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Dit is een webpagina waar je de basis kan krijgen over de handel in binaire opties.

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Hoe de handel in binaire opties

Posted at 08:04, 17/3/2015

How to trade in binary options

In the market there are many chances to win and then what is important is to identify three groups of challenges that must be overcome before you succeed in trading. You may encounter problems managing money, or when you bet too much on a single option and most likely you will encounter the problem of not knowing when to enter the market, and more importantly, when NOT to trade; This is based on the flow of news that the market "digest" constantly and will mark related problems as there is a lack of information.

Last but not least, if you are new in the financial markets is necessary to have some basic knowledge about the historical price action in a particular negotiation and do not mean what happened to the price during the last two hours.

What drives us to make good decisions, what motivates us to trade, how much can we afford to lose? All these questions (and probably many more) will certainly need an answer before you can become a successful trader of binary options.

Before you dive deep in money management and some strategies on how to avoid falling into the traps that our mind prepares us we'll take a look at the driving forces of the market; these are the news flow and market operators that form the buying and selling price levels of binary options majesticoptions.com that we all love so much we trade with.

Market forces that influence the value of currencies, commodities and stocks will in turn be influenced by the market value of the binary options related to such securities. The option itself has no background value, its value is derived from the value of the property in question and the ability of the "player" to buy or sell the asset. In the second part we see the factors that influence the price of a good.

The value of an underlying asset, currency, equity, commodity or index is calculated in real time. The currency issued by a central bank, securities issued by a company, the resources that are extracted or crops that are grown are limited in number and therefore their price is influenced by the forces of supply and demand. Like any limited resource if more people want to buy a certain good that people want to sell, the price will naturally increase; similarly if more people want to sell the business and there are fewer buyers will drop the price of the good.

Probably the most extreme example of this is when there is a stock market crash. In these cases the sellers are flooding the market panic because their profits are evaporating and their losses accumulate at an incredible rate and, in the absence of significant buyers, the price drops dramatically in a very short span of time. The reasons why there are more buyers than sellers, or more sellers than buyers, are numerous and varied, and we will never mention them all in a single time, but we will list only the essential ones.

More generally, the share price will be affected by the performance (both real and expected) of the company when it comes to actions, countries, or shortage of raw materials when it comes to real assets like gold or oil.Investors have many ways to access and evaluate this information.

Market Timing

For a trader of binary options is very important to have information on the times. The rate of maturity of the option is mainly influenced by the movement of the market price of the underlying asset and, therefore, it is very important to know when we will publish the most significant releases of the economic calendar. Since the time when the option expires is a value and also the possibility of a market movement in your favor, it is logical to assume that the more time you have to reach this market movement greater the likelihood of this happening. Thus, the longer the period of time left to an option contract, the more likely that the factors influencing the news value of the asset in question. Try to trade some options daily and weekly, they will not be less profitable and easier to predict, once you manage to "digest" the news flow properly.


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