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charis Best Friend Birthday Gifts Ideas – Informa

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Best Friend Birthday Gifts Ideas – Information on Poland

The Polish state is greater than 1,000 years old. During the 16th century, Poland was considered one of the most dominant and influential nations across Europe. Poland is endowed with natural resources and natural splendor. Poland’s government is a representative republic, with the president as well as each house of parliament being selected by direct popular vote. Poland boasts interesting cuisine that’s known worldwide. Who wouldn’t appreciate a steaming bowl of beetroot soup, meat and rice packed cabbage rolls or possibly pierogi, which consists of dumplings loaded with a selection of meats and vegetables? The late Pope, John Paul II was a proud person of Polish lineage. Filmmakers Roman Polanski and Krzysztof Kieslowski likewise come from Poland. There are plenty of Poles in world history as well; these include the composer Chopin, the astronomer Copernicus and the famed scientist Maria Curie Sklodowska whose landmark work relating to radioactive elements gained her a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1911.

Best Friend Birthday Gifts Ideas – Regarding Polish Birthday Celebrations

In Poland, the people celebrate namedays plus birthdays. Namedays are the days of their patron saints and generally are a bigger factor than birthdays. Given that the majority of Polish children are named after saints found in the Roman Catholic faith, the calendar marks days for each saint. For instance, St. Joseph’s Day is scheduled on March 19. Throughout Poland, namedays also are associated with the seasons and also to traditional customs. The winter solstice belongs to St. John while &ldquo,Christmas Handicraft;Miner’s Day,” also referred to as St. Barbara’s Day, transpires on December 4. St. Barbara is said to be the patron saint of miners.

From: Charis

charis Wary investors seek small favors

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Wary investors seek small favors

China Titans Energy Technology Group caught investors' eyes when it locked HK$1.22 billion worth of margin financing orders despite the sluggish local bourse, brokerages said.

The power equipment maker aimed to raise HK$240 million in the initial public offering but the retail portion of 10 percent was nearly 50 times oversubscribed.

"Buyers still believe there are more chances for speculation in smaller IPOs," said CASH Financial Services director Ben Cheng Man-bun.

However, some customers canceled their margin orders for China Titans yesterday when the Hang Seng dropped further, Cheng said.

NVC Lighting (2222), which goes public today, edged up 1.9 percent to HK$2.14 at the pre- debut trade from the offer price of HK$2.10, according to Phillip Securities. Shareholders posted a paper gain of HK$40 per board lot of 1,000 shares as 9.78 million shares changed hands - a total turnover of HK$20.73 million.
Cheng projected NVC to maintain its offer price in its first trading day today,Christmas handicraft, unless the European market deteriorates further.

The lighting product maker's retail tranche was 37.65 times oversubscribed and it raised net proceeds of HK$1.37 billion from the flotation.

Youyuan International saw its retail portion two times oversubscribed to lock about HK$253.5 million, sources said.

From: Charis


charis Minimum wage for two is Oxfam wish

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Minimum wage for two is Oxfam wish

Three in five people believe the minimum hourly wage should be no less than HK$30, according to a survey by the University of Hong Kong's Public Opinion Programme for Oxfam.
It found that the same percentage also felt there should be laws to regulate the maximum number of working hours in a week. Nearly 70 percent of the 509 respondents agreed there should be a minimum wage to reduce the gap between the rich and poor and to ensure a basic standard of living for all employed people and their families.
More than 80 percent agreed the basic living needs of a family should be considered when setting the amount.
According to Oxfam, 2009 government figures show the average number of people in a household is 2.9,fimo polymer clay, with the average workforce per household at 1.5. This means one worker generally has to support two people.
"A lot of discussion now is about whether the minimum wage level is enough to feed one person, but now we see that one person has to feed two. We need to consider this too - the wage level must be able to cover the expenses of one more person," Oxfam Hong Kong director Ho Wai-chi said.
"Though the government has said it will not accept such considerations, we will continue to push for this principle."
From: Charis

wedding gifts Beijing target land-hoarding and pri

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Beijing target land-hoarding and price speculation in latest move to cool property market

China will launch a nationwide campaign to crack down on the real estate industry as it tries to rein in sky-rocketing property prices, state media said today.

The five-month crackdown will begin by targeting land hoarding and price speculation this month, said Liao Yonglin,Christmas crutch, a senior official at the Ministry of Land and Resources, according to Xinhua news agency.

China's real estate prices rose 10.7 percent on year last month, the fastest pace in nearly two years, fuelling concerns that an asset bubble is building that could eventually burst and hurt the wider economy.

High housing prices have also become a heated social issue, especially among young and middle-aged wage earners, who have complained of difficulties in buying a home.

