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When The Big Day Comes Home | Profile | Archives | Friends
If you're planning on getting married, here we have a few things for you to consider on that big special day.

Fun Wedding Photo Ideas12/10/2012
Pictures are an integral section of any wedding. Newlyweds are usually thrilled to get their pictures back in the photographer so they really can relive their special day. But there are many special activities you can build right into a wedding that involve photos. One fun idea that numerous brides employ would be to take photos of everyone as they arrive on the wedding, almost as if you do at a high school prom or company Christmas party. It is possible to provide a backdrop and couples can pose either for a paid photographer or for whoever happens to pick up the camera. These pictures can be taken with a Polaroid camera for instant fun or with a disposable camera. In the event you want slightly higher quality photos, go for a digital camera. This can be a fantastic method to keep guests busy and happy until the "official" reception begins using the arrival of the bride and groom. As a possible extension of that idea, you may take instant photos and create scrapbook pages or memory book pages with all the photos. There can be supplies on hand so guests can create pages on site, or pages can be pre-made and photos simply placed into the prepared spaces. If guests don't wish to create pages on site, or the bride doesn't want this particular activity going on, the photos can be saved for later. As a gift for the bride and groom, someone can create memory books using these photos. If Polaroid cameras are utilized, another option would be to have the folks the photo sign the Polaroid photo and place that inside a basket somewhere. The bride and groom will enjoy looking on the photos later. While it's not really a particularly unique idea, many brides like to provide disposable cameras on each table at the reception so guests can capture candid shots of the reception and also the table guests. These photos can be added to the newlyweds' wedding album or they are able to be placed into a separate album showing wedding ceremony in the guests' perspective. Another fun activity sure to become entertaining would be to create a "silent photo guess" area. Here's how this works: before the wedding, someone close to the bride and groom collects pictures of the bride and groom at various stages in life. The photos should depict the bride and groom doing things, not at Christmas or with their first birthday cake. Put simply, the photos should include some action, but it shouldn't be obvious in the picture what has taken place or the location where the person is. Much like a silent auction, people will come along and take a look at the photos, then take a silent guess as to what the photos show. They could write their guess over a piece of paper and put it in a numbered basket that corresponds with all the number on the photo. Reading these guesses during the reception is entertaining and sure to be amusing. The bride or groom can provide the actual answers. This is a particularly fun activity with a relatively small, family wedding the location where the participants know the bride and groom very well. In the event you want to provide an area for guests to have their photos taken but aren't thrilled with all the "prom night" idea, how about having a photo corner set up somewhere in the reception hall or facility. Here, the wedding photographer will take candid shots of wedding guests. They might be couples, but could even be entire families, friends having a good time, or the groom being carried on the shoulders of the very best man. Whatever the pictures wind up being, they provide a fun, "let it all hang out" area for the marriage guests and a surprise for the bride and groom. Since they will likely be busy with all the reception details and having the time of THEIR lives, they might appreciate knowing their guests had a pretty good time too, as evidenced in the photos. peinados de novia
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