them live if you can, it's always a treat.


1. Animus Vox vs Nas, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, & Dr Dre

2. Fortune Days vs Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, The Game, & Daft Punk

3. We Swarm vs MIA, Mobb Deep, & Daft Punk

4. How to be Eaten by a Woman vs The Game, Fabolous, Jay-Z, Page, Wale, & Drake

5. A Dream Within A Dream vs LFO, Freddie Gibbs, & Young Jeezy

6. Between Two Points ft Swan vs Lil Wayne

7. Bad Wings vs Lil Wayne & La Roux

8. Fistful of Silence vs Rapper Big Pooh, Jay-Z, & Black Rob

9. Starve the Ego Feed the Soul vs Paul Wall & Birdman

10. Drive it like you Stole it vs Birdman, Drake, Collie Buddz, The Game, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, & Jim Jones

Download here


New breakbeat-mix from Karton

10:09, 18/8/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The breakbeat-heads from Karton recorded a nice new mix for all breaks-fans out there. The tracks they produced have always been a bit deeper than your average breaks-bangers, and are always filled with a lot of melody.  Check out this mix and catch them when they are in your area. Ass-wiggling guaranteed!


01. Breakzhead - Disposis (Aggressiveness & Factor Funk Remix)
02. Afghan Headspin - MSG (Karton Remix)
03. Lupo - Surprise Me (Karton Remix)
04. Elite Force - Law Of Life (Access Denied Remix)
05. Pyramid - Rain
06. DaVIP - Ignition
07. Karton - We Bleed Dub VIP
08. Karton - All You Need VIP
09. Nero - Innocence
10. Shock One - Adachigaharas Theme
11. We Bang - Smash The Floor
12. High Rankin ft. Pie - Soundboy
13. Benga - Stop Watching
14. Mars and KillReal - Gorilla Box
15. The Qemists feat. Jenna G - Hurt Less (Riskotheque Remix)
16. Rusko - Hold On (Subfocus Remix)
17. Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip - Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix)
18. Professor Green - Just Be Good To Green (Camo & Krooked Remix)
19. Netsky - Iron Heart
20. Karton - And Then There Were Two

Download here

Burning Man 2010 : Bass Camp

09:38, 18/8/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


I couldn't resist to post this incredible line-up in the Bass Camp on Burning Man 2010 this year. All the crunky, glitchy, breaky basspower will gather on this crazy camp to fill the whole week with WHOOMP-music. Where else can you get Mochipet, Eprom, Heyoka, Ill-Gates, VibeSquad, An-Ten-Nae, Bassnectar, FreQ Nasty, Elite Force and Mimosa on one flyer...

I can't go but will be crying all week...

SWIPE : Party-time in Utrecht (Holland) for lovers of Glitch / Dubstep / IDM!!!

12:57, 17/8/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


Check out this party called Swipe with a nice line-up for lovers of Glitch-Hop, Dubstep and IDM. It is held in Utrecht (Holland) on the 10th of September. After a succesfull show of The Glitch Mob in Paradiso (Amsterdam) the glitch-virus continues on this party nearby Amsterdam. Be there!!!

The line-up consists of:


TAKE (live) (Usa / AlphaPup / Eat Concrete)
http://www.alphapuprecords.com/releasep ... 9158518326

EPROM (Usa / Warp / Rwina Records)

ASTROPOSER (live) (NL / Clone / Dub records)

RUWEDATA (NL / Lowriders)

10 september 2010
Tivoli de Helling / Utrecht / Netherlands

Anodyne Industries - The Combat Singles

09:38, 22/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

I received two heavy tracks from Aaron King's alias Anodyne Industries. He is residing in the  SF Bay Area since 2009, and has released several tracks and was featured on a couple of label-compilations.

For his latest two-track release , The Combat Singles, he has raised the bar once again for explorations of a combination of lush melodies combined with heavy bass and tight beats. Both tracks are on a midtempo-groove. The first track 'BassMech' is a tight and crispy track with a lot of peaktime potential. This should drive a bass-hungering dancefloor wild. The second track 'Decibomb' is on a even heavier tip, with rolling beats reminding of  techy drum and bass (while being midtempo), and a lot of bass mayhem. Still both tracks keep a relaxed vibe as well, fueled by the use of synth-sounds and/or vocal-samples. The whole EP sounds high-level and full of detail. It's crafted with intelligence.

