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Op zoek naar God?

I am fine

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all constructed boats and left. Except for Love.

Gods Message to You

{ 08:53, 29/7/2016 } { 0 comments } { Gods Message to You }

As I sat down today to write this article, I went through my usual routine of sitting still and listening to that voice that comes from inside of me. I do this all the time when I sit down to write an article, or before I give a speech, or before I answer an email or before I coach someone, or before I do anything basically. I do this because this is how I communicate with God. This is how I connect to my spirit.

Well, anyway, before I go off on a tangent-as I sat down to write this article and connected to my spirit, I asked the question, "God, what is it you want me to share with the subscribers this week?" And before two minutes was up, the answer came to me.

The answer was to share about connecting to spirit, trusting and believing in God and to explain exactly who we are.

I thought this was quite fitting for the New Year.

Hopefully, one of you' all will read this and make it your goal this year to learn how to connect to, and understand "spirit" and make it a point to always connect to your spirit before making any decisions in your life.

Before you can fully understand this, you must understand WHO you are.

You are a child of God.

I am sure you are already fully aware of the fact that you are connected to your parents through your blood. Maury Poverich (sp?) has made a career out of proving paternity through DNA and blood samples. Well, by the same token, you are connected to God through "spirit." And because of this direct connection, you have access to God 24/7/365.

It's sort of like this cell phone plan my husband and I have with T-Mobile. See, we can call each other any time and not use our free minutes (well, we have to pay a little extra for this service but it's worth it.)

You are an extension of God. God is with you at all times. He resides right inside of you-in your heart, in your spirit. Through spirit, you are directly linked to God. You! Yes you. By you, I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. No one is exempt from this. There use to be a song back in the '80s, I think it was Morris Day (the lead singer for the group, The Time), where he would say, "This dance isn't for everybody--just the sexy people." Well, God is the opposite. He's for everybody. Because he resides with you at all times, you have the power to do, be or have anything you desire. I know at times, it may feel that it's just for certain people-the lucky ones, the Chosen Few. But it's not. It's just that others have tapped into something, either consciously or unconsciously, that allows them to create and have the type of life they desire. You can have the same. Really, you can. It's not just for the sexy people (smile).

This year, when you are writing out your goals, make sure that you make your number one goal (or at least very close to the top), "BECOME SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED TO GOD!"

Now, by spiritually connected, I don't mean that you have to go to church every Sunday. In fact, it is not really necessary that you go to church at all to become spiritually connected. What is required of you is that you BELIEVE that you have access to a HIGHER POWER; that you BELIEVE God is with you at all times-sort of like your B.F.F. (I watched the Fat Albert movie this week with the children. For those of you who do not have children and don't understand the significance of breaking down sayings to their smallest form-B.F.F. stands for Best Friends Forever!) Not only is He your B.F.F., but you consult Him on all things.

Make a New Year's resolution that you will spend time with your spirit each day and start living your life the spiritual way. Once you learn how to incorporate the "spiritual way" into your every day life-there simply won't be any other way.

ACTION POINT-When you wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed, tell yourself, "I will consult my spirit for everything I do today!" After you take a shower (I don't think you have to consult your spirit on whether or not you should take a shower. I believe I can make the bold statement and say 'Yeah, your spirit WANTS you to take a shower.' (smile)). After you take your shower, start off with something simple. Go to the closet and ask your spirit what outfit you should wear today.

Whether you realize it or not, you always consult your spirit when making this decision (unless, of course, you have to wear a uniform). Then consult your spirit about whether or not, or what to eat from breakfast. Consult your spirit about the best route to take to work that will lead to the least traffic jams. Consult your spirit before making any major or minor decisions on your job. Consult your spirit about anything and everything, tomorrow. Make a game of it. Make it something fun and interesting. The more you enjoy it, the more you are likely to do it. Do it for at least 21 days, after that it should develop into a habit. You'll be glad that you did.

Natural Hydrating water dry

{ 08:13, 25/8/2009 } { Posted in Beauty sharing } { Natural Hydrating water dry }

   Drying in the sun and seeming to look like a drying-machine for a long time, has taken the moisture of the skin away. Try the natural
hydrating water. It utilizes curative effect of many kinds of natural compositions, improves the skin and adjusts the physique, without side effect, the economical and practical one moistens skin naturally water needn't worry about the PolyU has offered a wide variety of student development programme, covering entrepreneurship development, placement / internship programmes and student exchange Programmes, altogether nurturing tomorrow's leaders. wallet and " lose blood greatly " at all . In scorching summer, so long as move the finger, can let you cook a water beauty.