Investigators will look for irregularities in local government land transfers and failure by real estate companies to develop their holdings in accordance with transfer approvals, the report said.

On Wednesday, the ministry also announced rules that require local governments to allot at least 70 percent of their total housing land supply for low-cost housing or the renovation of shanty towns.

The regulations also require developers to pay for land transfers within one year while also curbing them from hoarding space to force prices up.

Authorities on Thursday banned the Pacific Century Group, controlled by Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li, from trading land in Beijing after a company affiliate failed to fulfill contract obligations and instead allowed land to sit idle.

In order to cool the red-hot market, Beijing has already restricted lending, raised downpayments for buyers of second homes and increased interest rates on mortgage loans.
From: Charis

charis Beijing offers free jabs to under-threes

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Beijing offers free jabs to under-threes,Flashing Christmas gift

Beijing will offer free swine flu jabs to children aged six months to three years, as the government ramps up its vaccination programme ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays.

Children are among the most susceptible to the A(H1N1) influenza virus, the health ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

A vaccination designed for children had been tested in several regions, Xinhua news agency said, citing an earlier statement from the ministry.

China has so far vaccinated nearly 51.4 million people, the health ministry said. It is the largest campaign in the world, but still only a small proportion of the country's 1.3 billion people.

The government reported a total of 659 swine flu deaths by the end of 2009, with nearly all of them in the last two months of the year.

The ministry has warned that the danger of mass outbreaks still exists in certain areas.

Ministry officials have warned of a "grim'' winter flu outlook, and are urging caution ahead of the February Lunar New Year holidays, when hundreds of millions of people swamp roads and railways to visit loved ones.
From: Charis

charis Tighter rules on flat sales in works for de

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Tighter rules on flat sales in works for developers

Hong Kong plans to tighten rules on marketing of uncompleted apartments, responding to concerns that misleading sales tactics by developers have contributed to a surge in prices this year.

The measures will require developers to provide more transparency about the square footage of apartments they are selling before completing, as well as information on floor numbering,wedding gifts, the Transport and Housing Bureau said.

Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen said the rules were reached in an agreement with the Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong said developers will need to spell out the usable square footage inside the homes.

It also will require that developers provide floor numbering information in a more prominent manner in the sales brochures.
Developers will also need to publicly disclose transactions of uncompleted apartments within five working days of signing a preliminary sales agreement, down from the current one month.

The government is deeply concerned about some recent sales tactics in the first-hand uncompleted residential property market and confusing market information, the Transport and Housing Bureau said.

The new measures will further enhance the transparency of transactions of uncompleted first-hand residential properties and the clarity of property information.
From: Charis

charis Cities set to see two million more jobs

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Cities set to see two million more jobs

China will probably create two million more jobs in urban areas this year than officials targeted, the government said, adding to evidence of an acceleration in economic growth.

Employment is stable and the nation will exceed the goal of nine million additional urban jobs, Yin Chengji, a spokesman for the Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, said.

Urban registered unemployment was 4.3 percent at the end of last month, compared with 4.2 percent at the end of last year.

The news comes a day after government figures showed that the economy expanded at the fastest pace in a year in the third quarter,Holiday Gift, as industrial production and retail sales accelerated.

Policymakers may as a result begin removing monetary stimulus as soon as by the end of December in order to stem inflation and asset bubbles, analysts said.

The labor situation is improving, said Tao Dong, a Hong Kong-based economist at Credit Suisse Group AG. That's going to make Beijing fell more comfortable to start the process of normalizing the monetary policy.

The number of extra urban jobs was 8.5 million in the first nine months and is likely to top 11 million, matching the increase in 2008, Yin said. He added that while unemployment remains a major issue as the financial crisis lingers, the labor market is better than expected, in contrast with six months ago, when he was very concerned.
From: Charis

birthday gifts,wedding gifts,lover's gifts

charis Personalized Birthday Gifts Need Listen to

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Personalized Birthday Gifts Need Listen to them
Many people feel that their birthdays are the most enjoyable days of the year, because they are surrounded by people who care about them. A personalized birthday gift might be a great way for you to show people how much you care on their birthday.
Giving a gift on someone's birthday is a great way to brighten up their day, make them happy, and just help them to enjoy their special day. A gift is something that is interesting, fun, and exciting, and you can find a lot of different things that are worth giving to others.
 For many people finding a gift is something that they struggle with, because a gift isn't always easy to find. If you are the type of person who might struggle with a gift,lover's gifts, you should know that there is help out there and there are going to be great ways for you to find the perfect gifts that you are looking for.
The most important thing to remember when purchasing any kind of gift is to find something the recipient would like, not something you like. Take a few minutes the next time you talk to that person to find out what their interests are. Complement them with a gift that accentuates their ideas or dreams.
Another sure fire way to always get the perfect gift is to listen to them when they talk. How often have you heard friends or family comment, "Oh, I wish I had one of those", or "Gee, someday I am going to buy one of those for myself."? This is your clue to write that down somewhere, and look for that item when their birthday rolls around. They will feel so special because you really listened to them.
From: Charis

