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Manuel Munoz Moreno will receive a special mention to the culture in Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)

09:56, 24/8/2010 .. 2 comments .. Link

The journalist Manuel Munoz Moreno will receive a special mention to the Culture in the inauguration of the Fairs and Festivals of Argamasilla de Calatrava 2010 in recognition of history and its connection with the town Ciudad Real, according to the Consistory in the press release.

The next Monday, September 6, Manuel Munoz receive from their neighbors Rabanera this commemorative plaque in honor of him and his work informative and poetic, always carrying his people, Argamasilla de Calatrava, in his heart and memory.

Rosa Belen Escobar, City Councillor for Culture Rabanera, was "very pleased that our neighbor Manuel Munoz finally be recognized in the village, because it has always been very present in all cultural activities we have done, but mainly because it has an enviable journalistic history. "

Manuel Munoz Moreno was born on January 4, 1954 in Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real Teaching study and 18 years moved to the Spanish capital to serve as a teacher and a course of Information Sciences, years after obtaining a BA in Journalism .

Thus was gradually making its way into the journalistic and literary world and began to publish in the magazine "Poesia Hispanica." He ran the 70, and continued in its goal of publishing, so getting to continue publishing until the last poems appeared in the magazine "Latch."

In the early 80s he decided to return to their area, specifically in Ciudad Real, where he began to lead the weekly general information "The Manchego. This would not be the only time a publication directed Munoz Moreno, because at that time would go on other directions of magazines confined to local information.

In 1983 he began to run "Channel", published by the Provincial Government, where he led until 1987. But these were not the only activities performed by the Rabanera, Manuel Munoz because he was head of the press offices of the City of Puertollano and Ciudad Real Provincial Council.

This year, Munoz has just published his first book entitled "Red Leaves," which has not yet been presented to the public.

In his work, Joaquin Gonzalez Cuenca, professor of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, highlights "the world's solid and rooted, without beating around the bush" that Manuel introduced in this first poetic publication. "Women, land, friends, parents, death, loneliness, time ..., are the core institutions of his work which suggest the spirit of Manuel Munoz, a poet who exudes love and fortitude" according to the professor.

Currently, the journalist and poet Rabanera is Chief of the Provincial Press and director of the Official Gazette of the Province.

Downhill in Bormio ItalyBlood clots Ski-Stars inl

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Downhill in Bormio, Italy
Blood clots! Ski-Stars in hospital. The riders will be flown Louis-Pierre Helie (24/Kanada) and the American Marco Sullivan (30) had in an Innsbruck clinic special: Two

horror overshadowed the departure falls in Bormio, Italy.
Louis-Pierre Helie

(here at the start in Lake Louise, Canada) was brought after his fall by helicopter to the hospital
More Winter Sports
Total execution Riesch: First 2 again thanks to their space
Martin SchmittEin, global agenda credits, SprngchenHoffnung

Both were overthrown in the final training hard. The first diagnosis: blood clot in the brain. Both are accessible, are in the same room.

"There is no danger. It has to be seen now how the pressure changes in the brain, "said a spokesman for the Canadian team. "They joke with each other again."

The race, power leveling wow, was won by Austrian Michael Walchhofer (35) ahead of Swiss rider scandal Silvan Zurbriggen (29). He had the World Cup in Lake Louise - supposedly naked - molested a maid and was therefore expelled from the noble hotel "Fairmont".

again drove strong Stephan Keppler (27/Ebingen). After No. 9, he sounded confident, "Now I want a medal at the World Cup." Keppler was before Christmas in Val Gardena super-G in the second already become.

Box-WM canceledWhy play golf Klitschko

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Box-WM canceled!
Why play golf Klitschko.

On 9 December had boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko (34) to cancel his fight against Derek Chisora - tear in the muscle belly up to six weeks off.
More about
Klitschko promises: 2011 is the "topper" due
Scandals Boxer HayeKlitschko finally against the "topper"
Sinan Samil Sambox-Star (36) wrestles mitdem death

now appear on photos from Florida / USA, show the Klitschko playing golf. And only 14 days after the injury., mortal gold, Buy

evil rumors waft through the boxing scene in the Internet: Is Klitschko about his injury, which led to the cancellation, exaggerated

IMAGE asked for Klitschko. He says his golf game as interim: "This was not a real golf, it is still not thinking. I only have for a TV documentary about my life just took the bat in the hand, buy wow golds, "

display. Accessories for all boxing fans in a wide selection!

