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Disability Attorneys Greensboro NC

13:05, 12/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

The employees and the working partners of capitalist corporations, even if they are members of its board of directors, if this capacity does not involve performing management functions and management of the company or having control of that. You can not keep the conversion of pension in permanent disability pension annulling the administrative decision which has recognized the latter, because" no disability pension be recognized when, as happens in the case, prior to the contingency has been accessed pensioned retirement "(STS / IV January 30, 1996) Inability although not requested retirement Similarly, no one entitled to recognition in the date of the event and had completed 65 years and covers all the requirements for entitlement to pension benefits, although this provision did not apply. My website is social security disability benefits lawyer winston-salem for more information.

Entitled to permanent disability benefits those included in the general scheme which is declared in such a situation and that, in addition to meeting the general condition required under paragraph 1 of art. 124, would have covered the minimum contribution period is determined in section 2 which is quoted below, unless it is due to accident, whether or not labor or occupational disease, in which case it will not be required any previous contribution period. Qualifying period for the right When the temporary incapacity is due to accident or occupational disease, the contribution base is considered for the determination of the base is the corresponding to these contingencies, although overtime and no newspapers and no accruals prorated in the database taken into account are the average quoted by these concepts in the 12 calendar months immediately preceding. During the period of low declared undue remains the obligation to contribute, having claimed the contribution for that period. tate subjected to prescribed treatment and being discharged medically, presents serious anatomical or functional, capable of objective determination and likely final, which diminish or nullify their working capacity. Specialized entities acting as external prevention services to companies, individuals or entities performing the activity of prevention system audit of companies and institutions to develop and certify accredited training in occupational risk prevention in breach obligations under the legislation on the subject. Fortunately the courts are correcting the austere approach that maintains the Administration recognize when permanent disability benefits but for this we must raise such claims founded and supported by medical reports proving the limitations of workers and their influence on the workplace. Check out my

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Disability Attorneys Greensboro NC


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