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The introduction of rappelz


Rappelz is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is developed by the Korean company NFLAVOR, and published by the Californian Company Gala-Net Inc. the name of the game called rappelz is means summon in the French. In the game, everyone want themselves have high level and have more rappelz rupees. How to making money? Today I will introduce you some ways of making money of mine.

At the beginning, I also do not know how to make money, so I save the money day by day. One day, there is someone throw goods in the warehouse, fortunately, I have picked it up. That is a recipe of stone. At first, I thought that is will not be valuable. But I am wrong. I am so lucky. Then I am beginning to doing quests to make rappelz gold. When I kill the monster in the snow mountain, I get another recipe of stone from the monster. That is a lucky day for me. I have account it, by a day, I can get 10 more Triones, and 10 more plenilun, and any other recipe of stone, they are about cost 400+J, and the equipment, I can get several necklaces.

And here have another way to make rupees. That is to fighting with the monsters.

There are many good advantages to kill the monsters, the primary is upgrade, and also you can make many friends. You will get lot of rappelz gold and lots of experiences. In my view, kill the monster is the most important way to make friends. You will find you can get more advantages of making friends.

At last, I hope you will have a good time in the game, and make more money.

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