You can listen and purchase the tracks on his website :  http://anodyneindustries.bandcamp.com/

Go-Go-Go! Check it out. Whoomp!

Summer-mix by Afghan Headspin (breakbeat)

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The guys from breakbeat-duo Afghan Headspin are blessing us with a summermix for 2010. The guys are in the breaks-scene for a long time, releasing tracks on big labels like Against The Grain, Rocstar, Broke, and through their own label Valium. Their sound is situated on the heavier side of breakbeat. Rolling beats with nasty sounds, without losing touch with melody. Check it out for a slamming hour...

Listen on Mixcloud

Free download


B Phreak - X static (Afghan Headspin rmx)
Aggresivnes - agony (Afghan Headspin rmx)
DJ Mutiny - tell you something (Afghan Headspin rmx)
Pixel Fist - roc 2 the rhythm
Ben & Lex - makaton VIP
Afghan Headspin - bad selection (Mars rmx)
Mindflow - switched
We Bang - smash the floor
Herve - blaze it
Rack n Ruin - soundclash
Rusko - kumon kumon
Doctor P & Flux Pavillion - stinkfinger
Afghan Headspin - total recall
Dreadzone - yeah man (Warrior One rmx)
Benga - little bits

10 tracks in 10 weeks by Mike Monday

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I stumbled on this funny track from Mike Monday which is the first part of his ten-week-marathon of releasing a track every week. It will be available as a free download for a limited time, so be quick.

His first track is a funny hip-hop track with a funky acid-bassline and several Hello-samples. Good way to break the week. Check it out below. You can follow Mike on his crazy expedition here.

Go Mikey, go Mikey...   (CHEERING CROWD)

New tracks/mixes to check from some members of the Glitch Hop Forum.

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I frequently read and post on the Glitch Hop Forum (check the link on the right...). I listened to some tracks and mixes which  the regular posters and producers there created in the last months. I came across some great tracks, which should be checked. Click on the name of the track to listen or download, and take a minute to show some love for these hardworking people!

Ill-esha - Made in Glitch Podcast #13

First of all a mix from one of the founding members of the Glitch Hop Forum, Ill-esha. With a slew of celebrated releases on Muti Music, Haunted Audio, Car Crash Set, and new label Woofer Cookers already behind her, ill-esha is currently gearing up for the launch of her forthcoming debut album - out very soon on Daly City Recordings. Despite a packed summer touring schedule, ill-esha was kind enough to find the time to record this 30 minute mix of futuristic hip hop and bass-heavy crunk 'n' B exclusively for Made In Glitch. Grab it here.

Intro: Starkey - Neck Snap
ILL-ESHA -> THE GRANDE SLAM DUNK (Emergency Broadcast System)
Outro: Toro Y Moi - Thanks Vision

Citrus - Recoil

Citrus is the musical alias of Gabriel Melchor, a DJ and producer hailing from Denver, CO, with a diverse range of styles encompassing everything from ambient downtempo to glitch hop. He has put some nice remixes of several artists on his Soundcloud, but i chose his last original track to put on here. This track has a nice clear sound, and smooth bass-sounds on a pounding hiphop-beat. Click here to listen or download the track.


+verb - Ginormous Bliss

The last track i will put here today is a very melodic track by +verb. I frequently see new tracks from him on the Glitch Hop Forum. The track Ginormous Bliss caught my attention because of the smooth summerish melody, accompanied by deep bass, and a slow beat. Perfect soundtrack for a walk through the sun...   Listen to it here.

Have a nice day. Don't forget to put your headphones on!

Album Alert: 'Opiuo - slurp and giggle'

08:04, 19/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Artist: Opiuo
Title: Slurp and Giggle
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: July 1st 2010
Catalog #: ADDICTECH017
Format: Limited Edition Digipack CD, Digital Download
File Under: Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, IDM, Downtempo

Addictech Records are proud to announce the debut album from their brightest new prospect of the year, Opiuo! Opiuo follows his chart topping EP with a smashing full-length journey. On Slurp and Giggle, he stretches out and weaves a tale with thrilling dancefloor adventures, glitchy interludes, dreamy sunrise downtempo, and twisted bass gluttony at every turn.

On Slurp and Giggle, Opiuo shows that he can inspire the psychedelic heads to tune into the sound, while filling clubs and bumping festivals wherever he travels. The perfect rush of glitch and bass for the heads, layered with funky chunky goodness for the party people is a consistent theme in the Opiuo soundscape.