Catalonia blushes to Honduras

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Catalonia blushes to Honduras
. Catalonia easily dated the World Cup in Honduras in the olympic montjuc offensive with an exhibition which highlights a brace from Bojan Krkic Barca after reanudacin, against an opponent that just pis the combined area of coach Johan Cruyff.
Coro Espanyol opened the scoring for Catalonia in the 27th minute. Banyoles The advantage of a center of Barca Bojan Krkic from the right and headed home. Channels Honduran goalkeeper, crimecraft gold, could do nothing. These two forwards are always a good society on the disputing parties with the Catalan selection.
Another parrot, Sergio Garcia, could achieve the second three minutes later but his shot, satin and very tight in the bottom left, which deflected the goal. Barcelons striker, 41, gave him a goal on a plate, with a magnificent center, a choir but with, world of warcraft gold, the goalkeeper cow hits a shot well wide.
The selection of Honduras, meanwhile, just stepped on the area of Barcelona Valds, the goal of this first part, and football is focused on disrupting the team's offensive intentions Johan Cruyff. Your best occasion in the first 45 minutes was a shot just before half-Rojas that the target, tibia gold, catches without problems.
Reanudacin sentence in Catalonia. After starting down the right sideline alone, as a touch of Sergio Garcia put it, s now the second four minutes. Bojan gave the lace with a diagonal in 60, was 3-0. And he achieved it 4-0 after escaping skillfully through the center and the goal Channels bargain.
The olympic of montjuc records an entry of, crimecraft gold, 28,150 spectators, a figure lower than in the match navideo the Catalan selection last year. Then, the set of Cruyff Gotta bring together 53,000 people, although rival, Argentina's Maradona, was of greater importance to Honduras, but also fell rout (4-2).

The mayor39s father died his son tos

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
The mayor's father died his son to replace elections
Eloy Poveda, Deputy Mayor of Alarcny father of the first mayor of the town, Jess Poveda, who died this week after a long illness probably be chosen to relieve the front of the Consistory.
As I reported yesterday in this newspaper organization secretary of the PSOE in Cuenca, Luis Carlos Sahuquillo, who said that as a municipality with fewer than 250 inhabitants, are ready to open, Star Trek Gold, and be a Party councilor Independent which becomes part of the corporation municipal. In this way, Sern three council members of the PSOE (which remains high) and two Independent Party, which until now tenaslo a councilor in the municipality.
Sahuquillo indicated that the PSOE estn pricked by the death of Poveda, that tomorrow will fulfill 51 years and left several small children. In, sto energy credits , addition, lament that has not been able to complete major projects pending in your local tena, where she was mayor since 2007. The funeral was held on Wednesdays afternoon in this city of Cuenca.

The Lotero of 75913 prize to helpt

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
The Lotero of 75,913 prize to help with a daughter in unemployment. Madrid, 22 dic () .- The head of the Administration of lottery number 187, Madrid, Juan Angel Gonzalez Pearanda, which has sold about 195 sets of 75,913-prize-third of the Christmas lottery, dedicating the 50,000 euros that have played a "cover sb hole" and help his oldest daughter, unemployed for five months.
Between sips of opening bottles of champagne, Juan Angel and his wife, Concha,, wow power leveling, from noon AFTER receiving the congratulations of many residents within this office, the only in Spain who has sold the third prize, located at number 138, Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona, coming soon to the station of Atocha.
Much of these neighbors owned one or two tenths of 75,913, one of the numbers to which the Administration of Gonzlez, darkfall online gold, Pearanda est paid back and that only "one or two series."
"Nervous, happy life, but overwhelmed, completely out of orbit," admitted John Angel, which sits happy since I knew that in his office bean market Christmas a major award for the first time in the 25 years leading to the front the Administration.
The Lotero was especially pleased to have helped to distribute the award,The Supreme Court acquitted in the casea, eve online isk, for the whole neighborhood, largely travs of the shares sold in the nearby dining facilities and train employees in a newsagent on Avenida Menendez y Pelayo.
Both he and his wife smiled sarcastically when asked to qu going to spend the money, "given today, what can be done with 50,000 euros"

Photos of the Christmas lottery illusion ands

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Photos of the Christmas lottery,Animal cruelty allegationsCows rescued from snow a, illusion and disguises in the Palacio de Congresos
. At 9:00 the morning of December 22, 2010 has started Christmas Special Drawing the National Lottery in the Palacio de Congresos Paseo de la Castellana. A special draw this Wednesdays and historical change of scenery for the first time since 1963 and that to receive a total of 2,000.
The majority are complaining about the cold and rain, which has continued throughout the night. This seems, wow gold, to be the excuse for the tail, which does not exceed 300 people, not as long as that of previous years. Even so, there have been the classics.

