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23/5/2013 - What a World of Warcraft player says Guild Wars 2?

As World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are two popular online games, for the game fun, I think most of you may play these two games already. And what do you think about the two games? Which one do you prefer?   I have played the World of Warcraft for five years, and I turn to play Guild Wars 2 from last year. I think the latter one is more fun. Today, I'll share my experience about the two games:   Guild wars 2 feel more like traditional games, such as world of warcraft. There are two reasons: the wild public areas and upgrade.   Some differences between the two games are:   1. Different from the whole copy mode, Guild Wars 2 has an open world for you to experience. There still some copies describe the story of roles, and to update your story and dungeons.   2. The upgrade is completely different between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. As in Guild Wars 2, time you need to spend are the same from level 51 to 52 and 61 to 62. While in World of Warcraft, the higher level, the longer the time needed to spend the upgrade.   3. The large difference is the Guild Wars 2 sidekick system. It allows players to increase or decrease your current level according to the level of your team. Otherwise, your level will decrease when you get to the low level area, the characteristics, skills, weapons and armor will be adjusted to the appropriate level following your currently level.   4. Equipment can also customize according to upgrade components, which just like enchanting and precious gems in World of Warcraft.   Story and skills are two important aspects which mainly differ in the two games.   However, two games are needed to spend money if you want to level faster, then Guild wars 2 gold and WoW items are needed. They may help you to stronger your skills, and some weapons and armor are also chargeable.   Yeah, I want to say that Guild wars 2 can really bring some elements loss in traditional online games. There is no exaggeration to say Guild Wars 2 is more likely to be a massively multiplayer online games, obviously the World of Warcraft is not. If you ask me which one I like more, maybe it is Guild Wars 2.
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16/5/2013 - Guide to gain achievement in TheSecret of Southsun

Guild Wars 2 has added anachievement in the latest update of The Secret of Southsun. Players will gettwo items and a title once you have finished this achievement. But how can we finish thisachievement? That's a question. Fervid Censer: This item looks beautiful with a beearound in the back. Sclerite Karka Shell: Players can upgrade this item intopink by mysterious melting pot synthesis, and you need: 50 glob of ectoplasm +250 karka shells + 100 passion flowers to combine them. You may need to gain 25 points to finishthe achievement. Consortium Rewards Club Member(1/25) Dialogue with your consortiummembers and offer help if necessary, you can find them somewhere on the island.Dialogue with them can gain a buff. What you need to do is to finish fiveevents under this buff. Southsun Settler Support (2/25) Find the immigrants to gain buff,and then help them to finish five events here. Southsun Sightseer (3/25) Get to the below six locations insouthsun cove: Camp Karka Owain's Refuge Kiel's Outpost Pearl Islet Lion Point Pride Point Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork/SampleCollection (15/25) You'll give 12 points after finishedthis achievement. Southsun VIP Meet and Greet (16/25) Then greet with the five guests: Subdirector Noll (Pearl Islet) Researcher Levvi (Scoured Plains) Inspector Kiel (Pearl Islet) Lord Faren (Pearl Islet) Lady Kasmeer (Pearl Islet) Gossip with Lord Faren and with LadyKasmeer (18/25) The couples are standing in the beach of Asura Portal, when you come to there,the equipment of them will wipe out automatically. Then talk with them to gain2 points. Briefing by Inspector Kiel (19/25) Talk to the inspector Gill who isnext to the Asuras Portal. Consultation with Researcher Levvi(20/25) She is on the plains of scouringwith a star logo on the head. And talk to her to gain one point. Confer with Subdirector Noll (21/25) Noel is also beside the AsurasPortal. Crab Toss Participant (22/25) That's an easy achievement. Go tothe place where crab throwing game, then enter the game area, achievement canbe gained automatically. Southsun Omelette Gourmand (23/25) Go to Owain refuge and help him dosome events, you can buy a kaka beast omelet to gain achievements. The Goggles Do Nothing (24/25) To complete this achievement youneed to enter the Bakestone cave, kaka beast can be found in the top, a pair ofgoggles is next to you, then picked up the goggles and dived into the lava. Southsun Skinny Dipper (25/25) Unloading equipment in sounthsuncove to have a swim, when you enter the pearl island, all the equipment willremove automatically, and then enter into the water to get the achievement, youdo not need specific to take off the equipment. That's what you canget in this story, if you want to pass it more faster, then you may need some guild wars 2 gold to help you. Click This Link http://www.benimbook.com/index.php?do=/blog/47797/gw2goldtaker-com-changes-to-be-a-guild-wars-2-gold-wholesaler/
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