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Posted at 08:56, 19/5/2013

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How to buy Diablo 3 gold at diablo3goldtaker?

Posted at 06:50, 3/5/2013

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Guild Wars 2 race differences in addition to look like, what else?

Posted at 10:07, 8/4/2013

Guild Wars 2 race differences in addition to look like, what else?
Question: I see someone mentioned the racial skills, but seemingly not very great importance for Mani?
Because the mechanism for carrying skills, or for whatever reason?
With racial skills, less a common skill position.
Most of the racial skills class visual effects, the actual role of the general.
Sometimes, a little Guild wars 2 gold, such as the norn variable leopards can be latent form, whatever the outcome, more than a run in Fig skills.
In addition: clan skills, but have minimal impact on the overall situation is not even worth it to waste a skill grid.
Be the future of the marriage system to have a profound impact. Some parts of the size and shape vary widely
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Guild Wars 2 Interviews: The Razing is a hit

Posted at 06:22, 31/3/2013

Guild Wars 2 Interviews: The Razing is a hit
Last night, while trying to figure out why Premiere kept locking up & dying on me while editing video, I got an email from NCsoft's PR asking if we wanted to talk to ArenaNet's Colin Johanson concerning the recent March 26th Guild Wars 2 update: The Razing. Focused largely on world versus world upgrades, Living Story continuation, with other tasty nuggets in the periphery, it appears The Razing has made the game's WvW PVP action the speak of the town all over again. The Eternal Battlegrounds & their sister battlegrounds are seeing insanely high participation numbers which match & even exceed the activity to start with seen at launch. It seems that the Razing is, for lack of a better word, a "hit" with the player-base. I spoke to Colin concerning the ingredients that made this so, and where we'll see WvW plus the Living Story head in the future. Read on.

No More Culling's Impact on WvW
As stated above, the greatest portion of this patch was driven towards the World vs. World experience & polishing it up for gw2 gold players who crave that sort of big-scale epic battle game. In response to the update, after rectifying a pressing predicament on Tuesday with a hotfix, the WvW experience has observed an incredible surge of activity that contenders & at times exceeds the game's early days & honeymoon period. Colin said it is grow to be GW2's most productive event, even though they're just beginning to expand upon the WvW experience.

Even if Colin, by his words, "got crushed" by two distinct servers while participating in a tower defense, it was extraordinary to see hundreds of players on the display at once charging the tower, attacking, and working like an army. While the new progression, titles,Gw2 gold and rewards could be enough to lure individuals into WvW, Colin's confident that the fact it all feels far more huge now with the culling fixed & eradicated is likely the real factor in holding people's attention. Before, with culling an issue, it was challenging to honestly see the size and scope of WvW... now? Not so much.
Nonetheless on the subject of the new WvW progression, Colin said that the early numbers are showing lots of folks picking up Damage Against Guards and Armor Against Guards as the leader in what men and women spend points on first. But he wants people to know that these couple of passive WvW capabilities, although a lot to aim for, is not the end of what they plan on adding to the WvW progression strategy: "A massive part of what [our World vs. World team] is going to do in the future is adding new skills and stuff to this list. And we may not just do passive skill-sets." They honestly view this as a key component of the WvW experience, & it is just the beginning. They will be giving more & more reason to make you need to fight, not just at a private character level, even so also on a server-pride level.

[Experience] PVP big sword fighters broke

Posted at 08:30, 21/3/2013

[Experience] PVP big sword fighters broke

The outbreak of large sword fighters in accordance with different players, different hobbies, there is a variety of the Build.
Individual is accustomed to using: Build 30/20/0/0/20

Basic introduction to glass slide to life.
Nearly warfare threat target high damage, before you pour yourself a target first down.
Basis of different occupational Build, select flags or killed opponents stand up again.
If a technical reaction is better than the opponent, it can not be brought down before winning.

Weapon Skill
The main selling point of the hand ax, high damage.
Mobile type 100 strong chop, but the damage is still less than 100 strong, lose crit no Might and strong the last 100 knife damage.
The main output of the moving target.

