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7/3/2013: She May Only Love You On Her Terms But She Wants To Be A Happy Cat And For That You Need To Be Happy!
6/3/2013: Try Listerine Mouthwash Another Odd, Yet Effective And Reasonably Priced Remedy Is To Use Listerine Mouthwash!
5/3/2013: The Combination Of The Smoke And The Baking Soda Will Help To Control Short Term Pungent Odors And Stale Long Lasting Odor!
4/3/2013: Some Diseases Cause An Increase In Urine Output, Such As Feline Diabetes And Chronic Renal Kidney Failure!
2/3/2013: Without The Smell Of The Cat Urine Stain Around, Your Cat Is No Longer Encouraged To Use That Particular Spot For Her Out-of-the-litter-box Experience!
1/3/2013: Regular Household Products Usually Won't Work Well Enough To Get Deep Into The Stain, And May Only Mask The Pet Urine Odor Temporarily!

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