Strong residential fire in Sarpsborg

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Strong residential fire in Sarpsborg.

fire brigade carried out a controlled burning of the house in Kvastebyen.Foto: Marianne Lkkevik / NRK

No one was injured when it took heavy fire in a tenement building in Kvastebyen in Sarpsborg Tuesday kveld.Anders Engen Sanden

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01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
. Manuel Alcantara Garcia (56), Teresa Arjona Mirror (80), Gheorghe Bituleanu (51), Florence Bravo Izquierdo (90), ngela Ruiz Bravo (71), Carlos Brihuega Gorrochategui (88), Jose Raimundo Reyes Calvo (68), Josefa Capn Leal (62), Mara Castaares May (81), Jos Mara Cernadas Lake (92), Rufino Cruz Alia (80), Carmen Cueto Carriles (78), Jess de la Mora Velasco (79), Luisa del Valle Alvarez (86 ) valentine Delgado Valencia (91), Cesrea Domnguez Garca de Blas, darkfall powerleveling, (79), Carmen Fernandez Herbn (80), Mara Garca Gutierrez (93), Manuel Garcia Meja (68), Enrique Garcia Santiago (89), Francisco Jos Gonzlez Guilln (54), Ezequiel Gutierrez Aguado (93), Mercedes Gutierrez Anca (84), Carmen Luengo Mara Prieto (86), Carmen Marquez Victorian (87), Martn Julia Hernandez (88), Jorge Martos Izquierdo (33), Mas Elosa Gabarain (96), Isabel Bustamante Oliva (64), Mara del Carmen Plaza Turo (92), Germn Quintero Ortiz (69),, buy kinah aion, steals Ramon Climent (97), Julin Rodrguez Camacho (75), Mara Luisa Rodrguez Daz (70), Isolina Ruiprez Gonzalez (80), Isabel Salas Martinez (85), Salvador During Flix (83), Juan Antonio Sanchez L3pez (45), Martn Sanz Flix (81), David Sheikh Ramon Fernandez (86),Conservatives want liquor license, Angel Manuel Solaz Arribas (58) .

Charged for fraud and the exgerente ofn

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Charged for fraud and the exgerente of Mercasantander falsificacin
. The number 1 of Santander Court has closed the case instruccin Mercasantander, which is attributed to the exgerente of the public company for alleged fraud and forgery to divert a million euros from the accounts of that company to bet Internet.
In a car that was made audience yesterday, the owner of the Court, Jaime Parra, points out that the exgerente of Mercasantander, Paloma GT.M.,, eve isk, arrived to forge the signature of the then mayor and chairman of the Administration of this company Gonzalo Pieiro (PP), and the secretary of that organ, to transfer money to personal accounts.
The order relates to G-T.M Paloma. Mercasantander worked (company owned by the city of Santander and Mercasa) from the year 1992. Since 2002, this person began to, mortal gold,Awards for young creation, have Mercasantander amounts of money for their own use and to bet online, for using the card or bank accounts of the company, although no authorization to do so tena.
The order noted that, given the importance of debt, Paloma GT.M. use the powers it granted Haban, without the knowledge of the Board of Administration of the company to open a personal, cheap power leveling wow, credit account at a bank, amounting to 60,000 euros, and continued as transfers of funds to cover I was making fraudulent use of money.
On July 1, 2005, when the amount of the bean has already consumed, the dndant renewed pliz false CERTIFICATION signed by an agreement of the Board of Administration of Mercasantander. To this end, G-T.M Paloma. forged signatures of the mayor of Santander, Gonzalo Pieiro, who acted as chairman of Mercasantander, and Secretary of that organ.
The judge says in his order that the act was repeated in June 2006 and in 2007, when it runs this line of credit, Paloma GT.M. opened a new account at another bank and once more makes a false CERTIFICATION Board of Administration of Mercasantander with forged signatures.
The facts were discovered when credit runs out and the bank to communicate what was happening to the direction of the company, which shows that defrauded funds amount to 1,076,111 euros.