Originally from New Zealand, he now resides in Melbourne, where he has built an international reputation for his party fueling creations, and has been touring major festivals and clubs all over Australasia. His music, now highly sought after, is rocking every corner of the globe. With chart topping releases on American, European, and Australian labels, and an upcoming tour of the US and Canada, there is nothing that can stop him from spreading his music far and wide.

Opiuo has also graced us with an EXCLUSIVE album mix included in the album download, only on Addictech.com! Even though this release is available on over 300 sites, we encourage you to purchase from the Addictech store. We are very generous to our artists, and by purchasing from this site you support them directly!

New E.P. from 'Orbital - don't stop me / the gun is good'

07:37, 19/7/2010 .. 2 comments .. Link

Legendary grandmasters of electronica, Orbital have just released their first new material since 2004. ‘Don’t Stop Me’ and ‘The Gun is Good’ are released on 20th June through iTunes and through all other digital retailers and as a Limited edition 12” on 27th June.

These tracks represent the signature Orbital sound, with hints of new elements, and definitely a few surprises, signifying a band still at their creative peak, 20 years since the release of their breakthrough debut single, ‘Chime’.

Download from I-Tunes or Order online now.

Interview, free track and crispy mix by I.D.

13:57, 16/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Lovers of breakstep, dubstep, ragga and breakbeat should all have come across this producer/DJ's name the last years. Sometimes together with Baobinga, or just on his own, he wrote some big tunes and a brilliant album in the last year or so. 

He did an interview with K-Mag, and makes us happy with a summermix and a free download of the VIP-version of his recent track 'Mustang'.  If you like your bass-music on this freaky friday, read and listen to this baaaadman (WHOOMP!)


Read the interview here.

Download the mix here.

Download the track 'Mustang VIP' here.

What the #%*$ is Glitch-Hop?

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For all those people who miss it, who ignore it, or just don't get it. Here is the answer to this year's most important question...

What is Glitch-Hop?  This is taken from Afromonk's blog. Thanks for taking the time to define the undefinable...

Ben & Lex mix the best tracks from their label APE-music

12:52, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The breakbeat-DJ's and producers Ben & Lex celebrate their 20th release on the label by mixing up the best tracks from their label in one banging mix. It consists of bouncy breakbeat for the dancefloor. It can be downloaded here for free.

Ben and Lex 'From The Vaults' Tracklisting

01. Ben and Lex 'Skitzometric (Pulsar Remix)' [APEM019]
02. Ben and Lex 'Like This' [APEM004]
03. 601 'Grymee (VIP Remix)' [APEM008]
04. Agent Alvin vs Timmy Schumacher 'Willy The Pimp' [APEM007]
05. Enough Weapons 'Beyond' [APEM015]
06. Ben and Lex 'Get On It (Plaza de Funk Remix)' [APEM006]
07. Ben and Lex 'Monkey Business (Neztric Remix)' [APEM007]
08. Will White 'Wait A Minute' [APEM001]
09. Afghan Headspin 'True' [APE005]
10. Freerange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion (Quadrat Beat Remix)' [APEM014]
11. Mobius 'Thugs' [APEM011]
12. Cut La Roc 'Looking For The Deep Bass' [APEM018]
13. Ben and Lex 'Big Bastardos (Entity Remix)' [APEM003]
14. Ben and Lex 'Space Docking' [APEM010]
15. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz (2 Bit Thugs Remix)' [APEM012]
16. Freerange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack' [APEM017]
17. Ben and Lex 'Meat House' [APEM010]
18. Ben and Lex 'Tha Bizniz' [APEM012]
19. Ben and Lex 'Makaton (Viro and Rob Analyze Remix)' [APEM019]
20. Enough Weapons 'Supersonic (Eshericks Remix)' [APEM015r]
21. Mobius 'Flood Warning (That Girl DJ Remix)' [APEM017]
22. Ben and Lex 'Drifting' [APEM002]

Bil Bless - life mechanism 2

12:40, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

At last the bass-creator Bil Bless (also known as The Disciple Grin, SOTEG, and half of Skeetaz) throws his second part of the 'Life Mechanism  'EP  into the world. His sounds cannot be named by one style. Floating somewhere between Glitch Hop, Breakbeat and Downtempo he carefully crafts beautiful bass-melodies on crunchy beats.

 It can be downloaded by paying whatever you like through his account on bandcamp.com. Check it out here, and give this man some serious support, because his bass-creations are just beautiful.