1,The rose hydrating water

Method: Water of the ordinary rose is by 1: The proportion of 1 is mix with distilled water, should pay attention to not using the mineral watered. Stand 24 hour shake even hard, put into, gush out bottle, can act as, spray and comfortable skin water spend.

Efficiency: PH of the balanced skin that water of this kind of rose can spray, there is a extremely high moistening skin function.

But when buying roses and revealing, must consult and reveal for the rose saturation purely, if the saturation reveals purely, but also join the proportion of distilled water.

2,The chrysanthemum hydrating water

Method: Put into a cup of boiled water by two teaspoons of raw chrysanthemums, wait for the boiled water to become cool silently. Cool, filter chrysanthemums, add one more cup and put the cold boiled water with a teaspoon of salt to stir, pour into the container with shower nozzle finally.

Efficiency: The chrysanthemum disappears and calms the efficiency of the skin, is most suitable for using in summer.

3,The aloe sponge gourd hydrating water

Method: Aloe water and sponge gourd respectively for 20 spraying of putting intoes in water among the bottles, then to can drip by glycerine of several drops among themming with. Aloe water and water of sponge gourd are well looked for in the cosmetics shop, the practical economy of the price.

Efficiency: There is calming the skin, moisten skin and moisten, the efficiency with elastic skin of strengthening.

4,The milk hydrating water

Method: Add 3 spoon defatted milk on spraying light bottle first, mineral water to accede to twice, can rock in Israel several times evenly finally. To face after being finish gushing out,by clean napkin dip in water can polish with, and then spread one's own skin care product, will feel fresh and cool a lot.

Efficiency: Whiten, moisten skin.

5,Benefit water quintessence of black beer

Method: Heat pure black beer 500 for 2 minutes '  In order to remove surplus alcohol)  ,Add into 5 grams of glycerine and 200 ml of mineral water while waiting to cool soon, fully stir.

Efficiency: The raw materials rye of the black beer has prominent efficiency of moistening skin, and snake pockmark that especially put into beer is natural cool pharmaceutical. Fund this natural to moisten skin water can supplement moisture, can also let, shine red and swollen skin ice-cold suddenly and violently, it is comfortable whenever and wherever possible.

6,Bamboo leaf hydrating water

Method: 500 bamboo leaf '  The drugstore is sold)  Cut and break to pieces and rolex submariner price put into 1000 ml of mineral water, the slow fire is boiled for 5 minutes, cool, put into glycerine and fully stir.

Efficiency: The leaf of the bamboo is the good medicine reducing internal heat in traditional Chinese medicine, in addition contain a large number of factors of moistening skin naturally - the silicon, can prevent the loss of the moisture effectively very much, form and protect the membrane on the skin moistly, can let water moist skin and concurrently protect.

7,The marine alga hydrating water

Method: Fully stir powder of 30 grams of marine alga and 5 grams of glycerine evenly. Then quench 500 ml of mineral water into.

Efficiency: The powder of marine alga is very effective to the coarse and dry skin, can not merely supply with the moisture of skin, still can releive and sunburn the skin, long term administration, the result is very obvious to moisten skin.

8,The wine rose hydrating water:

Preparation method: Heat 500 ml of claret with little fire, join 10 red roses washed slowly, continue using and burning about 10 fen a little, put the micro- alum.

Efficiency: The claret has very good function of moistening skin, use the wine rose to mend water to reveal and can let the skin make water water moist for a long time, it was ruddy and pale naturally except the precise oil in the rose moistened skin and still can let the skin of face change.

9,VC hydrating water:

Method: Mix a stretch of vitamin C and water, gush out when It's nothing, there is function whitened. Interested sisters can try leaving.

Efficiency: Whiten, moisten skin.

10,The green tea whitening hydrating water

Method: The green tea is steeped in the mineral water, about 5 hours on bubbles, then drip a little lemon juice and link E in water, you had better shake it even, irritate, can enjoy at once on spraying bottle, it takes to notice once bubble too many, can enough for quantity for three days in Israel.

Efficiency: The green tea has anti-oxidant, result whitened, can also use the fresh and cool skin in summer. 