CYCLING h2 h2 The commitment tok

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

The commitment to land Spiuk
. The Extremadura Spiuk very strong bet for the 2011 season the under 23 category to have a new project of bicycle riders for the most part are Extremadura and have enough quality.
The team from Extremadura, who play in the elite category and under 23, has 14 brokers signed and no est closed the template to be extended one or two more riders. Only one member, Jos A. Arroyo, ffxiv gils, is lite, the team has an average age of 21 years and are mostly from Extremadura.
Extremadura Spiuk The continuity is assured for next season 2011 with support from the Junta de Extremadura Extremadura travs Brand, according to manifest the athletic director, Alfonso Rodriguez, emphasizing the collaboration of the regional institution and other support.
For Rodriguez, Marca Extremadura allows many sports projects and hundreds of athletes, wow gold, extremey be performed and trained in different sports and promotions to Extremadura. In this way, said that many of our athletes estn in the national elite and being authentic ambassadors of Autonomous Community of Extremadura.
With respect to the template, the four new riders, three are JNior, highlighting Edison Fernando Bravo, current Pan American champion and winner of numerous JNior races in Chile,, ffxiv gils, his country and race Don Benito, Daniel Sanchez, also with several victories prestige to his credit.
A template renew Extremadura Spiuk Jos Antonio Arroyo Ramirez, Javier Sanchez Cidoncha, Borja de la Casa Sanchez, Andres Sanchez Sanchez, Jose Diaz Victor Rosa, Llanos Fernando Quintana, Victor Manuel Holgado Gilete, Alberto Gallego Ruiz, Adrin Teneb and James Alexander Alvarado Falcn Corcoran. The new additions are Edison F. Bravo Mansilla (Chile), Adrin Martinez Lozano, Daniel Sanchez Cidoncha (Rualje) and Jose Antonio Sanchez Garcia (Emrita Trak).
Israel Prez and Salgueiro
The formation extremey after his return to the elite and under 23 category in the 2009 season has produced two great seasons,Awards for young creation, being a leader in the category for his image and quality, such as demonstrated by the results achieved. Mainly through brokers and Israel Prez and Enrique Salgueiro, always faithful to the colors extremey and this course has decided to hang up the bike. Alfonso Rodr-guez thanked the delivery and work of the two cyclists desendoles luck in his new endeavors.
The Extremadura Spiuk begin training on January 9 gives the competition and start the day Feb. 20 in Don Benito. The team reduced to 30 give the competition from the 110 this year to 80 das in 2011 because contarn least seven riders.
Alfonso Rodr-guez mainly manifest to us to be under 23 competitions.

A derby with a clear role ofs

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
A derby with a clear role of youth players. Barcelona, 16 dic () .- The role of homegrown players to be the common denominator in the Espanyol-Barcelona's upcoming Saturday, as in the case of home Barca players have captured more than 62% of the minutes played in league while the blue and white set the participation was 40%.
Since Mauricio Pochettino Pep Guardiola and took charge of Bara and Espanyol, both teams are defined by their commitment, cheap eve isk, to the quarry. More than half of the players used by each side in this tournament come from the base. And in both cases, these players make up the backbone of the team, especially in the case of the Catalans.
In the first fifteen days Guardiola has used 21 men, all except the first team and three subsidiary Pinto (Fonts, Thiago and, fallen earth buy chips, Nolito). Of these, thirteen were formed in the house and together build 9,256 minutes (62.5%).
The base of the Bara de Guardiola are players emerged from the quarry, as Barca totaling more minutes are Valds (1,350), Alves (1291), Iniesta (1270), Villa (1169), Messi (1166), Pique (1,013) Puyol (1010) and Pedro (1001).
Pochettino, meanwhile, continues to rely blindly on the new talents of Espanyol B,, fallen earth power leveling, currently in third Divisin. Striker Alvaro Vzquez is the last example. Has ushered in 27 different players, fourteen of them with origins in the categories below parakeets.
However, they have played four more minutes,Car sales fall 441 percent the firstr, "Alley (1215), Forln (1258), Luis Garcia (1203) and Green (1,146) - not from its base. In the case of Espanyol, bring home, sto credits, the 39.7% of the minutes played in the league (5847).
The presence of the quarry on both computers:
Valds 1350 (15)
Iniesta 1270 (15)
Messi 1166 (13)
Pique 1013 (12)
1010 Puyol (12)
Pedro 1001 (15)
Busquets 948 (12)
Xavi 935 (13)
Bojan 356 (12)
Thiago 96 (4)
Fonts 90 (1)
Nolito 12 (1)
Jeffren 9 (3)
TOTAL 9256 (62.4%)
Javi Marquez 1027 (12)
Victor Ruiz 990 (11)
Girl 844 (10)
David Garcia 675 (8)
Vil Didac 675 (8)
Baena 473 (8)
Javi L3pez 406 (10)
Amat 359 (4)
Alvaro V. 230 (9)
Manu Molina 137 (4)
L3pez Silva 26 (2)
Chorus 3 (1)
Rodrguez R. 1 (1)
Rui Forte 1 (1)
TOTAL 5847 (39.7%)


