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American Consultants Rx Does More Than Talk About

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
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While our politicians argue daily concerning taxes,the high cost of prescription drugs, the ineffective healthcare issues, and overall gaps of Medicare UGG Classic Argyle Knit, nothing is basically being done. People daily are struggling to just "survive" financially. Action is needed now! As a director of a major non profit organization , one must struggle daily to help the community deal with the healthcare issues. It was a great surprise to come across one small Atlanta company UGG Fluff Flip Flop, American Consultants Rx that provided immediate prescription assistance through a company sponsored nationwide community based program. The program consist of providing donating discount prescription cards to clinics, social welfare programs,churches Women's UGG Fringe Cardy Boots,non profits,etc. to be distributed to the community "free of charge". The cards are designed to offer discounts up to 60% off of generic drugs and up to 40% off of name brand drugs. The cards are good at over 50,000 chain pharmacies as well as "Mom and Pop" stores as well. Take advantage of the online program which offers an online ordering system UGG Mini 5854 Boots,drug pricing tool UGG Classic Tall Boots, as well as pharmacy locator. They even have a downloadable card that will also be honored by the pharmacies as well. The surprising thing about this program is that there is no major news coverage or commercialization. Here is a small company that donated up to 20 million free discount cards to thousands of social welfare programs(50,000 cards were sent to my organization),etc and nothing is on the major news about this program. How in the world did a program of this magnitude stay underneath the public "radar" as well as who is funding this program? A call was made to the president of American Consultants Rx , Charles Myrick to ask this very question. His response was shocking. "People need help now. They don't want to hear speeches or false promises. They want and need immediate action. American Consultants Rx A.K.A ACIRX or ACRX was created to offer immediate action concerning cutting the cost of prescription drugs. We went(prior to December 2006) to many members of Congress, local politicians,banks and businesses, for financial assistance and guidance. No one but one small consulting firm,JCS Consulting LLC was interested. Instead of standing by,American Consultants Rx along with JCS Consulting LLC personally funded this project. As for why this project is under the "radar" Women's UGG Classic Argyle Knit, this program is not about ACIRX , but about helping the community in general. As the political "rhetoric" increases on the airways it is nice once in a while to hear about a company or people in general who are indeed concerned with helping their fellow man. American Consultants Rx appears to be one company that really cares.
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