Axe 2:
The 4 layers Sunder increase injury or depending Combo Field to play the desired effect.
Goal to come after their own can also be used, because it is 360 degrees attack.

Axe 3:
The chase target or feeling opponent want to pull the distance thrown out target movement speed reduced by 50%.
Look at the timing and distance, not a CD to use.

1 second stun effect can be used to the off target key skills.
Or forward to determine when a certain period of time can recline opponents pick ax the outbreak skills F1.
[Shield 4 → F1] with the characteristics of a 90% crit rate.
Is not recommended for big sword, on the one hand, even if not enough to open Frenzy time, on the other hand in exchange for weapons to be time.

Shield 5:
Block all attacks for 3 seconds, practical life-saving skills.
Use in the downing of the time of the fire.
However, some vocational skills to crack the shield 5.
The fear of the Necro long stick 5, the Deathly Hallows imprint will point out the long stick imprint disregard Block and increase the range, so Necro the imprint hurt or will still eat.
The illusionist concentrator can not be prevented unless the brain the existing impression illusionist used that skill.
Guardian is to pay attention to the body if there is a large sword 5 light chains in the body.

Big Sword 1:
Basically the skills in the CD, or exchange for weapons will be used in the CD Pugong.

Big Sword 2:
100 strong chop the strongest output skills, if the goal is to bear the entire kick down the damage will be very impressive.
The drawback is that the cast can not be moved and the entire kick down need half seconds.

Big Sword 3:
Offensive and defensive skills one can evade all attacks.
Brought to flash other professional keying the field skills Chairman output.
2 after doing output be used to access a large sword a little pity.

Great Sword 4:
The 2 paragraphs injury, timing and ax.

Large sword 5:
Injury, brought fast-moving skills and draw closer.
Personally do not like these skills when starting hands, very easy to crack and eat strokes.
After all, the stupid stupid linear displacement technology, unlike elements dagger wind can not be blocked.

Therapy skills
Decide whether to use based on the different symptoms caused by occupational the only solution illnesses skills.
Do one-on panic symptoms using the swap.

Purely Penetration of high-level number and no other symptoms of injury, you can target based on whether an enemy team priorities next opponent if you want to outbreak consider open Endure Pain.

Symptoms to pay attention to the bloodshed and the occupation of the high number some bloodshed skills.
Some skills bloodshed layers while not high, but for a long time still hurting.
As well as a bunch of symptoms suffered illusionist, Necromancer, Ranger, engineer symptoms flow.
Because it is the only solution illnesses skills, and can only eliminate two symptoms, so be sure to use at the best opportunity.
Finished using coupled with shield 5 can safely survive for three seconds, but pay attention to the skills will crack Shield 5.

Slot skills
Bull's Charge:
Outbreak or off the skills of critical skills, causing the target to fall to the ground two seconds.
Use only succeed without fail.
Perhaps the narrative is a bit exaggerated, but hit the stronger opponents will feel this really is the case.
Frontal impact substantially hit chance is low, it is preferable in the target
(1) No Stamina roll
(2) Break Stun skills

Some occupations weapons imprint will be installed to switch Gw2 gold weapons battle once more tumbling, there will be 3 times roll.
The common occupational illusionist and guardian.
Or part of the thieves Build roll back 25% of the endurance kind of thieves basic 3 times rolling opportunities.

If you simply want to hang on until the right time before use, to own probably blood has been out a lot, and even death; sometimes is than the the effort first attack, a gamble.
Opponents without the ability to save your life, singles are more difficult to reach, but the team battles to cut down on the way or have a chance.
Bulls collision timing can only rely on the experience and psychological warfare to increase the success rate of the knocked down.
Also worth mentioning Bulls collide End does not have to open the Frenzy, you can try to lie to the target using the swap Break stun skills and then the outbreak of the ax shield.