01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
读取文章内容失败,Euromovilizacin_in_Europe_to_protest_welfare_cuts,编码格式无效:java.io.FileNotFoundException: articles\博客\不加more标签博客\30_years_in_jail_asking_for_historical_Antza_and_Anboto_ETA.html (参数不正确,And_now_to_privatize_control_towers。)


01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
The thirteen towers liberalize government control in 2011, including Alicante and Ibiza
Saerco companies, CLEC (ACS), Ferrer (Ferrovial), Gesner and Indra estn in the process of certification to perform the services provisin areo control tower on those that are liberalized, apart Ineco the public company, which has already been certified. As announced by the Minister of Development,Enrique_Morente39s_family_denounces_the_medical_te, Jos White, in an appearance at the Commission for the Promotion of Congress to discuss the conflict with the drivers and legislative, eve isk, changes that led them to abandon their jobs in the boot bridge of the constitution.
Among the 13 towers along liberalizarna 2011, there are some that belong to some of the airports with more traffic in Spain, such as Alicante, Valencia and Ibiza. In addition to these three, also is liberalizarn La Palma, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Seville, Jerez, Sabadell,, buying wow gold, Four Winds, Vigo, La Coruay Melilla. For White, it is undoubtedly an important step towards improving navegacinarea services, liberalizing and introducing for the first time, competitiveness in the sector. This process, framed in structural reform areo control service, continue with two orders approving the government in the next few dates, which identificarn airports, whose towers contest REACH U.S. for new service providers other than, eve online isk, areo trnsito Aena.
190 drivers SERN relocated the next year
In a second stage to develop after 2012,It began with box trailer, Development plans to liberalize the remaining towers. With this liberalizacin Aena break the monopoly to provide services in the areo control in Spain, encouraging competition among companies for as gain efficiencies and quality of service, continued White. In addition, the Directorate Service Platform, which is the guidance system of aircraft arriving or departing from the runway to land or take off, and so far was provided by drivers, go to be performed by Aena personnel at airports in Madrid and Barcelona.
All of these liberalization measures, along with the introduction of the AFIS system, Aena permitirna relocate to something more than 190 drivers in 2011. White rrred besides the implantation of Service Aerdromo Flight Information System (AFIS), which was extended to Burgos, Huesca, Logrooy Cordoba, or the modification of the system of formation.


01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
White tomorrow in Congress dnd the action against the chaos areo Madrid, 14 dic () .- The Minister of Development, Jos White,Beaten_by_jealousybr, will present today at the House of Representatives the measures adopted since the abandonment of their posts Areos drivers, and may reveal whether the Government intends to extend the alarm state back to normal.
The Lower Chamber should endorse the prolongation in the time of this exceptional situation, which has militarized the areo space after the peticin that,Europe_takes_note_of_how_to_care_Extremadura_imperial_eagleb,, tibiagold, where appropriate, the Executive will have to make before the deadline expired on 18 December.
CiU and PNV have apoyarn the prrroga advance that if the government is able to justify that it is the only viable alternative to Christmas plays in the same situation of paralysis of the Bridge of the constitution.
For his part, endorsed the PP decide whether the executive has made clear qu These days, earthrise credits sale, to find a solution to the "labor dispute."
Development sources told that the important thing for the government, beyond the instrument, is to ensure mobility for the upcoming Christmas and dnd the citizens of a possible "sabotage" of the drivers.
They stressed that the Christmas holidays are "big words" In comparison with the bridge of the constitution, which exploits, apb cash, the conflict, in the sense that there are many more plane journeys.
The Executive ensures that there is an made an informed decision on whether to ask the state prrroga alarm, but he 's determined to continue to take all necessary measures to ensure normalcy in the traffic areo.


