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Do You Know Your Eye Care Associates-

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Looking after your eyes is vital to your overall health and well-being and there are various things that you can do to ensure they function correctly, even into old age. This is vita - try to imagine how you would cope without your eyesight! So, ask yourself this question UGG 5815, "Do you know your eye care associates?"Eye Care Associates: who are they and what do they do?First up, is the ophthalmologist. This professional deals with medical eye care and is the person who you should see in connection with eye diseases or injury - they deal with the visual system. They provide primary, secondary and tertiary eye care services. They are highly-trained individuals who have gone through nearly twelve years of pre-med and medical school:1. Specialized training for the eye.2. Surgical training.3. Passed a state board examination.Quite a requirement, isn't it? Once they've gone through this training they are then qualified to practice a wide spectrum of eye care services. Because of the strenuous requirements of their profession you can be assured of a first-class service from somebody who knows what they are talking about.Other eye care associates include the optometrist. This is a professional who is trained to treat and diagnose certain eye problems and diseases. They don't Cheap UGG Boots, however, attend a medical school for their training UGG Nightfall 5359, but they do go to a college of optometry where they receive a degree. Their main duties, once qualified, are to determine visual problems and visual acuity. If you find that you need contact lenses or glasses, then they are the ones who will give you a prescription. Also, they are trained to dispense medication for certain eye problems as well as provide vision therapy, low vision aids and eye exercises.Finally, everybody has heard of the optician. This professional works with the optometrist and ophthalmologist in order to provide vision care services. Their training consists of a technical course lasting for two years. During this course UGG Classic Felicity, they learn to dispense, repair, adjust and reproduce frames, contact lenses and glasses.So Women's UGG Classic Felicity Boots, together, these three eye care associates provide a comprehensive level of service for those in need of eye care services.Basic Eye CareAlways remember that your eyes are extremely fragile and easily damaged. Eye care associates always recommend that you avoid rubbing your eyes harshly, especially when you have something caught in them (grit, etc). This could easily scratch the cornea and lead to future eye problems. Also UGG Mini 5854 Boots, first thing in the morning, you should wash your face gently to soften the crust in your eyes for the same reason.Also UGG 1873, bear in mind that if you have eye, or vision, problems, you should see immediately, an eye doctor. If you have no vision problems, then it is still recommended to have an eye examination every two to four years if you are, shall we say, getting on a bit! Folks suffering from diabetes should have frequent eye examinations to maintain a healthy vision and optimal eye care.
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