Great mix from Kat1lyst & Pressha - Partners in Grime 3 (Dubstep-Drumstep-Glitch/Midtempo)

10:09, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

My next recommendation here is the mix which I found on the wonderful Glitch Hop Forum (view my links-section). A mix ranging from Dubstep to Glitch-Hop/Midtempo. A diverse mix with some smooth and wonky summertracks. Download here and check out soundcloud.com/pressha for some older mixes he and Kat1lyst did. They all rock...


  1. I Got-Mix n Blend 
  2. Nanopuppy- Stephen Jacobs & Samples (dub)
  3. Serial Killer - Shackles
  4. Subject One- Torqx & Twist
  5. Typhoon- Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows
  6. In Memory-SPL
  7. Coming Closer VIP- Sub Focus
  8. Gangster- Dreadzone (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
  9. Circle of Fire- 501
  10. Over- Drake (Hellfire Machina's Livin' Life Right Now Remix)
  11. 3 Fist Style- Datsik
  12. Vortex- Matta
  13. Calypso- Excision (Tom Encore Remix)
  14. Breathe- Samples (dub)
  15. Oil & Gas- Kat1lyst (dub)
  16. Put you on the Game- Knight Riders (dub)
  17. Turn it up- Amp Live (MartyParty Remix)
  18. I can fly- J.ME.J
  19. I get it in- Omarion (Siren Remix)
  20. Basshead- Bassnectar
  21. Myspace & Twitter Murder- Kat1lyst (dub)
  22. Bounce That- Chingy (Jantzen Remix) (dub)
  23. Give it up- SPL & D. Poetica
  24. Massive Attack Boot- Bassnectar
  25. T-10- D.Minds (Gangster Step Remix)
  26. Kick Snare- Crissy Criss & Youngman (Drumstep VIP)
  27. Hold On ft. Amber Coffman- Rusko (Sub Focus Remix)
  28. My Love- Adam John
  29. I Need Killers- Heist
  30. Killa Tune- Knowsleep
  31. Shout it Out- David Starfire (An-Ten-Nae Remix)
  32. Automation- Lorn
  33. Drop Bombs- Samples (Mochipet Remix) (dub)
  34. Mike, Aaron, and Eddie-Haiku d'tat (Boreta Remix)
  35. On My Grind- Kat1lyst (dub)
  36. Suicidal Thoughts- Notorious B.I.G. (Lorn Remix)
  37. Under Construction- J.ME.J
  38. Focus- Subvert ft. Shamik
  39. Basic Space- The XX (Shower Beer Graveyard Remix)


E-terno @ WEI, Eindhoven 2009

10:09, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Sometimes it's just time for self-promotion, and that's right about NOW... 

I recorded a mix with some older breakbeat-recors some time ago. I had some good response on this one, so i thought i will just blog it here as well. Consists of some breakbeat-classics with an electro-twist. Download it here.


· Electroliners – loose caboose (Bassbin Twins remix) [Twitch Recordings]
· Lawgiverz – up [Botchit & Scarper] {06:03 min.}
· Son of the Electric Ghost – the devil’s logic [Distinctive] {11:40 min.}
· Future Funk Squad – lost in time [Trigger] {17:43 min.}
· Plump DJs – mantra [Fingerlickin] {22:27 min.}
· Santos – breakdance [Mantra] {28:30 min.}
· Jackal & Hyde – this is the sound of the underground [Detelefunk] {33:12 min.}
· LBJ – saqawu [Botchit Breaks] {38:21 min.}
· Quest – gravel muncha (Distortionz remix) [Cyberfunk] {42:53 min.}
· Tipper – what’s heavy [Tipper Music] {48:47 min.}
· Si Begg – filthy lies [NovaMute] {52:35 min.}

Welcome to the fabulous world of Glitch-Hop, Breakbeat and related bouncy broken bass-music!!!

09:37, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello!! I first want to introduce myself. I am a music-addict and DJ from the Netherlands, who has been playing breakbeat-music and related music-styles for several years now. I experience that there are not much blogs or websites in my regions about Glitch-Hop. Breakbeat and other broken beat music.

In this blog i cannot add all the information available because this is just too much. I just would like to share the mixes i found which are interesting, some interesting facts, new artists which i like, and more selected useful things about these wonky music-styles.

I hope you will enjoy it!!! And big upz to all the DJ's, artists , promoters and other scene-pushers who make it all so much fun!!!

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