01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
25 000 visitors in pigeons show.

Dortmund (dpa / LNW) - to a force as the world's largest trade show pigeons have taken approximately 25 000 bird lovers on the weekend in Dortmund. 2000 pigeons exhibitors displayed their best animals for the first time together with 2,500 breeders of race pigeons. Because the interest in pigeon racing go back in total, evaluated the CEO of the Association of German pigeon breeders, Lutz Roth,Martin_and_Scola_leave_the_Cavaliers_with_sptimer_, as the,Windows 7 Key 《妻子的空位》 篇幅不长,耐人寻味, ffxiv gils, crowds at the show in the Westfalenhallen good sign. Many visitors had arrived from Europe and even Russia and China. The People's Republic is a new pigeon land, 300 000 fans of the feathered messengers are organized there.


01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
United States forced several banks and Spanish companies to leave Iran. The U.S. Embassy in Spain exerted continuous pressure on the government and Spanish companies to try to limit your activity in Iran. Meetings and contacts with government members and senior managers sought to thwart potential transactions with Iran,Red_Cross_begins_its_annual_campaign_to_collect_to, deterring investment or force the withdrawal of entities such as Repsol, Iberia, Union Fenosa, Banco Santander and Banco Sabadell, as shown by the confidential communications between the,Combination_of_Gordo_de_la_Primitiva_12_-_18_-_20_, buying wow gold, Embassy U.S. in Madrid and the Department of State. The embassy was to make the Bank of Spain Deputy Governor Jose Vinals, provide detailed information on the operations of Santander and Sabadell.

Credit cards Toiletry bag Luxury Clock r

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Credit cards. Toiletry bag. Luxury Clock 15 000 damage over!.

What to wear in the pros so everything ...

The FC-list of the stolen valuables's got the lot - the total loss to be 15000-20000. Brecko was stolen along with a toiletry bag purse (500 ).

The wallets of Mondragon and McKenna will be as away as cash and credit cards. Luckily, no cell phones and passports stolen

In contrast, the, global agenda credits, luxury of Petit Clock is gone. A "Five Time Zone" by Jacob & Co., whose market value alone at more than 10 000 Euro.

More 1 FC Koeln

Click here for the Bundesliga forum!

Hands off Wrong Giese lawyer wants 100

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Hands off! Wrong Giese lawyer wants 100 .

"Proceedings against you" is in the subject field of the e-mail. It submitted the alleged Rechtsanwalt Florian Giese a goodwill offer flat rate of 100 euros to spare the addressees court dates and house searches for illegal downloaded and uploaded music pieces.

The annoying: the lawyer Florian Giese there are actually, in Hamburg. But he has to do with the fraudulent, mortal gold, e-mail anything. "Bloss pay anything, e-mail immediately delete and report it to the local police," said Gerrit Cegielka of the Consumer Bremen.

"Proper warnings are sent by regular mail. The published therein will also be asked to submit a written, legally binding declaration to refrain from future high-and download of music pieces."

Email us at: fingerweg@bams.de

Or write to: Bild, gaia gold, am Sonntag "hands off" mailbox 229010867 Berlin

Man rescued by Sea King

01:01, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
Man rescued by Sea King.

TOK MISSION: Sea King rescue helicopter in Floro rescued the man down the mountain. Illusstrasjonsfoto.

A man had to be rescued from the mountains down in V?gs?y Friday night.

- The man was a result of four people who went on a trip north of Maloy, says operations manager Eric Willassen the main rescue coordination center at the Sun.

The man has probably broken leg, gaia online gold, of the trip.

First, the air ambulance tried to rescue the man down, but they had to give up because of the darkness and difficult terrain.

Why was Sea King helicopter in Florida called out to the mission.

- They have a greater opportunity to take such assignments, explains operations director.

The helicopter countries in Florida on Friday night, global agenda credits, at ten, and the man was then further help.

- It was a udramtisk mission, says Willassen.

The rest of the result will be after the NRK know have gone down from the mountains by their own means.

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