Endure Pain:
All hit their own hurt normalized within 5 seconds, direct injury that is partially owned by 0.
Symptoms that came and hit the control field is not immune.
However, this skill Break Stun, is the solution to control the market, in the control field skills After using solution to control the market and counterattack the opponent.
This skill is not dying before with mainly block straight injury blow fire outbreak and into combat outbreaks.
If it is found to be a cluster of symptoms of injury, Guild Wars 2 gold direct injury part to not drive this skill can ignore almost.
To wait until the next time to be useful to re-open.

The origin of the outbreak, but also the soul of skills.
4 seconds the fast (cast skills action half the time), but hurt plus 50%.
This skill opened the opposing team must have died or must have a teammate live.

Give some use of time
Holding a large sword Bulls knocked down target open access big sword.
I remember the moment weapons must be a big sword, in exchange for weapons and then a large sword 2 people still trying to make a go of a complete set of the.
One runs Shield Bulls knocked down the target to open the pick ax, then look at the situation with [Shield → F1] end the opponent. Generally switch weapons being CD, while the opponent does not have the ability to save your life, they are so used, or use (1) priority.
One runs shield and opponents close wartime to find straight opponents to hurt no pain and no increase running speed of the gift of time, to see the opportunity to open a heavy blow to your opponent.
Target of opponents as well as teammates or attack the opposing team to pull him up teammates flags repression fell to the ground, turned with a big sword, too far away with the big sword 3,5 or bull rush, there is no suppression of success is a key victory in team battles.
Found unable to suppress the opponent lying on the ground as well as to save his enemy teammates, revive fallen teammates is more important is to pull teammates up as a priority.
Personally feel that (4) more (5) is the correct option, but still appears.
The two sides have their own players fell to the ground, the game who inserted the flag faster.
Singles found the opposite to be the outbreak, with the the Endure Pain hard up the counter-attack.
(Special case)
The the the ax shield weapons imprint on Critical Strike 10% chance to trigger three seconds faster, if triggered, and the opponent is not moving, replacing the large sword 2 Kuaidao chopped Ranma; opponent is moving, try ax then look then [Shield 4 → F1].
The target no life insurance capacity, confirm that the stamina is not full [Bulls collide → Frenzy 2 → → big sword-for-4 → F1 → Shield ax shield].
Might accompanied by one hundred strong kick down Axe Shield [Shield 4 → F1], target undead also seriously injured.

Elite skills
Signet of Rage:
Practical heraldic skills.
The battle with the increase in exchange for weapons Adrenaline characteristics plus the weapon swap CDs only need five seconds, will not long be able to full Adrenaline.
Timing is open to determine the next 30 seconds, they will need the running speed and injury, and you go on it!

Personally do not like opening open, because the gift of time will be wasted, the big sword 3 with 5 mobile force sufficient.
Opened Adrenaline filled with slower with opening not there was an immediate outbreak of opportunities, unless the opponent is a novice.
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The First GW2 Dungeon Ascalonian Catacoms

Posted at 06:27, 18/3/2013

ĦĦĦĦThe First GW2 Dungeon Ascalonian Catacoms

ĦĦĦĦMaybe you have the same idea as me in the beginning, and think that, it is enough to prepare one or two weapons to accomplish the whole dungeon, and then go to the next dungeon. If you did that, you would find out that you'll beaten disgraced, and at the same time, your idea was wrong. Then, let's find a certain regularity honestly, and take a wonderful gw2 gold experience in the dungeon, which designed by ArenaNet. Maybe, you'll find at last that you repeat the same dungeon for several times, like me.


ĦĦĦĦThere are several routes for us to select in GW2 gold dungeon. Just take AC for example, there are altogether three paths for us to take advantage and discovery. The expectations for us to find different surprise in different ways drives us to repeate the same dungeon for several times, that see is the reason why I repeat the dungeon for so many times. In addition, there is another advantage of the first GW2 dungeon Ascalonian Catacoms, that is, we can save much time through recovery health, and repair equipment in the dungeon. Let's appraise it at first.

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