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My own way of make last chao gold


Maybe my way is not the fastest to make lastchaos gold, but in my feel is quite fast, and not need any prime cost. I always fishing the fish called stone scale eels, if you are lucky; it is no problem to get a group and a half in one hour. The fish nowadays, is very rare in the market, so it is very expensive. It is about one last chao gold you just can buy one fish. If you have lots of time, you can sell them in the auctioneer with the price of 25 lc gold a group. If you have more patients, you will get one group at least in an hour.

Or you can make money with your little account number. Notice, as the experience of level 1 to level 10 is quite little, so the time of you upgrade and kill the monster will be tail off. The good stuff will not easily to come out. Have a psychological warfare with other players, also when the players reach the level 11 and level 15, they will always exchange the equipment, so how can they do with the old equipment? Sell to the NPC? It is not possible. Put them into the auctioneer certainly. And wait for the next players.

If you not want to waste lots of time, you can also buy them in the web, it is fast and safe. It is very cheap. It just spent you a little of money.

Have you know much than before? You will have a great time in the game with your friends and at last I hope you will make more last chaos gold.


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