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27/3/2010 - 100 Thousand People Bade Farewell Robert Enke, The Famous Player In Germany- The Greatest Public Memorial Service For Decades


The German goalkeeper Robert Enke's memorial ceremony was held in Hanover's AWD Arena at 18:00 on November 15. Some Details to Keep Your cheap bags Local time 18:17 on Nov. What is Most Popular In the Season of Spring? bags Surly! the 10th, Enke suicided at the age of 32 because of depression. The whole process of the memorial would last nearly 90 minutes, this would be the last 90 minutes on the football court for Enke.Some Details to Conserve Your cheap bags

Enke's death brings the whole Germany into grief and deep reflection. As depression killed a good man, he committed suicide for this unspeakable secret.What? Kate hudson Also Buy bags !

In order to mourn this former Germany goalkeeper, the Germany team cancelled original warmup match with Chile team and all football players of the national team came to Hannover to accompany their former teammate to finish his last 90 minutes. Today the poeple attended the memorial ceremony were: Encke's family; German Minister of the Interior, the former federal prime minister, governor of Lower Saxony, the mayor of Hanover, and other government officials. The chairman of Germany football association - Zwanziger, chairman of the league – Raubal, representatives of the football association such as Beckenbauer,etc. Media source: All members of Germany football team and unselected national football players in the list of this warmup match such as Metzelder.

The participants also included the former national chief commander Klinsmann, the former national footballer Schneider and Frings, etc; all members of Hanover team and its former teammates; German A and B Grade Club and delegates from Benfica and Barcelona. In addition, nearly 100 thousand people saw her off today, which is the biggest number since the farewell of 300 thousand to the first Federal Chancellor Konrad - Adenauer in 1967.

At 11 am, the memorial ceremony started. Enke's coffin with flours around it was placed in the center of the football court. The captains Barak and Mertesacker of German national team on behalf of all the members of the national team presented a flower basket of black, red and yellow, the same colors of the national flag.

After that, the government officials from Lower Saxony and Hanover gave speeches subsequently. The mayor of Hanover said, "Hanover will never forget Enke."

The Club general manager expressed, "Enke is the gift of the team but his time is too short". In the interval of the address, the 17-year-old female singer Alina Schmitt sang Hanover 96 team song "96, My Love". The song sounded grievous today and made the participants shed tears. After midnoon, Encke's coffin was put out of the playing court with the song - "The Rose" chose by his wife - Theresia. The hearse sent him to cemetery. He was buried beside his daugher - Lara, who died three years ago. In the end of the farewell, the field rang out the song, kins.friends.fans teaing along the song. With the big screen displaying the pictures of matches during Enke's life, applause rang out, all people at present watched 32-year-old Enke finishing his last trip.

"Football is not everthing og like." the speech of DFB' Chairman Theo Zwanziger got deafening applause as well as the warning bell for all. Eighteenth in November, Germany will encounter Cote d'ivoire at Gelsenkirchen in a warm-up match. By then, flags of both teams will be flown at half-mast.

Enke's images will be played on the large screen, with players on both sides mourning in silence. The players in German Team will all show up by wearing No.1 jersey, and by wearing mourning-band around their arms.

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