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Ashen crystal in Atlantica online


Do you know this kind of crystal? It is a great demand in the market. It is mainly used to change occupations for mercenaries. For a player of level 20, you should have 20 ashen crystals. And you need 50 ones for a player of level 50. Considering that you will lead 8 or more mercenaries, so our poor players should kill monsters to get this kind of crystals. By the way, there are a lot of mercenaries. Some mercenaries travel all round the world. If you want to employ them, you should give them some atlantica gold as a gift. The price of one ashen srystal is 6000 atlantica online gold in the European market. If your update only relies on buying crystals, this means that you are a zillionaire. In my opinion, the sea king’s palace is the right place for you to go. You need to kill monsters here for some ashen crystals. If you reach a level of 30, you can kill the dancer. With a level of 35, you can kill the dragon. For the solo fighting, with a level high enough and a fast attack speed, you can gain all the things in the fighting. You would better finish the battle in 2 rounds. Do not give monsters the opportunity to attack collectively. I have killed the dragon with a character of level 40, with full stamina in about one hour, I got 400 crystals. This is a great achievement. And there are some by-product such as level-15 equipment boxes and pearls. All these things are sold well. It is not a small sum of buy atlantica gold. I sold them in the auction house. Then I easily got quite a fortune. Last but not least, you should add your stamina before it only has 50 points.

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