Lover's gifts for women

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Lover's gifts for women
If you love a woman and want to express well on Valentine Day,the sure shot way to get across to her heart is through personalized lover's gifts. Usually,sending her a big bunch of roses is very common.
One should be generous with the choice of presents on Valentine Day, because such presents are fondled for the years to come by a female, who stores them in her closet.
Cosmetic products can be an ideal choice for lover's gifts to women once you know what her favourite brands are. A female can also be delighted with the gift of a bed sheet. A luxurious Egyptian bed sheet made up of cotton with a high thread count can sure make her sleep in comfort on the bed sheet every night and reminisce about you.
The choice of a gift also depends upon the time you have for making its election and purchase. You can also buy a picture frame engraved with the essentials of your lady love. It's a simple gift yet will please your girlfriend tremendously when she understands the time put by you in thinking about such a gift. Not to forget, such presents echo your emotions for her.
A kitchen-made stand mixer can be the most thoughtful gift when your girlfriend cant just live without cooking. This gift can also benefit you when homemade cookies prepared in it are served to you in breakfast every morning.

Birthday Gifts are very important

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Birthday Gifts are very important
Birthday is special and unique to any person,this year,Christmas Ornaments Make Beautiful Keeps,sending birthday gifts is a way of showing that we care for the person.If the gift happens to be exceptional and unique, it makes the birthday memorable and bright,this year,Christmas Ornaments Make Beautiful Keeps,so nice birthday gifts are very important.
children would be just delighted to receive personal gifts on their birthday. The various types of birthday gifts are mainly categorized according to the ages of the recipients, the gender and their needs. Birthday gifts market always busy with a lot of orders because every person is just happy to celebrate his or her birthday which is free of geographical limitations.
Birthday gifts can also be created on their own, using art, wood,polymer clay , music or photography. Business associates can be adorned with flowers, cakes and cards. If one can afford to spend more liberally for a birthday gift,手机挂件,Easter Gift Ideas, he or she can surprisingly throw a party at a restaurant or offer an exotic week end treat or even offer a membership for an adventure sports in a club with which the recipient is interested.
Nothing can be more special and give more satisfaction than saying with heartiest warmth “happy birthday to you” which would bring smiles on the faces -whether they are young or old.


Handicraft sector makes smart recovery

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Handicraft sector makes smart recovery
The highest increase in export of handicrafts was recorded in polymer clay crafts, home decoration,birthday gifts etc. , where there was a growth of 20 percent. File photo:
For example,we can see its good situation in India.
All seems to be finally getting to be well for the handicraft sector. After registering massive slips of 19 per cent in 2007-08 and 41.6 per cent in 2008-09, the export of handicrafts from India has registered an increase of 6.55 per cent during the just ended 2009-10 fiscal year.
According to the provisional data released by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, the exports have gone up to Rs. 8,718.94 crore, as against Rs. 8,183 crore during 2008-09.
In a press release issued here on Saturday, EPCH Chairman, Raj Kumar Malhotra noted that the increase in the export has been across nearly all product categories.
The highest increase was recorded in imitation jewellery exports, where there was a growth of 18.03 per cent. It was followed by woodwares (15.17 per cent), shawls as artware (10.64 per cent), embroidery and crocheted goods (6.12 per cent), zari and zari goods (5.61 per cent), hand printed textiles and scarves (5.6 per cent), and Art metalware (4.88 per cent).
Country-wise, U.S. was the single largest market for the Indian handicrafts during the year, accounting for 29 per cent of the exports. But, as a region, the European Union topped the list, accounting for 40.33 per cent of the exports.
Within the European Union, UK took the lead, buying handicrafts worth Rs. 928 crore from India. It was closely followed by Germany (Rs. 783 crore).
Mr. Malhotra conceded that much more, however, needs to be done to catch up with the momentum achieved by handicrafts exports before the global economic melt down hit the markets for non-essential items like handicrafts.
For several years, Indian handicraft exports had been consistently clocking a growth of 10 per cent per year until 2006-07, when it reached a peak of 17,288 crore only to fall to Rs. 14,012 crore in 2008-09 and subsequently Rs. 8,183 crore in 2009-10 as a result of the global economic problems.
Noting that the Government had been taking several measures to promote handicraft exports, he said the EPCH expected to regain the 10 per cent growth rate this year.

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