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9/1/2013 - The history of the development of the LED flashlight

The history of the development of the LED flashlight

The development of mobile lighting tool can be traced back to the early development of human society - primitive society. Since humans learned to fire by rubbing sticks, mobile lighting experience to the flashlight in the course of development from the fire, oil, candles. Mobile lighting tool has experienced numerous changes appear to fire, oil lamps, candles and kerosene lamps to incandescent bulbs flashlight, xenon bulb flashlight, developed to now an array of LED flashlight bright flashlight, diving flashlight, etc.. The oil lamp after a number of improvements. Oil lamp oil instead of vegetable oil, animal oil finally replaced by kerosene. To make oil lamps in order to prevent wind fire blew out, cover, papered cover from early to later switch to glass oil lamps are not afraid of the wind this easy outdoor mobile lighting. Oil lamps, humans are still looking for other mobile lighting methods. Around the 3rd century BC, it was made with beeswax candles. By the 18th century, there has been made with paraffin candles, and began to be mass-produced by machine. 100 years ago the British invented the gas lights, the human lighting a big step forward. Removable torches, candles, oil lamps, gas lamps lighting tool, did not leave the fire, are illuminated by the light emitted by biomass burning. Edison invented the light bulb in the late 19th century, from rewriting the history of mankind lighting mankind towards the era of electric lighting.


Edison invented the light bulb, Faraday invention battery, invented in the true sense of the flashlight. The lamp luminous performance was very unstable, when Ming dark, hence the name "Flashlight". Until the late sixties, with the advent of alkaline batteries, flashlight lighting functions is completed.

The first generation of flashlight

Features: incandescent light bulbs + alkaline batteries, surface plating of iron for the the shell first generation flashlight, commonly known as "old-fashioned flashlight bulb commonly used tungsten incandescent bulbs, low luminous efficiency, short life, easily burned out. Battery with queen-size alkaline batteries, large volume, but the battery life is not high. The flashlight casing surface plating of iron, lightweight but the process is simple.

The second generation of flashlight

Characteristics: light bulbs filled with the protection of the gas + high-performance battery, second-generation flashlight as a housing material of aluminum alloy, a new breakthrough in terms of both performance and appearance. Is a typical representative of the second generation flashlight krypton bulb + alkaline batteries, longer lamp life and battery life more durable. As the shell material of aluminum alloy, surface oxidation process, fine craftsmanship, attractive appearance, rich color, texture quite good. Another typical representative xenon bulb + lithium-ion battery, longer lamp life, greatly enhance the brightness and color temperature higher, and made "tactical flashlight" concept, has opened up a new market for the flashlight.

The third-generation flashlight
Features: new lighting technologies - LED. Color temperature has reached unprecedented heights, close to or even more than the color temperature of the white light, lower power consumption. The third generation of the most important characteristics of flashlight is the use of LED bulbs, due to the structure of the reasons of the LED itself, and better reliability. Lighting pattern first appeared in flashlight, a launch popular.

The fourth generation of flashlight

Features: built-in open programmable intelligent control chip, custom light-emitting mode via a dedicated software - smart flashlight whole new generation the flashlight - smart flashlight, combining traditional flashlight dimming technology and IT technology, built-in an open programmable smart The new generation of control chip, users can be customized using special software personalized flashlight light emitting mode flashlight general.
This is the history of the development of the LED flashlights.

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