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The upgrade and making money in lastchaos


Lastchaos is a quite good 3D game. I am the master of level 60. Today, I say something about my own feeling. And tell you the experience before level 60.

1-20 level

At this stage you can only do the quests to make last chaos gold. It is quite enough for you to spending from the mission. And you are not need to buy something.

21-44 level

When you are get 20 level, you can go to learn the skill of crafting, at this time, you can go to craft some medicine, and then sell them out to other. The map will show you the place of crafting. When you are reach 25 level, you can learn the skill of produce. So you can make something primary equipment.

45-60 level

When you are reach 45 level, you can accept the mission in town from 8:30 to 10:30 pm every day. After you have finished it, you will get a great reward. At this stage, you will find many ways to make lastchaos gold. As you upgrade, your skill will become more proficiently. And you will get better equipment, stuff, books, and so on. Or you can sell them out to others.

If the ways above that you feel it is too trouble, you can buy some lc gold online. It just spend a little of money buy it is very convenience, and it can also save you lots of time.

At last, I hope you will enjoy your game. And make more money.

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