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Sky of June

{ 11:21, 3/2/2009 } { Posted in my life } { 0 comments } { Sky of June }
In the morning, very big sun washes the sheet and summer sleeping mat, the white clouds in clear sky, wear the cream-coloured check dress of the flax, is hearing the taste that the impressive strength reveals person disinfectant in the sunshine, it is worth too feeling arduous.

Strong flower fragrant, sweet oily food, beautiful color, make me feel weariness often.

What I liked is that light far green grass is fragrant, the breath of the forest, the taste of the green cucumber, the food liked letting me think the body and mind clean, like drinking chrysanthemum scented tea, like blue and green pot tea and unoccupied smoke still green, like the sound of rain pattering when dredging the empty window of bamboos.

The dormitory building at noon, saw his figure. Suddenly, I pick up one memory covered with dust.
Remember initial leading along by hand, the departure later on, last going all out arrives, remember the smile begun, the cry later on, the last calmness arrives, the ones that remembered how I was once had liked deeply, hate, to the pardon.
About the love, it is lost in a certain corner unintentionally by me, or is the cruel one abandoned? As to him, do I still love? Because he relate to once love only, me together with that pure time, have commemorated?

Perhaps will real in one day I give up,last reason said good-bye to investigate, his idea, the misunderstanding of perhaps sum. If can not do, will have taken to heart and died until old all the time? Perhaps, frequently, there is no answer may be best.

Passing shallots period of years, we the transparent and sad one love originally life. This goes year in year out, the form is over in vain, have stopped, the not openings one, will all keep silent. The youth is a page closed. What kind of sorrowful bow body it is, could bid farewell with our former days, go far gradually.

The sleep writes trivially

{ 09:13, 20/1/2009 } { Posted in my life } { The sleep writes trivially }
Let's say some one's own sleep states.
I have been very greedy a person who sleeps all the time. Claim it is luxurious to sleep disease for oneself to have, but this might have a few relations with heredity often, my father specially likes sleeping, our family overstates very much too, basically get up until about 9 o'clock in the morning when It's nothing. Time of breakfast is about ten o'clock, Chinese food is at about two o'clock. Dinner seven order about.. Whom a lot of friend wonder ask, say you house according to which time daily schedule of country is this Haha.

I want, sleep 9 to ten hour at least every day in the past, sleep enough these clocks, it all had no spirit what thing is done the next day. Another phenomenon will have shed the tears and shedding the tears all the time all the time, eyes are wet ... Brain will very muddy.. Muddled and muddleheaded  Directness influence working efficiency and quality.. If wake up at midnight. Ones that continued sleeping are more and of no avail too. Will still present the phenomenon of shedding the tears.

And for summer want afternoon nap, otherwise not allow you to be well in the afternoon, so. My time in these years is for the most part spending on sleeping. Although has not developed in sleep undertaking. Ride on the crest of success.,it can be regarded as work become famous last piece " Sleep on princess "  Title.

The title is yes. Too fairly pleasant, working efficiency and no quality. This lets me have a bad headache. Very worried..
A strange one is, from the beginning of this year, slowly. Sleep on 7. 6 hours are enough. Even stay up at midnight. Still climbed up and did things on time at 7 o'clock all right the next day. Unless spirit too the fine, it become the industrious very.. Praise of returning narcissism is nowadays a little industrious honeybee. Haha..

I am so happy ,,Really, feel that suddenly opens long by oneself! . I have waited for it for more than 20 years!

The situation of insomnia has seldom appeared too. Needn't basically sleep in the daytime now, unless is very tired,
Even if how I make great efforts let oneself sleep in the daytime. Do not sleep steady and surely either ,,In one shallow state of sleep, sound can pleasantly surprised a little slightly. It is or the quick-witted when it is the dim heart can have risen from each to finish well or let thing where oneself afraid not come yet by oneself., will open the eyes and wake up suddenly. It is unable to settle down to fall asleep.

Will expect parents always go day by day, I will let them live a better life hard. Can think the younger brother with the younger brother's wife smooth going to and living a happy life. Connect the business of the family to support together  Think elder sister have pieces of kind ownership, marry oneself off as soon as possible. Think if oneself have a super ability better. Can have cherished this family all the time. Protecting this family  As soon as think of these, think that can not even rest for one quarter  

Again it is the unable the comfortable to lie down.. Open the eyes, the full room of sunshine, such beautiful time is used for sleeping to really waste very much 

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