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cultural diversity and communicatio

First cultural differences

14:37, 20/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

The first weeks I was in turkey I noticed that all the Turkish people say hello to eachother by kissing eachothers cheeks two times and at the same time they give eachother a hand.

The people here are also very polite and invite you to drink turkish thee with them or even eat dinner at their homes.

After two weeks I'm sure about the fact that Turkish people love food and they eat all day. The food is really nice in my opinion.

Article Yunus Emre

14:36, 20/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Yunus Emre                                         by: Gilda Spinder

Yunus Emre is a man from the Turkish history who is still very important for the Turkish people. He was a great poem writer and had a great love for Allah and the eternal life.  They say he lived between 1240 and 1321, but nobody knows that for sure. Just like the fact that there are about 20 different graves were he is buried. People don’t know much about his life, but they want to have the honor that he lived in their area.

Yunus Emre was so full of love with Allah that his time on earth was not important for him. We know this, because he wrote about his feelings for Allah and about the eternal life for humans. He also has written often about his bad habits and how bad he was as a person. Because of that nowadays people think he was very loved by the people of his time. He was not an egocentric person.

He was also a writer who could write poems for everybody. That means that the language was not very hard and the content was easy to understand. The poems were mostly written in Turkish language.

Here is one of his poems.


Your love has taken myself away

What I need is you, you!

I burn for you both night and day

What I need is you, you!

I do not rejoice in extistence

Nor worry over over nothingness

I am occupied by your lovingness,

What I need is you, you!

Discussion is what the religious need,

The other world is what believers need,

The beloved is what lovers need,

What I need is you, you!

Heaven, heaven as they call it,

A few palaces with a few angels in it…

Give that to whoever wants it,

What I need is you, you!

YUNUS stands my name,

Each passing day feeds my flame,

In both worlds my desire is the same,

What I need is you, you!

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First cultural differences
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